2002-05-12-Why Not A Bestowal Mother?

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Topic: Why Not A Bestowal Mother

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good afternoon, loyal friends. This is Tomas. I am happy to be here with you today and to experience with you your ebullient moods in light of the fair weather, the holiday, and the joy in knowing each other as siblings in the Family of God. We'll have a visitor today. You've met Merium's energies before. I have a recollection of her bringing the story of the Lamp Lighter [1] and your equipment failing to capture her message. But let me step aside and allow Merium now to speak for herself. One moment, please.



MERIUM: Hello, hello. What happened to all that frivolity we were enjoying a moment ago? (Group laughter) What happens is, we get "religious" and suddenly we're all somber! It's such a dreadful human propensity. This is one of my chief delights - to stir your atmosphere in such a way as to revel in the joy of living, while there are those who keep the standard of stability for a foundation upon which to grow and play.

This balance is a part of the pattern that will accompany you throughout eternity, work always being balanced with play. Now, the subtleties of such a truth are infinitely varied, inasmuch as there are those who play at their work and work at their play; there are those who have their best time when they're working and those who play seriously. Thus it is not simply a matter to attending to your work with a solemn sense of responsibility, setting aside your work and giving yourself over to rambunctious play, no, but to keep yourself sufficiently loose that you do not find the experience of life to be a burden or a monotonous experience.

This is one of the indications of a society in flux that variety will enter in to embellish that which has been established, so that you keep doing what you must do while finding ways to enjoy it more. There were times when there was no enjoyment. There is a famous picture, in fact, of a farmer and his wife with their grim countenances, and indeed it was true that life was a burden of existence for those early pioneers of your civilization which now has a picture of Alfred E. Newman to indicate the other column, that little goofy looking fellow on MAD Magazine.

The Teachers

Sometimes we are serious and sometimes playful, and I am more known for my playfulness than my seriousness. Let's talk a bit about Mother's Day since it's scheduled, even before we got here. And let me tell you just a bit about myself before we talk about mothers. I am not a mother in the sense of the word that you would understand. Even though I had a mortal life as you are enjoying, I did not have children; I never gave birth to any other human being in the flesh as you understand motherhood. However, I am a marvelous mother in spirit. I was perhaps what you might call an elder sibling, a teen-ager, and I had a hovering kind of attitude, much like a hen will have over her chicks. I amassed all the children in the neighborhood, in the community, and they became my charge, my interest. I have, of course, a great appreciation for the sibling relationship, but that never came into my personality frame of reference until after I left the mortal plane and began to experience parenting again in and through the nurseries, and there I encountered others like myself who had not had physical children but who needed an understanding of parenting. Those others, then, were my siblings. Thus I have a full sense of appreciation for my brothers and sisters, but again, it was not a human-based frame of reference.

I think perhaps that these early days of my life, those formative years as a human being, were instrumental in forming my personality to be that which I am today. You may think of me as a story-teller with children sitting around me, hanging on me, pulling on my clothing and my hair, and I am with them, on the floor, wiping their noses, straightening their forelocks and babbling along with them in an attempt to communicate with or without words that divine harmony that comes from the playfulness of little children, and this is an act I engage in happily, as it is always in my consciousness that my elder brother and yours, Michael, is always in our midst, standing nearby, watching as we play, overseeing our energies, and being a part - although a quiet and unobtrusive pat - of our engagement.

Mother Spirit, Motherhood, Gender

I'd like to expand this picture then to incorporate our discussion of Mother's Day and parallel that picture that I painted for you of who I am, to the relationship that exists between Nebadonia, our Divine Minister, and Michael, our Lord. These are our parents. They are the parents of the celestial helpers. They are, in fact, the parents of the worlds of this local universe. Together they have plotted and planned their kingdom, their domain, their realm, and they have been overseeing the development of their kingdom, their universe, in the natural course of their existence. And so let's look at what it is that Mother does, what Mother offers, as compared to what we know about the authority of the Father figure, the strength of Dad, the power plays that are appropriate and natural for the Father figure. There is talk on your world about "men's realm" and "women's realm" and with women's liberation these roles have been upset, upturned, disguised, confused and rent asunder. And so let's look at the universe and how it's set up and what the roles are of the Eternal Parents, the universe parents of Michael and Nebadonia.

Remembering that I am a story-teller, we can overlook my vague recitation of what your text has revealed by indicating that the Mother Spirit is installed/ ensconced/ interned in Salvington, the capital of the local universe, and that she is a permanent resident therein, that she sends forth her representatives, her many orders of children throughout the universes to speak on her behalf and to act for her in the birth and nurture of her millions of offspring, her creations - morontial and material. Let's throw the floor open and think outloud as to how you can see the Mother's work in her universe.


Elena: I'm glad you did that because a question - And I love stories, incidentally, so welcome, Merium, but - I had a question come to mind about Michael actually coming here and then, because you were talking about Mother Nebadonia sending her representatives, -- and I don't mean to be flip in this question, but -- is that just a management style or how come there wasn't the presence of Mother Nebadonia's coming to this world or did I miss something?

MERIUM: This is the universe hierarchy at work. The Creator Sons are given the opportunity to create their universe in league with their brides, the daughters of Infinite Mind, Infinite Spirit. It is the Creator Sons, offspring of the Eternal Sons, who experience their creation. Let's tell a story then.

Mr. & Mrs God, in the form of a Creator Son and Divine Minister, court before they get married. They are introduced and fall in love. They, in their courtship, think about the many dreams they would like to have in their life together. They sit down in their leisure and in their love and plan their house, their home, their estate. They have an understanding of their financial capacities, therefore they understand what they can afford and what their limitations will be. They have only one local universe, but within that local universe they have the potential of filling it with constellations and systems and inhabited worlds that will produce X number of children that they can manage and attend to and raise up.

In this picture you can see that you are born of them, you are conceived of them, of their concept. You are raised up. You go through your material life, through the mansion worlds, attain know-ledge of the constellation spheres, arrive in Salvington as adults. You grow up, in other words, and eventually you leave home and you attend the advanced universe schools en route to the Father in heaven, even while your parents stay in the local universe, for eventually you will serve Father God in His far-flung universe - in essence leaving home. However, the influence of your parents, the Michael Son and his bride, are always going to be a part of you. I forgot what you asked.

Elena: Okay, Christ came to the world. And he's our father/brother of this universe. And I'm screwing up the details, but I was just wondering why we haven't had a visit by Mother Nebadonia.

Esmarelda: A bestowal Mother. Elena: Yeah, a bestowal Mother. Thanks.

MERIUM: Because she is in Salvington, upholding the universe, as your mother was at home "in the kitchen" upholding your universe as your father went out on the job. Now, this is going to inflame the ire of all liberated women and I want to blow love into you and calm your anxieties and indignities and point out that in a normal, healthy world you would be happy to fulfill your natural role, for you would be exalted as divine in that capacity, just as you would exalt as divine your mate in the role that he provides.

The training your planetary circumstances have provided are askew, are in error, and have relegated womankind to be a part of the property of the landowner rather than the honored position of divine partner in creating the realm of reality which you are given by the Father in heaven to do. But look to see how it is that even while Mother may not be departing from Salvington, she has sent her emissaries, just as the Eternal Son in Paradise does not leave Paradise, but sends his Creator Sons into the universes to fulfill the divine purpose.

There are all the ministering spirits under her wing. The adjutant mind spirits are her way of nurturing each fledgling soul, each new mortal who comes into being is ministered to by these circuits from the Mother Spirit. It's a lot as if you were to study some cultures, let's say the Jewish culture that Jesus was reared in. The children were under the jurisdiction of the mother until they attained a certain age whereupon they were given over to the administrative counsel of the father.

In that same way, the seven adjutant mind spirits serve to help the child grow to a point wherein they can begin to utilize and depend upon the Spirit of Truth, which is in some ways a way of embracing the authority of the Father, giving oneself over to that power and energy while letting the adjutant mind spirits go, just as in that scriptural reference that allows you to think in terms of putting away childish things when you attain adulthood.

You cannot grow to spiritual adulthood without having had the ministry of the seven adjutant mind spirits, and even as you have attained a certain degree of maturity as an evolving being, even as you are maturing, yes, in these classrooms of the Melchizedek University of which this gathering is a part, you expand in your capacities to grow to the appreciation, the understanding for you need for other counsel and guidance, counsel and guidance that you can embrace and take on consciously as you have embraced and taken on the counsel of those of us celestial helpers who are also products of the Mother in ministering to you as you grow.

Having attained a certain degree of God-consciousness, having made some commitments to your soul, you will receive the ministry of the Mother and the Father, that is to say Nebadonia and Michael, for their entire purpose as Creator Son and Daughter is to create the worlds of time and space that will spawn and foster the Greater Universe, thus all of the universe is in service to you and others like you throughout the seven superuniverses, just like you might think of Mother Spirit as being the gardener who tills the soil and plants the seeds in order to raise up plants and create the produce that will supply the nourishment and enjoyment of the family.

Look around and express how it is that you perceive the essence and energy of the Divine Minister, our Mother indeed, in your daily life, in this setting here, and in all you do. Laughter is certainly one of the gifts I accredit our Mother with for she has such joy in her. Her joy stems from knowing who she is and how she serves. Not how she rules, but how she serves. And the natural response in the greater universe of service is the reflection of that attitude and goodness that is at the heart of the need to be attentive and caring to those you love and who look to you for direction, just as I look at you children here playing on the floor with me, with your fine hair all tousled by the wind and your socks on backwards.

How can I not love you little rascals? How can Our Mother not adore her creations? When you retain your attitude of childlikeness, when you continue to look to your parents for their overcare, you continue to be manageable and adorable. When you think you're too old for Mother's attentions, when you push her aside to show off how big you are and how you don't need her anymore, fussing over you, counseling you, admonishing you, you have run aground.

Your experience here may have shown you that it was necessary for you to cut the cord between you and Mother in order for you to grow up and embrace the ways of the world, "man's world". But in the spirit realm, the truth is, Father will always share his throne with his Bride. You cannot love one more than the other for they are one. You cannot pay more homage to the authority of Father than the ministry of Mother, for they are united.

In this plane of existence, and on this unfortunate orb, it is possible for you to side one against the other and play these fruitless games, as the world has played from long ago, but we encourage you, as you know, to look at your world with new eyes and see the greater picture, see the divine plan that allows you to understand the dance that is intended to exist between the male and the female, the passive and the aggressive, the positive and the negative, that this dance is a way of maintaining your harmony in yourself and in your society with others.

The Mother's influence is everywhere. Her spies are upon you! There is no way you can get into mischief without the Mother having a full understanding of what it is you are trying to engage yourself in, whether it is experientially attempting to gain mastery, whether it is an act of defiance in response to a perceived injustice, whether it is an adventure you are eager to undertake and have no real knowledge if she would appreciate your exploratory tendencies - she knows. She knows what you are doing just as the Father knows at all times what you are doing.

And she sees you little rascals crawling around on the floor as a mother will see her child crawling around on the floor, poking at an electrical outlet with a knife, ready to snatch you up, in order to save yourself from hurting yourself in those ways, while allowing you to make those necessary mistakes that will teach you how to be a grand expression of the parentage that is your inheritance, your divine inheritance, such as learning to walk and learning to talk.

Right now, in my minds eye, my beloved little brothers and sisters, you are only now beginning to learn how to walk and how to talk. Your communications skills are funny and your best communications are still best conveyed through gestures, like bopping each other on the head or reaching out to touch that which appears to be different from what you know.

Think of each other as toddlers, even as you aspire to become mature and adult, for if you can perceive of the childlike aspects in each other, it will be a natural and innate - shall we say "genetic" -- disposition for you to adore your brothers and sisters or ignore their antics as mere learning experiences in the art of living.

Mother's work may never be done, but it is not an unpleasant chore. Loving is never a chore. Caring for each other from that font of affection which is from Paradise Source is a never-ending experience in expression. Let's pause on this note for awhile. I'll be back. [tape turned within seconds of running out] I have another story for you. That was not me, that was a midwayer.

Elena: This whole deal?


MERIUM: Noticing when the tape recorder is about to expire is a chore relegated to the secondary midwayers who can see the gauge. And they too are a creation of the Mother - your cousins -- who are, in many ways, the eyes that see you in your mischief-making and your impishness, your investigating, exploring, and blundering around in life without the vision they have, to reflect your doings to the universe. They can see and act on actions that you precipitate if it's a matter that's brought to the attention of the ministering spirits.

Sometimes, for example, those individuals who are not God-conscious, not sensitive to even the cause and effects of the human experience, blunder into situations that could cause them harm, and if they have not yet been assigned their own guardian angel, they are rather grouped together with another lot of individuals under the jurisdiction of an overseeing guardian angel, perhaps cannot be everywhere at once, and the midwayers are able to see those things closer to the material realm and they can hasten to the guardian angel and point out the detriment of the circumstances the mortal has gotten himself into, and in many instances are given permission to act on behalf of the human, just as I am given permission to act on your behalf as a Teacher here in this environment. And this is precisely how those who are in tune with the spirit realm, half-way realm, are able to work with the midwayers in assisting human life to get on a path of ascension as compared to a path to destruction.

Mother Spirit

This is the Mother at work. These are Her legions of angels -- in collusion -- to bring you into an awareness of our great and wonderful Parents and their supervisory offspring who spend their lives, their very existence in eternity, tending to you as Mother in her garden might hoe the soil, aerating the dirt, stirring up the worms, pulling the weeds. And this is a task she does lovingly and carefully, for she is devoted to her Bridegroom who has devoted Himself to the care of their mutual creation. They indeed are the ideal.

It would have been easier for you to have learned these things from the Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve, had they not defaulted. However, since they did, and since you have the challenge before you, you are given our assistance and encouragement to continue to reach for those ideals of operation that exist in Salvington of Nebadon while you are able to learn to overcome the vagaries of human relationship through the lessons that are still to be learned through the loving overcare of Adam and Eve as they seek to atone for their errors and to lend themselves to your upbringing as intended originally.

It's just that you are operating, as it were, in the dark. And as we become more real to you, you will see how it is that in reality you are in the light, and this light is shining on us, even now, and is the light that you will carry with you into your field, your assignment, so that the reality of the divine plan can be actualized, even under challenging circumstances. Well, I haven't heard you laugh now for several minutes. Perhaps I am taking on the ponderousness of a Teacher.

But let me step back from the podium and allow you to again appreciate the delights of the nature of the children of God, and having come from a happy home wherein the Father and Mother are in conjoint harmony, and where their affectionate embrace is readily seen and felt by their children, in this loving glow are we embraced. We, in this embrace, at once are grateful to our father/brother Michael for all of his efforts in bringing to this emerald orb in the System of Satania the light of his presence and the seed of his path.

We gratefully acknowledge his life and death on this world of our origin. (Not mine. Yours. I wasn't born here. But in a prayer, I know no differentiation.) And in honor of our Divine Minister, who shines upon us like the sunshine, who washes us with her rain, who feeds us with her bounty, nurtures us and cradles us in her arms, all of us offer her our good wishes and say, "Happy Mother's Day, Nebadonia, and to all your Daughters throughout your huge family in Nebadon."

Well, I've been having a marvelous time. I appreciate your sitting so well and graciously, little ones, and listening to me tell stories. All children love to hear about what it was like when their parents were little. Everyone wants to know where they come from. Everyone has a longing to have a sense of history and connection. And so it is my pleasure to offer to you a divine connection as well as a material connection that will help you appreciate how you are situated as a very real and relevant reality in the moment you are today.

Thank you, Tomas, for sharing your platform. I bid you good day.

TOMAS: Tomas again at your service. Are there questions that you have for us or for each other?

Carl: Yes, Tomas. Please explain to me about Nebadon and Nebadonia. I've never heard of that term before.


TOMAS: Understood. It is a very large and complex universe. Your frame of reference has been singular and your world has always been known to you as "earth" and from the perspective of a child of earth, this is sufficient. However, in the grand scheme of universe organization, there are many, many worlds. Around the central Isle of Paradise revolve seven superuniverses. Each super- universe is an amalgamation of hundreds of thousands of local universes which are filled with myriad galaxies and inhabited worlds such as this one, which you know of as earth.

In the case of Nebadon, Nebadon is the name of one of the local universes of the superuniverse of Orvonton. This cosmology is revealed in the Urantia text. It thus is a frame of reference for those who are familiar with those papers which comprise the book which is the fifth epochal revelation to your world. There are four previous revelations, and what do I mean by revelation? I mean that as you grow, as you evolve, as life evolves on your world, from its initial implantation in the saline waters of a planet whose life fostering-conditions have attained a point of being able to sustain life, to the point where every evolved human being is in acknowledgment of the Father God, there are stages and phases of development that attest to your ability to assimilate an additional segment of information that will become a part of the growth of your world that will foster your steps toward the next plane of development.

Your world has now had five of these revelations and they are brought to you from outside your residence here on earth. Everything else you have managed to find and think of and create by and through the capacities that are in you, and those have served you well, but every now and again, in the development of an inhabited world, there reaches a point of attainment that calls for the next increment of insight and understanding, and with this fifth epochal revelation, through the form of the Urantia text, you have been introduced to the cosmology which, as asserted above, informs you of your location in the universe as a part of the Universe of Nebadon and its positioning in the vast universe of which you are a part.

And so now you are no longer a single isolated orb of planetary life, no, but you have the added information given to you that you are one among many, and that you are being nurtured and tendered as are all the other worlds of time and space. It is perhaps not necessary for everyone to read the text to get a technical appreciation of these terms, and yet it is a great comfort to you to know you are not alone in the universe, that there is order to it, that there is in fact a hierarchy of administration and a plethora of helpers, that there is a purpose to your existence, and thus you can see through these revelations a greater vision of your purpose and position in time and eternity.

These are relatively new to your planet, these terms, because your planet now is apparently at a point in time it would benefit you to know the facts of your reality as science is impinging upon an understanding of other life in the universe and this gives them an opportunity to have something to reach for and to not be so fearful when they in fact find that there is intelligent life and inhabited worlds beyond this one.

Nebadon being the name of your local universe, the one which was created by the Creator Son which you know of as Jesus of Nazareth, and Nebadonia is the name that has been assigned to the Divine Minister, his bride, who has upheld her end of the bargain in the creation of these many, many inhabited worlds in the universe they have created, in keeping with the overall design and purpose of the Paradise Father at the center of all things. Is this helpful?

Carl: Yes, thank you.

TOMAS: Any time you have any questions, I want you to spell it out. I will depend upon you to ask me to edify you in times when I am not clear to you because of these pieces of academic information. I am not here particularly to teach you these academics, no, for as I mentioned, it is possible to grow in spirit awareness and character development without these facts, these universal facts, but since they have been given in the last hundred years or so of your planetary existence, it is a fact that they will be gradually impressed upon the populace such that by the time the next epochal revelation arrives as a gift from "outer space" you will have as a planetary consciousness a full appreciation for who you are, your history, how you are situated in the galaxy, in the cosmology of the grand universe, so that your comprehension of your place here and your relationship with the other worlds and more particularly with the personalities of the greater universe are going to be a part of your common frame of reference. For this reason we do not hesitate to introduce these terms and enlarge upon your existing knowledge of Urantia reality, Urantia, being the name designated to this world you have always known of as Earth. Urantia is the name of your planet as it has been called On High, even while also it is understood that when we talk to you of your world we know that you recognize it as planet Earth. In this way your comprehensions merge with greater perspectives and you grow as a race of people, as an advancing evolving group, and not just individually but as a whole. Thank you.

Carl: Thank you, Tomas. Also it has been my understanding that - I hear you use the term Michael all the time. Michael is the prince of angels.

TOMAS: Michael is the Prince of Peace. He is indeed our Master Son of the order of Michael Sons, the Son of God who created our local universe. We think of him fondly as Michael; we have personified him thus, even as in his earth walk he is known to you as Jesus.

Carl: Yes. Thank you.

TOMAS: Yes. Incidently, you'll be interested to know that all the many thousands of worlds in his local universe, it was this particular world he chose to come to, to act out his seventh and final bestowal in the way of all Creator Sons, to attain full mastery over himself as is required of his creations, and attain sovereignty over his universe, thus accomplishing the goal set before him, as is set before all Creator Sons, and bestowing upon him the title of Master Son. As a Master Son, he has attained mastery over his universe. He has sovereignty, full sovereignty over his universe and he shares his sovereignty fully with his consort, the Divine Minister, who ministers to her children of time and space and who we affectionately know of as and call Nebadonia.

Are there other questions or concerns?

Mother Spirit, Thought

Elena: I have a question. I'm still - I'm interested in finding out this answer. Let's see… I had it phrased better a few minutes ago than I do right now, but … You know, when Christ Michael came to talk to us just last week, he came and spent time with us. (And I'm getting to my question.) My question has to do with the way that Mother Nebadonia ministers to us. I'm kind of interested because I'm still confused. I'm just learning to think about the Mother Spirit and include her, and I was really pleased to have Merium say that when you pray to the Father it's actually that they are united. That relieved me a bit because I was thinking, "Well, gee, I've been putting more time and apparent attentions toward the Father and somehow excluding Mother, and sometimes even to the extent of excluding Michael, too." My question is that if you could just give a little glimpse - not the whole thing - about how she changes our thought processes, that's what I'm curious about, is how she ministers to our thought processes.

TOMAS: I would like first, child, to say to you to not be impatient with your own development. Give yourself all the time you need to develop your thoughts and expressions.

The Divine Minister helps you to formulate your thinking by being a constant. Thus it is that when you waver in your development, as you seek for that which is real, it is recognizable as a facet of the Mother when you recognize the clarity that she is. She is not going to help you in your thinking process like the Thought Adjuster helps you adjust your thoughts Godward, but she is ensconced in perfection, and so when your mind finds her, you have found perfection, and you'll not forget her teaching.

Mother ministers to you. She embraces you. For instance, if and as you are troubled or weary, as little children will snivel and fuss without reason. As their mother holds them in her arms they recognize her warmth, her scent, her love. They recognize their innate connection to her and they are at once enveloped in her reality such that they now know who they are and they no longer need to struggle. You, when you reach those moments of fussing, if you would just simply allow yourself to lie down in her arms and ask her to embrace you, to hold you, to comfort you, to minister to you, she will in fact come, and her energies will surround you and carry you into the bosom of love that will nurture and feed your soul.

This is an actual energy of hers, and which you can ask for and realize, as many before have asked for and realized her reality. It is as if it were a blanket that covered you, whereas the Indwelling Spirit, which is indeed indwelling you, is an energy that emanates from deep within you and externalizes as personality expression. Hers is an embrace from the outside that reaches into you to assure you, you know who you are. Is this helpful?

Elena: Yes, thank you.


Thoroah: Thank you, Tomas. I think we're just about out of tape. I'm assisting the midwayers.

TOMAS: Well, you are all good kids.

Group: Oh, thank you, Tomas!

Esmarelda: This has been a good lesson, Tomas. Like Dorenda, I have been confused about the Mother Spirit, but this has been really enlightening, to help us think more about the Mother Spirit. And it was great having Merium, too, today,

TOMAS: I know she enjoyed herself. All of you, have a "Happy Mother's Day." Farewell.

Group: Thank you. Good bye, Tomas. Until next week!