2002-06-30-Connecting & Correcting Time

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Topic: Connecting & Correcting Time

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good afternoon, Coconuts. (the group had been playing around with the song lyric, "a lovely bunch of coconuts").

I am Tomas, your teacher, your affectionate, amused companion and occasional counselor. I am delighted to be in this configuration of believers. I am impressed with the circuitry which we enjoy ~ the energy that connects us, and the living connection that buoys us up into a realm of camaraderie, communication and communion ~ in which we can communicate on a compatible level, which includes the interests of the human and the divine.

How marvelous to have a forum in which your divine natures are able to unfold and bask in the presence of itself ~ its Source and Center ~ and to do this bathing in the living waters in the company of others, thus socializing and reinforcing your faith in a divine reality which is even now revealing itself in your lives and in our community life we share together.


Correcting Time

I thought today I might speak a bit about this 'connecting and correcting time.' The circuits, you see, that we enjoy here are opening ~ and they are opening in each of you as you allow yourself to open to the greater reality.

The universe is encouraging acceptance of your place in the universe ~ as a neighbor in the larger neighborhood, a citizen of the cosmos, an important part of the existence of all life ~ as it is ~ in its time and place in its universe. And in this way you no longer languish in isolation.

The Source of this connecting energy is in the realm universe pattern. That is to say, you were created to know your place in the universe and how you relate to it as an entity, as a personality ~ not merely a mortal to live and die on this orb, but to be appropriately affiliated with life eternal. You thus are connected to the Source of Life and inhabitants of infinity.

The circumstances -- historic circumstance of your specific world, is such that you have been alienated from the realization that you are part of the greater community, a living reality in the Family of the Eternal Parents, offspring of the Divine. You have, as a planet, been isolated until fairly recently, as a result of the ignoble act of the great deceiver, that chapter in your history which refers to war in heaven between Gabriel and Lucifer.

But we have been summoned to re-claim your world and your consciousness from the separation that planetarily influenced you for centuries. This is an undertaking that will take generations, but we are confident of our success, as we have seen the success of those who have responded at once to the spirit prompts which have been generated from On High to make you aware, consciously aware, of the greater reality ~ and your emotional response to the Love which is pouring forth into your vessels. As if you were dry sponge seeking moisture, you have soaked up our presence and found pertinent sustenance therein. In the desert now bloom flowers such as yourselves, who are being testimonies of the Light and the Love of Deity.

This pattern, that we are encouraging and inviting and instilling in you, is contagious; and, as you absorb the sweetness of this benign virus you take it into your arena and spread it out as sunshine into the darkness that perceives that we are isolated, alone, alienated and separate, one from another.

We will ~ in time, and in good faith, ~ eradicate that sense of isolation; and it will be done through the 'connecting' that we know here this moment, in this room, as we bond together in faith of our hope in a divine providence that will reveal Itself as the Reality that we had hoped, and in our hearts we knew was true.

This connecting time thus is a reinforcing exercise that aids you in grasping and having faith in your own Reality, and the Correcting Time is the period of time that will be required for each individual to align him or herself with those integral values which are of divinity as compared to those which you have inherited from your lesser gods and influences.

In due course, those of you who are in the Light ~ who are enlightened as to these truths ~ will foster your fellowship such that it will outweigh the old ways and you will embark our world on a new path, a path that will lead to an advanced era of Light and Truth ~ one in which you will all acknowledge your divine aspects and your dependence on the Greater Reality … including the Greater Reality resident within each other.

It - this circumstance; this time in your planetary history - makes your lives most interesting; your options and opportunities most thrilling. You have the opportunity to personally grow and actually see the effects of your growth reflected in the world around you. In the study of these times and these characteristics of the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, you can change the world by your faith. This empowers each of you ~ as individuals ~ and as you accept and acknowledge each other in this context, your civilization is altered and upstepped.

As you see the evidence of the Light of Truth revealed in your associations, so shall you see it spread abroad in the patient and diligent effort of those On High who seek your Greater Reality for the glory of those creators who seek to provide a realm of opportunity and advancement for All; and the marvelous thing, to me, about this "job opportunity" is the plethora of personalities which are welcomed as essential elements of reality, reflecting yet more of the magnitude of All That Is.

We enjoy diverting ourselves through speculation and true philosophic pondering, but the real work is "an inside job," and in that work we are ever-mindful of the human condition and the problems inherent in change and growth. Thus, we enjoy such fellowship as this, for it enables us to be reminded of our purpose and of our yearnings and our rejoicings.

Thank you for your focus.

Are there questions this afternoon or matters you'd like to share in company with the celestial hosts who attend our meetings and with the human companions you have selected to share your life with today?


CARRIE: My name is Carrie and I haven't had a question bubble up just yet, but I wanted to share the effect of your teaching today. It felt like being this dry sponge that got softened with the moisture of the love in this room. And I felt my Soul opening up - like stretching/expanding its arms to the cosmos. And it was a lovely repetition of that theme throughout the speaking, so that I found myself relaxing more and more deeply, and being able to experience the Love of God. Yes. Thank you for that.


TOMAS: And I thank you expressing your sensations; your impressions. This is an example of the value that we enjoy and observe in this "movement." The idea of having a sense of safety for your soul. A place where your soul is welcomed is something for which your world has great need. The Soul is like the 'pearl of great price' that is born of a grain of sand deep within you, that is built up over time by the friction that it knows, but all the while it is protected inside the shell. Here we hope to urge your shell to open naturally, in order that your hard won Pearl of Great Price may be revealed, to show the beauty that it is.

This process of allowing your Soul to be revealed, is indeed a process, for the world at large is, at first, unwilling to see your soul ~ and is often destructive - or would be destructive - of your soul, for it is a threat to the existing paradigm … that belief in a menial and material mentality which denies and precludes the Substance of Value that is your greatest possession, that is created to be a reflection of the beauty that you are and are becoming.

Welcome to this pool, this tide pool, wherein you may not only soak up the Living Water and soften, but may actually enjoy the sensation of spreading your Soul open to the etheric realm, in trust of these fellows who also cry to be revealed as children of God ~ as priceless and valuable jewels in the sunken treasure chest of heaven.

JANET: I was just thinking - wouldn't it be a much better world if we all tried being kind to each other instead of nit-picking and finding all the differences and things to quarrel about? If we'd just try understanding each other and getting along, then there wouldn't be wars and terrorists and all those things that are going on.


TOMAS: Yes child, it would, indeed. Kindness, however, is a quality that is overlooked, even while it is greatly needed. Kindness requires that you slow down, and be aware of how your words or actions are influencing others. There are few who are willing to slow down enough to see how a simple act of kindness is a reality which has even greater influence than things. And yet kindness is one of those qualities, which, like the Divine Virus, is contagious, and when you begin the chain of event by an act of kindness, it is like the ripple effect when a stone is dropped into the center of a pool of water. The ripples go out toward the shore and eventually subside but you have a least stirred the waters. And there are those too, who will pick up the ball and run with it and pass on Kindness until the body of humanity is like a pool in the rain with ripples connecting out from each raindrop dancing on the surface and refreshing and enlivening the entire body.

The fact is, the 'random acts of kindness' movement, which was recently popular, was an effort of the correcting time and it, like the Angel rage, has had permanent effects. Indeed, we are entering into the New Dawn. Even while there are still travesties and great trauma-dramas to come, the essential reality of Human Kindness is intact and alive as a result of those efforts that have already been perpetrated by conscious and conscientious souls such as yourselves.

This is the importance of encouragement, for it is so easy for humans to become DIS-couraged in their ways and means of revealing the Greater Reality. This however is not a mere 'social movement'; it is a galactic development. It is enhanced not only by human will but by Divine Will. It will not fail.

JANET: And that's just what I meant… It's just as easy to be kind to somebody and give them a little boost instead of seeing all the things that are wrong and criticizing and trying to make them over… 'cause you can't do that anyhow. So why not just be simple and make everybody feel better by just being nice to them. It doesn't hurt a bit.


TOMAS: You are an example of child-like faith. Indeed. Why not? But you have perhaps mellowed with age. The young are much impressed with themselves and their manner of believing. The ego is hard at work reinforcing the lesser reality. -- I say 'the lesser reality' not to destroy the ego but to reformulate the ego's purpose.

CARRIE: I experience that conflict inside of me. And that 'correction time' is a good name for what I experience. I want to open up and want to be courageous and to be speaking from spirit, and I feel like a little kid who dashes out into the middle of the room and tells her piece and then wants to run and hide, ya know, and here's the voice of the ego saying "Who do you think you are?" and "You're getting kind of pushy!" and just lots of criticism, like the 'shaming' words. So I've got that conditioned mind in me -- the world that's ruled by the ego -- while I attempt to listen to the voice of Spirit and try to follow those leadings, and it feels like I've got the war in the Middle East happening inside me! -- and it's … it's hard.

TOMAS: It is the 'good fight of faith' ~ the fight of giving up that which is lesser for that which is greater. And that takes place in the mind, and so this grappling will continue. But it will not be overbearing always.

It is necessary for you to make these choices, but part of your choice-making involves what voice you choose to listen to, and you have the authority of your own mind and you can determine - identify and determine - which voice is working in your best interests. There are times when the lesser reality appears to be your 'best interest' and certainly you do not want to throw caution to the wind and forget to count the cost of your choices.

I'm shown a picture here of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the circumstances of the moment when the Apostles, having finally understood that the Master would be hauled away - armed themselves with swords, in order to 'protect' him from those who would come to arrest him. In their loyalty to the Master they reverted to their understanding of what was the 'smart' thing to do. However, he knew this about his associates and assured them that it was more important for them to not get themselves arrested and killed, for he knew what could happen to them if they were found to be armed against the authorities. And he needed them to spread the Gospel after he had gone. In their minds they were doing the right thing, and yet he cautioned them about their actions. And this will take place in your mind, your consciousness, as well. You arm yourself against the assaults of injustice, and yet occasionally it is the better part of valor to stay alive and function ~ even in the face of the travesty of human existence ~ in faith that the overcontrol of divinity will prevail in the ultimate sense.

And so it wise to count the cost, and yet it is for your peace of mind that you understand the factors involved in your choice ~ that you not succumb to the sense that you were not able to live up to your sense of rightness, or that you were a coward, no, but that - given the circumstances - you made the choice that was wise for you. But many of the choices that humans make are made without due consideration, are made perfunctorily, or as a reaction to someone else's actions, and this will indeed give you a sense of 'less than,' of being a 'leaf in the wind' with no will of your own.

Having free will is having the greatest gift in the universe. Using your will intelligently is the most divine thrill. And accepting responsibility for your free will choices involves you in the exhilarating reality of Life itself, and there is no greater joy. Even defeat can be glorious if it is a battle that has been fought in faith for that which is essentially unassailable. Has it not been said, "What does it matter if all things earthly crumble to those who love the Lord?" And many times this is the resolution. What does it matter in the face of the Greater Reality?

The ego would insist on winning at any cost, but Spirit might prevail and leave you feeling as if God had a bizarre sense of humor, that your will was not consulted. In the balance, is the choice you make in your path of ascension. In that, is where you find wisdom; in that, is where you reflect on your choices. And given new opportunities, your choices will reflect that which you have learned from having made the previous decisions.

This is how you help yourself to grow, how you create your own divine nature. This is the friction that occurs within your shell that delivers up your own pearl of great price.


The initial stages of personal correcting often involve a cleaning house. The mind is filled with clutter and voices of others -- your parents, your peers, authority figures, belief systems -- all that has gone before you to help you function and be functional, but they may not be in your best interest as a Soul-in-becoming. It is a process, then, to identify those voices in the mind … and clean house. Recognize your mother's admonitions and replace those with the Divine Minister.

Recognize the authority of your earth father and wean yourself from that counsel; replace it with the counsel of Christ Michael. Exchange His mind for his or hers, and let Them help you discern what you want to keep in your mind and what you want to get rid of.

It's a process. But eventually you will find your mind standing on its own two feet, and making choices according to the Higher Power that You Are because you have corrected yourself and aligned yourself with that which you were Meant-to-Be and which you Will Be throughout eternity, that is so much greater than that small grain of sand that sifts about being blown hither and yon by the winds of time and whispers of humanity.

We are growing into superhuman personalities. That is not intended to distort your impression of yourself, because at the heart of superhuman effort is a sense of humility. For though you may not be able to do these things, there is One in you who can … and will … if you give that Energy authority to act on your behalf. And when you do speak on behalf of that Authority, comfort yourself in knowing you have a right to be there. You have a divine right to speak the words that are put into your mouth, to generate feelings and thoughts that will lead humanity Godward. That authority is vested in you, and when you attain will-choice sufficient to utilize that authority and wield that authority, it will be done through wisdom and it will be done with Love for that is the Source and Center of true authority as well as true character.

Be patient with yourself in growing and in the growth of others, even while your remain mindful in what all is involved in this correcting time.

And I've got to add, as a piece of humor, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Of course, whether or not something is broken, is a matter of perspective, isn't it? Here is a good time to sit back and practice kindness. For who gave anyone authority to author others?

ANNE: Well, Tomas, as I listened to you, it has become very complex … because I -- as an individual looking for 'connectedness' and correctness --(rather) 'correctedness' - and yet I am part of the society! -- and sometimes I get caught up in whether society changes the way I think or I change the way society thinks. I know society is a collection of individuals and you have already addressed that we are all at different levels, but what I find challenging in the connecting method is that, when I work on my own self as an individual, I always do have to look at how that impacts society as a whole …because you could get lost! You think that you're doing really well, but … maybe that is ego and not good (for all). If you could speak to that and make it more clear … I don't even know if it's a question, but it's a 'complexity' of thought that I'm having right now.

TOMAS: I am glad. As a philosopher, I am eager to provoke your mind to thought. Even if it is unclear, it is at least stirring up the status quo of your mentality, and in this, change is encouraged.

Your various societies and cultures are realities which have been established over time to effect certain causes. These are systems. Systems are for a purpose. Within the system are individuals and lesser systems. In a large corporation, for example, you are a part of the system and you work as a part of the system. And yet in your particular office, over your conclave of co-workers, you have a different paradigm which is more personal to that which you have some authority over. Your ego will be naturally more inclined to assert itself, (as it is, in some ways, your job, your area of assignment) while there may be social situations between you and your coworkers which are totally cooperative and based outside the system wherein you may have fellowship and even share the Spirit.

Thus it is indeed complex, for each configuration has its own energy, and each addition or subtraction effects the configuration, and you must adapt (in any case) to the pattern that is presented. Sometimes you effect the pattern and sometimes you respond to the pattern. Sometimes you feel good about what you have done and your ego is appropriately stroked. Sometimes your ego is outraged, overlooked, and you have to deal with that as well. The ego is not the enemy in these generalized situations. Your ego is your identity, after all, in the reality in which you live. It is here to help you function and survive and provide well for your life. It is when it has gone beyond its purview, beyond its bounds of appropriate influence, that it becomes problematic, when it insists on running the whole show and all the shows.

In your spirit life you also enjoy acknowledgment and recognition. And this is your ego also, but it is healthy. It is your choice, sometimes, to set aside your ego to enjoy the gifts of others; as in the performing arts - you are not activated except to enjoy the ego of others which delights in its performance ~ which is it's service. No, ego is not the automatic enemy. It is when the ego interferes with the drive to be Godlike and grow in God's likeness, that the ego can be obstructionistic to growth, and it can help you turn a blind eye to that which is in your true best interest.

But again, this can be found through reflection, through meditation, through taking these matters into stillness and working your way through the maze of thought processes to find out the wisdom of the moment. If you don't have time to act wisely, if you have to shoot from the hip in a moment, you may err; you may make the right choice. You have to let the chips fall where they may. But in the end it will need to become a choice on your part and you may need to make that choice habitually, many times, in order for it to become well ingrained in your personality pattern, in order for you to have mastered that aspect of your character which was not serving you well.

The goal of personal correcting is Self Mastery: That you might enjoy your life more because you are master of it, instead of it mastering you. And as you are a self-acting individual acting in accordance with your self-acting Adjuster, your conscious God contact, you are a formidable force, a superhuman personality able to impact upon many, even upon destiny.

Life can be complicated, and thinking can be complex, but try to not spend over-much time in your Mind. Spend time in your Soul with your Spirit, through the Heart. Allow the Love of God to dominate as much as possible, for the Love of God will soften the hard edges; will soak into your dry pores; will sing sweet melodies in the face of harsh and garish noises. The language of Love is the balm which binds us together, which connects us in this configuration of sons and daughters of divinity, engaged upon the greatest adventure of all time: The process of finding God and becoming like him.


I sense a point of saturation coming upon us. I sense that you have, as succulents, become engorged with Spirit Reality, and lest we become victims of spiritual indigestion, I will withdraw ~ in order for you to exude your essences into the ethers of your environment and spread the benign virus of living love into your realm, thus, giving yet another dose of divine guidance to humanity as you pass by.

Blessed be art thou, one and all. Peace be upon you. Amen and farewell.