2002-04-21-Natural Flow of Life

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Topic: Natural Flow of Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Even with the room overflowing with such colorful spirits, there is quite a serene demeanor among you. I am again grateful for your support of these teachings. You, in your faith, trust, desire, make them happen. It does take this entire room of individuals to bring forth the lesson week after week. It is by your good intentions and desire for truth that we are progressing as a family. Well done.



Last week we discussed striving for perfection, and while this is certainly a worthy goal to make effort towards, this evening we can bring forth discussion on allowing the natural flow of life. Every day many mortals dread rising up from their bed to see what shall overtake their consciousness and what energy may be stolen from them. That type of outlook already puts the day into a negative groove.

Even with our good intentions there is always the struggle between the ego and the spirit. The ego's craving for perfection works in a fashion that makes it appear to be good, worthy or even superior. The ego is force. It forces even the most effortless circumstances toward struggle, because the ego has fierce desires to force it's agenda. There is no simple allowance to the unfolding of the average everyday life.

Culture, society, even work environment, teach men and women to believe that only certain lifestyles are worth attaining. If we are honest with ourselves, we can each say in truth that we all just want to be loved and accepted. If one is acting from an animalistic ego outlook then spirit poisons come into play. The ego is forcing it's agenda with an eye for self-glory, and in this, everything is so much more complicated. Relationships are destroyed from this forcing of ego agenda. Employment is lost due to the ego's demand to be seen as superior.

Truly insecure individuals cannot help but act from this willful ego. An insecure individual has an unstoppable drive for attention and is overtaken by the ego to perhaps do things that are without integrity. At a place of employment, or even within a family, many insecure individuals have been known to complicate every little issue so as to gain attention. Some perhaps are bent on making others look bad so they can appear good. This is such a waste of energy, such a mis-focus.

It is understood these insecure, ego-driven individuals only desire to be loved and accepted, but they are misguided and use up their energy in a negative way. The truly humbled individual has learned to be a bit more trusting in the divine Caretakers, unlike the ego, who only trusts itself. What an empty and unfulfilling dilemma. The trusting child is more likely to ask for guidance and not feel that anxiety that they are losing something, that they are left alone in the world. That trusting child is more likely to incorporate the spiritual fruits into their daily activities with always an attitude of 'I know my Father tends to my every need and all I should do is be observant.'

To be observant is not a misuse of energy, no. It is not jumping to conclusions or taking rash actions all to gain the love and acceptance from their fellows. The observant child is connected into that spiritual circuitry, literally connected, which brings solutions and steps on how to deal with everyday issues in a most efficient manner, that brings peace and a wise use of energy. We all know that feeling of angst that would have us in a fearful state, momentarily wondering if our divine Caretakers know what is occurring. Many of us are tempted to rush forth with any idea or take any action, which could easily further complicate situations.

As you each strive for perfection, full well knowing that there is room for mistakes, learning and growth, you must think about how observant are you in every situation. Are you patient enough to wait for Father to show you how to wisely spend your energy, incorporating the spirit fruits instead of spirit poisons. How practiced are you at allowing the natural flow of life? Of course, you exhaust your human resources, yes, but do you force the ego agenda? Does the ego have you spinning your wheels and further complicating situations?

You would be amazed at the knowingness of God's will when you can allow the natural unfolding of life. It does no good to worry, plan and perfect the future. To hand over to our Father every outcome of any situation is a beautiful example of trust and faith, that you know without a doubt, He knows all that occurs, and in His love for you and His unlimited wisdom, He is doing what truly is best. This week ponder the natural flow of life and your tendency to resist it. I have time for only a few questions.


ANGIE: Abraham, I would like to know if it is time for me to find out my daughters spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: One moment. Certainly. That beautiful baby girl is known as Malena--on High.

CALVIN: I welcome for the record our visitors. (Welcome, my friends.) In allowing the natural unfolding, lets say a person has been slothful his whole life and not provided for retirement, always anxious and behind the eight ball. Can he literally just forget all that and allow Father's will or does he have to say, I have made my bed, now I have to lie in it?

ABRAHAM: We always have to account for all our actions, but if this man genuinely lived how he believed he should up to this point, why would he be made to feel that God would further insult him? Why would he not believe that Father would do what is possible to help him make secure the future? Allowing the natural unfolding of life is not slothfulness, no. It is patience and trust and listening to the divine Caretakers. It is using energy in an efficient manner instead of being burdened by fear and unwise expense of energy. Those that push the unfolding are not only under severe mental and emotional strain, but the physical self is also made to suffer. Anxiety is the enemy of the mortal body. Feelings of well-being and peace are for those that trust God, that trust His judgment, His method of showing the unfolding, showing the actions one should take in utilizing the human resource, yes. Is this helping? (Very, very much. Thank you.)


WILLEENA: Abraham, in a course of a life most children begin quite trusting and then the circumstances of life occur within the family and the world. Many of us, well, many people I know, as adults have trouble with that experience of trusting. Can you tell us the steps to begin to trust again?

ABRAHAM: That is a good question. First of all, mortals must realize that God is not like any human being they have ever known. So the first step would be to get to know the character of God. Willeena, are you speaking of trusting God, trusting mortals or both? (I would say trusting God as a basis for trusting mortals, so I think both.) Understood. Believing that Father is not mortal, not vengeful, unkind or looking out for your every mistake, is a good start to getting to know His personality. Many individuals will test Father with this and that, and are most of the time disappointed. Those that perceive God as human--will receive God as human, with all its limitations. This always creates a mistrust in what is our First Source and Center. Step two, I believe would be to trust in that core self that is you. To trust in the fact that you know what you know. To believe that you have the ability to receive divine information, to understand divine concepts, to follow through with a divine action plan. Number three, I would recommend that you journey back through your past to find these origins of that mistrust and attempt to find the meaning and values therefrom. Attempt to find forgiveness for those who probably unknowingly taught you to mistrust. That is why I say God is unlike any human. He is infallible. He would not do as a mortal does. Mortals are fallible and the earlier children know their adult role models make mistakes, the earlier they can begin to trust their own inner guidance and have faith in a higher being. Yes. Is this answering? (Yes. It is wonderful. Thank you so much.) You're welcome One more question.

LUKE: I struggle with ego in day to day life, moment to moment. Is there an acid test, is there something that we can use, that we can do to understand what is guiding us?

ABRAHAM: You know. Everybody knows that inner struggle that would perhaps make them do something that is somewhat dishonorable to force their agenda. It can be literally felt, but as you know, many will rationalize and cover the truth. I believe at this point you each know when ego inserts itself and that is the point where you are closed off to learning and almost on guard at God's interference. Good question, Luke.


I must take my leave. Know that with each passing day I love you each more and more. I am in gratitude to you for your allowing the natural flow of this teaching method. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.