2002-05-05-Midwayer Assistance

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Topic: Midwayer Assistance

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Michael

TR: Gerdean



Opening piano music, played by Elena: "Here I Am, Lord"

TOMAS: Welcome once again and still to our gathering. Let me reach out and greet you as your soul comes forth to greet me. How joyous we are in this circle of friends. How charming is your music in honor of our Master who has also come today as a conscious presence in our midst. He will speak with you later; I would like to proceed with our session for today, our lesson, and that has to do with this theme: "My kingdom is not of this world."



I am addressing this at the request of one of my students. It is not an audible request but a soul need, and your soul needs are my mission. Therefore it pleases me when you give me your notion of what you need to have a better understanding of, for in this way I am saved the troublesome practice of meddling in your souls. It pleases me greatly when, in fact, your souls have attained such a level of yearning to be godlike that they take on their own energy and their own enthusiasm, indeed, the true hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness.

The Master, when he was here, often admonished his followers about the Kingdom as a spiritual kingdom, and in those days it was hard for them to understand the concept of a spiritual kingdom, even as today it is difficult for you to differentiate between the material kingdom and the spiritual kingdom for they, in your mind, overlap. In your efforts to be about the Father's business, and to be of service in his fields, the greater grasp you have of this concept the greater your ability to be effective in the field will be.

You are all a part of the material world and its energies. Even when you have been reborn of the spirit and begin to learn about the energies of a higher mind, it is difficult for you to have such a well-formulated appreciation of spiritual energy as to keep you from being swept up into the energies of the material realm. And as you know, many of you are lured, wooed, seduced, made comfortable and complacent in the lives you carve for yourself by the nature of the civilization in which you dwell.

It is no wonder then that many of you are reluctant to get involved in "the system" or, from your frame of reference, are able to see the good that exists in the society and find your will to serve being usurped by the perception that there's nothing to do. The Father's will is being done and your best approach is to behave yourself and stay out of trouble, thus being of service. Well, there is merit to that concept, as is evidenced in the story of the prodigal son.

The admonition Michael offered his apostles, "my kingdom is not of this world," was a way of identifying another dimension of reality. It was not to say that the material world has no reality, but that his is a different reality, and one which we need to attempt to understand, for as we grasp the concept of the glory of God, the greater Kingdom then will come to pass as night follows the day, for those of you who are enthralled with the reality of the spiritual kingdom will see to it that your world eventually and ultimately conforms to those values that you hold dear. And, since love is more contagious than hate, it is the assignment of me and my fellow teachers to remind you and encourage you to promote the spiritual brotherhood of man, sisterhood of women, family of children of God, as compared to promoting the material kingdom. There are already plenty who promote a material way of life.

Our object is to introduce the new dimension, as Jesus sought to introduce the new dimension, of the spirit reality into the material reality. There are errors in thinking. When you look at your saying, "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's," you have a sense that means you need to put your Self aside, your own reality aside, for eight hours a day and become the subject of a lesser reality, forfeiting your existence even, in pursuit of the value of the work place. This is not the case.

There is no place that does not belong to the Father. There is no place that God does not exist. In this way you may take the Kingdom by assault. You may take the Father into your arena with you. The music that was played, "Here I Am, Lord. I will hold your people in my hands," means you will honor the fact of His Kingdom, even in the work place, even in those areas which are not designated as "God's House." From the perspective of infinity, all of existence is God's House, and we are all residents therein, all being formed to ultimately exalt His creation of which we are a part.

I will cease my remarks here and open the floor for your involvement, possible questions about my words. Any questions, commentary, or anything I need to know?


ESMARELDA: Tomas, we do have a first time person here with us today -- Emily, who is Carl's daughter, and we are very happy to have her. We're also extremely happy to have you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Welcome, Emily, to our enlarged family configuration. You are obviously quite at home in our midst and we embrace you happily. In responding also to my affectionate student Esmarelda, I say we are a mutual admiration society, and in this contagious and loving environment, we augment that which is good in us, as we allow that which is less than perfect to fall away in the light of our divine love.

"Our Divine Love". What could that mean? That must mean something having to do with the theme "My Kingdom is Not of This World," for without divine love it would not be possible to see the Kingdom in any of its manifestations, or the children of God that we can "hold in our hands", without the eye of perception. That is a gift from divinity. Thus, we attempt to enhance an appreciation of our godliness, even as we counter-balance that with a new appreciation of how humbly we offer ourselves to be raised up.

Our Father is a great proponent of individuality, as it is He who instills in each of us a unique and wonderful personality - that which is His gift to each of you, and which only you are able to, in return, devote to Him in service.

ELENA: Tomas, one thing that that was bringing to mind - you know, "my Kingdom is not of this world," - sometimes, when we think about … we might apply God's will, or what we think might be God's will, and we get these visions that, I guess, start out in the material world and it makes me think, too, about the apostles, who first pictured pretty grandiose positions, possibly, for themselves, -- and I have to admit that I'd probably be right in there with them, -- to getting kind of pumped up about, "Wow, this is really cool" and then it turns out to be something different.

My question for your comment is: sometimes this excitement seems to be helpful, in a way, to get an idea started, getting the energy going. You also spoke about energy. You were seeing energy starting to develop in each of us, maybe, or some individuals, and so I guess maybe some comments about aligning that with God's will and keeping this energy going in a positive force, hopefully towards God's will. Does that make any sense at all? Or, there are like 15 questions there. Would you like to pick one?

TOMAS: I will pick one. ELENA: Okay.


TOMAS: I will make it very simple. I will now go to Walt Disney, who sponsored the attitude, "You've gotta have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?" And dreams are "phantasmagorical", and perhaps are super-conscious uprisings, as nightmares are subconscious uprisings sometimes, and these uprisings are outside the realm of any reality but your hidden mental realms, and so, if you are dreaming, you might as well allow yourself to dream any and all things that waft through your many conscious levels. In pursuing your dream, then, it will be made clear what is worthy and what is not for the ultimate creation of the reality you once dreamed.

There is another phrase, "self aggrandizement" which is a stumbling block for many, for somehow you perceive that any reference to the self is to be squelched, snuffed, eradicated from your existence, as if you were out to kill your ego and all sense of identity. How unfortunate for your existence, that you would discipline yourself out of being, in some misunderstanding of how that word is intended to help you identify that ego which is so self-serving as to eliminate any other reality than itself.

I am being made aware of how much we need to depend upon our Creator for his guidance and sustenance, his encouragement and direction, for the soil in which you have been grown has been one which will need to be redefined from its outset if you are to understand how your responses are conditioned to behave in a way that has been impressed upon you by others, others well-meaning but perhaps not as original for you and your path as was intended by your Creator.

I'll not discourage anyone, but I will point out that our reconnecting and reconditioning process has only begun. You in your life will not see the end result of our efforts, and yet it falls upon you as an awakened one, to know all you can know about that which is becoming, in order that you yourself might become more than you were. Thus, you will "seek first the Kingdom" and with that view, that understanding, that enlarged perception, you will have a divine perspective, then, from which to observe your fellows and how they have been conditioned, and how that conditioning interferes with the growth of spirit or enhances the greater reality.

And in this you can intuitively be of service because to the extent that you are awakened, you are an instrument of the Master to work through, to help you guide and direct your fellows in the faith path in such a way as to increase light and life, and not to assume a superior stance over them simply because you have an enlarged and enhanced perspective. This response is a partial response to your concerns; however, I feel I have clouded the issue or made you feel more weary than encouraged.

ELENU: I don't think so at all. A lot of things were really encouraging. I loved that "original path" thing, and I mean there were a lot of things. No. Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: I like you, too.


CARL: Now, Tomas, I hear you make reference to the spiritual kingdom, also to a material kingdom, and I know that every Sunday of the year that we pray, "Thy Kingdom come, on earth …" I gather from this there are going to be two kingdoms. One on heaven and one on earth.

TOMAS: No, my friend. (pause) I will try to respond to you. Perhaps I need to say, "Yes! You're right! There will be two kingdoms. You will be able to see one with your physical eyes and you'll be able to see one with your spiritual eyes, but in truth they will be one in the same, whereas today they are not." What we want to do is reclaim your world as Our Father's domain. His son incarnated here, and in so doing, he fulfilled the requirements for sovereignty over the universe he created, the local universe of Nebadon, in which we reside.

Many, many worlds are housed in this local universe - which is one of many, also. Universes are filled with life. Your world is much like others, and yet it has its own peculiarities, as do all the worlds, just as, as people, you are all alike, but each of you have your own particular imprint. The world as we see it here today, this world, is not infused with the light of spirit as was prayed for in the Master's prayer, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

In Heaven, in the sphere of Havona, at the center of which is the Isle of Paradise where God lives, there is divine perfection prevailing, and in the worlds of time and space this perfection is relative to the capacities of the evolving worlds. Your world has had its setbacks, as we've mentioned, and so you've been in quarantine, cut off from many of the advantages of being a part of the universe. But now, with this new age, we are embarked upon a mission to reconfigure and reinvigorate this world, "the world of the cross," with the divine light of sonship, and as you each embrace your inheritance as rightful sons and daughters, you will be made mindful of your dignity status. You will become ennobled. You will begin to incorporate the Father's reality in all you do and in all you are, and you will become as the fruit of the living vine, that will bring about the perfection potential here even as it is perfect already in Paradise.

Inasmuch as another of Jesus' great pronouncements was "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you," you are given the added dimension of the reality of God within you, as your core reality, and which you will eventually bring into immortality by your will aligning itself with the divine will. And so when you meditate, when you focus on the divine Fragment of God which is yours, is given to you by God ~ as God ~ within you, you are able to perceive - increasingly perceive - His will for you, and how it is that He would have you say to him, "Here I am, Lord. I will hold your children in my hands."

And so you will find yourself working in the Kingdom as you set out, your hand in his, to serve his people and bring the light of truth into the lives of those who fear, of those who sit in darkness. You will light their wick with your eternal flame. You will keep them encouraged as you encourage each other in this loving community that we are forging here, quietly, in this humble community in the desert. Has this been helpful to you, my son?

CARL: Thank you. Thank you, Tomas. Yes.

Communication, Communion

EMILY: Tomas, I have a question I'm not quite sure even how to ask, and it has to do, I guess, in my mind with how to bring the Kingdom of God into a very real situation that's been troubling me in the last few weeks, and it's a situation that involves some physical injury to me, and has since resulted in some harsh criticism of me by some friends who were involved, and I'm just wondering if you have any words of wisdom for me about the right course and the right path for me because it's been troubling me. If I need to say why, I can. Maybe that would be -

TOMAS: I will take what you have given me, daughter, and suggest you make an arrangement to have a personal session, outside of the group - not to exclude your concerns from others, but because then we can take the time necessary to determine the factions of concern you have. There are several factions of concern here, obviously. But as for how you ask your question, have no hesitation to put forth your concerns, even when they are unformed, when your questions are unformulated, for this is how we open doors of communication, and the ultimate purpose of communication is communion -- and when we are able to rise to that level of group worship, we have answered all the questions for we are in the presence of all the answers.

Your situation may well indeed provide you with a few clues as to how to deal with troublesome individuals. They well may be reacting instead of responding - reacting to the difficulties of life out of fear, and defensively, rather than understanding compassion, and rather than allow those attitudes to be a bar against you or between your friendships, you would do well to understand what their perspective is before you conclude otherwise.


LINDA: Tomas, I would like to say something. I was reading in the last TeaM Edition where one of the midwayers came through and said that they, too, are part of the divine plan and are here to help, and if we would but call on them more often, even with our detailed wants, that they are happy to help us out, and, obviously, in bringing about the kingdom they are here to help, and so we can call on them in our daily endeavors.


LINDA: And I have angels of ministry, and angels of health, and midwayers that go unrecognized, perhaps helping us find where we're going. So I want to take this opportunity to formally ask for midwayer and divine help in the project that I have at the house, in putting on the addition, so that everything goes smoothly and cheaply, and that we'll get the permits in a timely manner, that the contractor will be available, that it won't go over budget, et cetera, and have the timing of things work out, even conveniently, so I'm open to all the celestial help up there of shuffling time tables and schedules and moving materials and getting things done so that we can enjoy more room, as it were, and so I'm just taking this opportunity through the divine channel to ask for assistance and to say "thank you" in advance for all the help that I'm going to receive in doing all this. I know it's kind of a big project and I have, like you said, lots of dreams to make my dream come true, here, so I envision a lovely space for my family, our growing family. So if you would kind of carry on that message for me Tomas, thanks. I would appreciate it.

TOMAS: Your question was indeed well specified, even while I smile as to your innocence. Yes, the midwayers are fully able to manipulate the material environment as they might need to, however it will not be to pound nails or hand you clothes pins. In fact, you will discover that they, too, are tedious at times, for while in fact they will and do help you (much like the "parking lot angels"), your most gratifying relationship with them, your most meaningful association with them, will be in how they have been able to enhance your willingness to work with others in Lowe's or Barcelona Lumber Company or UPS, as an extension of the reality of the greater kingdom, not just yours.

In other words, even though they are here to help, they are not here to make your life more comfortable, (giggles) and those of you who are more knowledgeable about spirit reality also know that from you who have received much, much will be required. It therefore may be your question-able privilege to bend over backwards to help the workers help you, for in this way they are exposed to truth, beauty, and goodness, and those opportunities for them to make a decision that will enhance or retard their own spiritual development. And in this reality you may be sure of all the universe's support.

THOROAH: The bad news is they are not here to make life easier; the good news is they're not here to make life any worse, either.

LINDA: And you still have to do the work. Yeah. You still have to put pencil to paper.

TOMAS: This is how you are able to enjoy accomplishment. This is what the ascension plan is for you. Not that you have been created perfect or that circumstances are perfect, but that you can attain perfection. And remember, you do have the overcare of the angels of the home, and that should assure you that even under cramped circumstances, you have the tools you need, the influence over you that will see to it that your home is made sacred, humanly sacred, by giving the Father the role of head of the household and seeking His counsel in all you do.

I'm going to move over. Michael would like to have a moment with you.


MICHAEL: Be at peace. I come as your friend. I am your friend. Many call me "the Great Friend" but when I sit with you, I am not great, I am one with you. We are comrades.

You are my sheep, my flock, my faithful fold. You are my brothers. You are my sisters. We know the difficulties of the human experience. We have buried the dead and brought new life into the world. We have disciplined and nurtured as appropriate. We have bought and sold, negotiated. We have won and we have lost. We have friends, and we have enemies.

I am also your Father, an emissary of the Universal Father. And as my creations, my children, I choose to regard you as my personal kin, my children, sons and daughters. From that vantage point I encourage you to rise above the vicissitudes of the earthly life and love your enemies as we attempt to enlarge the heart of humanity to include the love of our Eternal Parents.

I am not so busy upholding this universe that I cannot sit with you. I have administrators who manage the worlds of time and space. I have time to attend to the business of upholding my universe without that taking time away from you. You will recognize me as you open yourself that I might reveal myself to you. I have no thought to chide you for being young. I seek to strengthen you with my love, with my encouragement, perhaps through my life example.

In my communion with you, reach for me. I am real. I am reaching for you. I long to embrace you and comfort you, sit with you and while away the time in joy, in pleasure, in comfort as well as in work and service. There is time. There is time for all this and more, and we will know and do all of this and more as we progress in our association.

For now, I am your friend. I thank you for allowing me in your consciousness. I allow you to think of me as a dream until such time as the dream becomes a reality, and as I become a reality for you, I will help you create the reality that Our Father intends for you to have for all eternity.

In peace I leave you.

TOMAS: I'm still here -- Tomas, that is -- although I often have a hard time getting my metabolism up after having been in His presence. I don't know what it is about Him that captures me so. Are there any other questions?

JANET: I wonder if I could ask a question, and maybe you can answer it. I felt all my life that people around us often have problems and difficulties and you have to be able to be there and listen and maybe advise a little bit, and after a long, long career in medicine - in opthamology - when I came out here, I wanted to find some way that I could volunteer to do something, so I work in a hospital one day a week in the surgery unit, and anybody can do just the routine things that have to do with setting up surgery or taking care of the patient and so forth, but what the patients need more than anything else, and the families, is somebody to talk to them and to listen.

And maybe it's a gift that God has given me, but I've been able all my life to talk to people and help them that way, so this was one thing I felt I should do out here, and I try, because these people have deep problems. Even though it's maybe a minor surgery, but still, it's something they're going through and they need to talk about it, and my main job over there at the hospital is listening to these people and talking to them, but I often wonder, in spite of all that, if I'm living up to my full potential. Is there any way you can answer a question like that?


TOMAS: Your desire to be of greater service is evidenced in your recitation. You see, you are already serving by perceiving their need to be heard. Listening is a service and listening with ears to hear that which goes beneath the surface of social discourse is a divine gift indeed and one which you might ponder developing as you see these people and hear their fears.

Your situation is an example from today's lesson, that you can see beyond the material to the ethereal. You can perceive with spiritual eyes what they talk to you about, based on their inner eye rather than their optics. Begin to think of yourself as a minister in the art of visualizing, not just the physical eye but the spiritual eye, and you'll likely find amusing and helpful opportunities to expand their vision to include a spiritual dimension as well as introduce an element of humor to their situation, which will alleviate much of their sense of stress.


Yes, listening is a fine service, and it's a rare commodity. Those of you who know how to listen with ears to hear are able to teach in ways that others cannot. Persist in your will to be of service, daughter And how thankful I am for your expressions this afternoon! I am glad to see you have let go of your anxieties. Of course, it's only human to keep taking them back, isn't it? (Group chuckle)

It's a matter of perseverance, persistence, and establishing good habit patterns to replace those habit patterns which are unfruitful or destructive. As was pointed out, the universe is filled with celestial helpers, merciful ministers, anxious and eager to bring order and divine light into your realm, that we might elevate this orb to its rightful state of perfection, in honor of its creator and you who have been born here, born in the flesh and born of the spirit. What a victory over darkness! What a triumph over evil! What an exaltation to overcome the lamentation of past ages. Glory, glory, hallelujah! s Amen and farewell.

Closing music, sung by Carl: "Glory, glory hallelujah!"