2002-10-13-Soul Intake

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Topic: Soul Intake

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I do so enjoy your discussions. I am made to think deeper and increase in the search for my own beliefs. I thank you. Each week when we gather I feel that it is always a form of nutrition for my soul, just as you would exercise or maintain a proper diet. I feel this is healthy for my soul.


Staying on the topic of self-mastery, we will discuss soul intake, which has a direct affect on the actions you take and the levels of self-mastery you can attain. For these many years a main recommendation for all has been the message of balance, while it is easy to say, it is rather hard to make real while indwelling the flesh.

It is true that we all search for happiness. Many of us strive to turn our difficulties into meanings and values, which promotes happiness. As far as indwelling a mortal frame it is quite obvious that a main concern is staying pain free. That focus much of the time leads you to do activities that would be most effective in promoting happiness or at the very least staying pain free. To be with a great deal of stress is very much a stumbling block to attaining self-mastery.

Imagine your soul as an empty vessel. What do we fill our souls with on a daily basis? For some employment takes up a great deal of space, as does the struggle for material well-being. Some feed the desires of the flesh and that does seem to bring temporary happiness. Some fill their souls with mindless entertainment or things that one does not require to do too much deep thinking. Filling our vessel with these activities is not going to promote balance nor self-mastery.

Time does seem to have it's way with the mortal life and definitely you each do what you can or think is best at the time. Good intentions are certainly there, no doubt, but to fill our empty vessel with imbalance is to act from a mind-set of imbalance and emotionalism. We have not much to put forth that is valuable when we are in such a state of imbalance. Life seems to spiral downward into further difficulties, further imbalance. A vessel that is filled with a healthy balance of good living is a vessel that can do much good or feed a great many.

Our first recommendation is to imagine our vessel at the Master's feet. What would He fill us with? What would cause the soul to grow? What would assist the mind in attaining self-mastery? What could be added to feel personal connection and comfort to our divine family? What is considered to be a healthy balance to fill the vessel that produces spiritual fruits and shows it in all our daily actions?

You each know what is at the top of my list, yes, stillness. Time spent with the divine Parent everyday is to invite Him to add what He will to your soul, mind and body. The feeling of belonging to the Father of all fathers is a supreme comfort and a knowing that we are never left alone. Along with stillness I believe the Master would certainly have us interact with Him several times a day, perhaps through a small prayer or a moment of sharing with Him, allowing Him to know He is indeed a tremendous part of your life here and definitely beyond. I believe the Master would encourage us to take care of the mortal vessel, which houses the spiritual, with good diet and exercise.

Also important in the line of balance is light heartedness and humor. How you can feel the burden of the world upon your back lift when you find the lighter side of any daily dilemma. Humor leads me into our next recommendation for a balanced spiritual vessel and that is fellowship, the daily communication with friends, families, co-workers and even perhaps strangers. Kind words or deep discussion or even a passing greeting is always a doorway to the overall Kingdom family.

There is always opportunity when relating with others that leads me into our next recommendation for balance living and that is service. To serve is to be about the Father's business. This always enlarges the concept of God, the Father, while decreasing our overgrown sense of ego-self, and yet therein lies the feeling that the love of God is at hand. In serving mind goes beyond self toward the good of the whole and that is without a doubt most helpful in attaining self-mastery.

My last recommendation is study and education. Always having the learning mind tuned into new understanding or enlightenment, knowing the Master's perfected humility, creates a thirst for higher learning and the desire to keep doing good.

This week ponder these recommendations. Set your vessel before the Master's feet. Make time to think about what you fill yourself with and the actions that are sure to follow. How does the contents of your spirit-vessel promote self-mastery? You have each already added a wonderful ingredient by gathering together here in fellowship and the desire to learn and serve. I also thank you for your ministry to me.


That is all. No questions. Know that I am with growing love for you each and always look forward to the time when we will meet again. Until next week, shalom.