2002-04-25-Nature Of Trust

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Topic: Nature of Trust

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Good evening, this is Welmek, your friend and teacher. It pleases me immensely to see all of you here this evening, as we continue our exploration and discussion of your spiritual growth. For those of you who are new, I bid you welcome. I hope you will find this evening's experience enjoyable and I encourage you to ask questions if you feel so moved.



Tonight I would like to begin a serial presentation on the nature of trust. We have over the past several months touched on this topic, but I wish to engage in further discussion and exploration with you because it is a perplexing spiritual attitude that we observe in human life to be difficult to achieve. And so I would ask you to take a few moments and go within and ask yourself, "What does trust mean to me?" And after you have pondered this for a moment, I would ask that you bring your answers back to the group and we will discuss them. And in sharing your answer, please give me only one or two words or a brief sentence of what trust means to you. Take a few moments now and when you feel ready to respond, please do so. (Pause)

Student answers: Trust can mean the opposite of fear? - Trust is faith? - Trust is letting go of expectation and waiting for what is given? - Trust is living in the moment. - Trust to me, in the human sense, with other people, is a conscious evaluation I have to make. - I would say that trust is the reliability of the universe, stability. - Trust has the elements of support and belief and faith and hope, for me. - Trust is when two parties enter into an exchange, believe that the other party will keep his or her commitment. - Trust is unconditional love. - Trust is sometimes felt as safekeeping, to keep something in trust. - Trust is the belief that the universe is for you.

Welmek: I would define trust as the inner knowing that all things work to the good. And I do sense in all of your answers that this is what you hope for as the outcome.

Now I would like to ask you another question. And this one may be slightly more personal in your answer. What keeps you from fully trusting? And in your answer, please give me the one word that you feel is holding you back from fully trusting, in your life.

Student answers: Fear - Randomness - I would say God, nothing; men and women, experience - Pride - Uncertainty - Limited intellect - Closed heart.

Welmek: Are there any other ideas or words that come to mind?

Student answers: Control - Time - Not knowing - Perception - Fear of totally surrendering to God - Danger/Anger (?).

Welmek: Thank you. It is such a major part of your human existence; is it not, to have these ideas in your mind operating within you? It is difficult sometimes to extricate yourself from them. And yet within you is something so perfect, something so well honed - an inner sensing mechanism of spirit that guides you into the realm of perfection that you cannot always see how it is working in you, nor the experiences that you have in life that will take you, develop you, mold you into this perfecting self, as you grow in spiritual awareness. I say to you, my friends, that this is the nature of your life.

The twists and turns of life are designed to reveal certain characteristics within your being that you have not experienced. The way you can bring them forward is by going through the very obstacles and challenges, and tribulations that are placed before you to see how you will handle these circumstances. Will you meet them with fear? Will you meet them with resistance or the reluctance to move forward? Will you have an attitude of pride or control, or will you trust that what is being placed in front of you will actually produce good spiritual fruit and bring out certain elements of your character that are highly desirable and highly attractive?

I encourage you to think about this, as each of you now has certain challenges in life to face. And it is not a small matter now to continue to run away, as it were, in your mind from these challenges, but to move ahead in faith and trusting that where you are being led is the place that will be for your highest good. The fear response within you is a part of your animal nature; it is a certain acquirement through the evolutionary genetic patterns of your ancestry and how they have been conditioned to live in these negative states of being.

But you have many opportunities and wonderful spiritual endowments that are now being awakened within you to move you into a new dimension and dynamic of living. And if it is desirable to live in a state of trust, then you must move through these very obstacles that are in front of you so that you can activate your faith more fully and make it serve you the way the Father in Heaven has intended you to live. You are given many; I would call them, little spurts of faith when you are in these growth stages. And in order to fully feel this, you must ask for your faith to be activated and to be given more trust that will actually propel you through the obstacle that you face.

I will pause now and entertain your questions on this, or if you would like, more personal clarification for your own spiritual growth.


Student: Welmek I made the observation once that you tend to encounter your own expression. If you're kind of moody and grumpy and withdrawn, just as you walk downtown, you can kind of encounter that; and if you're cheerful and happy and self-confident, everybody actually is looking to catch your eye and kind of beam in. So I think trust is the same way that if you trust others in a kind of an almost, not pre-emptive, that sounds like some kind of tact, but in a very positive way then you engender trust.

Welmek: And I would ask you to consider what you have just said from the other perspective. When you are with people who are negative and fearful; what is it that they engender in you? (Student: Caution!) Yes. And if you are with someone who is joyful and full of light and life, what does that engender in you?

Student: Oh! The same, just a spontaneous happiness

Welmek: Exactly! So you see, we are, in a sense, the mirrors for one another, are we not? And what you, shall we say, put out as an energy, is sensed by the other person. You know full well the saying, "as you sow, so shall you reap". And this is what you are speaking of now, is it not?

Student: Yes! It's so instantaneous. It's so quick. It's so generally unconscious because it's like a little ripple that's just absolutely instantaneous, almost telepathic at times.

Welmek: The challenge in human life is to remember when you are in these states that make you feel uncomfortable, whether it is being engendered by another person, or fostered within your own mind is to say, "No, I will not allow this to affect me." Say to your spirit, 'Father fill me with love; fill me with trust; fill me with joy", and thereby becoming the living commodity of spirit that will then reflect that into the other person and engender those positive feelings in them. This is very important for you to, I would say, remember when you are in your times of trials and troubles. It is such a deeply conditioned pattern that you sometimes don't even know that you are in these fearful states, but if you can sense how uncomfortable you are and tell your body that you will not accept to be in a state of misery, then this will give your mind some remembrance that you need to connect with your spirit and allow the Father to lift you out of your own misery.

Student: I think too, Welmek, that this mirror image, it also keeps you from blaming or blaming others, or feeling that they're initiating the mistrust. It's like accepting the responsibility for the situation.

Welmek: You do not always know the conditions within another person's mind and heart that fosters these difficult feelings for them, but you can reflect the light into their souls and help them to find a better way to overcome this within themselves. This is the great service that you can perform for them. And it takes, as we have spoken of in the past, this self-forgetful nature - when you do not let another person make you feel miserable and you allow yourself to stay connected with the spirit within to help that other person find the love that they so desperately need within themselves.

Student: Can I have a question? (Yes) I would like a clarification between faith and trust. I know they are very close, but there is also a difference and I've never been able to clearly separate them.

Welmek: Yes. You are correct in sensing the inter-relatedness of these terms. And I will endeavor to clarify this for you. Faith is the ability to sense that which you cannot always know to the intellect. And trust is the living activation of this faith. They are mutually interdependent but you must have trust to activate your faith. Your faith is the dynamic by which you come to know things of the spirit, that which you cannot always prove by the intellect but there is this inner sense of knowing. And when you say to your spirit, "Father fill me with trust," what that is doing is activating your ability to know things that God wishes you to know. Does this help? (Yes it does.) Do you need any further clarification?

Student: No, I don't think so at this point, but can I ask another personal question? I've been wondering what would I be like if I have this trust and the faith? And because I know that, if that was really strongly present in my life, I would be a different person and also I would probably be clear about what is my purpose here, which I've always really wondered about? And how can I serve best? So, is that clear, the question?

Welmek: I do believe it is clear. And I do believe that this is a question that most people ask themselves at one point or another in their lives.

The unfolding of your life's plan is something that will emerge in your conscious mind each day as you grow in spirit. Sometimes it will be a sense of what you should be doing or it may be something as simple as just enjoying the moment, the beauty in nature, or a loving exchange with someone close to you. These are all of your life's purposes, to learn the ways of spirit, to experience them through your daily life, and then to love, love what is happening in your life, and love the people who come into your life. So how do you enrich your life now through what you are experiencing? And that is by trusting, trusting that you are loved by the Father, by the Mother, by your Divine Parents who watch over you and cherish you and care for you with such tender, nurturing support and guidance. Let yourself fully trust this now. Even though you may not fully have experienced this to your soul's longing, it is safe, it is permissible, it is acceptable to trust them. They will never lead you astray and you are safe in their watchcare.

This is a conceptual idea that you have harbored in your mind but now it is time to allow yourself to experience this. And how do you experience this? It is by loving each moment, with the hope that, where you are being taken is for your highest good. Allow your plan, as you call it, to unfold before you. It is not so important to see where you are going as it is to trust that you are being taken there. Do you see the distinction I am making here?

Student: Yes. I guess I always wanted to have the picture there, the end picture of whatever that I'm supposed to be doing, really.

Welmek: But if you see the end picture and only focus on that, then you will not allow yourself to see all the beauty and the adventure and excitement that comes your way in each moment of a new opportunity. And so why would you focus on one, when you would not see the other?

Student: I understand that, but at the same time my question comes out of an experience of extreme scatteredness and confusion in the past, and an incapacity of sensing any kind of guidance. So that is where my concern comes from.

Welmek: I would suggest that this scatteredness comes from the lack of trust because you are focusing your vision on the outcome and because you cannot see it. You look for it here, and you look for it there , and you cannot find it. So, of course, it is easy to become scattered. But if you are only placing your sights on what is happening right in front of you, and allowing the fullness of that experience to fully envelope you, then you will sense a deeper sense of control in your life. For this is what allows you build one experience on the other and gives you a deeper sense of trust as you build a solid foundation of faith, now, in this new dynamic of living. Do you see the difference? (Kind of?)

I suggest that you think about this in the coming days and in your quiet meditations, just to pose this question, "I wish now to see the distinction between the outward focus on the end, and the focus on the means." And allow this to come into your mind and see if this helps you to rein in your energies a little better. Does this help? (Yes)

Student: I have a question, teacher. Would you say that trust is to accept when dealing with our fellow human beings, that what we will find will be exactly the opposite of what we expect?

Welmek: Well, in dealing with humans, you must always expect the unexpected. For you never know what you will do in relation to another. But I would say that, if you are looking for a general guideline, it is to have no expectation and to allow the Father to work within that individual and to approach the experience with the attitude of "Father, your will be done. I have no desired outcome and I am fully open to that which you will allow to be brought forth." One of the difficulties of human experience in trusting is to think that a certain outcome or a desired expectation will be the answer. And so, if that is the case, then you have a tendency to become disappointed or disheartened by your fellow brothers and sisters. But if you allow the Father to work within both of you and to submit this as a prayer to your Paradise Parent, with the expectation that it is the Father's will that will reign supreme. Then what will be the outcome will be for the highest good in time. Does this answer your question?

Same student: How do you deal with an avowed enemy when you know that the outcome will be a question of life or death?

Welmek: Again, this is a matter of asking the Father for His will to be done. It is not so much a matter of a question of life or death, for in the spirit there is only life. It is all a matter of degree. What is the individual's expectation and is there fear involved? Where will you place your trust - in the Father to make all things right, or in the human to try to control the situation? This is the alignment of what we call ego-self with the spirit. And in so trusting that the Father knows what is best in all situations to move forward in faith, to let the Father choose the desired outcome, that is the testament of true trust. And as you know, Jesus, our Master exemplified this fully as went through his crucifixion, did He not? What was His prayer to the Father, "Not my will but Yours be done". This gave him the superhuman courage and trust that he needed to walk into the very jaws of death and face his enemies head-on. And did he triumph? Yes! His resurrection into the new life was the promise fulfilled of victory in the spirit. Does this help?

Student: Welmek, I have a question? I have recently faced fearful circumstances, that I feel that I've been blessed by having a sense of fact that life is somewhat like a dream. And I've been somewhat protected by that knowledge or experience and I'm wondering, during dangerous or discomforting challenges, where I could put my attention to receive help or what kinds of help might be available to someone facing a crisis, that we could call on for either actual physical help or emotional comfort or other sources of tools to bring to bear, that's in addition, perhaps, to what you've already been talking about tonight? You've addressed it very well, of course already, but perhaps there's something to be added?

Welmek: The addition is the deepening awareness within you that you are amply blessed with all of the gifts you need to live healthfully, abundantly, and successfully. There is not a real big secret to this. It is a matter of you being more consciously attuned to that which now wishes to flow through you more to your own inner satisfaction. So I would suggest that you spent time in stillness, in just receiving and receiving and receiving the healing flow of the Father's love within you, and letting that fill each place where you feel physical pain or emotional turmoil or mental instability and allow yourself to be fully encircuited within you now to your soul's satisfaction.

The lessons that we have prepared are all meant to move into deepening levels of conscious recognition of this, so that you will be, one day, so totally aligned with your spirit that there will never be a moment when you do not sense this in all of your being. Use this time now, of healing, to receive and envelop you to the deepest levels of your being. Does this help? (Yes, very much. Thank you.)


Student: I have a question about the energy that I feel of what you refer to as the Father, because I do not feel that necessarily, as male gender based. And this may be a little off-topic but I understand, possibly, on a mental level what you're saying about trust and faith, but I'm not sure about the terminology you used for the Creator.

Welmek: Within the context of this group there are certain terms that are used to define the Creator. But for your purpose, you can assimilate certain conceptual references for the Creator: All That Is, The Creator of the Universe, The Divine Being. There is a personal relationship that you have with this Creator and this Creator relates to you as Father and as Mother in human experience, for the idea of a divine parent is one who is intimately interested in all of your life: One who watches over you with such tender care and concern. One who is non-judgmental and forgiving and merciful, and one who only wants to reach down into your being and help you to know the ways of the spirit. The term Mother-Father are used because it is helpful in human experience to relate to spirit as a spiritual person. You receive love from other humans, do you not? And so it is helpful in human experience to think of your Divine Mother-Father as a spirit parent who loves you, so that you can begin to want to have this intimate and loving relationship because it is a personal relationship and it is one based on unconditional love that your Creator instills within you. Do you understand? (That was perfect! Thank you.)

The journey to your perfected spirit self is the eternity adventure. You are all given the capacity to have a long, enjoyable, adventurous life. The challenges of this world are here for you to move through with courage, with strength, with hope and with the everlasting knowledge that life is good, and truth and beauty and goodness will prevail. Each day allow yourself to grow in this awareness more and more and you will see life unfold so beautifully and so satisfyingly that you will never doubt or fear.

Before we conclude; are there another questions this evening?


Student: Yes, Welmek, this is D. I just wish to thank you for the guidance that you gave me last week regarding my roommate, C. And it had a lot to do with the idea of trust and his ability to trust in me that I wouldn't let him down. And what I experienced since last Thursday is a greater lightness of being within myself and trusting in the Father to take care of this relationship. And letting go of the frustration, and just being there for him and allowing him to see what I am all about and what Spirit and God is all about. And he seems to be more receptive to what I have to offer. And what I've also come to understand is that I've learned to listen more. To listen to him and not respond to what he is saying, but just listen, and listen to other people as well, and listen to nature.

So it seems to be working effectively, and I do feel lighter and more at peace. Even though work can get a little trying. But I thank you for that. And to continue on with, the trust, the Psalm of David, Psalm 23 came to mind as you were speaking: "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want". And you understand how committed I am to living sonship but the one challenge that I'm facing now is the idea of financial responsibility and climbing out of debt. And that seems to be the challenge I'm facing now, and the responsibility for my children and all that. So I want to be clear on that, because I have a hard time praying to God for material things, for money and things like that. But I know this is the one challenge that is facing me right now.

Welmek: Every need, every challenge, every area of your life is known. You may not always even be fully aware of that within you, but the Father knows. And so if you are, as you say, committed to your path of sonship, then to be a good son, you must allow your Father to care for you and allow Him to lead you to where He knows your highest good will be served.

Financial challenges are very real on your world, but when you ask the Father to guide you to those opportunities to earn the income you need to meet your obligations, then you must trust that you will be taken to that place where that will occur. Let yourself, melt yourself into his arms in this area of your life. Put it to the test. See how He works in your life in this area and then you will know; you will have activated that faith and you will see. Whether you are faced with a challenge of health or money or a relationship, in committing yourself into the Father's hands, you will be taken to that place where you will meet and triumph over this challenge. And will this not make you feel alive and confident? This is what a parent does for his child. He makes them confident and self-reliant. Allow yourself to be aligned in Him, so He can move you to where you will meet your challenge successfully. Does this help?

Student: Yes, very much so. It's just like and I think its human nature. We always want to try and fix it ourselves. We always have to do something. And it's for me, I always have a sense of duty with regards to work, and I have tons of work. I want to find the balance between work and rest. And you know I just want to have fun in life! And it seems like I go to all these different spiritual gatherings, and I work. And then there's this debt that I have to overcome. So I do understand what you are saying, it's just that I feel like it's a part of me that always feels like I need to do something. And that's where I need to surrender that doingness, to God.


Welmek: There are several dynamics in your comment. One is the idea of having to do things by yourself. And the more you align yourself in collaboration with your spirit, the easier your path will be. That does not mean that all of your problems will disappear, but it does mean that you will find the necessary support and resources to meet your obligations and challenges. And then there is a matter of finding the balance in your life between rest, work, and play. This is a matter of, again aligning yourself and asking for your spirit to help you find the correct proportion for you so that you can lead a balanced and healthy life. And when you do this, you will find that certain opportunities now come your way so that you can begin to lead a life that is more satisfying in all dimensions.

Although this answer was induced by D in his question, I do address this to each and everyone of you, for you all face the same challenges of work, financial obligations - finding the balance in life. And so I encourage each one of you to take this idea to the Father and say, "Father, balance me in life. Bring those opportunities to my life, so that I can live more successfully, in accordance with your will". This is the dynamic of trust. Each are part of your life and is a gift of faith; and the more you allow this trust to lead you, the more you build your faith in the Father, and the more incentive you have to do the Father's will. And as you will find, and as you are already finding, this is the path of light, and joy, and peace.


Good evening.