2002-10-27-Allowing Father To Guide Us

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Topic: Allowing Father To Guide You

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Lydia

TR: Diana, Elasha



Trust, Guidance

(TR: Diana) I am Abraham, Greetings. I am so excited to see all of you gathered here this evening for our weekly lesson. When we think upon the concept of divine assurance, we can be certain that Father allows us to experience our feelings, hopes and desires as we walk along the path toward Paradise. He would never leave us in jeopardy of losing our way, but always provide that helping hand to us when we fear we are losing our away.

I am most pleased with your discussion earlier concerning walking the path practically without using art or mysticism to bring about change within the hearts and minds of those you pass in your daily lives. Being a light for Michael is the primary purpose of our mission here. We all aspire to be closer to Him in the way that we teach and present our lessons to you each week. Each of you has done well to incorporate those small steps of trusting Father's way to guide you along toward Him.

This week I would like to focus on the concept of allowing Father to guide you closer without knowing your way. It is very difficult for humans to let go of their control when they seem to place their total reliance on their own ability to make their way in this life. From an early age, you are taught to achieve the goals that are set for you, to believe that if you set goals that they will be accomplished, and to organize every moment of your day so that you know what will happen next.

How can Father guide you into places unknown and unseen unless you allow yourself to release your control over the many aspects of your lives? Father requires you to submit yourself to His control, His guidance and His way. Of course you have a choice, your free will, but to obscure Father's ability to provide you with His guidance and direction prohibits you from learning His lessons.

Once, when I was a child, I learned that if I were to do certain things for my father he would show me affection, and care for me. He would show me great appreciation and respect for accomplishing this feat. When I was older I realized that when I ascribed to certain beliefs they tended to bring about a desired result as well. It was not until my lessons with Machiventa that I learned of the possibility of learning without achieving, of being led where I did not know the terrain. I am certain if you closed your eyes and allowed yourself to be led you know not where, your mind would revolt, your body would stammer, and your hands would shake. This is complete surrender, my friends, giving yourself into the hands of one who loves you without boundary, who cares for your every move, who patiently waits for you to let go of your control and allow him to be the center of your life. There is no greater love. He awaits for the space in your life to let Him in.

This week contemplate the amount of time you spend in arranging your life. How much time do you spend in letting Father take control and show you where He leads you? Do you open yourself to the possibility that if Father loves you above all else, why would He not lead you into a warm and loving space, with limitless possibilities and potential for growth? I am willing to take a few questions.



EMILY: Abraham, do you have any advice for me this week as I try this on? Even the thought of giving up my control of my life completely terrifies me, and do you have any advice on I can practice this this week.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, I would say that you have practiced well, and practice leads toward confidence. Releasing control of your expectations does not mean that you have to surrender yourself to the sense that it is all or nothing. Practice prepares us in mastery. Surrender allows us to receive whatever Father has in store. Your ability to sing has been honed by your diligence and your in-born talent. I ask you to believe yourself capable of supporting your talent on Father's capable shoulders. He will carry you wherever you will learn and grow to be a part of the glorious experience that life has to offer. Does this answer?

EMILY: What do you mean by diligence? When you say that singing has been honed by my diligence and in-born talent?

ABRAHAM: When you practice your skill, do you find time to rehearse and continue your studies to improve your voice?

EMILY: Yea. I haven't rehearsed my voice for 3 years though; I haven't actually studied that aspect. I play the piano more.

ABRAHAM: I misunderstood. The results to your question are the same, regardless of whether I was referring to one skill or another. Repeat your question then if you will.

EMILY: When I hear the word diligence, I think more of control. I think more of practicing regardless of whether I want to or not. I am wondering if this is something that I should continue to do, or how can I be diligent and release control at the same time?

ABRAHAM: Diligence is a persistence to accomplish a task, true. However, when you wish to improve a skill of any kind, it requires a sense of using your innate ability and coordinating that with Father's direction. You can diligently pursue seeking this divine connection without controlling your results. I suggest that you listen to Father every time you go to practice. It does take time and effort to master a particular skill, but allowing Father' s presence in between the lines instead of forcing yourself to practice when you feel it is intuitively wrong is another matter altogether. Does this answer? (Yes, thanks for taking that time.) You're welcome.

LOU ANN: Hi, Abraham. I am Lou Ann. Thank you for this moment, this time. Calvin, told me that I have a spiritual name. Thanks for letting me be about myself for a minute and I would like to know about it or know if you have any feelings or direction for me?

ABRAHAM: This transmitter does not feel confident enough to give you your spiritual name; however, I will take the moment to welcome you and tell you that I feel you are progressing well. I am certain that you will receive your name at another time, but know that you are treasured and we look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome to our group. (Thank you) One more question?

SIMON: Abraham, this has been something I have been working on and I really appreciate the lesson, and it helps clarify things for me. Moving into the positive mode of hearing and doing the Father's will and the positive nature of it, the attraction of it, the feeling, the intuition, a little vision of being moved into these different places and patiently awaiting that, and in the mean time living in faith or what have you. Could you speak a little bit more about the drawing into the actual, 'Let's do this now' sort of feelings as I relate to my experience?

ABRAHAM: That is exactly what the lesson concerns. That you give yourself the space to feel those gentle urges to look in new spaces, to feel and experience new things, to allow Father supreme guidance over your path. You have done well to discover these small and simple ways in which Father speaks to you. That is all.

Know that I am with more love for you each day and will visit you during your journaling time if needed. I am slipping. I thank you for letting me be a part of your group each week. I so enjoy these gatherings and your enthusiasm for living the life of faith on Urantia. Until next time, Shalom.

Gender, Balance

(TR: Elasha) I am Lydia. Greetings. I have long awaited to visit with you this evening for it is with great joy that I meet you, and it is my great desire that you know that I am here. I would like you to know me, and I welcome any associations with you that you may be open to receiving from me. I have many things that I am desirous to share with you and am able to provide you with great insight into your lives here on Urantia, for my experiences have been of a similar nature on my world.

I would like you to understand that it matters not the vessel through which we communicate with you for I understand there is resistance on the parts of some minds who can only accept things according to how they perceive they should be.

Understand that the message is one and is ultimately from the Father regardless of the person who speaks them, for we are all One and share the same love towards you that the Father shares and desires that you should progress smoothly upon your life's path.

Know that I sit here with great concern for you for I feel your struggles, your heartaches, your frustrations and pains in working through your life lessons and am here to assist you should you so allow. Please feel free to seek me out and do not be put off that I am a woman, for there must be balance in all things. The time is coming upon Urantia wherein there is a great rebalancing and restructuring upon the earth and the grids around her which hold in tact the mass consciousness and the overall belief patterns of the race. Historically, there has been a great imbalance wherein the feminine energy has not been understood nor acknowledged, and it is time for this to come forth in balance and for her to be heard. Understand that each of you have within you the feminine energies and the feminine balance which are a part of your inherent makeup.

It is of importance that men understand this also. In doing so, they may open up a greater connection into Mother and can understand her role in their lives which in turn may be projected outward so that they may understand the women in their lives, and have greater compassion and understanding for them in what they go thru in their life experience. In doing so you may find greater compassion, understanding and forgiveness both towards yourself and the women in your lives.

Know that Mother desires your connection with her and I am here to assist you in facilitating this, for it is a great need at this time. Do not feel that you are alone in a female-less creation. It is only the perception and illusion upon this planet, which has pervaded for some time. The reality is that there are two genders. I desire that you understand this for in coming to this you may experience and perceive a softening of your hearts which will open up great peace and balance within you of which you seek. Know that I am here to stay. For it is time that you understand and open up to the Mother and her energies to allow the healing that may be facilitated through her. I am grateful for your willingness and patience to allow me to visit with you this evening for the message that I have been waiting for you to receive is an important one and one which I will not rest until I have fulfilled my mission.


I am grateful for your presence and look forward to knowing you and sharing private moments with you for you may come to me whenever you so desire in your private times as well as in private groupings. I wish for you a pleasant and peaceful evening and thank you for your time and willingness to hear me. Shalom.