2002-07-07-Potential, How To Find God

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Topic: Potential, How To Find God

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Machiventa, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



"Master Teacher we ask for your wonderful and divine presence here with us today as we work in unison with you and unison with our heavenly Father to do the Father's will as you taught us how to do that, as you taught us that relationship is first, foremost and primary to everything that we are about.

We ask that whatever teachers you wish for us to hear from today that they be made known to us purely, simply, and in the love and intention, as this teaching mission is, within your will and the will of our heavenly Father.

And for this and for all the greater concerns and intentions that You know of our hearts, we place them before You, too, our Father, and thank You for everything that is a blessing to us, as well as a challenge is a blessing in disguise. For this and all we pray. We are eternally grateful. Amen"

TOMAS (T/R Gerdean): Good afternoon, my friends, I am Tomas, your Teacher and the host of this sublime gathering of family members in the spirit, both human and divine.

What an abundant offering is presented within our midst today, with the potential that we have here. I will speak of 'potential' because it seems appropriate, with this room bursting with potential in so many ways. There are others, visitors in our presence, who will speak as well. Prince Machiventa has deigned to arrive and give some sanction to our gathering, similar to the sanction sought by our brother in prayer to our Master, Michael.

And we are also thrilled to recognize the association of Anatolia, a co-worker in this corps of freedom fighters.



Potential is akin to anticipation; it is filled with hope; even, expectation. Potential is one of the most exciting feelings, for there is no defeat, no disappointment; there is only potential. And, of course, only positive potential, for when you aspire to look up and ahead, it is only fear that would presume to dampen your perception of potential and cloud the waters. We, rather, reach for the All Good of potential, as if we were starting out on a new adventure and there was nothing yet written, scripted or ordained in your mind. There is nothing but opportunity to make decisions. And each decision is, at this juncture, a joyous anticipation of further good. Here the imagination may soar and create spaces/realms of reality which are not yet realized but are only actualized as a result of the experience of living the potential you see in your mind's eye and feel in your heart ~ sense in our spirit reality as an unfolding of the divine will.

The platform of potential - the stage upon which potential is perceived - is a drama that appeals to children of all ages. The idea of creation is a stimuli to all conscious creatures who seek to recreate their ideals in their lives and thus portray a perception of perfection in them as our Eternal Parents reveal perfectly in Paradise. We salute your potential and the hope that this embodies.

While it is certainly commonly understood that you seek to do God's will in your life and in all you do by your presentation of God's nature in your own character, as human beings you each have particular gifts and propensities, talents and inclinations, leanings and lures which call to you, and they too are your potential ~ your potential contribution to the Supreme and to the world over which you have influence.

Let us enjoy the unfolding of these potentials and, when necessary, look at the supposed failures or shortcomings as possible guideposts to avoid in future efforts at realizing the potential that lies within you. The process of actualizing your potential is the act of co-creation, of attaining that which you hope to attain … and even beyond! … but you must be willing to let go of the things that bar the way to your success ~ your ultimate success ~ which is 'potential' until such time as it becomes 'actual.'

And so, here we are swimming in this Sea of What-Might-Be if we apply ourselves, if we seek guidance and courage to act on that guidance.

There is a certain amount of adaptation, as I also am poised on the brink of potential, in that, it delights me to enjoy the experiences of co-teaching and working with others in formidable relationship. The experience is a pleasure as well as purposive. As I adjust to the new energies of this circuitry, and this beloved configuration of students and teachers alike, I pause now to experience the presence of others who are with us and would delight to get to know you better in the context I have known you for some time.

I will return.

MACHIVENTA (T/R Gerdean): I am Machiventa. I will speak.

I feel honored to be in the midst of a group of potential finaliters. These classrooms in which you have enrolled to become more than you were, are early experiential rooms of which this is one, and which encourages the growth of the soul which Oversoul will then have a permanent effect on your world. This, while joyous for you, is also necessary in order for the light of truth to begin to arrange the psychic climate of your world, to give forth the seed of a new dispensation, a new era in which you are assuming a vital part. You might not think so from a review of your humble lives. You may say, "I am nothing." "I do nothing." "I am insignificant." But I tell you, by your faith, by your delight in knowing God and His reality, you foster that which is essential, not only to you, but to your fellows and to your Globe and ultimately to the Greater Universe.

As seedlings, your growth will make a major difference as you become trees and give off the vapors of life that feed your atmosphere. You need not consciously attempt to build a new civilization. You need only to hold your heart in that place which assures its furtherance.

I will not stay and speak but will commend you to these teachers, in this Corps of Teachers, for they work with me and with the Master Teacher, to bring about those effects which will bring you the greatest happiness.


Group: Shalom


ANATOLIA (T/R Matthew): Good afternoon, my children. I am Anatolia. I am a friend of your speaker as well as each and every one of you, for I am a Teacher in the Teaching Mission and have been around for a while ~ as each and every one of you has been around for a while, as well, for the spirit that is the life and breath of us all, cannot be more a part of me than it is of you as well, for spirit is spirit. It designates its life forms as it chooses, as Spirit so directs. As in the creation as it was, each of us is a consciousness, a result of that divine fiat, that divine creation.

So it is such that we are all old friends. I am here with you at the invitation of Tomas and Machiventa, our Corps instructor and master Teacher, as well as ~ certainly ~ through the advice, directions and intention of Christ Michael, our Overseer, Master Teacher and beloved Creator Son for whom we all give our due respect, worship and love … as he is the personification of each and all of those qualities which we aspire to.

It is in this Teaching Mission that we wish to bestow upon you the opportunity, as you have already learned, to become full and equal partners in the mastery of spirit in its expressions within the various life forms. You have inhabited this particular form ~ of which you now share ~ at your own choosing ~ and at your own time sequence ~ in order to be part of the larger picture.

But let us say, for example, that you had not chosen this time or this place but rather another, later, or another … at some other time of your choosing, some other place of your choosing. The real message is that it matters not when you have chosen but that you have chosen to do so: to be a part of life; to entertain this particular challenge in your particular life form. To know that you are of spirit material and you are 'light beings' sharing matter.

Now, I'm not trying to underestimate or to reduce to a matter of immaterial. That is, that it doesn't matter what you have chosen to be/ who you are at this point in time. Of course that matters. My real point is that you have chosen this time, this place to be a matter of expression; a matter of expression of divine will. And through your particular expression as a human being at this time, in this place and on this planet, you have chosen a wonderful and vast opportunity to do the Father's will and to learn what that is for you as individuals ~ as well as to choose to express that collectively, as you are doing now.

It is in matters of 'church' such as this that I speak ~ "church" in the 'universal' sense ~ being of like mind and like purpose / being of intent to be of worshipful vintage / to be the grapes from which wine can be made. It is in this sense that I am saying that our expressions of beings of light and beings of matter, matter not, because we are all of the same essence; and, that your having chosen here and now as an expression, marks your courageous venture into the eternity of now. And I commend you for your choices and commend you for your decision to join in the collective of knowing your own heart and mind as it relates to that which your creator has determined for you to be: an expression of light and love ~ and simply learning to live without pressure, without tension and with pure intention of your being.

It is in this respect that I bring you this message, in unison with that which the other Teachers and Master Machiventa has presented, that I wish to reinforce your potential. Your potential to be a being of eternal vintage because you are of eternal origin and you are of eternal descent. And there you will find your being and you will find your return.

So in that potential to become the fully aware human being that entertains spirit embodiment, I welcome you to our group as I welcome our group to share in my teaching opportunities. It is in this respect that I welcome each of you to that which I can bring to you as well as that which you bring to us. It is in this respect, I show my humble appreciation for that which you have allowed me to partake in.

And I, your teacher of adjunct function, Anatolia, share in this enthusiasm that has been blessed and bestowed upon us today. And thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and I look forward to many happy returns upon this and other occasions.

So be of good cheer and know that your efforts as Christ-centered beings are never wasted. In your most desperate, or most depressed, or most discouraged state, know that that is simply temporary, as a cloud passes over the mountain; it leaves a dark shadow but as soon as it passes, the sun is a bright and as clear and as direct as it has ever been because it is there the whole time. It is only the cloud that has disguised it.

Be of peaceful vintage in the making of fine wine. Bless you, and peace be with you, and we return to our other teachers. Thank you.

TOMAS: Welcome, indeed, Anatolia and Matthew.

We would engage in questions, if there are questions or commentary. It is your turn.


Dorenda: I am thrilled to have a larger group on all levels here to day and I just wanted to express my joy and my total appreciation for the wealth of knowledge and experience and the willingness to share. I am just overjoyed and almost speechless.

TOMAS: It would seem you have attained a new plateau! (a few giggles) … on the same journey. It is our hope that the divine love of our Father and Mother is reflected in our affections for you and in the messages which we have to share, for it is the living love that God is that you will take with you as food for your soul, that you will ponder and savor and reflect upon in your own Core Reality, thus enlarging your higher self and affecting those you touch. This could not take place without your willingness. That you choose to open your heart to love is the key to your own potential.

There are questions?

Let me state that there will be a time when each of the transmitters may un-plug themselves in order to participate as spectators as well as facilitators. So any time that happens, just take it in stride. But we do enjoy engaging with you on a level that you would regard as "real life" for this is where you live and work, and this where we also would serve you in your understanding of your arena and your ministry.

Dorenda: I have a question. This week, being Willie's and my new beginning of everything . .. -- We've been so happy! … Well, I'll speak for myself -- … but I've had the feeling ~ and I was so glad you talked about 'potential' because that kinda gave me at least some more to think about. But having something make you so happy that it's the kind of thing where you wonder if you should pinch yourself to see if it's all real or not … I felt myself almost dis-believing all of this! And you mentioned a couple of key words in our reality -- you mentioned about reality and potential and opening your heart to love All of these are blending and, I think, reinforcing, and giving me the guidance that I need, but if you have anything else to say about that, I'd certainly be interested.

TOMAS: You are experiencing grace. There's no reason to disbelieve what happiness you are experiencing. This is the time to celebrate life and love and foster this deliciousness, as it is a constant! It is only that you have now realized that potential. The sun is shining, and while there may be clouds that enter into your joyous life, there is no reason to presume that a 'cloudy day' is the norm and that your 'sunny day' is the exception. No. Your Parents wish for you this happiness. This is your divine inheritance ~ to know love and to share it with others.

The Council from On High is invested in helping you understand relationship and, in some cases, improved parenting skills as well. We are embarked upon a new day and you are participants in this new day. Enjoy that which is yours, and fear not that it need ever end.

Dorenda: Thank you.

TOMAS: Love and Life are eternal ~ and while they may adapt, metamorphose, alter or change throughout eternity, they are always in the best interests of the greater good for all. And always will your experiences bring forth new learning, garner new wisdom, offer new opportunities to serve in light of that which you have learned as a result of knowing love.

While love is varied and may need redefining according to the circumstance, it is nonetheless real and lasting. My love for you grows daily. And while our association is deepening and we are gaining in trust, recognizing each other's limitations and provoking each other's growth, it is nonetheless true that our love is sustaining and a part of the love of our divine Parents.

As you grasp love, take it into yourself, own it and embellish it according to your personality expression, you give manifestation to divinity even here in the material realm. You bring the love of God into your environment through your laughter and your tears, through you sharing yourself, understanding that you are in the family of God and you are cared for beyond your comprehension.

And this is true for each of you. If you could but understand the extent of the depth of the love that is a part of this creation, you would, as you have, open your heart willing to know and experience all that you can in all that you do. And in this, your potential is expanded and your actualization is even greater.

Matthew: Thank you. That's very helpful for me, too. I concur with what Dorenda had observed. It is wonderful. And my thought was, too, -- and you said it, Tomas, that goes for each and everyone of us. We don't have to have a 'relationship' necessarily with someone, it just augments what we're able to bring to the table, and one another, and reinforces that in our ourselves.

TOMAS: Yes. Let it not be said that you have reason to be lonely. There are open arms of love to enfold you each, if you are open to perceiving them, if you recognize that love is here to be shared, to be poured out freely. There is nothing niggardly about our Father. He is generous and liberal. And our Mother is tender and caring in her nature. Invite them into your heart and invite yourself into the hearts of your peers. Dare allowing the emotional vulnerability that provides you the assurance of your own good.

Emily: Tomas I'd like to ask a follow-up question, if this is a good time to do that.

TOMAS: This is a good time.

Emily: I'd like to ask a follow-up question, if its alright with you, about the individual session that we had recently …



Emily: … for a little clarification about something I've kinda been puzzling over. There is one thing you said, and I'm not sure if it was a warning to me or if it was a general comment about how things work, but you said something to the effect - we were talking about our animal nature, and you said that I would be more vulnerable … I'm trying to recall how you put it. -- that if others [[perceived[[]] Light]] in me, I would be more vulnerable to attack, as a result of that animal nature in others. Can you say a little bit more about that, or clarify if that was a warning to me, or was it a general comment about how things work?

TOMAS: Thank you, daughter, for your inquiry into the nature of the life you live. The admonition toward caution was given in consideration of the nature of the circumstances portrayed, but even so there are general truths that we can address that will give insight into the nature of dealing with the human animal as compared with dealing with the human being.

There are those who are not open, who are not willing to be exposed to the light of truth, who fear God and who fear his agents. There are many who are rulers in Hades as compared to those who choose to serve in Heaven. And those are sometimes brought together in conflict. I discouraged such conflict for you, as I discourage any of my beloved children from going into areas in which they may be endangered, at least until such time as they have competence to carry themselves into the fray with the necessary armor to protect them from the assaults of the unbeliever.

The situation you portrayed an individual who is untrustworthy and potentially harmful to you. In my care for you, I would of course encourage you to steer clear of such ire, and it may not even be meant for you … but for whatever reason his poisons are injected into his arena, it is not an arena I would encourage you to, at this point in your development, to attend. This is therefore particular to you and those who are unschooled - unfamiliar with the vagaries of those who would do you harm. Some act in mere ignorance and some act pathologically.

If it were mere ignorance, I would urge you to put your faith in God and your own noble self and go forth to do battle in the good fight of faith. But the situation as you depicted is not encouraging.

Has this helped clarify my remarks?

Emily: Yes, thank you very much. I've been doing my best to heed your advice, and I'm finding it not as difficult as I thought it would be. I appreciated your reference to keeping my side of the street clean and not picking at the scab, and I've been endeavoring to do both.

TOMAS: You have great fortitude. You are a strong soul. And a good woman. But you have been doing battle so often it has become a pattern for you. Put your mind to the task of the good fight of faith. That is a days work. Indeed. These other, lesser battles are mere exercises in the triumph of the Light over darkness. Let the Sun [sic] shine on your side of the street. Go in peace.

Emily: Thank you, Tomas.

Matthew: May I ask a question?

TOMAS: Certainly.

Matthew: You had mentioned that the presenters may act out of character at times or something to that extent. Were you basically saying that other people in the group will be taught how to transmit? Is that what you were saying?

TOMAS: No. But it is a separate message that bears drawing upon.


The group is young, and as indicated, it is filled with potential. But we have much to realize in the course of time. There is no hurry. There are so many elemental lessons to learn … such as Stillness practice. This has not been fully digested by this group.

The Stillness practice will be like the yeast to the ingredients that you have seen here, and the Life Force will begin to grow, and as our bread rises - and as it has an opportunity to get punched down a couple times and rise again - it will hear the Spirit of Truth speak in each individual loaf here ~ and there will be a plethora of little buns speaking their truth and feeding the people. This part of the potential. But so far, Matthew, I am the big loaf, and now I am sharing with my companion Anatolia and, in time, there will be many voices and we will ring out.

But lest we suffer from over rapid growth or unleavened bread, we will proceed at a pace that seems to conform with the needs of the community. The community as been assimilating itself rapidly in terms of its ingredients! The practice of Stillness would be a good topic for us to embark upon as a way of focusing our potential on something meaningful. For without the personal contact with that living Yeast within, we are not going to be all that we can be.

I don't like to tell them in advance, however, what we'll talk about next week, for humans are such that they will say "Oh, I already know all about that. I can skip one meeting." I have been teaching for a long time and I know how humans are. They love to be surprised.

Does that answer your question?

Matthew: Yes. And I have another one. I think you just answered it. It's along that line that I had a feeling of a personal call to teach people how to reach their god-self, the god within them, and -- (If it were available in a pill form - I wish it were that easy, but I'm afraid that it's not quite that easy.) -- is there any direct way to do that other than through Stillness? (I'm answering my own question I think) Because-- I'm just concerned about people losing patience and not keeping with it. Is there any other way, other than the patient methodical approach of the Stillness, to hear the still small voice within?

TOMAS: That in your question which concerns me is that "they will lose interest". This may well be true. This may be what I meant by having to be punched down and begin to rise again. This is a part of the process of growth. It well may be that they will lose interest, but assuredly their Spirit within them is eager to continue and, in time, will prevail … and will prevail when the mortal is inclined to go along, nay, when the human needs the Spirit.

It can be amusing this religious work. But only as it is essential, is it lasting. There are many who will fall by the wayside until such time that they realize they cannot live without God and be happy. But when that point is reached, there is no turning back. There is no doubt. There is no hesitation. There is, rather, commitment and consecration, and so sometimes the longer way around is the more effective.

But I urge you to engage upon the field of teaching and instituting a class that specifies exactly that, "How to get in touch with God." Meditation is a new age phrase. Many church going individuals are not going to want to learn to meditate.

Many people who don't enjoy sitting still will look for other ways to find God such as in talking long walks or in washing dishes or other reflective activities, activities that allow for reflection.

But there is nothing, nothing, nothing that replaces the ideal of the child reaching for the Father's embrace and feeling it, knowing it is a part of the great Power and Force that is the helm of all creation.

No matter what that God may be called by individual religions, It is the Force that transcends all differences and envelops you in the Oneness of infinity.

You launched me on my class in spite of my own hesitation, and so you see how it is that I benefit from your efforts as you benefit from mine.

Dorenda: But Tomas, previews are used a lot in this world, like for movies and stuff, so it was a preview.

TOMAS: Perhaps I whet your appetite.

Group: (agrees)


TOMAS: Then let us be about our business until we learn better how to be about the Father's business. In peace, I leave you. And in gratitude for the expansion of the classroom in all contexts.

Amen and farewell.