2002-10-06-Impulse of Life

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Topic: Impulse of Life

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, What About Bob

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: Pianist Elena, Selections: "Go To Dark Gethsemane" and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ. "Master Teacher, we come to you with happy hearts, contented and perfected in the process of becoming. We place ourselves where you have been and we know we are stronger because of your having been there first.

We are grateful for all that you bring us to -- to your Father, who we stand with, like children, in your company -- and marvel at your glory, your loving being, and the magnificent increase of all of that before Our Father.

For all that we are and all that we are becoming, we are forever grateful, and for knowing, for what is in our hearts and in our minds and what we seek as our accomplishments, we place these before you, now and always. Amen."

TOMAS: Greetings friends. I am Tomas, your humble host in joy of being in your company once more. We are plenty, here in the celestial realms, enjoying your affection for one another and your cultural flavor of cooperation, appreciation and affection. You would present a picture of civility such as we might wish to co-create if we were to assume upon our shoulders the concept of creating a new paradigm of reality for Urantia, one which would be more in keeping with the better ways of spirit function … which can be considered even without the flourish of personality.


I'm beginning to perceive that we would do well to branch off into segments of study such as would give you credence as a student of this Melchizedek University. The composition I behold is one of maturity in the sense of your cultural compatibility. Because of that I see a distinct advantage to believing you to be capable of being counselors for your younger set. The values you demonstrate and promote as supreme values are those which will be your living legacy to those who come after.

Now, in the common understanding, this would mean you would pass your legacy on to your children, your own offspring, and yet in this context I mean to say 'your children' in the aesthetic sense, those who follow you. They may not ever meet you; they may not ever know your gift to humanity, but the energy you perpetuate is the energy that will be made available, then, to those who come after you. This is a law of the universe, and it is a reality whether or not you have a conscious connection with God or a theology -- such as that which you, here, enjoy.

Your many discussions having to do with co-creating reality have been what we might call "Headline News". We are observing Urantia in its current state of being, politically and otherwise, and are seeing how very clearly it is being demonstrated how it is that your mind is capable of altering reality and the potential of your world.

I'm going to bring a visitor on board today for a few minutes to discuss the energy circuitry from the seven adjutant mind spirits. Although we won't have time to delve at length, it is an opening to understanding yourselves as living beings. One moment please.

BOB: Yes, good afternoon. I am Bob. I am a friend of Thoroah and Gerdean. I have worked with them for some time. Good afternoon to you two, and to you all! I am a seraphim -- a cherubim, in particular -- and I am, as you might say, up the ladder a rung or two in terms my perspective … beyond midwayer, but not of the order of the Teacher Corps. I am offered a chance to contribute to this correcting time in this way and am most pleased to have such an opportunity.

I have had some lectures, if you will, for Thoroah and Gerdean, having to do with the adjutant mind spirits, in as much as it gave me an opportunity to delve into these human creatures' appreciation of their composition in ways that were more closely related to their human nature than their divine nature. I am accompanied today by my sanobim companion and we are mutually joyed to be a part of this auditorium.

Impulse is the word I'm going to introduce to you this afternoon. Impulse is prepersonal and instinctual. Amoebas respond to impulse as much as do sophisticated Homo sapiens, and so all of created life is, in the beginning, an impulse. In your particular configuration as a human being, you are a sponge, as it were, and absorb all of the assaults of human existence that are a part of your material existence. Impulses may come from climatic factors, physiological composition, social stimuli, genetic predisposition, ad infinitum. And as you become attuned to being a human being in this existence, you respond to these stimuli in order to survive. Every creature has a will to survive, even those who are so fully without personality as to be near protozoa. Even so, at the basic core of the molecules of life, there is Life that has its Source in Paradise. And this is the physics of spirituality, if you will.

But let's get back to the nature of the human being, the human animal, and how it is that each of you affect a part of your world, pass on what you would leave as your legacy, and co-create evolution with your most prized possession: free will. Bringing the concept forward into your lives today (even as you convene here in sociability and prayer), you are all vulnerable to the effects of your environment and you each have an opportunity to respond to the impulse of life in one way or another. You may instinctively respond as the animal being, or you may respond intuitively, as a conscious creature comprised of the physical, but augmented by the divine. Here you have the question, "How shall I respond?' Shall I respond as an animal or shall I respond as a son of God? Shall I respond in fear or shall I respond in faith? Innately and for generations, the animal has sought protection by instinctively reacting and responding to the impulses of life, be they harmonious or strident. …

Have faith. [During this time the household cat was making the rounds, sitting on laps and getting strokes from everyone] I have a perception that the feline was intuitively responding in faith and not in fear. (group giggles and acknowledgement)

How you, yourself, are responding to life's circumstances at any given moment, at any given second, at any given instant, is the barometer of what will be tendered to your students, to your audience, and to your youth. What motivates the choice is the measure of your self-mastery. Remember that this occurs in an instant. You talk about a knee-jerk reaction. You talk about reacting as if "from the hip," and you say, "well, I can't help it; that's my nature." As we discussed at another time, it is the nature of the dog to bark at strangers, and yet, with appropriate guidance and training from a wise mentor, a dog is also able to alert the master to possible danger without being a "bloody nuisance" to the neighborhood.

The same is true for you and your animal nature. It is entirely possible, over time, for your consciousness to override the lesser tendency to react to the stimuli of life as if it were your enemy and you were at risk of instant obliteration. You who have known the reality of the divine, whether within your own experience or as a profound observer of the wonders of creation, are able and have the capacity to master the will, such that you can become a part of the reality of the divine will and eschew the nature of the animal and its will.

Well my friends, I have very much enjoyed my contact with you. I am leaving your transmitter/receiver, and Lady joins me in giving you all an embrace of the Mother for you to relish and enjoy while you relish and enjoy the bounty of her supple breast of creation in the fullness of the autumn afternoon.

(After a pause) Tomas has suggested I simply hand the microphone to the other T/R and proceed thus.

ANATOLIA: Good will and greetings to you, as well, my friends, as we have a benign group of best-wishing on-watchers as we can muster at the moment. Outside of the bleachers being filled with celestials of all shapes, size and dimension, with us at the moment, you can otherwise be assured of plenty of varied and alternative ways of viewing life (as you know) because after all, life is the presence of the spirit made manifest in one form or another. Whenever this occurs, life is and it will always be, in one form or another.

You may rest assured, that what you've known as the dinosaurs and those who have entered the world as you know it, of utter and total extinction, live on in other realms, in other dimensions, in other forms, as that life-force exists as it has continued to evolve, as it portends to become one with all that is in unity of mind and spirit. For all is a function of spirit essence and mind presence to make that which is intelligent life expressible and one that has the ultimate capability of accomplishing and adding to the body of knowledge, for the individual body of knowledge acquired in any one life is assimilated into that essence that is known as spirit, and evaluated in terms of the wheat from the chaff; what is salvageable and what is for the recycling bin; where can all of that which has been fruitful and bountiful be made worthy of on-going progression and offering up to the benefit of the collective whole.

This I wish to add to your bounty of acquired knowledge and appreciation for the essence of life, which you are. Many of the lessons in which we've entertained and entreated to your mind's eye and your present states of being, are intended to reinforce and enlighten you in terms of who you are as entities in creation, as you know it right now. I could entertain to give you another dimensional perspective of what and who you are, but I believe I will save that for another presentation because … each and every time I have an opportunity to speak, I view it as an opportunity for you to enliven your lives and your sight, as you know yourself to be in the greater picture.

I always wish for you to know that what you see from your limited perspective, in a physical vision sense, is only a fraction of that which truly is. As has been invited a number times, you are invited and encouraged to view life with the eyes of spirit and not just that of your physical eyes for viewing, but to see and assimilate and to aspire to higher levels of knowledge and accumulated, willful, purposeful desire to experience from its holistic perspective.

So rather than to just lay before you ethereal tripe, perhaps meaning: not to just be words, but for you to experience that which is from an enhanced and eternal perspective. I will continue to enliven your weekly discussions and to invite you to increase your perspectives from a celestial, or eternal point of view.

It is with this in mind that I once again leave you in good and trusted hands with that of your teacher Tomas, and invite each of you to bask in the knowledge that you are, each and all, children in good standing, adults as you are becoming, in the eternal sense, all of the family of Jesus the Christ, the one who was anointed and the one who shall always be the foregoer, the wayshower, and the presenter of truth and righteousness with you before our heavenly Father. I invite you to rejoice in that knowledge, as I know you do. As I know each of you are more mindfully aware of who you are and where you derive your presence of being. Peace be with you and know that all is well and will ever be, and have a truth-seeking and glorious week ahead.

TOMAS: And now I have another fork in the road: An impulse on one hand to give you 10 minutes of stillness time; and on the other to give you a 10 minute recess, in order for you to allow our words and their impact to settle into the molecules of your mind and allow your souls to stretch forth into the realms of curiosity and perfection hunger that would perhaps strengthen our question-answer period, in hopes of issuing forth group knowledge and acquired wisdom to those you would serve.

Let's opt for the latter. We'll be in a 10 minute recess

[RECESS, comprised of much chatter about the lessons]

TOMAS: Tomas here, hosting your community session. Have you answered all your questions?

Group: (in jest) 'Every one! … in our limited capacity'

TOMAS: If you have all the answers, you have no need for teachers.

Group: (laughter and confession that we don't have the answers and we need the teachers

TOMAS: And it would seem that we need you too, in order for Urantia to progress. It's amazing and wonderful to see how well it is progressing in spite of yourselves. It is a testimony to the Spirit that will prevail, even when you think it can't possibly. You must pray for greater faith, when you falter and feel, from the weak angle, that life is overwhelming and you cannot effect any changes in it. This is simply not true. You are not here to experience these afflictions and wisdom-making opportunities, in order for you to file them away somewhere as chalked up and checked off. It, your experience, will leak out into the ethers of your environment, even if you have rendered them without merit, pro or con.

This is the Correcting Time. This is the time for you to reveal to yourself those reactions to life's impulses that put you on the wrong track or placed you in the unfortunate circumstances that were not aligned with what would be regarded as Father's will for you.

You can learn lessons within a standard framework of reality. It is not necessary for you to have such extremes to choose from or to endure. But Urantia has proffered these, even so. And the Correcting Time is this period of time now when those mal-adjustments are being reviewed in order for you to make a new choice and create a new paradigm of your reality.

Have you any idea what I'm saying? Have you a sense of recognition? Or are you so dense or in denial of what you have known in "such a life on such a planet"? It would perhaps be better for me to not choose to act as armchair therapist for your soul's recognition but what is a teacher for if not to probe your minds to seek greater comprehension? And what greater tool is there but to use your own soul's experience? You can look at life as if it were an academic adjunct of reality or you can appreciate it for a reality in itself. It is easier to intellectualize your perceptions than to own them.

How wonderful it is to have you all back from your sundry sojourns and in our safe harbor once more. What adventures you all enjoy and how cleverly you glibly flit over them, as if you were a flat stone skimming along a lake --although it is apparent that the depths of existence are dark and cold in the bottom of the lake, and the clouds and dragonflies flit merrily in the air overhead. In appreciation of the full experience of your lives, stop to savor the depths as well as the heights, for this will add to your impetus, to your own impulse to grow and expand in consciousness and awareness of all that is and of all that you can be in this life and in the many lives to come.

Are there questions?


Janet: Not a question, but maybe just a statement. Everyone of us eventually have decisions to make, or problems, and so forth, and maybe my faith is childlike but I think of my heavenly Father as I did my own dad. I was very, very fortunate because I had a wonderful father, somebody I could go to with any problem, with any question, and he was fun and he was kind and he was loving. He was my advisor and my confidant - I could tell him anything and know that it wasn't going to go any further and that he would help me decide what I was going to do. So I guess the faith I have in my heavenly Father is childlike but it's complete and I always know that if I have a problem I can take it to him and somehow it always works out … and things always come out right.


TOMAS: It is your good fortune, indeed, to have had an earth father who depicted the Universal Father so closely, and this is indeed the ideal. The child learns its first understandings of the Paradise Father from the earth father and its first impressions of life from the care of mother. And thus the role of parenting is such a supreme responsibility.

The ideal and the goal is that in time the fathers and mothers of tomorrow will have the same appreciation of parenting as the Universal Father and Mother and as the Material Sons and Daughters (the planetary Adams and Eves), have historically bestowed upon their children. That is one of the major areas of reconstruction we are undertaking.

And you, as an example of a child who has been well-loved, demonstrate in your priceless approach to trusting the Father in heaven as you trusted your father on earth. This is a wonderful legacy to loose upon the world. The love that you grew in as a child is a fertile field, offering future growth. That is the legacy we hope to let you leave to those you love, those who come after you, whether they are your offspring or not. It is in the parenting attitude that the generations build, one upon the other, as Jacob's ladder lifts the human animal from the primitive existence of its early development to the high art of communion with your fellow beings in the spirit and in the flesh.

In celebration, then, of the family of God that we enjoy here in this community, let us be about our business of spreading good cheer and revealing the divine love of God in our natures, however that may present itself, as an effort to evolve into the level of light and life that is the ultimate legacy of the worlds of time and space.

Beautiful sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, be of good cheer. Amen and farewell.

[Group expressions of gratitude.]