2002-04-07-A Balanced Life

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Topic: A Balanced Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a sweet spirit attitude we have here this evening. As I view each one of you, you appear to be a new creature to me. Even though many of you are extremely busy throughout the week, there is definitely an air of spirit refreshment about you.

When I review my life in the mortal flesh I always have such fond memories of Springtime on Urantia. The renewal in all things is so inspiring and motivating to make things better, do better, live better, love more, be more. I so admire children and their enthusiasm to greet the Spring sunshine, breathe in the fresh air and run barefoot through the grass. Children are for the most part motivated by the desires of their hearts. They awaken each day as if it were their very first day on earth.

As we become like the little children, we are learning to be dependent upon the Father's guidance. Living on this experiential planet life has proven to harden some people. They are motivated in one way or another to fulfill their earthly obligations, as if this will lead them to spiritual peace. While dwelling in the flesh you are certainly required to make your way in the world. As adults it is easy to be swept up in the rush to creating a life according to your own desires and perceptions of what you think is right. Certainly this is responsible, no doubt, but it is only a life half lived.

You, children of this Correcting Time, have volunteered to be the spokespersons for this cause. You have had a great deal of training lo these many years to spread the good news, to be representatives for Michael's message. This time in the world's history is critical where you will be sought out for the energy you project to others. You have your Mission tasks which are helping others find their way back to a loving and kind God.

When you look at one another you can certainly agree that you each come for various walks of life, but most definitely are you the common people of Urantia. You easily relate to other people because of your life's experiential training and these lessons. You have an awesome opportunity to help direct the world's destiny. If you are so caught up in the adult world of responsibility, it is most likely you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You proceed with your own thinking, your own definition of events in life.

There is not much trust here in our Heavenly Caretakers. As you see this time of rebirth and renewal you can adopt the attitude of that listening, learning child, who is so alive in every moment. Jesus knew not where he would lay His head each night. He really knew not where He was going to be traveling from day to day. He had that supreme trust in His Parent. Jesus was completely reliant on the Father's will, the Father's guidance and all else was given unto Him.

Many people see this lifestyle as imprisoning or indebted to faith, when in reality it is freedom to do greater things, freedom to be more than you thought possible. We are doing Father's work. We are speaking His words, ministering to His many children. This moves mountains. This is so large in concept. I realize that as adults there are endless responsibility and pressures you must attend to, but as we commit to becoming new, we can have that liberation of the little child, the reliance on the Father of all fathers, the motivation to live as Jesus lived, yes.

This week dissect your time to see how well balanced you are living. Is there time for stillness, for play, for fellowship and ministry to the self? The Master encouraged self-forgetfulness, but not self-neglect. Account for your burdens, your responsibilities. How much of this is necessary, and how much of this is blown out of proportion by your own drive toward fulfilling obligation?

Those who feel spiritually empty inside will seek you out. Those who hold old-fashioned spiritually fearful concepts will be ready for words from you. Our ministry is now. It is moving and a great deal is dependent on how we listen and are guided by Father. An imbalanced life will possibly be deaf to Father's words, to His ministry. A life with certain levels of freedom will find themselves like the Master, going about doing the Father's bidding, while the Father tends to them.

Uncover those worries that keep you bound, that keep you from finding that listening and enthusiastic child within. Michael said, "Our real work begins." We are together moving destiny. A few questions?

CALVIN: Abraham, welcome to Lavon & Devon--Rita's study group. (Greetings. Feel free to ask questions.) A quick word for John Covington. He asks if his teacher transmission abilities, spirit-connectedness works or has he lost it?

ABRAHAM: Unfortunately I am not able to receive that information, but I can say a few words. I am with understanding that you, Marlin, definitely love the Father and have the best of intentions. You are able to do Father's bidding as you are, but I would recommend a bit more communication with individuals within the Mission, such as Calvin. This will aid you in finding that balance that you need to transmit/receive or do any of Father's work. That is all.

AZURAY: Father Abraham, I feel so inadequate and I would ask you if you could help me, maybe tell me how I can do my Mission here better and more faithful please?

ABRAHAM: My daughter, your feelings of inadequacy are the exact reason why you are performing your Mission work wonderfully. One who knows they do not have all the answers are open to a great deal of information. Azuray, you do very well. You are for the most part led by the spirit. Your study group produces a wonderful harvest of spiritual knowledge, and your open way to others makes them feel valued. Your expression of love to everyone makes them feel that they are wonderful just as they are, and sometimes people really need to know that. You do well, my daughter. Have not worry. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

BRIANNE: Abraham, I feel like my life in the last month has been out of balance, and a lot of pain and struggle in my heart, anger coming out. I am not sure where I am. I feel stuck and yet I am moving, and frustrated and yet something is happening. I don't know if I need to quit a lot of things, and yet there doesn't seem like there is anything to stop doing. I guess I would ask for your words as to where I am right now?.

ABRAHAM: You have been experiencing the purification as many here have. This is bound to bring up various emotions, or life events that will get your attention so you and Father can bring about healing. The spiritual life is not about a blissful state, but about being willing to drink the cup of this mortal life, no matter how bitter it is. The Master set a great example of how He not only endured His trials, but was challenged by them. He was committed to the cup that was put before Him and experienced everything that you will experience and more. The spiritual life takes real effort, real work. It is difficult to see the growth therefrom until you have allowed time to go by. You are young, Brianne, and yet I perceive a tremendous strength about you. You do have a few things occurring that are pressuring you. While there is pain and frustration, the part of you that lives with so much strength, goes a bit overboard to reconcile these difficulties. You are a thorough worker and some of this pressure you feel you put upon yourself. You have a standard of excellence, and this is commendable, but not worth the imbalance it brings, that mindal strain and frustration, yes. I don't perceive you as stuck, no, just learning. You really do well. Have not worry, my daughter. Another question?

SARAUNA: Abraham, you are aware of my younger sister, Kimberly. She has asked for a couple weeks now if you have any suggestions for her. She is in a high state of anxiety with the things going on in her life. (Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: Yes. I want to see her on her [own] time, yes, I would think a visit with her would do her a great deal of good. She is in quite a state, but I can assure you that she will do better. Have her set an appointment to see me.

MIRIAM: Abraham, you know how you and the teachers say that this is a critical time? I usually sit on the side of faith. I saw Jerry Falwell and Jesse Jackson on TV talking about the crisis in Israel and one of them wasn't doing a good job of listening. He was just going on and on about his position. He wasn't even listening to the other guy. The very next day at work I swear I had that same experience with a guy I work with. I was unable to see his point of view. I was so entrenched in my gig and I am not usually like that. So my question is--is the energy on the planet right now at a critical mass that it can either go positive or negative? Is it that crucial, brutal, or fragile right now that literally every single one of us is needed to promote positive energy? Does it have anything to do with energy?

ABRAHAM: It is that critical. It is that important that we are aware of our position in the Kingdom. This is the Correcting Time and the Spirit of Truth has infiltrated everything. This is bringing all dark things into the Light and that is creating a disturbance. As many are trying to keep dark things hidden, there are those defense mechanisms going into action, also individual belief systems are being tested, and some are finding theirs to be empty or inadequate, outdated and without foundation. It is difficult for them to find where they fit into the mortal scheme. There is confusion, yes, and this is an upset of energy. Many are choosing various negative activities to do away with that one decision they are faced with--to choose God or to choose self, to live in the higher mind or to live with animalistic tendency. We are very close to gaining the majority of the world as faith believers in God, our Father. Another obstacle is the religions of old that require ridiculous sacrifices or demand individuals to live a life that is not ordained by God, but by themselves. This is pressure. This is confusion. Everyone is faced with all these challenges and this purification and this time of decision. This is why the Master said, "This is what you have so long waited for." This is our work. This is where we will help in the upstep toward Light and Life, yes. Good question, Miriam. (Thank you, Abraham.)

CYNTHIA: Abraham, I have been away spiritually and emotionally for a lot of years now. I have faith in Michael and God, but I have not been able to get close. My prayers don't make sense. I have been going through a lot of religions, especially the LDS {Latter Day Saints church, and be pushed away. I don't know how I am going to be able to achieve my spiritual side. I would like to know some steps and how do I start?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Child, you have already started. You are seeking. You are searching and there is no fault in that. You are finding your own way. Have trust in your ability to know truth. You are as any young individual in the Kingdom. You are testing the waters. This is wonderful. I am understanding you to feel on the outside. My first recommendation would be to ponder your status in the Kingdom. You are first and foremost Father's beloved child. You are a daughter of God. He loves you not with the love of an earthly father, but with the love of all eternity. He sees you as beautiful here and now. He sees you in your state of becoming. He cares not about your words of prayer but about the intentions in your heart. Talk to Him as if He were your closest friend. He is not a man--not even close. You would do well to reinvent your perception of Him, for He is more than even the most wonderful human being you know. He knows you. He loves you as if you were His only child. Start there. One more question.

SARAUNA: I found it terribly encouraging that this nation's leader [Bush speech] brought your name into his speech and is seeking the good of all of your children. I just wanted to mention that and thank you again.

ABRAHAM: Good comment. I feel that with the recent world events that it is centering most of our worldly leaders back to a place of sincerity, yes. Any more pressing questions?

LUKE: Last week with Michael, He said, "Salvation has been had." Is this a personal Correcting Time as well as global? As we move past our hurts and our darkness coming our that is hitting us in the face and that is so tough to deal with--Michael tells us also that He is a person of detail, that we can ask for specific answers for our questions and that we have other spirit beings around us. How do we work with these and how small of detail is too small?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Healed individuals make for a healed world, yes. There is personal correction that will lead to global correction. It is the responsibility of the Correcting Time ambassadors to help others through these stages of purification into liberation of spirit. Michael is in all the details. There is nothing you cannot ask Him. When the details become toward a materialistic side or an egotistic side, He may have His own correction for you. Yes, any detail is acceptable to the Master. He is available and willing to help in all things. As for the spiritual help on the planet, there are legions of helpers and hosts to aid in this time of correction. Your time in stillness and willingness to be in the Father's will, will aid in your learning to communicate with them. These helpers are about spiritual content. They are here to assist in the upliftment in a spiritual way, if you are understanding me. You are doing well for the most part, Luke, my son. The dark parts of this life are as important as the light. That is where your real learning takes place.


I am slipping. Know that I hold you each in my heart and thoughts. Have not worry for the week ahead. Find time to be as that little child. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.