2002-08-18-Stability, Stamina, Love

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Topic: Stability, Stamina, Love

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Celeste, Jessona

TR: Jonathan, Ginny



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, Elyon here. Truly is it a blessing to be associated with you, to always gain from your insights that you provide as you express to each other your experiences of your week. As you know, I have not been in the form of life that you are currently dwelling in, so I derive much of benefit that can become mine. This is the magic, the beauty, of friendship, and you are my friends.


Balance, Endurance

I spoke last week of strength. Today I am going to complement that lesson with comments about stability and stamina. We've consider and know strength is not to be had were it not for resistance, struggle, something which causes application and results in increased strength. You have been each undergoing strength development simply by living the mortal life and adjusting what you go through to your comprehension of what is true, good, and beautiful. This adjustment is yielding of stability, for you could encounter many hardships that increase your strength, that which builds your faith deepens your trust which fosters your courage. But if you were not to adjust these experiences to the patterns of the divine as expressed, or realized the truth, beauty, and goodness, you would not have stability. Strength can charge a problem, encounter it, wrestle with it, overcome it. Stability can withstand an attack, remain firm when buffeted. It can remain stable when all else shakes. This stability is due to the eternal qualities upon which your philosophy and your spirituality are built.

You know of the power of a football player who has strength and can plow through a defensive line. However if this player did not also have stability he would stumble and fall shortly after the encounter. It is the stability that carries the strong one beyond the obstacle and to the goal. But even stability is not enough, for if this player were to become exhausted he would not reach the end zone, and this is where stamina comes in.

I know at times you have expressed frustration when it appears that lessons are being re-taught, that you undergo again the same experience or undertaking or episode and then say, "Why have I not learned it?" Naturally you discover new lessons each time. Strength is not retained once attained without repetition. Though stability has the quality of standing firm over time, strength requires new encounters. In this process stamina develops, each time you approach what was viewed as a recurring encounter with a fresh vigor, untired by any previous encounter, just as enthused, just as forward looking as your first encounter. So, as you run down the field and a new blocker comes your way, you are not fatigued; you charge forward, you make the strength encounter, remain stable, and continue forward.

Where I have mentioned that strength must entail repetition to maintain itself and your stability is derived from the development of your cosmic philosophy, stamina is something that you provide in the unification of these other two and through your willing participation, your acceptance of what occurs to you and your investigation of solution, your refinement of your philosophy. It is the contribution from within yourself. As I conclude my lesson here I must again repeat that stamina is also best developed through quiet time with the Father's presence. I will remain for questions. I have not visited alone today.


Ginny: It's interesting that we get stamina from stillness. Can you elaborate on that a little?

Elyon: Yes. Energy is replenished through the intake of new energy sources. They are consumed and transformed into the work that you wish to accomplish. This is likewise true of stillness. The intake of energy, that energizes your will, refreshes your desire, uplifts your constitution. You may have a sound philosophy that provides your stability, but if you are tired spiritually, exhausted from overmuch output, you will not be able to carry on. You will stagnate. It would be as if that football player broke through the line, managed to stay on his feet, but was out of breath and could not run any farther. Sure, he may have practiced all week. He may have lifted his weights.

But if he had not gotten a good night's sleep the day before he would be out of energy. Likewise if he had not replenished his body with foodstuffs. In a spiritual activity this rest and replenishment are had through worship, through communion, and through silence of mind, stilling that allows the rejuvenation. Have I provided supplement?

Ginny: Yes, thank you.


Celeste (Ginny): Good morning, this is Celeste. Your discussions on relationship brought me here. I am one who has been assigned to help out in this field of bringing opposites together. I have recently been hanging out, so to speak, in your aura of energy in your group, and your dealings with this phenomenon of relationship has piqued my interest, being out to ask for an audition. I have been granted this privilege of speaking with you. I can be compared perhaps with Cupid who loves to be around when beings are brought together for exchange, and I can help out, so to speak, with the dynamics of relationship. All the universe is in relationship. All beings, all energy sources, are in relationship. Nothing can exist without relationship. So your interest now in promoting this in your lives, making it more active, taking more risks, is a good thing to practice. You do not know fully everything that happens in an exchange, be it in person or by telephone or your computers, whatever. You cannot fully understand the dynamics of your efforts, but you can truly trust that we are here; we are alert, and we are ready to help you enhance your connections.

Goodness and beauty and truth have a magnetic quality in all beings. All beings whether they know it or not are ready to respond to a heartfelt connection. There are many who long to express themselves if only a moment would be risked by one or the other. It is my experience that much good takes place when you put yourselves out, so to speak, with a kind word, a question, a smile, a barter. So as you pass by, as you continue your relationships in the marketplace wherever that may be, always respond to the nudges that you receive to reach out and touch someone. These are the relationships that are so valued and so much needed in your lives on this planet where things are in such chaos and where people are in so much of a hurry to deliver their goods, so to speak, to get work done, to make more money, to busy yourselves with everyday matters.

Your stillness will help you clear yourselves even though you do not notice it or feel it. It will prepare you for these moments where you can take with more ease more risks. It becomes after a while a habit, a pattern of behavior that is yours and will stay with you.

I delight in being present at these exchanges, for it is surely the music of the universe. I am delighted to be here, and I will hang around so I too can learn of your methods whereby you make contact with each other. Thank you.

Evelyn: Could Celeste tell us a little more about herself?

Ginny: I am getting that she is a celestial artisan...

Celeste: . ..who delights in helping the spirit grow through expression, through connections, through relationships.

Jonathan: Celestial artisans come from many orders. What order of being are you? Angel, mortal?

Celeste: I am of angelic origin. I am here to assist this planet as it evolves toward Light and Life.

Jonathan: Relationship skills are much needed. From government to families it's the big struggle.

Celeste: Yes, and the energy that is put forth when one expresses oneself, reaches out to another, is where we excel to bring that to completion.

Jonathan: You mentioned being Cupid. It falls to us to connect, then you are helpful in fostering, uplifting the connection. You aren't a matchmaker so much as a match enhancer.

Celeste: Exactly so in all relationships where one reaches out to another and the other is prompted to respond.

Hopefully as this TR gets more used to my presence we can converse further.


Jessona (Jonathan): This is Jessona. I wish to step in at this time to address my delightful student and his inquiry about the line in the Urantia text, "Love is the desire to do good to others", and I wish to add to that, like that, love is also the desire to receive truth from others. It is that openness, the willingness and wanting as a child to its parent who loves naturally and trusts always that the parent will provide rightfully.

Love is that desire to receive truth from another just as love is the desire to do good to others, for you have in that sense found in your spirit being the parental side of that parent/child equation where you want to bestow goodness upon another as a parent does for a child.

Thirdly, is the level of equality, the horizontal plane, where love is the desire to experience beauty with others, to share in the mutuality of that manifestation of divinity which is beauty. You know that whenever you encounter an event beautiful in its expression the first impulse is to see if another likewise has seen, heard, smelled, or touched that same beauty. Beauty is enhanced by being shared. Sharing is Godlike, and therein is where beauty is magnified.

I seek your input.

Tom: Well said. Thank you. That gives us some ammunition to approach our horizontal relationships.

Jessona: Also I might add that, as you mentioned love being the big fifty dollar bill and seeking ways to break that bill down, my comments are in a sense, the smaller bills, and that fruit of the spirit is the change, the coins that are spent freely, easily cast about. Less concern for the spending of a quarter occurs than when you must spend a five dollar bill. The fruits of the spirit are the coins of love being spread everywhere.

I thank you for having expressed this perspective so that I may join with you in embellishing it.

Evelyn: I'm glad you pointed out that love is the desire to receive truth. We are so disinclined to ask for things or allow someone to give. It takes a certain maturity to allow someone the space to give.

Jessona: Thank you. I could have said love is the desire to give truth to others, however, I would have had to go on at length qualifying that, for not always is the human motivation loving in wanting to give truth to another. However, in the desire to receive truth it is the openness of love that causes the receptivity.

Tom: So we have a tetrahedron with love at the top. The desire to do good to others is the service, goodness aspect. The shared truths are the truth leg of the corner, and the shared beauty. So we have three ways to look at love, it being so huge.

Jessona: And your beauty point of the tetrahedron is correlated with worship, for worship does increase in its experience of beauty when in fellowship with others. Truth is the advancement of wisdom. Wisdom is received and owned; never is wisdom placed upon another. It may be demonstrated, but it is always the willingness to receive truth that yields wisdom.

Evelyn: That was beautiful; thanks for sharing.


Jessona: I will withdraw. I can say that this integration of love to love through truth, beauty, and goodness is the stability that you can have that will make you strong and give you stamina when hardships confront you in your life.

Until later, farewell.