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Topic: Romance

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Athena, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



MUSIC: Pianist Dorenda, Selection: Chopin's Nocturne

PRAYER: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus the Christ.

"Master Teacher we come to you today with happy hearts. There have been experiences of sublime happiness and bliss, and sorrow and disappointment, but in all of that, they are just opposite emotions of the same eternal truth: that we are one with you and our Heavenly Parents, forever, and that the experiences that we experience along the way are like hills and valleys, mountains and streams, and all of the points of foliage in between that are growth patterns and opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

"We ask for whatever teacher you present us with today, as a point of illustration of our higher and more noble selves ~ that need to be enlightened and informed as to the way of truth in your and that in the life of our heavenly Father and the Infinite Spirit. We place ourselves in your care and your trust and ask for the angels and all of the saints to be with us always as we are one with you and All That Is One to be fulfilled. Amen."

TOMAS: Good afternoon, my friends. I am Tomas, your host, companion, most agreeable friend. We welcome you this afternoon to yet another convergence of diversity and unity of appreciation of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. This afternoon my words wind themselves along the path of romance. We have heard the lovely 'Nocturne,' and fully appreciate the refinement that romance renders.


There is more to romance than ruffles. Romance represents civility, grace, graciousness, an allowance of all things. In appreciation of the value of these experiential hills and valleys, rivers and streams, you have a fair share of rigorous life experience, which exhibits character-forging feelings, but as these feelings are forged, they are able to withstand higher temperatures and greater abuses without succumbing to the undiscipline of what it has learned in its Core, by way of acknowledging the union ceremony of Carl and Janet, willing participating in the joys and commitments they've shared, we also acknowledge on this date, the anniversary of friends, Thoroah and Gerdean, and we rejoice in the weaving together of the temples of Dorenda and Willie, and as we approach Jesus' birthday we begin to take on another appreciation of the romantic aspect of living the life of the Son or Daughter of Divinity.

Thus while these truths are begotten and the beauty is challenged, the goodness is ever ascending and revealing itself as a romance ~ wherein all that is of value is increasingly made more perfect. Your countenances are made more perfect each day you resist not the gift of life, the opportunity to choose to mold and form your destiny, and then to socialize your bequeathal with each other. I thus encourage you to refine your feelings, your emotions, your reactions and your responses with life's vicissitudes and travails, to also elevate blissful rejoicing to the tenor of romance. In this way you will continually reside in love, you are able to enjoy being in love with life, your own love-saturated soul is on display in order to radiate the perfection of our Father, our Creator, our Source.

These are my words to you for today. In addition to Anatolia, a Celestial Artisan is in the wings interested in making contact. One moment, please.

ATHENA: I am Athena, a celestial artisan. I am here because of Herbie - your fish.

(There was an exclamation of surprise from Dorenda who caretaker and friend of Herbie, a Beta Fish.)

Herbie is a priceless example of what you can recognize as a reflection of the adjutant mind spirit of courage in allowing itself to be itself, and in the spirit of knowledge, by knowing who he is. He is on display for all to see and he responds to your acknowledgment. He is, as all God's creatures are, a part of a network, and not only a singular cellular structure. The beauty of Herbie demands to be seen, in that he is beautiful, but his acknowledgment of being seen is in his circuitry ~ which responds to your admiration and attention. He thus becomes "all that he can be" because he has been seen and acknowledged by you. This is a reflection of the original I Am; it seeks to know itself and to see and be seen -- in the most sublime sense, and not all in a negative egoistic sense; thus, Herbie is made even more beautiful by his self-forgetfulness.

It is a joy for me to take moments such as this to perceive the Father in all things, in all creation, as to the extent that it (the understanding) is an expression of artistry. It behooves those of you who have a Creator at your Core to reflect the Creator in all you do and in all you are. Each of you are as shining jewels putting forth your truth, beauty and goodness through your love, through your loyalty, through your arts and through your romance with each other and with life itself. Blessed be art thou, lovely children. Farewell.

(Thank you's were given, especially by Dorenda, for the recognition of Herbie)

ANATOLIA: This is a fine afternoon to greet you and to let you know that I am Anatolia, and with you again, as always. Whether seen or heard, you can count on my attention in this sphere as well as others that you might not be mindful of, that (you) can rest assured that you are equally a part of those realms or dimensions, as much as I am or we are.

I don't intend to begin a lesson to tell you what I'm not going to talk about. But I will just mention briefly that the dimensions that I briefly spoke of, refer to the dimensions of being that are beyond your recognition, and not that it's beyond your care, but it's much like an echo, given the right circumstances, and it's all a matter of frequency. It is in you're a being a matter of what you are resounds and speaks to the ethers and all that have the ability to hear and receive, that your voice, your prayers, your thoughts and your origin, in fact, are placed within these multi-dimensional realms that surely make you a multi-dimensional being.

So I wish for you not to ever consider yourself limited or without dimensional capability. Because as surely as I am speaking to you and you have ears to hear, even if you did not have the capability of hearing, that you would know that the ethers resound with your presence. How can something that is of divine origin not have presence within the divine structure?

Even though your earth has been essentially isolated for millennia in terms of direct involvement and active knowing participation within your solar system and beyond, it does not mean that you have been limited or isolated or deprived of inter-dimensional citizenship. It is in this 'right' that you have, as ethereal beings, to be one with All That Is, and one in the presence of All That Is.

And so, as Athena has mentioned to you, I wish for you not to debate or to diminish your self concept, but like the illustration of Herbie, as well, "what you see is what you get". However, you do not see it; that is, you do not see yourself. Let Herbie be an illustration of that which Athena so aptly presented, that he simply is. And his beauty resounds with a dimensional illustration of that which is his and your origin, as well. Where you cannot see yourself, you know, nevertheless, when you are in tune, when you are at one, and when your beauty truly flows. Your beauty is what matters in the artistic sense; in the sense of true appreciation of what is refined and what is true art. Because for the number of definitions that exist, a simple one is that true art is what is expressed, in one dimension or another, that can convey the feeling and the thought of what that depiction is intended to represent. When that depiction is truly felt and appreciated, this is what we know as art. Hence, what you appreciate in Herbie is what you could, and should, appreciate within yourselves.

So it is in those moments, when you truly are connected and feel most yourself, in what you sense and express for what you are feeling, you are expressing your true beauty and it is felt ~ if not by the receiver, it is felt by yourself. And oftentimes this is enough because it is in the giving that the gift is presented. It is in that giving and the gift and the release of what would otherwise be confinement of that which you are giving, which is the ultimate of generation of gift presentation. How it is received by the receiver is of less importance than how it is given.

So know that in those moments that you know that you are connected and you express that which you are, that you express that much like the visualization of a frequency wave, bouncing and going in an unlimited pattern into the ethers to express that which is. Be of one heart and one mind, in your presence within the universe as a true light within that which is all light. For one light within all light is not lost, it is simply at one.

So be at one with yourselves and with All That Is, especially at moments like this when you can be yourself without care or concern of anyone else in the room because each and all are of like mind and like body and like presence in mutual and gifted worship, of the moment and knowing who you are, where you are, and from where you derive your ability to worship. Be at one with yourselves and All That Is, and all else will follow. Be fruitful and multiply. Your thought patterns abound within this region and within this realm that you know and love. Be peaceful and be mindful of your origins because you express them everyday, as does Herbie express his. Peace be with you and be at one with yourselves, now and always. Adieu.

TOMAS: Thank you Anatolia, my favored companion. Conversation anyone?


Dorenda: Tomas, you haven't said anything about Herbie yet.

TOMAS: I, like him, have been depicted as electric blue. (Oh really?) I have been perceived as the same shade as Herbie, so I feel rather an affinity for the old boy. (Group chuckles).

Dorenda: I have to say that Herbie, for me, is kind of a new thing. I didn't think I'd become attached to a little fish. This has been a real surprise for me. I got him for a totally different reason … and I just think he is wonderful. He is okay, isn't he? Nobody said anything about him not being anything but okay. (There had been earlier discussion that Herbie might not be feeling well.)

TOMAS: I have faith. It seems he has an artistic temperament.

Dorenda: So every once in a while he has mood swings?

TOMAS: It's likely.

Dorenda: I can look into Herbie's face and ~ He has a very handsome face! ~ and maybe other people might not think that, but he really does … and I just think he's wonderful. I just never thought I'd become affectionately attached to a fish, but he's absolutely family now.

TOMAS: But, you see, what you have done is develop a relationship with the fish. Therefore you have invested in him, and your energy has affected him, as his has affected you. And so, as we have discussed above, reality expands. It's a part of opportunity, you see, to opt to act upon life's potentials. We often speak to you of co-creation, and while it sounds mighty and noble, it is often perceived as something beyond the individual's ability to do,… for they think that 'mighty and noble' relate only to a perception that no longer serves. We've also often said that as you go about your life and emit energy, that also impacts on your environment; therefore, if you are angry or dis-eased, you will reflect those attitudes into your environment. Is it any wonder it is our supreme pleasure to provide for you the opportunity to render yourselves as being of worth, of value, of light and of joy?

Being superhuman is sometimes simply being able to stop and smell the roses or chat with the fish. The tranquillity and simplicity that is found in the lives of the creatures of the realm are such testimonies of the encyclopedic information in creation observable by you who will. Like the birds you enjoy watching bathe in the bird bath or in the dirt. The birds naturally do what they do by singing, but while they are going about being birds they also help pollinate the fields and carry on migrationary techniques centuries old, which patterns are part of our Mother's hand in our material creations, so even the simplest is part of greatness. And recognizing that it's not necessary to be complicated or sophisticated , intellectual or complex, in order to be seed pods for Fruit of the Spirit, you may relax and simply be. But as I mentioned earlier, simply being requires a discipline. Not as in 'disciplinary,' but as in 'pattern' and 'perfection attainment'. The quickest way for a tadpole to become a frog, is to live each day loyally as a tadpole. I haven't developed a relationship with a tadpole; however, I'm sure if I were to do so I would find them, also, cute. As I find you. (group giggles)

Dorenda: We are temperamental occasionally, too, aren't we?

TOMAS: Indeed. The artistic temperament bespeaks itself. But that's balance for other temperaments which reveal themselves often, also. I will not stay here and babble. Are there questions?

Matthew: I have one. I appreciate hearing from Athena. She's spoken in transcripts before as I remember, and I'm not sure that it was associated with Gerdean or not, but a thought I had is that Athena ~ who's been around for a while as an artisan ~ who had communication early on and was considered to be a goddess as a result …or ~ where does 'Athena' get her name, if she's not of this world. Et cetera. Just asking in context of the Athena we know from Grecian history.

TOMAS: The Grecian frame of reference is the source from which Celestial Artisan Athena derives her nomenclature.

The celestial artisans are assigned identities of their own, of course. However, they are not always translatable into the human tongue. The practice of assuming names that mortals are familiar with is a time-honored tradition. For truly in the heavenly spheres the personality presence of the reality of the entity is far greater than any literal interpretation … as a name. When celestials address one another, they address their presence and have no need for verbal symbolism as you do.

In essence, we have all been "made up" and yet the reality upon which our presentation of personality is established, is more real than material will provide.

Matthew: Thank you. It occurs to me also, from something I was reading in that same time period basically, in Greek history … even before. Probably around the time of Alexander the Great and his father's conquering Greece, there was a country called Anatolia. Is that where Anatolia gets her name as well, in that context?

TOMAS: I have to ask her. One moment.

ANATOLIA: You've found me out, you clever fellow!

I have it on good authority that Gerdean's personal teacher, Trieste, has also taken her name from a port on the coast of Italy. And these identities are above and beyond any understanding of the transmitters themselves. These are choices made by we supernals as we have volunteered to participate in the reclamation of Urantia from the Lucifer regime. We have quite a studio within which to work. Many options and materials and supplies are on hand for our use, as you also have access to untold resources when and as you set out to be all that you can be in terms of the realization of Sonship and Daughtership.

Esmarelda: Tomas, since we're discussing the origin of names, I have been trying to remember what my name means. I was told once before, but we did not have any recording apparatus at that time. It was several years ago, and I have been trying to remember and I simply can't. Can you tell me what the name Esmarelda means?

TOMAS: Only from my perspective … as it is, again, an interpretation of a reality put into letter-form for your language-art.

The reality of you, Esmarelda, reveals itself as a gem ~ an emerald gem, if you will. But deep green as Herbie is deep blue. The deep green is for the vibrancy of life that you are. You are an acute character. Your clarity is impressive. You are strong as granite and will not likely erode or fall apart at the seams. You are enduring. And though I don't know if that answers your question, that's how I perceive you.

Esmarelda: Thank you very much. Tomas. It's maybe a bit overrated, but I thank you.

TOMAS: I am speaking to your potential, you realize. However, don't let me take from you your acquired reality thus far, which in fact, reflects those values such that I am able to see your potential effect.

Dorenda: Tomas, there is one thing you mentioned about all the resources at hand. I just wanted to say a 'thank you,' especially because I know that my sister is going through a physical challenge right now and I just want, if you would, to relay to all of those who are assisting her in this, and mother does too, I'm sure

Esmarelda: Yes.

Dorenda: . .. and I just can't say a big enough word to thank you for all the help that goes to Deborah, because we're just really grateful for that. And she is, I know, too. But I'd just like to relay a big thanks and blessing that goes to Deborah.

TOMAS: You are welcome, I am certain, on behalf of those who are truly responsible for her capacity. I am only a mouth-piece here, but it would be apparent to all of us, any of us, as we are a part of the divine reality, we are essential in taking care of ~ and cared for ~ in order that we may best serve, in order that we may fulfill our consciousness potential.

Again, it's about self-mastery and what we have learned we teach. Therefore, we tenderly take care of those we teach, for they will teach others, and this is the nature of the Teaching Mission. Love is the answer to all the questions. It would seem an easy course to take in the Melchizedek University, but it has so many facets and directions, it's an eternal career to have a full understanding of what our lives are all about.

We're looking forward to co-mingling with the neighboring tribe [Santa Fe UB picnic next week] …the picnic in honor of our Master Son's 7th bestowal, final incarnation. Selamat Ja!

Dorenda: What did he say?

Thoroah: Selamat Ja!

Dorenda: What does it mean?


TOMAS: It's a greeting and an admonition: Be in joy. Anything else before we go?

Group: Thank you, all of you.

TOMAS: Farewell.