2002-10-20-Supreme Gods Of Time

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Topic: Supreme Gods of Time

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



George: "You told me you were looking for some form of excitement in your life. I guess that's what you've been getting in the last few weeks on this patch of dirt in space where Midwayer associates are now said to play rough. Hi Samuel."

Samuel: "I understand that you are weary of it all. I understand there can be long periods of disheartenment in terrestrial life. I want you to always bear in mind that the tests you are all going through here, as compared to the tests I went through, are of only relatively short duration. Hectic. Yes. Very short compared to mine, my lifespan gaining much from the inheritance of the Adam and Eve pair of our world in my most providential case.

"It is for the Supreme Gods of the evolutionary worlds to experience all that can be experienced in every diverse human life. And so, for you to better comprehend these individual experiences, and in terms of your material world, you must see each person's contribution as building up a single neuron in the creation of a vast brain belonging to an Entity that will become your own "God Child" of the Evolutionary Supreme.

"Whilst it is unique in Its function and location in planetary time/space, and although there are seemingly great distances between these "God Children", it cannot exist without the present Total of the Supreme Being. And likewise, the present Total of the Supreme Being would be less complete if it were missing just one of its "God Children" - just one of these vast assemblies of aggregated part-functioning neurons clusters, this in your language.

"Added to all endowments is a developing personality factor, and an entity/specific capability, that is then also dependent on ongoing local planetary experiences. "Each and every one of us on our world has contributed. Those there are continuing to contribute to the development of a by-now much more advanced local Offspring of the Supreme God of spacetime, than is yet here the case. And although our world suffered none of the drastic spiritual upheavals of your world, there were primitive beginnings, barbaric episodes, and there was much warfare in its long-ago history as part and parcel of the evolutionary process of that unit (planet).

"To this I must add that our Planetary Supreme Child, even so still an Embryo, is reaching a forward status and will, already recognizably so, become a somewhat stabilizing Individual in the enormous Grouping of Planetary Offspring that makes up the Total Supreme -- the Overarching Supreme. "I wanted to bring you this lesson, and first of all because I simply wanted to be with you, and in communication, and also because it is judged to be time for some of those you communicate with to realize there is more - something extra - that eventuates, beyond their building their soul-selves by living their lives in the Father's care, and lastly to satisfy a questioning mind.

"It is not simply the Spirit and mind at work in unison that produce lasting soul-selves for the temporary human shells, but additionally, a very real but tiny "donation" towards a new emerging Reality that is the Creator Himself in the process of, and so with the help of you all, reproducing Himself in great variety once again in the arena of time in space - the slow birth of the Supreme Being - the emerging Actuality taking steps toward perfection.

"That which is positive in your lives is emergent, that which is negative is of experience only, and that which is mundane is of no consequence here, as these perfecting Planetary Gods amass incredible wisdom, and one might truly say that the Father, the Prime Source of all life, is together with you mortals and all others, evolving a new species of God Beings.

"And yet, as much as we are diverse individuals, and as much as these planetary Supreme Children will become distinct Individuals, they will all be equal and perfected, and each a part of one immeasurably wise, immeasurably beneficial Supreme Being. And this is just as you live with, and in the Father.

"And I personally share with you (referring to an earlier conversation), as do many, the theory that in time They will also greatly and positively impact on life in the gigantic conglomerations of universes that we now observe being fashioned beyond our borders.


"I thank you for the time we spent in communication, in cooperation, and for your oft expressed appreciation for myself as a Teacher to you, and a Servant to our Michael.

"This is Samuel. Carry on."

George: "Thank you, Samuel. I do!"


That earlier conversation also dealt with a short vision of processing a small photographic test strip for a large photograph yet to be made, then making the actual photograph, and treasuring both items on completion. The tiny test strip that was also worth keeping represented our present evolving universes. They're good, too, and definitely worth owning, these little "trial" universes. The 11:11 lists have many subscribers - some very advanced, some quite new. For some of you there is a little news here, but for many there is a lot. I think Samuel was quite explicit and clear to all in his delivery. Certainly using a good comparison. I'm told the Teachers know all subscribers well. Awesome!