2002-04-21-Left Brain, Right Brain

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Topic: Left Brain, Right Brain

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Olfana, Michael

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan): Friends, this is your brother Elyon. Today I am going to contribute a little more to your current studies as have been collected in the transcripts which you faithfully record, type, and distribute. And I thank you for being so helpful in bringing about the potential for many beyond our little group to benefit from that which transpires among us.


Manifestation, Potential

I wish to in a way dissuade you from perceiving yourselves as flawed and in an overly critical, potentially unhealthy, manner. Now, I am not in any way indicating that there are serious errors that must be ignored, for I know you are all diligent enough in your self examination and spiritual growth to recognize plenty that can be addressed as you continue to seek the Father and continue to become more perfect. Each one of us is an emerging reality. With a small amount of reflection that should imply plenty that would relieve you of the burden that can be excessively applied to oneself over your shortcomings.

When the physical conditions develop such that you begin the development of being within your mother's womb, factors that contributed to your first step as an emerging reality were largely, practically exclusively, beyond your control. Your parents were the genetic contributors. Your mother provided environment and took care in the knowledge that she was a host to an emerging life. You did little to aid the development other than the natural occurrences designed by the Life Carriers conceived by your creative parents, that being Michael and Mother Spirit.

Now you are experiencing another phase in your emerging. This stage is one wherein you are the prime contributor. Though your environment physically, your civilization culturally and socially, and other factors bear upon you, it is your decisions, the directions you select to proceed in, that overrides, dominates, what will successfully come out of your being to become from potential an actual possession of self.

In your youth much time was devoted to the development of physical abilities, walking and running and the like, and to acquiring knowledge that is the legacy provided by those who go before you. And during this development at some point you each initiated your spiritual unfoldment; you chose to engage yourself in the discovery of higher realities. Upon entering this leg of your unfoldment, there arose a new condition, and that is the recognition of your shortcomings. I have all along encouraged you to not be downcast, disheartened, over your shortcomings. I have taught for years that these are your blessings, for that which you recognize as a fault is merely the recognition of a need in reality. This discovery empowers you to develop and provide the means and the matter that would overcome that shortcoming. To discover what you do not like about yourself should bring you joy, for now you have a clear understanding of what you can address and begin to discover how to address it. This is the emerging element of you becoming more real. Of course this does not imply that your background, your past, was unreal. It was real in potential, and you are making it real in actuality.

All across the universe this phenomenon is underway with every individual under the overcare of our Supreme Mother God. One day you will be born in the morontia realm, and you will discover how important all those developmental steps you took while here embodied on this world will be to your new level of existence. The moment you are infused for eternity in the embrace of the Father's presence, which even now is dwelling within you, a different phase of emergence will begin, that is the third phase. Today you are in that second phase where you are contributing decisively to the unfoldment of your potential finaliter self. Knowing fully well that you are going to need assistance, the Father has given you His spirit, and this spirit is profound in its reality presence. It is hard for a creature who begins life as you have merely decades back in the past to comprehend the stretch of eternity-time that has preceded you that has been experienced by that very gift of the God of all that is within you.

You have not yet begun to scratch the surface of this profundity that resides with your soul. This second phase is a period of time when you are at the wheel; you are steering yourself towards Paradise, and the Father rides along with you pointing out on the way where you could go but leaving it to you to choose to make the turns, to drive in that direction. This stage is uncharacteristic of all that will follow you in the third stage, post fusion emergence.

As I have experienced subsequent to my fusion, there is such a mingling of that divine Fragment with my personality being that one becomes less capable of distinguishing when the personality or the divine Father is making the moves, for, at last, we have become one. Know always as you are in the stage you are, that perfection dwells within you, and you are today a voyager, an adventurer, a discoverer uncovering your own potentials, placing them into action, and you are doing it as your own boss.

Yes, each of you desires to do the Father's will, to know what is right in the universe scheme, to uphold truth, to live as rightly as you can possibly do so in your given circumstance. You seek the guidance that you are the one driving. You are the sovereign chooser. This small interval of time is as foundational to your subsequent post-fusion life as was that delicate time of maturation in the womb of your mother prior to your birth. What took place then contributed greatly to your living quality today. What takes place now contributes likewise to the quality of your living in the morontia realm. I cannot stress [enough] how unique this current phase of our eternal future is. The Father, being always present, is your everlasting support. You being initiated into this universe family of children of the Father are unfolding. It is the greatest work of art you could ever undertake.

Naturally, as you continue your work, as you repeatedly reinvigorate yourself when you are exhausted, re-enthuse yourself when you become downcast, you will also be required to re-inspire yourself when you find yourself not measuring up to the ideals you conceive and reach for. Tell yourself you are emerging. Know that your perfection is already given to you, dwelling within you, but your task today is the unfoldment. On Paradise that will be done. Each step you take makes you more real, real in the eternity sense. Yes, you are not a fiction today, but you are realizing, and this is a small interval of time in your eternal career, tiny in comparison with what lies before you, as small in comparison by analogy of the nine months in your mother's womb to the ninety years of your life.

Take delight in your unfoldment. Attempt to be excited when you discover a flaw. Enjoy the opportunity you have to fill in the need. In a spiritual dimension a flaw is not a present actual mar; it is a negative absence, a point where reality may be placed. You now have the opportunity to discover what element of reality may be placed there to fill the void. You are not broken; you are accumulating, adding to who you are. And you are unpacking what you are already in potential. It is wonderful, as exciting in your universe career as the little child tearing into a Christmas gift.

Thank you for receiving my lesson today, and I would like to dialogue with you at this time.


Kirk: Great lesson, Elyon! There's a lot of insight into what we're doing and what you are doing. Our thanks. We love you; I love you.

Elyon: Thank you, my friend. It is inspiring to me to receive your enthusiastic response.

Brain, Balance

Tom: I've been studying left and right brains. Great athletes are distinguished by how they can perform in a crisis, all else being equal. Those with balanced brain function can perform under pressure. Listening or playing music lights up both hemispheres, also when meditating or during hypnosis or creative visualization. You have told us that we are being trained not only to get this knowledge, which we could get in other places, but that you are training us for a specific function.

It dawned on me that when we meditate and look for God we are looking for and finding everything. Even when we arrive on Paradise we will be strengthening our relationship with the Father. Given the present state of the world and your many admonitions to practice stillness, you are asking us to meditate for its crisis value, its emergency value. Could you speak to that?

Elyon: May I begin by saying is that not a no brainer? All lightness aside, you have made a brilliant connection between the activities of an individual and their impact upon the world. Yes, it is true that you are trained by myself and others to actively contribute in crisis as a minister of light, to provide stability and to know instinctively as a result of rehearsal what to do, how to be for the help of another or perhaps many others. Stillness is valuable, immensely so. If it were not for those times Jesus spent alone in the hills he would have been less prepared for the trials that came before him later on in his life. What he did as a youth paid dividends in his later years.

Now may I address this two brain function and state that, while mankind is developing its understanding of the functioning of your brain, it has come to the conceptual realization of left and right hemispherical functions. You are still one whole brain with two means whereby you may function intelligently.

While the understanding is developing of the unique characters of your bi-modal brain, I caution that one does not cleave that brain into two and then struggle to seek a reunification of what is whole as it is now. Distinguishing clearly the functions ought not to separate the brain into two that work separately. The athlete and the musician -- and there are many other talents and skills a human being can do -- naturally take advantage of this function of wholeness.

This is true in your spiritual development, for do you not intuitively love your Creator, hunger for truth, relish revelation? All these things are sparked intuitively. However, in the course of this engagement you acquire concepts, descriptions of God and the universe, ten commandments, ways of living, all intellectually developed to give you a sense of stability, concreteness, that supports that drive, that longing, that seeking. This is the bi-modal function of your brain.

You know how valuable your left hand is to your right hand and vice versa. For you to have two right hands you would find great difficulty in manipulating things. So it is true with your brain. It is good to become ambidextrous on the brain level. Anything you can do to develop this trait will reward you as your life continues.


Stillness is one highly valuable activity you can undertake to accomplish this two-function of one brain. The initial stage of your time of silence calms the verbal active mind. It allows for the quiet voice of the passive, reflective, seeking mind to rise. When it does, its investigations into feeling the reflection cause realization and insight in the other hemisphere. Back and forth it goes. You as a united being are uplifted. This will apply to activities in your life if you continue to practice, for no skill is gained without practice.

Have I been helpful?

Tom: Yes, thank you.

Olfana: This is Olfana. I come back to you again this week to thank you for your concern for my primary transmitter/receiver Susan. I acknowledge your prayer requests, and I take your desires with me to bestow them upon her. It is wonderful to have your support and your concern and care for this child, my beloved. Compassion is our Michael Son's greatest inclination, and to witness your heart reach to another in need is a manifestation of Michael. It is also confirmation that you are his children, that you have inherited his qualities. As your teacher Elyon pointed out today, you are likewise unfolding that Michael quality in yourself. As you grow your loving, caring, concern for your brothers and sisters makes possible for Michael to live once again the human life. I too request of the Father blessing upon this child.


Michael: This is Michael. I am here to draw closure to your contact, to express my satisfaction at how well you listen to my teaching apostles who come to be with you each week, and at how sincere you are at finding ways to infuse these lessons into your lives. Know my Spirit of Truth will aid you in your efforts to hear and to apply.

I am with you always. I give you my love, and I leave with you my peace.