2002-09-16-Pawns & Victory, Reference to TM

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Topic: Pawns & Victory, Reference to TM

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew, Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: “So would you call this a productive day?”

George: “Not really. It’s kinda like Friday the thirteenth arriving three days late in this part of Australia. But I guess we’ll get back to it all tomorrow and try again.”

Mathew: “It is not going to work for you if you are going to continue to antagonize people. And I know that in most instances you are trying to handle the issues in a humorous fashion, but people are not going to have that kind of tolerance on a continuous basis.”

George: “No, I wouldn’t say so. I’m trying to be constructive. I’m trying to produce, and get somewhere. I’m too often up against a barrier of prejudice, and I don’t like it!”

Mathew: “What is the alternative?”

George: “Isolation. I thought about it. Take a dinghy out there, catch a fish, let it go again and feel good about that. Then think about nothing else ever.”

Mathew: “Does that work?”

George: “No better than my being rude, or my being nice to people. I don’t know the answer. I think it is a cultural one. One that is going to make it very difficult for something like the Teaching Mission to ever move beyond the boundaries of the US.”

Machiventa: “I’ve been listening in on this discussion, and I can tell you that in time it will happen. And I want you to see, and grasp at, and comprehend that you are one of the many elements we are using to break down this seemingly unassailable barrier. It is correct and appropriate for you to conclude that there must be a balance between those of the Churches and those of Progress.

(A large chessboard comes into view. It is the size of a table for perhaps thirty people to have their meals at. All the squares are white and there are only pawns. A Melchizedek is standing there, facing me, and moving a pawn with a long stick, like a billiard queue.)

“It is correct for you to conclude that, whereas your different ways will be accepted by some and rejected by others, whereas a staid, long-term involvement will be appreciated by some, and be frowned upon by others who may well be envious of that record… (unclear on the tape and I forgot what he said).

“I want you to realize that you, and many others just like you, play a part in the overall chess game of the Correcting Time. Is it a game? You might well ask. No, it is deadly serious. But in our realm, in our planning departments, and in the arenas of specialist forecasting, preparation and attention to detail(s), extraordinary intellects are involved in adjusting and moving the chess pieces towards the resounding victory that is Light and Life, and with a minimal loss of pawns on the way – pawns that are bowled over and pick themselves up again – pawns that through constant handling show much wear – and yet continue to aim themselves, and continue to be aimed by us, to play their part in the ultimate battle, this crucial mêlée.

“That is my goal and the goal of all those who serve under me; the ultimate victory that is Light and Life for Urantia.

“I want you to have more confidence in the accuracy of what you are receiving. I want you to take less notice of the disturbing messages that are coming through. I want you to try to more regularly find peace and tranquility that will put your mind completely at ease.


“I send my love to all. I am Machiventa.”