2002-08-04-Foresight & Prophecy

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Topic: Foresight & Prophecy

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Anatolia, Tomas

TR: Matthew, Gerdean



Matthew: Let's place ourselves in presence of Jesus, the Christ.

"Master Teacher we come to you with light and open hearts, to be taught and to be opened to become supple to the ways of the Father and all of spirit hierarchy that places us within the realm of being at one with All That Is. And for us to understand that we're not kids looking in the candy store with our noses pressed up against the window, but rather there are no doors, there are no windows but the only limitation is that we place our selves before that which we understand is all good and all knowing as we've come to know the way of the Father.

Teach us today that which we are meant to understand and to hear for our ongoing growth and understanding. And for all of those who are no longer with us, they are also at one with you and with the Father and as we all reunite in eternity and that eternal moment here and now, that we know our true place, with that and all else that we may not verbalize but you know in our hearts to be true. We are forever grateful for the opportunity of oneness with you and with Father. Now and always. Amen."

TOMAS: Good afternoon, faithful class. I am Tomas. Anatolia and others ~ entities, student visitors, morontia companions, angels and midwayers among them ~ are heartened to be with you again this afternoon in our customary configuration of this foundation of faith that grows in this teacher-base community, this cluster of agondonters that are proving with their joint faith that the realities they aspire to are in fact, eternal realities which will contribute to the ultimate destiny of our grand universe.


How is it possible for me to have such conviction as to state such a claim? My authority is not in the curriculum of the Melchizedek University, no, but in the authority of my own experience and the revelation of divinity through my consciousizing. And that which has proven to be true cannot be taken from me for it is of me and it is of the Universal Father, and his ascension plan for his many creations. This reality of which I speak is the heart-beat that pulsates, that driving urge to live into every conscious corner of the universe.

The saying that "God is Love" in this context is altogether true and understandable, for all of you have a sense of 'love of life' and appreciation for the tenacity of life that even supercedes the EVEREADY battery in terms of keeping on keeping on in its intent to reach its goal. And so when it is said that 'His efforts will not fail,' His efforts in evolving these worlds and souls to perfection will not be stopped, will not be curtailed, indeed cannot be derailed from its intent and purpose.

And the way that you children of time are able to contribute to the pulse of life that enables the growth of the Supreme to be realized, is for you to associate and append yourselves to those eternal pulsations that will lead you into eternal life. Every impulse increases the strength of the First Cause. Each of your thoughts, each of your individual expressions, contribute to the overall flow of love in this cosmic sense.

The wonder of God is seen in you and you reveal this same incessant striving toward ultimacy. In blind faith of a sort, beyond yourself, you follow the call, you chart your course. You step out in faith of this invisible and unspeakable part of God and evolve your belief systems to support your interpretation of your reality. And you are living it in your life today. Your will is the key to the direction in which the winds of change will blow. You are torchbearers. You are the ones who will provide the leadership that can change the course of destiny. You are changing it even as you express your faith through your love and your beliefs, through your connection to universal mind. You socialize here now in your community as the reflection of the Sons of God. Truly, you are agondonters, noble offspring of the unseen God of all, who makes his way into your creature consciousness and reveals himself to you in such a way as to help you become more than you were, and in so doing you will lead others to notice him and his love for his creation.

In summary, I have drawn these values from your discourse this afternoon. As you review these words in reflection, realize that you are a part of the heart-beat of the universe. Rejoice in the vigor that surrounds you and supports you. Have courage in your steadfast march into the unknown tomorrow. Bestow the vitality of the universal pulse which beeps within your very soul. You are the workers in the field. The vines in his vineyard. We are so gladdened to have your accompaniment on this road to happy destiny.

I pause for my co-worker and will return.

ANATOLIA: There, my children, be at peace and be at one with the wonderfulness that exists within your hearts and your minds because those times that are truly wonderful feelings are not imaginary, they are real and experiential, those times of peace that are not infrequent but ~ depending upon where you find yourself at a given point in life along the life-process-chain if you will ~ you'll find that there are various levels of participation in the peace-making processes; of internalizing that peace.

This is something that I wish to speak about today as something more than a goal, and to reinforce within you that which you already know to be true but frequently discover, that you might not be mindful of that which I'm speaking. What I am speaking of is some-thing that can be portrayed in any number of ways. In the discussions that we've had about 'quiet time,' or 'the stillness,' or any other description you can put on it, I'm wishing to share another perspective that I'm wanting you to realize: that this process that we refer to as stillness, or quiet time, can be referred to by many titles or descriptions, but that it can also be consciously made aware within your working and other parts of your life. This I already mentioned to you, that I wish to reinforce, that it's something that I wish for you to recognize more and more.

A part of what I'm speaking of is part of the feeling of loving warmth and acceptance that you can feel inside by being triggered in any number of ways. This feeling of loving warmth and acceptance is primarily you receiving and accepting the warmth that is within you, and accepting that. That warmth, the living glow, the fire of life, the breath of life, if you will, that is alive and well within you, that gives you reason for being, as well as animation and life to your being, is that which is presented to you from On High, from the living standard of life itself.

It is this life within that I wish for you to treasure perhaps even more than you already do. Only in respect of that light within, that you, at a moment's notice, can recognize and can give homage to, as you, being a receptacle, a place where Christ and the Eternal Father live and dwell within. So when you think of it that way, it is a hallowed place, is it not? The Holy of Holies, the Arc of the Covenant. Many other sacred vessels and locations on your earth and beyond, were totally awe-striking vestiges of the living presence. Your presence is nonetheless striking and awe-inspiring as well for your vestige of the eternal God that lives and breathes within your being has no less a wondrous and mysterious place or object than were hallowed in your working world.

This I wish you to recognize as a truth beyond all truths: that, that which is, is the consciousness that is alive and well within you. This consciousness which is given breath and life and dimension within your being is that which originated within your heavenly Father's creative presence and that which is given light within you.

This too, I wish to reinforce, is that with all of the personality that is uniquely yours and made known to you as the 'operational vehicle,' ~ that is your power-plant within ~ is that life-force that the Father shares with you. So it is not as if you were simply an automaton, or some kind of a machine that is made ready and willing and able to accept a life-force, that is put in it simply for the mere operation or functionality of that which can contain a life-force, but rather it is a life-force that is uniquely you, made known to you and your heavenly Father as the unique expression that you are, sharing time and space with your Creator Presence at the same time that you yourself occupy that space with your Creator.

I wish for you to have some improved appreciation for that life-force that is within you and perhaps give it more respect and recognition for what it truly is. A gift of all time and within all creation made itself known as you and your unique expression, here and now, at this time and in this world, when it could have ~ that is, the creative fiat ~ could have chosen to have made your conscious that of anything else but instead made itself known within you as an ascending being to rejoin in consciousness that from which you originated. This, my friend, is the greatest of all gifts. It is the gift. There is no gift greater than that which we speak.

And it is the unification of this within your heart and mind, to know that centrality of your being, and for you to likewise know the interrelationship of all else that exists, as a result of creative fiat, that is simultaneously existing at the same time that each and everyone of you are. This, in fact, could be enough to make one awestruck, to make one stand like a pillar of salt in absolute amazement at that which the Father has made. Start within yourselves as the tiny speck of light. Just one speck of life-force within you is enough to fuel the eternal life cell for all time hence. This one life-force speck is enough to last for an eternity.

So be ever mindful of the uniqueness and the glorious presence that you share here in this space, in this time, in this presence with your life-force within and the heavenly presence that shares this space with you. This is, in part, what the stillness practice is meant to reinforce, and to give recognition to and to give homage to: that which is alive and well within your living presence.

This, I hope, gives you some extra glimpse of what it is we're speaking of. I'll be happy to answer any questions as the time proceeds, but in the meantime return to Tomas' presentation. And I appreciate your listening. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: Thank you, teacher.

The curriculum today has seen the coin from both sides. The coin now is spinning but where it stops nobody knows. What now friends? Are there Questions, topics for discussion or contributions from the student body this afternoon?


Matthew: Just to say 'thank you' Tomas for that teaching of last week and for Janet's role in asking so many pointed questions. It turned out to be preparation for my family and myself and those who are offering loving support in terms in my brother having passed over. So I appreciate that terrific forewarning and preparation that is appreciated.

TOMAS: My friend, I have not authority to know in advance how my lessons will be used. It is a mark of my confidence in my supervisors, Machiventa and Michael, who configure the universe in such a way that we reveal the curriculum that is revealed to us. Thus, yes, you see how this example proves the point of today's lesson, that Janet, the most tiny tulip among you, has stimulated the questions which are able to feed and heal those who reach for greater knowledge of the universe, its ways, and their places within it. There is pattern in deity and I am as amazed as anyone at the unfolding of the pattern that I partake in as you are often astounded at the pattern you enjoy in partaking.

But modesty aside, Thank you. It is my pleasure to be your teacher.

Foresight is, however, a skill worth cultivating. Anticipation is a method of extending the momentum of perfection attainment, in action, in e-motion, in movement. There is purposive direction, and cause and effect is a law of the universe. Thus, if certain causes, like the First Cause, are set into motion, they will eventuate in an effect at some point, as surely as the night follows the day. And those who would be willing students of divine leadership would find fascinating study in how to perceive in advance what the Father already knows. Is this not also a dimension of developing your catalyst self - so as to co-create destiny? That was rhetorical. It won't require your response, but if there are responses we are eager to hear them.

Dorenda: That's a really interesting topic. Is it possible to perceive ahead of time what will happen that was the Father's will - or what he already knows? That pretty well blows me away, I'd be interested in that. That would be totally wonderful that we could perceive things ahead of time. Is that through the stillness, is that what you're trying to say?

TOMAS: Anatolia, would you like to have fun?

GROUP: (laughter and comments)

ANATOLIA: You know, what is being discussed, is an opportunity to center yourselves, and basically, be at home within yourselves. A lot of what we're talking about in all of this, in terms of stillness practice ~ and what I'm speaking of in terms of what I have been addressing ~ is to try to add other dimensions of stillness to you that removes it from just a discipline that many people would shy away from, because from some experience, stillness often results in stilted experience, and therefor turns one away from pursuing any further that which seems to take forever to be able to experience anything of experiential growth.

So what I'm speaking of, and I intend to answer your question, is that this stillness practice is mainly an opportunity for you to realize by taking steps into the spirit well within yourself…to realize that all of creation and all of the universe is within you. So that this is experiential both in your heightened states of awareness and also in your conscious states of awareness, so that when you are truly connected to your inner-being which is your life created force within you, and at those moments, just as last week's reading has presented, of those moments of self-recognition when you would recognize what would otherwise be gibberish, of foreign, that 'French fries' is mentioned and all of a sudden that rings true. It's at those moments of self awareness - during the 'French fry moment' that you and your God-force within are at one and are at peace and are aware of one another and are truly at one. So it's in those moments that you can gain recognition and self reinforcement of higher truths which otherwise seem inescapable and beyond reach and certainly beyond this realm of everyday ordinary thought and belief and practice,.

And too, the other discussion in terms of knowing the forethought of God… this is something that you that you can, not just entertain, but that you can imbibe in, be a part of, be at one with. When you know God's will for you, you know that that is only growth opportunity and at oneness. When you know that for yourself, you can in effect know that for others. And that in those moments of at-one-ment and wisdom for yourself and with others, you are able to foretell, forestall, and otherwise foreknow that which is the will of God for others, that you may be at one with as well.

Does this help?

Dorenda: Yes.

ANATOLIA: Know too that it is with this in mind that we're not inviting each and all to open a peanut stand '5-cents a psychic readings' but that this is meant to be in the truly spiritual sense knowing that you have within you of what is good for you and what sense you may gain for others as well. But in that spiritual wisdom that you would know that which is advisable to pass on and that which may not.

Does this help any.

Dorenda: Yes. Thank you.

Thoroah: If I do open one of those psychic stands, I'm going to call it the 'French Fry Moment." (polite group laughter)

Matthew: The image I got (explaining what he envisioned during the t/ring process)..remember the Peanuts character (Lucy) that set up the little road-side stand. (group reflects on Lucy and Charlie Brown)

TOMAS: This contrasts with the efforts of Anatolia's words but this is the realm of understanding most of you are familiar with. As a result of your experience you can anticipate cause and effect. If you stay up late at night you'll have a harder time waking up in the morning. This is cause and effect. Thus over time you train yourself 'early to bed early to rise,' or whatever behavior it is that you have found to work for you. This however is not necessarily the level of reality we are stressing here, for what works for you as an individual in your human existence, your personal life preferences, tendencies, and so forth, may not be the same standards that are appropriate for others. For as has been mentioned there are many levels of awareness and development. Each individual is given an opportunity to develop his or her own religious experience and much of the kind of scaffolding of the experiential life provides clues to the reality years before the reality itself is able to stand on its own. But that does not eliminate the value of the scaffolding that brings us to the French Fry Moment.

Thus we have here two sets of examples of this theory. The genuineness of this discussion revolves around to the graciousness of relative reality and the truth of ultimate reality for as the divine will is woven into the fiber of the human will the constitution is deitized sufficiently that it begins to operate more and more on a level that is a step beyond the scaffolding and into the reality.

It is easy therefore for those who see with eyes to see to cloud their perspective by their personal experience even while personal experience is necessary to attain that existential stance that is the eye of God, that sees the end from the beginning, that has prophecy within it.

You are potential prophets, each of you. And as you spend time in that state of being that allows for the reflectivity of the divine to become one with you and you with it, your vision is extended beyond this realm and beyond the material cause and effects of time and space to the realm of morontia reality which then becomes the scaffolding for your spirit life as you continue to advance in your eternal career.

The topic may seem somewhat heady for you for a summer afternoon, however it was at your bidding. You wanted to have something substantial to ponder. You have sought, thus you are given.


However I feel it is time to release you for your community rapport. The camping trip last week and the wedding next week are good topics of diversion and reversion.

Enjoy your camaraderie fellow agondonters and take comfort in your association, for nowhere in my frame of reference are you going to be as fully satisfied in your soul as you will be in these relationships that develop as a result of your soul hunger to know more about our eternal parents, our family indeed in the cosmos.

Run along now and enjoy yourselves. And look to the center within for stimulation and sanctuary.

Amen and Farewell.

Group: Thank you Tomas.