2002-08-18-You Will Become The Revelation

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Topic: You Will Become The Revelation

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, Dani

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Opening Prayer: (Matthew) Let us put ourselves in the presence of Christ Michael.

"Master Teacher we come to you with light and happy hearts ~ as a place for the indwelling of your spirit and that of our Creator who lives and dwells within us and among us. We ask that whatever teacher you provide for us today that we are further encouraged to stay on the road that we are on, to not venture out into frivolous and unnecessary behavior … but not to even judge that, that any learning and any concentration where life and breadth, width and depth is concerned, is worth while and is part of the natural path of development and perfection manifestation. Not meaning to get laden with heavy words but to simply say that we wish to be reinforced that our light within us shines brightly and that we cannot diminish it, that the light that is in us is eternal and it is you and the Father within, and the Mother Spirit abiding about us, that makes us who we are and what we are. In appreciation for all that you provide, now and always, we are eternally grateful."

TOMAS: Good afternoon, faithful flock. I am Tomas, your elder brother and Dutch uncle, in company with a plethora of other personalities who have come by to enjoy your companionship. We have the pleasure of the company of two "clowns" -- they are Reversion Directors -- that is to say, "funny fellows" whose energies seem to be contagious. We have also with us, a secondary midwayer, known as Dani to some of you. He may have a chance to visit if we don't go on too long.

The "room" is filled to capacity with standing-room-only celestial hosts who hover around your light, your combined light, as you seek to discern spirit reality in yourselves, in each other and in the realm in which you reside. We truly do seek to encourage you to wear, as attire, a mantel of joy and grace as you pass by your fellows in the arena of life. You are the spirit anchor, you who have discerned who you are as sons and daughters of the living God, you who are a testimony to the Light and Life of Living Love.



Your reality, reflecting the reality of divinity, is that spark which will encourage the spark of life which indwells all mortals of normal mental capacity. You are surrounded by brothers and sisters who languish in isolation, who divert themselves by staying busy or by filling their needs with other, lesser realities than the one their spirit yearns to know and become, seeks indeed to realize as a mounting actualization of the knowledge of Sonship, and fellowship, in the combined ministries of nature and grace.

We respect your conversations of today and your intent to incorporate revelation into your learning experiences. This is admirable on your part, for you seek to support your spirit reality with a knowledge of what and who you are, and what your experience is, in terms of the revelation which was provided and which was for many, the literal lightswitch that illuminated their minds and hearts to the reality of the Greater Reality. There are also revelations of a nature that are risen from your own indwelling Adjuster in conjoint harmony with the mota which rise up in your mind, giving birth to self-revelation which increases your appreciation of, again, a Greater Reality.

The Greater Reality looks so much greater against a background of those who remain asleep, or unaware of who they are, what their potential is.

While the religious life is exciting and dynamic to those who have chosen it, those who have not chosen it far prefer the illusion of their own mind for within their illusion they have a sense of security and safety. These are the timid souls who comprise most of your collective consciousness. They cannot be faulted for they are in the framework of their own capacities, in that they have not provide for themselves the conditions that would lead to spiritual growth. The commitment to take on the Greater Reality can be frightening and overpowering. Intimidating. Indeed, Jesus' instructions to teachers and believers was that unbelievers ought to be warned about the inevitable disruption that would come to their lives were they to make these soul- expanding choices. Decisions, decisions and more decisions are required.

If you don't decide, you stay at status quo. Herein you are in charge of your own destiny. And yet as you listen to the Voice within ~ the presence of the Father and the Son, embraced by Mother Spirit ~ you become so enamoured of the life that you are coming to know, that you are beginning to realize, that you are beginning to share, that you are beginning to see the result therefrom in your own life … and in the effect you have on your community … you begin to recognize how God's Power is available for you to use and how directly the Father works with you in you finite existence in order to bring the reality of the Greater Reality into being.

It is as if you were to become completely dependent upon this power and strength of divine love and direction. This is the benefit of revelation: the comprehension that the reality you experience as the Greater Reality is indeed, The Greater Reality. There is none less. Those of you who grow and develop your souls in your choosings, in your decisions (and more decisions and more decisions … to be come more God-like), in the sense of reality moreso than in the sense of philosophy or theology, the more profound are your self-revelations, and the more profound is your appreciation for that which contributes to the revelation of the Greater Reality -- in whatever form that may take -- for now you know how it is that the Universal Father is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, how it is that you are embraced by Universal Mind/ Universal Mother Spirit, how it is that you are empowered in your demonstration of personality expression by the example and inspiration of the Son of God to the sons of God. This is the dynamic life. The revealed life. Thus you have become the revelation of the Father. Your city is set upon a hilltop for strangers to see from far and wide so that they may come to know the Father through the light you bestow.

There are no more shadows here in this world as a result of your alienation from the heavenly community. Isolation is ended. Re-encircuitment has begun. You have been provided the Program and the story line, and now you are able to joy the grand opera of your life. Sing loud and long, one and all.

Thus concludes my sermonette for the afternoon. I will subside and allow for my co-host, Anatolia, should she elect to discourse. One moment.

ANATOLIA: This is a happy day my friends, to meet and great you on a wonderfully warm Sunday afternoon in August. We don't keep track of time, as you know, but visiting your world gives us an opportunity to see as you do, and experience as you do, that which you consider your normal daily activity and normal daily events, for life in your planet in a real, physical and spiritual sense, is all geared to the same essential ingredient. This is my lesson for today. To give you a brief overview and hopefully direct concentration of what our intervention in your world is to us, but more importantly what it is to you.

It's much like observing an ant farm, in a sense, not to be insulting, but in terms of giving you the sense of visualization, of how we're not directly in your world but not directly apart either. It's like cable or satellite TV, in terms of being able to access those channels that you have available to you. It is not dissimilar for us in terms in being able to access your world as one of many viewing and learning opportunities. One of my points in all of this, is in light of the daily routine and daily activity, and your lives being solely dependent upon the physical world in which you live.

The life in which you live, which is another topic for another time, is universal and boundless in terms of needing any physical environment in which to function. However, that life-giving light that is embodied within your physical being is that which makes you capable of experiencing, in a real physical sense, that which you experience here and now. My point is that, from our observational viewpoint (this is my real point), is that your dependence upon the sun, its placement, its daily rising and falling, the number of hours of daylight available to you, is something that is dependent upon each and every life form on the planet - each and every one - which you may consider yourself separate and apart from, is as dependent as you are on your daily and seasonal necessities of life.

Hence, the point being, that whether you are aware of it or not, the spider that may inhabit a cavern of its living or dwelling needs out in the desert is no different than you in terms of its need on a daily basis what it finds to be normal and functioning. That requires daylight and oxygen and water and sleep time, etc. Hence, the universality or interdependence of all life forms upon the One life form that inhabits each and every creature as well as That which dwells in you and around you. My point and lesson for the day is that as we observe, as you can observe, an ant farm for example, we do not separate ourselves out and find ourselves unique and apart but rather each and all of us in our various layers and levels of consciousness can be aware of that type of life form that we can observe.

Hence the funnel effect or downward spiral interlocking parts that are all part of the oneness of all of our reality. This I wish to reinforce with you as a new statement of purpose and level of awareness that you may be more mindfully aware of the oneness of all that is. Hence, just in discussion of the Urantia Book for example, the concentric circles help illustrate this as well. They are highly demonstrative of the fact of the Trinity, but also highly demonstrative of the fact of the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life; that, as long as one can perceive and look into those circles, they would continually find a resurgence and recurring theme always going into the circle that is yet contained within all the others.

This is my message for you today: to bring new light and new awareness and reinforcement of who and what you are. Be of good cheer and in mindfulness of that which is universal and true both here now and always in all forms of existence of life. Whether you are aware of it or not, your interdependence upon each other is key and foremost here while you are here and in the aftermath as well. All is one. Peace be with you, and be of good cheer, for there is never any reason to expect less. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: This is Tomas. We are in open communion with you now. We have a great connection. Are there questions or subjects for discussion among you for your teachers or visitors?



Dorenda: As usual I have one. We were talking earlier about the test that 8th graders took in 1814 and how it was as difficult or more so than the college tests are today. I wanted to get your perspective on the 'progression' because so many times it is difficult to know if we are moving forward and making progress. From that example (the test) it would seem that we're getting softer and we're not accomplishing as much, not setting as high a standards and not putting ourselves forth to the different challenges. So I wanted your opinion of where we are today. Is that phrased clear enough?

TOMAS: We will see. What I hear you asking for is perspective and reassurance. The packaging you expect is a history lesson that will depict your evolution in, say the past 100 years. This is certainly a perspective that is in the awareness of those of us who work here in this assignment since we are required to have an understanding of how it is that you have become conditioned to be who you represent yourself as, so that we can have an understanding of how to grasp your interests, your mind, your attention and educate it or lead it forward.

The last 100 years in some ways are most spectacular for this planet. But since this is a time of such turbulence and such speed it creates a chaos unknown to your world before. So whereas you had indeed mastered certain skills and abilities in certain fields and are forging ahead in those fields with great intention, there are other areas that will not grow or develop and thus like a summer rainstorm you have the two fields coming in contact and there is a response.

The pleasure syndrome that is so pervasive in your society is released in your society as an expression of your society. The commercial aspects of your society are advertised abroad as a preferred behavior, and this indeed runs counter to those countries which are hundreds of years old and are great because of their ability to discipline themselves against such free-for-all behaviors as your country is known for, in particular its youth. But the youth of America itself is a bit of a global astonishment.

Yes, you have become very lax in many ways, speaking historically. However, in these past decades you make reference to, there have been so many serious advancements in the human condition and in spiritual awareness the climate of the culture has culturally turned itself inside out. Thus many of the values of 80 years ago, 60 years ago, even 40 years ago, are now passe and the disciplines of yesteryear are becoming a thing of the past ~ and this is in some ways tragic because those people knew how to endure and have standards in their hardiness against hardship. They were forged on the anvil of experience of their day and age whereas your experience in this day and age has a lot more to do with electronics and emotional disturbance as a result of the cultural changes so suddenly thrust upon you: women's liberation, the devastation of the nuclear family structure, the spiritual hunger, and the exposure of those sins of your forefathers which were long hidden, having to deal now with the recovery of your world and its values, and the scent of blood still ringing strong in the nostrils of the many, make for tumultuous times, indeed. It is in this perspective perhaps that you can discern the urgency of our mission and the intensity of Machiventa's focus on this, his world of assignment, on us, his teacher corps and on you, our forerunners of the New Way; the way of the Wayshower. Does that help?

Dorenda: Yes it does. Thank you.

TOMAS: Those of you who aspire to perfection attainment will naturally reflect your intentions in your material life. That is to say, as your soul aspires toward perfection, so will your attitudes and actions. Thus your focus on playing the piano will be such that you will devote yourself religiously to your practice of personality expression through a musical instrument. The art or science or passion that you regard as your gift or your calling, as it becomes revealed to you in your life, will become the focus of much of your devotion; for while the intention is to contribute to the greater reality ~ with your willingness ~ you bring about greater perfection in the physical realm, the reflection of divinity in the finite.

This is how Light and Life is attained. This is a practice that comes from the incessant lure of the indwelling Adjuster and the ability of you to make it your own reality. As is said 'It will make you more than you are' … even as you are self-satisfied, it will relentlessly stir you to betterment. This is the eternal career, the perpetual adventure that is the greatest happiness, that satisfies our innermost longings. Have you respected your innermost longings and how they seek to reveal themselves in your world? Have you given appreciation to the Father's need for personality expression through you, the personality incarnate?

To be all that you are intended to be is the most thrilling experience! Those who seem to choose to sleep through the human experience are allowed to do that, but if and as they see you revealing the love of the Father, the more they will be led to taste the fruit of the vine which they know … from deep within themselves, in their own core reality … that they too would seek to know Him and know the life that is possible for those who reveal themselves to God that God may reveal himself to you.

Are you waiting to hear from the midwayer?

Group: Sure! And the Reversion Directors!


DANI: This is Dani. Well, we clowns are scrambling for the microphone. All of us are not as mature as Tomas. He has a dour comportment in our opinion. He's "no fun". However we are, and our Mother has given us free reign to play in her fields. She has promised no harm will come to us as we are henceforth devoted to her bridegroom, and in Mother's mind, there is no thing we can do that is not pleasing to him and so please him we shall.

That interprets in us secondary midwayers as action. We've been accused of being a backseat driver in your life, and perhaps that's true, but as for me I am inclined to think you are in the backseat and I would drive if you would just let me have the key. You are so uptight, you think you have to be responsible for everything. You'll learn that the universe is a friendly place and that we, your cousins, are not the brats you think we are but really caring and fun-loving elders who would enjoy seeking out your fields of dreams and compare them to how it is that we are allowed to assist you, and maybe having some influence in having your dreams come true. If they are in alignment with certain simple ground rules, why not?

We could talk lofty like the teachers and say something about (long pause - some group comments about it being 'too lofty' or that perhaps Dani 'doesn't do lofty'…) Yeah, alright then, let's not get lofty. This is a silly Sunday as you say, but silliness is simply kids enjoying themselves and laughing a lot without the sense of the adult overseeing it all the time. I want you to think about the sound of happy children's laughter and how contagious it can be. A delighted giggle is quite a heart-stirring experience to hear. Of course, if it goes on incessantly it will get on any entity's nerves, but a bit of childlike laughter is good for us all. God knows we are hard workers most of the time, as I know you think you are also.

I've been hobnobbing with Gerdean and Thoroah since they got to town. They were forewarned of my personality presence here in this area and sure enough I've inveigled my way into their existence and presented certain challenges and opportunities that they said they wanted, and I said "Well, maybe we can help,' and so we found something that might work, but it's still pretty terrifying for them to make a faith step, so I'll let them make that decision before I start looking for something else to do or proceeding with that project.

We are always looking for work in the fields and if you express a field of interest, it's our pleasure to work within that field. Just like George's Progress Platoon worked with him for many years in the realm of suicide prevention and psychic surgery, to return to sanity to those who were teetering on the brink of a bad decision or a bad act. I like a little crisis intervention; it keeps life interesting and critical. However, I find if I do too much of it, I begin to take myself too seriously and life becomes a burden of existence, so I like to spread my talents around and assume certain assignments for limited periods of time.

I'm not a specialist, as it were. I certainly am enjoying making the contacts with the Lamplighters in this community, and now I am thrilled to become a part of your consciousness. Maybe you'll find the influence of the United Midwayers operating in your lives to augment your ministries in your field of dreams.

Dorenda: Dani, do you know Cicoli? Do you work with him?

DANI: Cicoli sounds familiar. How do you know Cicoli?

Dorenda: Cicoli is a mentor that works with Willie and me.

DANI: I think I see the personality. However, I wouldn't have known to pronounce his name that way.

Dorenda: How would you pronounce it?

DANI: I don't know if I should say. You'll …

Dorenda: . .. laugh?

DANI: Yes.

Dorenda: Go ahead. Chickoree or what?

DANI: I think of Chicklets.

Dorenda: Chiclets?

DANI: Cheek-lets! (Laughter and childlike giggling) However, I see your friend grinning and happy and so, yes, I have to admit I know him.

Esmarelda: Do you also know Lester?

DANI: Who doesn't know Lester? (Group laughter.) Of course! I knew Lester by reputation even before he translated to the mansion worlds. That fellow's hedonism was legend. He has a lot of understudies and stand-ins here. The pleasure-seeking element of Urantia mortals is astonishing -- it's a reflection on the rebellion, not being able to find the spiritual satisfaction that you were patterned to participate in. But, now that we're getting things back on track, you'll be able to begin to enjoy your spiritual nature and your inner-connectedness … and affection! … as a reality you well deserve to enjoy. And with that sense of divine entitlement ~ if you don't develop a spiritual ego or fall in love with yourself ~ you will be able to translate that attitude into a dynamic personality of good cheer and effective good work. What more could anyone ask for than to love what you do and do what you love? This is really all we're trying to implement.

But again it's on a level that would be pleasing to our creative Dad so that our creative Mom would give us the big cookies.

Dorenda: Well, I think I should have an alternate set of keys made then so you can drive the car.

DANI: Yes, certainly, because Chicolet will lose them for you.

Willie: A little absent minded, is he?

DANI: He's ornery and will do things to stir up your pattern. He will make you think for yourself on a new level of consciousness. It's part of our reputation as mischief-makers, unfortunately. We have not quite been completely rehabilitated yet and we will get your attention one way or another, sooner or later. It's what we were meant to do, to help bridge the gap between the material world and the invisible realm. We're material too; we're just invisible. You don't have to be particularly spiritual to be invisible.

Esmarelda: Are you just invisible to us?

DANI: Yes, and…

Esmarelda: Are you invisible in the mansion worlds?

DANI: I'm not in the mansion worlds, but if and when mansion world creatures come by I can see them pretty good. They can certainly see me.

Matthew: Can you take on any form or do you have bodies that resemble ours?

DANI: No, we don't look a thing like you and we don't materialize. It's not our jobs to look material. As I've heard said, 'No self-respecting midwayer would be caught dead in those clothes.' (much laughter) But we do manipulate the material environment. In fact, if we stay invisible we can do that even better.

Thoroah: So you become visible when people are able to see you?

DANI: Your optics aren't ready for us yet. You haven't developed your optic abilities. You're beginning to stretch your capacities by using what they call the 3rd eye. You're beginning to recognize the equipment that will be used to see "with eyes to see" when you have evolved a little bit more. But you aren't seeing yet. You can sometimes see our effects if you're paying attention, and they are what you might call "head-crawlers." At least until such time as you begin to put two and two together and perceive our presence in your life, helping you and helping the bigger picture at the same time.

Matthew: Is your realm limited to earth or are you able to go into various realms?

DANI: No. We can't. We have an atmosphere that we have to stay within. However, it's like we have cell phones and we are able to take advantage of certain broadcast systems. And that broadcast system has been greatly enhanced in the last few decades because of the reencircuitment and the connecting that's going on all over this System, since the isolated worlds are being reintroduced to the universe-at-large. It's not an instant thing. It's a gradual thing. That's the way it is, it grows. It just doesn't instantly happen. Even fusion is a process.

I can go out pretty far. I can visit architectural spheres of life forms that have come here or settled here. I've been to the Teacher's "campus." I've been to classes in their architectural spheres. But I only visit there. I leave when class is over. Yes, we too are studying under the Teachers.

Thoroah: More apples to polish.

DANI: Well, we have a reputation you know, and we've been known to take advantage of the dysfunction of this planet to justify our mischief. Very much like, probably, you have been known to do. As any kid will do. They will too, Esmarelda! They will try to get away with anything and everything they can until such time as they are brought into an awareness of their folly. And you can box their ears if you want to, but that won't necessarily teach them anything. They have to learn for themselves and make those decisions. And we learned by studying the Master when he was here, and that turned us around ~ just as he is turning your life around, each of you, in your personal relationship with him.

Matthew: Probably too broad of a question but what did you find most enlightening about his life when he was here … that turned you around?


DANI: Oh … you are asking me a personal question? (Yes) I appreciate it. We have, of course, spent many joyous hours recalling our experiences as citizens of Urantia and being able to watch him in his life here, and believe me, we were attentive. And many of us having had a better view of some of his experiences than others, have different qualities of him that they admire. And I think any of them are excellent qualities and he seemed to raise each quality up to such a fine art as to be nothing short of exquisite. Even his suffering was sublime.

But how I did enjoy how the Master carried himself, as if he had the energy of a youth but the age old wisdom that only comes from time. He was … how can I describe how I found him? He was … so old. He was so wise. There was no reaching the depths of his ancient wisdom. That ancient wisdom had so many answers to so many life circumstances, circumstances that I and we had not even thought to think of, and yet it felt as if he had a personal understanding of each of the failings and frailties of each of his many encounters. And somewhere in the depths of each of these encounters he knew exactly how to be and what to say … and that wisdom, that countenance that he carried, had so much depth, it was impossible to discern the bottom of him.

But that is a sketch of how I found him, and chances are if you asked any of my fellows what they admired about him they would tell the same story with a different color of paint. He was certainly a phenomenon for this world and he certainly had our undivided attention. We have never been the same, since.

Matthew: It's exciting to hear from somebody who had first hand experience, really exciting. Thanks.

DANI: Well, you're sure welcome. But I never got to talk to him personally. So I feel a little like you must feel. You know him, too, don't you?

Matthew: I believe so.

DANI: And hasn't he talked to you and you to him in the Spirit?

Matthew: Yes. Certainly.

DANI: Well, there ya go, see? I'm no further ahead than you are. Not really. But I appreciate your appreciation of my proximity to his mortal life.

Matthew: Well, the Urantia Book describes it that for the entire universe to have been looking on with his each and every motion, basically, I kind of got the image of people watching television … I don't know what the viewing capability was … but that's what it seemed to be - for the entire universe to be looking on. That's pretty awe-inspiring.

DANI: Well, yes, it was quite an exciting time and it's a little bit like it seems now in some respects, because once again there's so much focus on what's going on here.

We're going to have a party for him, are you?

Willie: Yes.

Thoroah: And you can come to ours too.

Dorenda: You're invited.

DANI: Okay. Hey.

Thoroah: And we'll try to get to yours.

DANI: Well, it'll be on the 21st at noon. I think somebody told you already about how we celebrate.

Dorenda: Well, I don't know.

DANI: Well, we get together and talk about him and admire him and make merry. We have a little worship and a little rejoicing, just like you do. Not that much different. But we wouldn't miss it.

Matthew: We get an opportunity to do that the evening of the 21st so we're looking forward to that.

DANI: Yes, we will join with you and inject some of our energy into your communion. We'll all rejoice in Sonship together.

Myra: Would you like to be driving that night?

DANI: Would you like to be my passenger?

Myra: Well, maybe, yes….

DANI: I'll let you sit up front.

Myra: I won't tell you what to do.

DANI: Well, maybe if we work together we can figure out the best approach. I'll give the microphone back to Tomas. We certainly had fun today with you. I'm glad to have made your acquaintance and hope I get to chat again soon. (group thank you's)

TOMAS: Dour Tomas at your service.

Dorenda: We think you're really cute too, and you do have a sense of humor, Tomas, we've all chuckled - the whole group en masse has really enjoyed your sense of humor, too.


TOMAS: Thank you. I have made an effort to develop human humor. It's difficult sometimes. I don't mean to be disrespectful and just giggle at you, as life can become very serious. Our job is important. It just seems to fall within the nature of our character. That does not mean I don't enjoy you immensely and feel great lightness of being in your presence. And like was said before, how marvelous it is to hear the innocence of children reflected in their laughter.

Be of good cheer this week, children, as you go about your affairs remembering the Master in his life. While human, enjoy your humanness and your divinity in good health, in good cheer, in good faith. Farewell.