2002-07-21-Gauging Your Spiritual Growth

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Topic: Gauging Your Spiritual Growth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am pleased to be here again in your midst. This evening, let us speak of spiritual progress. What is it, how do you gauge your progress? How do you know you are growing truly in the spirit?



You who experience this growth actually feel the difference and acknowledge the changes taking place within you. You see your love expanding and being refined at the same time. It is easier to love and to be loved every day. You know you are growing when you feel the pain of inner change occur and then become comfortable and part of who you are.

There are only two roads, one is forward one is a stagnation that leads to gradual deterioration of faith. Some people are too afraid to grow. They are afraid to admit fault, afraid to be wrong, they are afraid to change as though by changing it would belittle their status now. These people hold on to life as if it were some kind of stage filled with props, never changing and their role is replayed day after day, night after night.

But life is dynamic. To be engaged you must change. Those who hear the Father's voice and respond to his call know that they must continually leave the old behind and embrace the new. They continually say that life has not turned out the way they thought it would, it is better. It is better not to be in such control. It's better to follow the Father's calling where ever it may lead you. It's better to be unconcerned with the path and only concerned with your own growth. It's better to change as the Father would have you change than to stagnate in your own expectations.

Allow the Father's love to pull you toward him. This pulling sometimes goes through narrow openings requiring that you shed old possessions that won't fit. The Father's beckoning love is also a cleansing love. Create in me a clean heart oh Lord. This was spoken by a God knowing man, one who had experienced the pain of growth and the cleansing of the Father's true love.

People speak of coming before the Lord. But, you are always before him. His gaze is never lifted from you. The process of growth, change, and moving toward God is a constant one. You may feel it more at certain times, but always is the Father cleansing you, loving you, and pulling you toward him. When your heart experiences this cleansing, there is a change of feeling, an alteration of attitude. You realize you must let go of hurt, or anger, or self-justification and embrace what is new.

Each day is brand new. Relationships can be new. Possibilities are new. All these things depend upon the cleanliness of one's heart. Are there any questions at this time?


Q: Other than asking God to help develop a clean heart in me, what else can I do to develop a clean heart?

Ham: You will find it in your decisions. When hurt feelings or anger begins to assert itself and you have the courage to turn it down and start over, that develops cleanliness of heart.

Q: May I have a personal message please?


Ham: Yes my son, you do very well. You are always a man of good intentions. You are very helpful to others. And sometimes, you have difficulty realizing yourself/who you are in the world out of misplaced fears. There is part of you that, like everyone, is still the child looking for approval, looking for love and acceptance. And so sometimes your need for acceptance makes you less than self-realizing because you are afraid to offend. Then, there is another part of you that goes to the other extreme of believing in your nonacceptance and fulfilling that in the world as well. Something about not being worthy of love, something about proving it out and so these contradictions continually war within you. But, there is a balance and an integration of these disparate feelings that is more true and more full of personal self-acceptance. Finding this balance and self-acceptance will translate into growth. Balance is truly a key to growth and a growing self-confidence. You do very well my son. Go in peace.

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly. You are gaining balance through small steps and this is truly the key to a balanced life. You are putting one foot before the other and refusing to get to far ahead of yourself. This is correct. Be careful to keep your balance in all that you do. If that means going slow, so be it. Is this making sense?

Q: Yes Ham.

Sleeping Survivors, Resurrection

Q: Ham, can you please tell me about my mother's transition and her state of being?

Ham: Yes, your mother is doing very fine. This transition was a wonderful thing for her and though she sleeps now, she will awaken fully restored and this period of decline will be like a short, bad dream and will hardly be remembered at all. But her life in its fullness - a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter -- all these things will be remembered and will be treasured in her heart always.

When you were born, my dear, you were a great source of joy for your mother. And through your early years, though she didn't always understand you, her love deepened and grew. Though you didn't really know it, she grew in respect for you and her love was unshakable. During these last years, you fulfilled every duty, discharged every responsibility, and showed great devotion and caring. Your mother will know of this, thought she could not comprehend it during this life. This will always be something treasured for her and for you. It is interesting that she remained so long as your father remained. She was very devoted and was afraid to leave him, even though there was nothing she could do for him any more. He was very much a connection that held her to this world. In the next life, they will be reunited and journey on together. Be happy and joyous for this time is coming soon. Is this helping?

Q: Of course it is helping immensely. Can I ask one more question?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Do you mean she is going to sleep until he is going to wake up?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Do you mean that its coming soon?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Not one of these thousand year roll call things?

Ham: The next special resurrection should be in the next fifty years of so. Quite soon.

Q: So she’s not... I don't know how to ask this.

Ham: She will sleep until this time when they awaken together. It is a short time and this was her decision.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter you do well. Rest and relax a little more. Fear not for the future looks very bright. Be careful to be always open to new ideas, new directions and opportunities. Fear not, for all is well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, seek stability, seek routine, find comfort in determination. You do very well. You have nothing to fear. All that you need will be added unto you.

Q: Do you have a follow-up on last weeks question about the gay son?

Ham: No, nothing more. Seeking spiritual peace is an individual road. Finding spiritual peace is entirely an individual matter. My blessings are upon this family and all its members. Seek and you shall find.

Q: Do you have a personal message for PZ?

Ham: In regards to personal messages, they should be asked by the person desiring. Once again, my love and prayers are upon this family. Fear not for each other. You are all in the Father's hands. It is good, however, to see this concern.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Yes, my son, don't worry so much. Eventually you must come to realize that all things are in the Father's hands and human beings possess very little power. The most you can do is learn from your experience, grow toward the Father, and love your fellows with the full measure of love that you are capable of giving. Everything else lies very much with the Father.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, my son, you do well. Be at peace with yourself. Do not pull yourself in two directions. Be steadfast with your honorable decisions and don't doubt yourself.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly. Yes, I observe you growing in confidence. I see that you are a person of honor and integrity. This is very important. You are someone who finds love to be almost second to duty and honor. Put love first and duty and honor will follow. That is, love what you do and your integrity, your steadfast commitments will be less of a burden and more a garment worn lightly. But, you are coming to these conclusions on your own. Is this not so?

Q; Yes, I think so, more quickly in some areas than others.

Ham: Yes.


Go in peace my children. You all do very well. You are all growing and moving in the spirit toward the Father. Each one of you hears his call and responds all the time and this is a great fulfillment for me to observe. Each one of you is sincere and whole hearted in your grasping of faith. I could ask nothing more from my students. I am very pleased with all of you. Farewell.