2002-04-15-Redouble Efforts For Correcting Time

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Topic: Redouble Efforts For Correcting Time

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Michael, Andrew

TR: Chris



Prayer: Nel: Our Heavenly Father we thank you for the beautiful messages, for your unending love and support. We long to evermore serve You and Your Will. Thank you for bringing to us Your Love that we can evermore unite in the wonders of Your Love, thank you Father, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Welcome to those who are here for the first time. I greet you with a loving heart and a warm smile. As we come here every other week to meet, there is much that goes on in the world. There are many more conflicts being produced which is an indication that our efforts in the Correcting Times must be doubled and re-enforced with our love. There is a urgent need for people with minds like yours which are capable of producing change in this world. As the world changes and evolves so much the spirituality of the human race also evolves and changes. You must grow and connect with others. By connecting with others it guarantees the survival of this new higher wave of thinking.


Energy, Manipulation

Let us once again focus our thoughts, our minds to bringing down this energy from the heavens, this energy that we have been manipulating for the past few months. For those who are new to this, this is a process of capturing space energies which are available to everyone and re-directing them for the purpose of healing, of transmuting, of transforming and of changing the world for the better. Imagine this energy in front of you. Imagine it as it comes down through you and it comes out through your chest, out into the middle of this room. Slowly it is gathering and growing, and now it is full of your thoughts, of your prayers, of your wishes. You may encode it and give it purpose. Now that you have directed it, help it to leave this room, help it to go beyond these walls, beyond this city, beyond this country. Now imagine this energy reaching its purpose. Imagine this energy going in and out of dark neighborhoods where people are frightened. Imagine it going into hospitals where people are sick. Imagine it going into homes where children are hungry. Imagine it going into lands where people are dying. With these thoughts in your mind and heart, use your will now to produce changes in these people’s hearts, in their attitudes, in their dreams, in their hopes and aspirations. Let them know that you are there feeding them, giving them light and life. Help those who are dying so they may suffer no more and go peacefully. Help the children who are starving; let the food reach them so they may starve no more. Help this energy enter the minds of the men who are in power, change their hearts. Show them love and forgiveness so they may no longer hurt. Now bring this energy back, back into this room, into the very midst in front of you. Now that it has traveled beyond these walls, it has come back with a newly defined form. It has been enhanced. It now carries with it traces of God and traces of you. For you have touched it. You have manipulated it. Now it is back here in front of you. As we have done before let us do once more and imagine this energy reaching every person in this room. One by one each person receives a part of this energy so that it may transform them; help them with their lives and help them with their spiritual life. Now take a moment of silence to do this.

Good, I will now take this energy to me and transform it with my mind, my thoughts and spirit. I now will issue part of this energy to each of you. Receive it with all of your hearts. Try to do this as often as possible for it is very helpful for this world, there is much need for hope. You are lights that shine into the dark corners of this world. Do not let your light dim, do not let it be covered by the dark mountains that are rising at this moment. If you see dark shadows and dark clouds looming over the horizon, you must take the light higher to a new level. That is why it is important that you continue with your practices, with your teachings, with what you are learning, do not stop growing as an individual. Continue your spiritual search and as you are doing now continue to shine your light. Your light illuminates many, but you also reflect others. Be conscious of this and be conscious of yourself when you are reflected in others. It is often said that when you do not like someone or notice there are certain qualities in a person that you do not like, it is a reflection of you; the things that you do not like about yourself. Come to the comprehension that there are many things in you that still require work. There are many things of your character that still need refining. This is not to say you are a lesser creature or less spiritual. This is something that everyone goes through, even I go through. We are beings of this Universe, meant to improve and to grow. Since you are evolutionary creatures you are not born perfect and therefore you must grow and learn. And yes, we do make mistakes and they continue as we grow. Do not let those mistakes drag you down. Do not let life’s mishaps depress you or make you think you are not progressing. Much of what you learn in life is a product of the mistakes that you make. Think of it as being tested or being tried. When you graduate from the Mansion Worlds you will have been truly tried preachers-of-God, a soul that has been tested in time and has survived through all of life’s hardships. The reason some beings have failed in their missions is because they were not tried as you have been. They have not come up against the situation that we have come up against. Caligastia was the same and so was Lucifer. It is OK to make mistakes, it is OK to fall. The key is to get up and continue to try and continue to strive for perfection, for the obtainment of God and the realization of the truth. As a race, as the human race, it falls and it rises. I would like to be frank with you and tell you that the signs are pointing towards a great fall. It is up to you whether you want to stop that fall or wait until it happens. However, there are many who are working for the light to prevent this. There is much help from the other side and from your cousins, the Midwayers, who are, in fact, making this communication possible. I would like, now to step aside, so others may speak.

Presence, Progress

Michael: TR, George. Greetings children, it is I, your Father/brother Michael. It pleases me so much to see you all once again gather here as brothers and sisters, so loving. I want to convey to you, in my heart, the love that I feel for all of you, a love that never stops or ceases. I want to show you the beauty that awaits you, the beauty that resides in your own hearts. If you will think of the happiest moments of your lives, the moments where life is carefree, in those moments when you are most happy, I am there. I am there with you enjoying every moment of happiness with you. I am also there when you are most sad and lonely. My children I see the world and I see it suffer. I see many of your brothers and sisters as they cry out for me and they cry out for God to save them from their miseries, to save them from their oppressors. I know the pain and suffering and I know that you, who are in this room, truly care for your brothers and sisters. I know that you wish you could do something. I know that you want to change this world; I know that you want to make it better. I ask you to trust in God, trust in His Will. His Will shall be done. Slowly things are changing for the better. But I see in your faces and I feel in your hearts that you believe this world is getting worse. Let me reassure you that it is not. You, who are here tonight, know in your hearts that something has changed. Something grew and you came to an understanding, a greater understanding, of God and a deeper understanding of me. For this reason you are here listening to my words and contemplating them. For this reason you have become ambassadors of light and life. For this reason you will change the world, you will make it a better place for all of Urantia. So turn your hearts to the light as it shines from me and from my Father. As you feel the light coming, contemplate my love and my understanding and realize that you are eternal. My love goes out to all of you. You shall remain here in my heart. Receive me, good night.

All: Good night Michael.

JarEl: TR, George. It is I, JarEl, again. Are there any other Teachers who would like to speak? Are there any questions?


Steve: Yes, JarEl, Michael just told us that he understands our pains and our sufferings. I am sure, too, that he feels great sorrow about the situation in the Middle East. I would like to suggest that we say a special prayer for peace tonight and in the days and weeks ahead simple suggest to those who we meet and speak with, that they say prayers for peace as well. Perhaps these individuals, in turn, will pass the word along, until eventually we will begin to hear suggestions from some of our leaders and get this nation praying for the situation over there. That is all.

JarEl: TR, George. That is a very wise comment Steve, I believe that you truly understood Michael’s message and you are most capable of spearheading this. The world does need much help and any help which you can provide is good. We can do this now. If you would like to say a few words Steve, it is most welcome.

Steve: Most Heavenly Father, our hearts are grieved by the war of hatred that is going on in Israel, this, the home of your Creator Son Michael. We have been told that the so-called end time would be signified by terrible strife and seemingly unresolved conflict in this region. It almost appears that these prophesies, whether they be distorted or accurate, may seemingly be coming true. We ask Your blessings on the hearts of the leaders central to this conflict. We ask that Your Spirit of Wisdom will prevail. We ask for cool heads and open hearts. We ask for any cosmic assistance from You down through the ranks of ministering beings who can act in a preventive measure to discourage the suicide bombers and to prevent aggressive retaliatory action on the part of the victims. It is only through the arena of the mind that this terrible time can be cut short, through the hearts and minds of those who are not in control of the present time. We ask for a miracle, for it seems it will take a miracle. I would love to see the day when this world is at peace. I pray that day will hasten to arrive sooner than expected and we ask Your support and comfort to the individuals on both sides who have suffered the tragic losses of this very unnecessary conflict. We ask this in Your Son, Michael’s name, amen.

Andrew: TR, Larry. Thank you Father for Your Love and Your Light that you have shone on each of us here tonight. Please send this Love and this Light and Your Truth to the war torn nations of this world and to our spiritual brothers and sisters around the world that is now in these end times of hatred, of destruction and of war. These times shall come to an end. Your Love shall reach into each individuals’ heart and we will each know of our sonship and our daughtership with You Father. The realization of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God shall come about under the leadership of Your Son Michael. Thank you so very much, we are so grateful for You being here tonight. We pray for our brothers and sisters around the world, that Your Peace and Your Love shall fill their hearts and Peace shall prevail on Urantia, amen.

Urantia, Light and Life

JarEl: TR, George. The day will come when this world is filled with Light and Life. Children will grow up with the idea that all their neighbors are their brothers and there shall be no hate, no anger and no fear. This is the destiny of Urantia. This is the promise in space for which the world has been made. When the promise has been fulfilled, Urantia shall become the Crowning Jewel in the Universe of Nebadon. Michael shall arrive once again on the shores of this World and you shall all be here to witness this. You, who are in this room, will be the pioneers of this time, of this age when the world will correct itself so that it may join the Universe in the Age of Light and Life. This is the destiny of Urantia. The destiny that awaits all of you is far greater and more to come. Let us not be selfish in our lives, in our hearts. Let us not just think of ourselves but of the world, of our brothers and sisters. Let us think of them, as we all reach a new plateau which shall be ushered in by the sounds of the trumpets of the angels of heaven. This new Age of Light and Life shall happen, it will arrive. The beginning of it shall be marked by the materialization of the Magisterial Son. He is in residence on Urantia, but at the moment has not yet materialized. His very presence here signifies that there is a short time between now and the beginning of Light and Life. At this moment you are in a stage of correcting. It is not my place to tell you how long it will take, but it is taking place. Like the dawn, you all come ready to shine your lights just over the horizon of the darkened night. As the rays of sun touch the hearts of those who are cold and frightened, when that happens, you are ushering in the dawn of Light and Life. So don’t despair my brothers and sisters, for you are doing well in your wishes, in your hearts, in your acts. You do well in sending our your energy. You do well in your communities, in your families and with your friends. You do well in the circles of lights that surround you. Continue to do well, continue to improve your stillness, continue this Correcting Time for it is well needed and well deserved.

Do not lag behind because you feel that you have not accomplished much. It is not for you to judge, what has been accomplished. For your perspective is very limited and very small. From my perspective much has been accomplished. Things that you are not yet aware of, things that you may go your whole life without even knowing, but I see and I know. I can very well tell you, but it is not my place and it is not the time. Suffice it to say, the work that you do does help and does improve things. Your very presence on this planet brightens everyone’s void, lights the path of darkness and touches the hearts of those who need this light which you bring them; this water of life and of truth. Continue to be the ambassadors to which you have been assigned. Continue to travel and proclaim the truth that comes through your hearts. Continue to converse with people, continue to touch their hearts so that they may touch others as well. In all this that we do, do change the world. In all this that you do I see the change happening. I see the huge reactions in the minds of men and women. I see the cascading effects that it has. Perhaps you do not.


Therefore, I am reassuring you that what you do is essential. So continue doing it, continue giving your love and your heart out to people. I will continue to come here every other Monday to guide you and to teach you. My brothers and sisters, I shall not fail you in coming here every other Monday. As long as you have the will to receive me, I have the will to be received in your heart and in your minds. I am but a messenger and you are all the same, you shall carry this message of love, of light to all of your friends and families, to all your neighbors far and near. This message must reach as many as possible. You may come up with your own ideas as to how to give this message out, but do not delay, send it out so it may be received by those who most need it. I have gone on for quite sometime now. The reason why is so that I may reach your hearts and your minds to express to you the urgency of the times at hand. Many of you are aware of this already. Therefore I have dedicated tonight to the expression of the importance of sending out your love and your prayers and reaching others; of sending out your light, your brightness. This has been the core theme of tonight. These are the essential tools that will bring this battered earth into a new and glorious age. I know that I can count on all of you and I know that you will not fail. Trust in your hearts, trust in God. Everything will go according to His Will. Until next time, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.