2002-09-01-Sanctuary, When To Walk & When To Stay

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Topic: Sanctuary, When to Walk & When to Stay

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



PRAYER: (Matthew) Let's place ourselves in the presence of Christ Michael. (pause)

"Master Teacher, we come to you today with light and happy hearts to place ourselves within the consciousness of your presence -- that is virtually everything that is -- and we don't pretend to be able to put ourselves truly within your presence because it would be totally overwhelming, but insofar as we can, we do; and we continually place ourselves in your presence and your care. Without your presence and protection we simply would not be. Your role as our intercessor, our presence before the Father, is more than appreciated, it is the divine plan; and for that we are forever grateful. We ask for whatever teaching you wish to present through your agenda and through your teacher, or teachers, that we may benefit by being ever wiser and ever more prudent in our dealings with ourselves and with others. And for this and everything else that is spoken or unspoken that you and our heavenly Father know within our beings, we are forever grateful. Amen"

TOMAS: Good afternoon, faithful flock, I am Tomas. Welcome, once again, to our secret sanctuary of serenity in one another's company. This plateau of trust that we have built as a basis of our association is inherent in our faith and trust in our Father/Creator.

Anyone here have a problem with gender depictions of the masculine as Deity?

Group: No


TOMAS: I hope you understand that when I reference deity thus, it is all -encompassing. It is unspecified as to male or female, passive or aggressive, and the other elements of the dual nature of humans. This dual nature that you have, as well as the duality of your gender, is often misleading and inadvertently establishes a paradigm of opposition.

Under no circumstances am I willing to allow a concept to be glossed-over, and/or lost, as a result of a mind blanking out my efforts on account of my vocabulary. If and when I have chosen to use a term which is contrary to your comprehension, or if the way in which I use words has caused you to feel unsettled, be overt about objecting to my phraseology which, you will understand, is automatically convoluted as a result of the fact that it is interpreted from my native language in order for you to understand it.

And so you can be assured there will be a down-stepping from my concept, if only because of our language difficulties. And so I urge you to help me in my teaching techniques and patterns, by admonishing me if I have not made myself clear or if the concept has not been understood.

There are so many difficulties in communication and yet the world and everything in it is engaged in an incessant expression of some perception of reality which hopes to fall upon fertile soil. We all want to be heard, we all want to be recognized, we all want to be appreciated without regard to gender or profession or belief system. This is the nature of friendship: that you enjoy each other for who you are, as you are.

While I was planning to discuss 'work' today in acknowledgment of Labor Day, I would like, rather, to take a holiday from labor myself and address instead an element of relationship which begins the process of engaging in successful conversations and communications with everyone you meet. That, of course, is the primary connection, the source of I Am, the First Source and Center that has willed Himself to share your experience and distributed Himself throughout the Universes of time and space as the indwelling spark of reality which you will come to know and appreciate over the course of your eternal career.

The presence of the divine in your experience, as an entity, ennobles your existence. It lifts you from the realm of temporary into the potential of eternal. It adds illumination to shadows enabling you to rise above your fears. In knowing this entity, which is Love, it's immediate effect is to teach you about Love within your own nature, which is now becoming the nature of God because of your acknowledgment of the connection itself.

In the acceptance of yourself as an expression of divine love, and understanding your birthright as a child of God to have this limitless font of affection directed toward your development, you are rewarded with self- respect because you are the temple of the divine, you are the tabernacle of eternity, you hold immortality in your free will choices. Respecting yourself is now so vital an element of your reality you would not deign to refuse that same respect to those you encounter who are also indwelt. The modern phrase is namaste, - "the spirit in me greets the spirit in you". When the presence of mind is sufficiently compatible, there is effective relationship. Here now is the challenge and the perplexity, for each individual is so unique and so individually conditioned and programmed, each soul is so young, in terms of its future, and each configuration of human being comes equipped with its own definitions.

It's like recognizing each other in like-mindedness -- you just feel as if you've known that person forever, and that no matter what differences there may be, they cannot rise to the level of interfering with the essential camaraderie that arose when your Consciousness greeted. Other relationships require effort. And some relationships are doomed even before they begin because they have no lasting frame of reference for intercourse.

The labor of love revolves around reconstructing those realities that exist within you that enable you to rise above, or work through, the many separations that occur in communications and that sometimes break down so far as to bring about war.

We are devoted to the introduction of the God Fragment within, for this is a power that is able to provide the inner reflectivity that enables individuals to untangle their communication knots and flow readily and easily once more -- as any relationship will do, if and as it is able to find that common Source of life, which is always found to be sacred, regardless of dogma or conditioning or gender or other temporal concerns.

This is why we stress Stillness, as Stillness is respite from the labors of life. I cannot resist referring to my notes on labor for the spirit is untiring. It never rests. It is always on duty. It has no 'Labor Day' in which to relinquish its innate draw to return to its own source for rest, resuscitation, relaxation, reverence and reward.

I will check with my co-worker to see if she is celebrating today or if she is inclined to labor on behalf of the kingdom. Anatolia?

ANATOLIA: I am right here. I have no difficulty communicating or being in like-mind with you and so I am ready when you are.

TOMAS: Proceed. Let us hear your words.

ANATOLIA: There is only one primary message that I wish to bring to your attention today, not for any reason other than to pay some attention to Labor Day and to let it be appreciated for, not just a day off, but to give it the just due that it deserves -- and that is not with lengthy speeches or beseechings of labor class versus management and all of those dualistic, strident, age-old, and historic difficulties that have and continue to exist, but rather to give you a perspective which may lighten your load, and wherever possible, lighten the load of those who may be engaged in work related strife.

And that is to not be burdened with that which you find to be difficult, or that which you find to be truly laborious in one way or another -- because there are many types of work and many types of work which do require, as well as do not require, pay -- for work is work, no matter whether one does it for pay or not. There is pay which requires certain amount of homage or respect to the payer and in that respect one needs to follow certain protocol. In another respect, I wish for you to, now, level the playing field and remove any strife conditions that may exist and simply present to you what true labor is about and how it will relate to you now and in the long run.

This is not a long discourse on the value and benefits of labor. Rather it's simply a discourse on the value of striving forward. Whenever one does anything that is considered work, whether it's at the most elementary level, or at the most sophisticated levels you can imagine, whether it be a child coloring in a coloring book or whether it might involve surgical treatment or surgical procedures that a physician would engage in in order to right or reconstruct the physical vehicle, each and every one of these happens to be a labor.

Without further example and without prolongation of that which we speak, I wish to simply say that as spirit beings, one of first and foremost considerations for our conversations with you, (is) to continually reinforce our relatedness as spirit beings, in the encasement and outside of the encasement of the physical vehicle. We are all one in that spiritual relationship, and it is as such that I wish for you to know, in this respect, is of spiritual vintage and that all effort and all moving forward is of a spiritual nature, and that while your physical being may be called upon to exert and to put forth effort that moves an item from one place to another and then on a more complex scale builds buildings or conducts such miraculous deeds that are evidenced in the physical, it all begins in the spiritual.

So I simply wish for you to know that whenever you have the urge to even lift a finger, brush your hair, recondition the couch, fluff a pillow, or anything of exertion orientation, know that it is your will-being that brings about the initiation and the completion of each and every deed. It is this initiation of your will and it's decision to move forward that creates a new condition as a result of that which has its being within your being.

Know that the physical exertion that it takes to walk from here to a mile down the road is that which begins with the idea and then the initial step. Each and every step along the way is indeed spiritual. I wish for you to be ever mindful of this and to actually appreciate this for what it is. For your presence here in the physical is an energy manifestation of a higher idea and ideal. You, in fact, manifest the highest ideal by your presence here. This is why and where there are many shameful acts of neglect, and oftentimes benign neglect, for what power truly exists within each and every individual's life -- that power to decide for the better of what conditions may be improved by your exertion upon it.

How can you improve the conditions in your own life, let alone the lives of those that you share company and or space with? How can you internalize that which is a temple to the Lord and externalize it in terms of manifestation and creating new space, new energy and new awareness of conditions that are better as a result of your being versus what the world would be like without your presence and without your influence? This I wish for you to consider and to be more mindfully aware of -- what a difference your labors make.

So with this in mind I leave you with this and hopefully give you a new level of respect for yourself and for others in terms of what influence you truly have. May it always be utter well-intended and well-executed in terms of your desire for improved conditions, enlightened minds and unified purpose in being.

Peace be with you, and have wonderfully non-laborious Labor Day.

Peace be with you.

TOMAS: Thank you, Anatolia. Amen.

Our platform is now open for your engagement. Haven't you been busy? You have quite the social season working your way down the dance card. What a marvelous season it is, the peak of summer and the celebration of Jesus' life among you -- a pinnacle, of a certainty.

The respite that you enjoy this weekend is ideally designed to afford you an opportunity to reflect upon your approaches to the next season of undertaking, the new semester, the new season, the new pattern of operation.

Are there questions? Or dialogs?


Elena: I just wanted to say that I thought it was so endearing that the labor it takes to translate your language into ours and how beautifully you use our language even to the extent of translating the definition of "R's" into a new form. I like your definition much better … reward, resuscitation, rest, recreation … that's what I remember,… but it was much better than Reading 'Riting and 'Rithmatic.

But I wanted to comment about what you said about relationships … about how a person's essence greets the other person's essence. A few weeks ago you recognized another entity's 'being,' that of our fish, Herbie, and then you said, Tomas, that you were blue. I am wondering … understand that I love you Tomas, but how long would it take to adjust to 'seeing you'? Or how long would it take to get used to seeing you? And what you look like?

TOMAS: It has taken some time for you to get accustomed to what I look like, and we are still getting to know each other.

I point out the nature of relationship herein, and that includes relationship with the Father. Any relationship worth developing requires attention and conscientious time involved in ascertaining the nature of the relationship.

Every relationship contains the essential contract,… although it is very common for individuals to engage in extraneous contracts, even prior to creating the initial and essential relationship contract.

Souls are able to greet one another and recognize each other by their personality presence, and in your case, it is often seen through eye-to-eye contact wherein you feel you recognize the soul within the other and they recognize your value as well. (This is possible, even though strangers.) And yet immediately upon opening a discourse it can be very apparent that your individual agendas are able to eradicate the impact of the initial contact as the sense of agenda is so intense, and may arouse antagonism or a sense of competition … and the conditioning. And thus your relationship is thwarted, aborted at once because of your immediate cultural limitations.

You have two choices. You recognize the agenda as an extension of the God-consciousness of the other individual and engage in communication based on that contract which you have allowed, or you can opt to remain mortal strangers but spirit associates. This will be determined by your inclination to engage in the labor of relationship development. Some people, you may feel are not worth getting to know; it is not worth the effort required to explain your personal politics. This, unfortunately, is how our destiny is detained. How? By having made the lesser choice, the choice that seeks to (allow you to be) swallowed up in standardization, in standard operating procedure of the human condition.

The challenge is to rise above the difference and the diversionary tactic and continue to appeal to the spirit in others as the primary reality and your choice of sustained relationship. In this way, you challenge them to operate on a higher level, a level which will transcend the differences. And this is a universal law that also is effective in gender relationships, in male-female communication difficulties, for there will always be communication problems between the male and female, in as much they are designed to think differently. Thus it's necessary to recognize each other's value from the Source and sustain that primary and initial relationship ~ from which point all other matters, motives and modus operandi are able to find their pattern, their place, effectively.

Once more we return to trust and faith in the original Source, as that power and strength will enable you to see your way clear to stand firm in your reality as a child of God in the flesh, engaging in all other relationships. If to thine own self thee be true, then being alone is not a lonely place.

Is this addressing your concerns?

Elena: Well, I don't think that's really what I asked, … but I loved the answers! So thanks a lot. I got more than I asked for.

Myra: You did answer my question Tomas, (group laughter because she hadn't even asked the question yet) so thank you!

I do need a clarification on that relationship that we sometimes just have to walk away from because there is nothing there. I'm not quite sure how to tell the difference from a relationship that I should walk away from ~ or whether it is my attitude and stubbornness and that I want them to come my way. I'm not sure I could tell the difference between when to keep walking and when to try harder.

TOMAS: Educate yourself, then, as to your own motives, and if you have an agenda to which you pay loyalty, you well may be responding from your loyalty to that which you hold dear … and this is a gridlock, a standoff, a stalemate, unless you choose to wrangle, in which case it will likely simply deteriorate. It is possible to gain insight, even if you're right, by reflecting on the composition of the exchanges that are at issue.

If you are able to perceive through the eye of perception, with the spirit of worship taking that which is holy with you, you will be able to recognize the merit of your fellow and understand his or her actions as a reflection of how they perceive the situation. Thus, you will be able to better handle yourself in the relationship … and by understanding how others think and feel, you are automatically able to be more tolerant or merciful, even while understanding that perhaps, to your point of view, their perspective is ludicrous or even dangerous. In which case it is best not to fan the flames, but to turn the other cheek and be about your business in those realms over which you have authority. And I'm not speaking of political authority, I am speaking of personal authority.

I understand you are dealing with agendas, personal politics, but it cannot be escaped ~ except as you greet each other with a 'holy kiss' and engage each other on that basis, as brethren, and not as adversaries or strangers.

Is this helpful?

Myra: Very helpful. Thank you.

Esmarelda: Tomas, I had some questions that you have already completely answered, and I really appreciate the things you've said today. You've been very helpful.

TOMAS: I will make an attempt to stop being so empathic with you, my students. It deprives you of the opportunity of expressing your concerns ~ as expressing yourselves and admitting your thoughts and the directions in which your mind is inclined to wander in search of truth, beauty, and goodness is a part of your consciousizing, a part of your will consciously seeking His will and attempting to do His will.

Esmarelda: Well, that kinda gives me something else to think back to. This situation that has been bothering me -- and has for several years -- is a relationship that ceased to be a relationship.

In trying to help a person sometimes you finally realize what you're doing in attempting to help them, isn't really helping. As you help them, they need more and more and more and finally you realize that you're being used and that whatever you could do, really, materially ~ to help them out materially ~- isn't really going to solve their problem.

But this situation has bothered me for several years because sometimes I wonder if maybe I should have done something more.

But I just don't think it would have helped the situation and that she needed to work it out for herself.

TOMAS: Anytime a human being is recipient of alms, it is a matter of "am I my brother's keeper" to make certain that the charity is not pernicious and insidiously disempowering your fellow to greater need. The Master, when he consoled many in distress, encouraged them in such a way as to draw forth from them that font of will within them which would be able then to rise above the temporary circumstances toward greater health -- mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual health.

There are many who love to give because they feel the need to be of service but service, like love, needs to be redefined on each new level of growth. If an individual is not growing because of your service, then by all means withdraw the crutch and have them walk, and rather than letting them lean on you, stand with them side by side and encourage them to be all that they can be. And as you know, if they think they cannot, remind them there is One Within them who can; if they seek that font of strength and power, that relationship will surely come to pass. As you can testify to in your going about the Father's business as you pass by.

There is a tremendous responsibility in philanthropy and there needs to be some accounting for the faith that has been invested in you. Even baby steps are an indication of growth and willingness.

Why are you continuing to hold on to that after all this time?

Esmarelda: I suppose maybe I wonder if maybe I should have done more or that I felt that what I was doing was actually adding to the problem. But I think I did the correct thing … and all that I really, responsibly could do, but I think it kind of hangs on because that person is still in my area and I have been concerned for her.

TOMAS: I want you to remember, recognize, that those who have not come into a consciousness of their sonship are needy and some are more needy than others, and while it is the nature of mercy to want to fill the void, we're not always able to fill that void which cannot be filled. We must trust the Father in these cases, and stimulate the spirit, and speak truthfully to your fellows as to their responsibility in their own soul birth. If it should come to you to have that chance to influence such a soul-making decision, it is not impossible by any means. Any ambassador of experience is familiar with the moment, "the French Fry Moment", that has presented itself. And whether they will take the bait and bite or defer their survival choices, is a personal and individual decision.

Esmarelda: It's something they must decide … and recognize their need of the Father.

TOMAS: Utterly. You are able to serve up to a point, but if their decision is not made, then eventually you need to be about the Father's business for there are other things to which you may attend.

Esmarelda: Well that, then, I have done, but for some reason this person's situation has not improved, it has gone much further down.

TOMAS: You must not hold yourself responsible.

Esmarelda: So . .. thank you, Tomas. I will feel better about it now.

TOMAS: This is a very tender and very sad recognition of loss, of potential not actualized. However, if you have done what you can and if you are aware of our Father's ability to tirelessly attend the mortal and act as It can, it is no longer in your hands.

Esmarelda: I remember Ham ~ and I've read Abraham's suggestion, too ~ to kind of put this sort of thing in a paper bag and hand it to Father because He can handle it and we can't. He has the power to do it and we don't.

TOMAS: Any symbolism impressive to you is appropriate.

Esmarelda: Thanks for your help today, Tomas,

TOMAS: It is good to hear from you, Esmarelda. I have missed you for a while.


But now I see you are in class as usual and it feels good to have this classroom in session. I will not stay longer, as it is a holiday and it is the one that celebrates the fruits of your labors and inspires you for the work ahead. Thus, thinking forward, let us conjoin in social conviviality and rejoice in the Family of God in which we reside.

Thank you one and all. Amen and farewell.