2002-09-02-Gift of Mantle of Faith

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Topic: Gift of Mantle of Faith

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is your Creator Father/Brother Michael, and I bid you greetings.


Each of you is a gift. Each of you is my gift to your planet: your world and my world, the world we share, the world where we experience life. Each of you has been created to be a minister of my love, and a beacon of my light. And you are gathered here in honor of me in representing my truth to your brothers and sisters. And I commission you all to act as this beacon of light and truth, and to share the beautiful representation that you are of this truth to your fellow Urantia citizens who are seeking this light and this truth in their live but yet may not be aware.

And so I ask you tonight, how is it that you wish to serve? How is it that you wish to reveal my love and my peace? How is it that you wish to come to a deeper understanding of the faith that I experienced in knowing our Paradise Father, and the love that He has for us? As you know, you live in a universe whose motto is teamwork, and you have an active role to play, for you participate with your indwelling Mystery Monitor, and you cooperate with the plan that the Father has prepared for you. And each of you now is becoming more consciously aware of what that plan is.

You are all instruments of my making and of my doing. When you combine this with your cooperation with your Thought Adjuster, revealing your life plan in your experience, you are serving, you are ministering, you are representing me. It takes faith for you to live along these lines, and each of you now is finding deeper wellsprings of faith within you. You cannot run out of faith. It is literally and figuratively impossible. For it is that faith which has been given to you as a gift from our Father to actually propel you toward Paradise. But you grow in expression of your faith, and it becomes alive within you through your experience-experience through times of difficulty and uncertainty.

As faith has been given to you as a gift, it is your choice how you wish to use this gift. Will you open the box that this gift of faith comes in, take out this faith mantle and wear it around you? Will it draw near to you, protecting-cloaking-when the winds of change and the shadows of doubt come upon you? Or will you leave it in its box, and put it away in a corner somewhere, and forget about it and go about your way?

I say to you my friends tonight that the cloak of faith unfolds you in the love and the protection of our Father in Paradise. Let this mantle descend upon you now. Let yourself feel it cover your arms and your head and your limbs and your torso. Let yourself become familiar with the softness and the smoothness, and the way it acts as a buffer between you and your outer environment. And as you let it descend upon your skin, let its fabric begin to deepen, and go into your actual body and knit within your cells a deeper appreciation of the gift that has been given to you.

In my life, I came to an early understanding of this mantle of protection from our Father in Heaven. And I know each of the challenges that you have all faced in feeling this mantle of faith protect you. You have not felt it, you have not used it, to the degree which it can and does inspire you to higher levels of living. And now I encourage you, my friends, to wear this mantle with pride and with joy, with freedom and with gladness. Because once you have it on you, and you feel it protect you, you will never wish to go without it. You will never wish to take it off. You will actually want it to become a deeper part of who you are.

In my life, I gained early experience in the watchcare and protection of my Father in Heaven. And you who are my children are coming to a deeper understanding of what this means, and how to live in the Father's presence under His watchcare.

This mantle of faith carries within it my peace. It carries within it the promise of a deeper capacity to trust: the trust that inspires, fills you with courage, fills you with strength and hope. All of the challenges that you face and are placed in front of you, can be overcome by wearing this mantle. I am going around the room, and imbuing this mantle around each of you with a greater bonding.

(Michael, in the body of the transmitter went about the room, placing hands on each of 10 individuals, speaking softly to each person. Comments too faint to be recorded.)

About 15 minutes later:


Each of you has been given a blessing that will emerge within you in the coming days. As you grow and you allow this mantle of faith to deepen within you, remember from where it came. I share every moment of everyday life with each of you. You only have to call upon me, and ask for that love and guidance, insight, judgment, that comes from my mind that comes into you as the Spirit of Truth to embody you. When you do this, you are no longer using your mind, but you are using the very mind of God.

Remember this, my children, and draw more deeply into me. My peace I leave upon you. My presence overshadows you. Everyday I walk with you. You are my children and I love you.