2002-11-03-Joy of Existence

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Topic: Joy of Existence

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, What About Bob

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: Dorenda (Elena) on Piano, "The Light of the World is Jesus"

Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher. We come to you with everything on our minds and our hearts, but not as burdens but as simply statements of our being. We place them before you, with and in your care, and know that we can trust and entrust everything to you, that there is no worry, there is no care, for all is provided.

The faith that we practice is what you taught us to do. The way we pray is what you led us to and we recommit ourselves to your purposes and that of our Heavenly Father, now and always and ask for the teachers that you present to us today with the message that has been chosen for our hearing.

We are forever grateful and ask for the protection of those that we know and love in their upward progression toward you as well.

And with all else that is not spoken, we place before you. Amen.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good afternoon, lovely ones. It is good to be here with you.

Anatolia and I and many others are gathered with you and the beautiful light that you shine from the love that radiates from your combined and individual illumination.



How I enjoy observing your love expressed as you begin to learn of the Father and reveal him in your loving associations with your trusted friends. The love that your group imparts to its members and its visitors is such a reality as to give meaning to the phrase 'the light of truth.' The charming musical outpouring of our beloved pianist, Elena, demonstrates the joyous and personal light of the love of Jesus, the personification of Deity. When you release your personality in joy of living, of loving, of personally revealing the divine light in you, you together, become as a city set upon a hill as a beacon of light to the surrounding area.

We are honored to be part of the community-building effort you develop and demonstrate in your trust of the Divine overcare and influence of God our Father, eternal Parents, Infinite Mother Spirit, and those creations of which they are a part. Happy are we to be a part of the Family of God. Happy are you too, when you reach into yourselves to discover all that you are and all that you can be. We witness your resolution in your civilization which constitutes the material life n the spirit. Happiness is bound up in spiritual growth but you need not wait until you are settled in Light and Life or fused with your Adjuster before you can begin to enjoy the fruits of the spirit in your lives, in serving the fruits of the spirit to those who hunger for truth, as you pass by.

All of you are benefited by an appreciation of the material reality that is you, as well as the spiritual reality you are becoming. In fact, your material life is greatly enhanced, ennobled and made more as a result of your belief in, and connection with, and representation of, a God consciousness.

Learning about yourself and about others is a part of the joy of the existence you now are engaged upon. The mortal life. You would err if you were to put off to some future tomorrow, what is totally attainable today.

Let me introduce Bob, again, to you, that he might discuss further with you the elements of the 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits, which are Ministers to the mortal races and to the animal level of existence, encircuiting the animal with circuits of Mother Spirit.

One moment please.

BOB: What About Bob?

The Teachers

"Who is Bob?" (speaking to Janet, who sought answers to many questions last week as to who Bob is) Precious one, do you know me now? Do you recognize that I am a visitor? I am a cherubim. I am accompanied today and always by my counterpart (Lady) who is a sanobim. Cherubim and sanobim are complimentary beings, working in pairs very much like you and your husband. Cherubim and sanobim are complimentary and, using your imperfect words, reflect the 'opposites' of existence such that when one is hot the other is cold, when one is black the other is white, when one is high the other is low, when one is passive the other is aggressive, when one is dominant the other is submissive and thus between the two of us we have all available reality -- to expand, enlarge and enhance each other's appreciation of what can be, either by working against each other or by working with each other.

At one time I remember Tomas indicating we would have some lessons, in the future, having to with relationship with male and female and the necessity of accepting that dichotomy as yet another dimension of existence, such as a Lady and I have together, a matter of opposites attempting to be sufficiently cooperative as to amalgamate into an intelligent union of such balance and compliment that when one is passive the other is aggressive, when one is dominant the other is submissive, when one is black the other is white, when one is hot the other is cold, and that's the dance of life as a duet, a pas de deux, that is unique unto that particular configuration of two. In this you are complete.

Let me point out that you are a complete couple, a complete pair, a complete duo, a complete balance. But each of you are complete as an entity in yourself. And I don't want to invite unnecessary illusion or romantic fantasy, when that is not my intent. My intent is to help you understand your natures, for when you understand yourself you can better understand your fellows, and when you better understand your fellows, you can more likely love them. And this stems from the essential lesson: that you have learned to love yourself in a manner befitting a child of God, an appendage of perfection, an extension of divinity, a child of infinity, offspring of love itself.

In that context you are lifted, ennobled and made more than a mere mass of material. And let me clarify here too, that by saying "a mere mass of material" I am in no way negating the miracle of the material existence. The fact of Jesus is a fact which astounds us still. His having been born of woman, being material. It was only an evolving material world until He became one of you and we began to see the potential possible in the humans of time and space. That example enhanced any previous perception of evolution in our studies of the material dimension.

You may have some glimmer of how remarkable it is that your spirits indwell such a material tabernacle, but I am confident you have very slim appreciation of how truly fantastic an experience it is you are having. I have only my perspective to lend you but from my perspective I have never ceased to be amazed over the human animal and its idiosyncrasies and its brilliance.

Adjutant Mind Spirits

We've been discussing the Spirit of Intuition. We've talked a little bit about impulse as life itself - the impulse to live. The reality of the life the Mother instigated for you, which the Life Carriers implanted in you, and from which you have emerged, evolved, up through the ages through the eras of evolution, including through protozoan, reptilian, amphibian, through the many ages and advancements until such time as the animal, vegetable and mineral realms were clearly definable. What an astounding environment it is in which you live! And how amazing it is to observe how you, as an evolving species, have learned to adapt and interact with others -- animal, vegetable and mineral -- and even among your own kind in gender difference, as a start.

That has not begun to tell you how amazing it is to observe your behavior as product of evolving cultures and peoples.

As was mentioned, in hope of attaining peace -- so as not to be constantly at odds with one another and assuming territoriality or superiority over one another -- without constant defense or competition, would that you would learn to wrest some pacific understanding of your sameness and your potential greatness.

You here are becoming greater because of your freedom to express your love for one another. Imagine if this were reflected on a global basis. What an illuminating light you would be in the galaxy. We are here to assist that process.

Some of you, when you think of the urge of life, the impulse of life, think only of impulse buying. And indeed, buying is a material response to the impulse to live. It is to amass material for pleasure, security against want in the future, as adornment and acknowledgment of attainment. It is the common appreciation of impulse. You share this impulse with squirrels and many other intelligent animal species. But as you become evolved and incorporate in your capacity the gift of reason (that which enables you to be accounted as a human being, a Homo sapiens, the highest of the evolved creatures in your realm) you can begin to see that the impulse of life is also to be of service, to help in times of trouble, to nurture and save from stress. This urge of life is that which is your life force. All of you have a life force. Understand this about yourself, that your urge to live is not simply the Indwelling Spirit. You have this (life force) in and of your own right.

The Spirit of Intuition enables you to sense, to feel, to perceive things around you; enables you to adapt and adjust. It is what enables you to survive, to inveigle your way into situations which will secure your existence, even lend pleasure and promote reality. This is the Spirit of Intuition. In terms of Chakras, you might equate it to the first Chakra - the urge to live - that urge at the base of the spine which is said to be the root of life, depicted as passionate red, the color of anger, the color of fire, the color of passion, the color of "real". When you see people behaving in red, you are witnessing the first chakra, the urge to live, the spirit of impulse, the spirit of instinct, The Spirit of Intuition. It is not reason or emotion or understanding but an essential existence.

Let's move up to orange. In the chakra system, orange is the color of building, producing. In the Adjutant Mind Spirits, the 2nd Spirit is the Spirit of Understanding. All of you understand the need to do something, the need to be somebody, the quality of reality that puts you all here in this format, this time and this space. Whether you understand this consciously or not is irrelevant. You have a sense of understanding.

So the Spirit of Understanding is not an understanding of, say, physics or mathematics. It is not an intellectual "understanding". It is a knowing. It is an understanding that allows you to have a sense of rightness or wrongness about a situation. "I see," you say to your yourself, "I understand. I observe conflict. I don't appreciate the conflict but I understand. I see the two points of view. I see that they are having a difficult time making resolution. I understand."

Your survival instinct would keep you from involving yourself in such a foray, but your urge to overpower another might invite you to attend a foray with gusto. And understanding that everyone's response is different is also understanding.

Look at understanding in your own consciousness this next week. Think about the definition of understanding that I am encouraging you to see by an appreciation of the Spirit of Understanding, remembering that animals, cats dogs, otherwise share with you this circuitry, this Value Level. Such as, a dog will lie on his back and put his feet up understanding that the other dog is bigger, has dominance. This is elemental understanding. There is no argument. That's just the way it is. There's no judgment. There's no shame. That's just a fact of the material existence.

The problem with carrying on an on-going lesson scheme is that it runs the risk of seeming fragmented. But just let my words come to you over the course of time and let me help you understand yourself as a creature of the realm, as a material being. Even while and as Tomas, Anatolia and others are helping you to investigate and grasp the reality of your spirit essence, another dimension of your reality that gives you your wealth. I'll see you next week.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: We have a really full house here this afternoon. How marvelous it is to have such an assortment of personalities engrossed in the development of the Students of Reality. Just like you all enjoy a visit to the nursery to observe the newborn infant discovering life and grasping the teat of its own existence. In such company I am humbled.

I turn the podium over to Anatolia, who awaits.

ANATOLIA: Good afternoon, my friends, relatives and companions along the way. I am Anatolia and await your endowed presence, here in the room where we meet, again, upon this fine Sunday afternoon.

It's grand from my perspective, with the view that I have of your world, as perhaps you wish you could see it. The beauty of your planet is like a gem dangling before a bright and powerful light. The sparkles, the angles, the delightful current of color and dimensional splendor is something that far surpasses anything that you can describe. And this is just the beginning of what you have to experience.

When you get the opportunity to look back at where you came from, when you get the opportunity to apprehend where you were, you will better understand and have capability to envision and imagine where you are going to be. For I would for you to know, and my lesson for today, focuses on the perspective one should have in their forward view of life in the spirit. This view is one which, just having briefly described, is just a sample of what adventures there are before you.

Imagine, if you will, a child eager to play -- at around the age of 4 or 5, in that vicinity -- and if you will, or can recall (which is not at all difficult for any of you) … imagine at that age what you were like in your anticipation of your going out to play.

You have every opportunity in the world to partake in all of the expressions and all of the opportunities for life to be expressed at that rare and tender age. Know what it was like to have the enthusiasm pent up, to want to break loose to get into that sandbox in the back yard -- the one that you knew was being prepared for you. That even your Sunday Best would not have kept you from breaking out into the crisp summer morning air to get into that sandbox to experience.

It is not unlike that which you have to experience. Yet, in your forward glance, your advance focus view of life to come, I wish for you not to simply understand what I'm saying as a forward and advanced look - as if it is somehow separated you from your current state of mind and being, for surely it is the same life that you view and have your being that you will have your future being. Nevertheless, I wish for you to know that it is a transition and a transformation toward greater and enhanced light-bearing that you have to look forward to. You now view yourselves essentially as beings of matter, of having weight and density. That is your manner in relating to the world in which you find yourselves. This is the primary transition point from which you have to look forward to. Know that -- as that child knew that the sandbox was being prepared for his or her use -- and regardless of what you were wearing or what prohibition may have been there for you to have gone out into the yard in your better, non-play-worthy clothes, know too that your embracing of the light that you are, and becoming the light that you are as a transitory being in the vast and glorious creation, is just like that child breaking into the back yard and getting into the brand new sandbox.

So, be with me as we go forward into the land of sand and play. Bring your shovels and your buckets because there is plenty to see and much to do. I encourage your continued growth, here and now, and know that as you view your opportunities and lessons of learning, you will begin to see even these lessons, here on earth, as opportunities to handle shovel and buckets. For each and every day and every moment of living and appreciating is living in a new dimension. So prepare yourselves well, here and now, and be one with all things. Be cheerful, above all else, for when you find there was no reason to be otherwise, you will be aghast.

Be friendly, kind, and above all, loving, to and among yourselves. For without the love and support of family and friends, you are not experiencing the love that you are.

Peace be with you, and all is well.


Group: (Thank you's)

Janet: That analogy was interesting…a sandbox as a child.

TOMAS: The eternal sandbox in the sky. Yes, indeed. All of you will be children for quite a long time and there is, indeed, much to play with and about. In this eternal career it is not all serious business because there are opportunities built in along the way for your reversion. Are there questions?


Elena: I have a question for Bob, regarding understanding and knowing…. I gather he was saying that there are things that we will just know and understand and I was thinking that understanding would take effort and that you would grow into understanding … rather than it being something you already have or know.

TOMAS: Let me get Bob.

BOB: You are right, there is effort involved in attaining understanding and the more effort you have invested, the greater your understanding. However, even the elementals are able to understand certain elementary reality.

Elena: Like - [unintelligible]..?

BOB: This may sound "far fetched" but I'm going to delve into a dimension of reality that is being observed and recorded by your neo-sciences and that has to do with the stimulation plants are subjected to, as well as animals. Those things, those energies, those impulses, that encourage a flowering, or discourage life. You know what I'm talking about?

Elena: Yes, I do.

BOB: You have an understanding then, of the science as well as the truth of the science, which is that if you hate something and belittle it and discourage it and abuse it, it will shrivel and recoil from you, and if that is its only influence, it will recoil to the point of death. However, if you manifest indifference or encouragement it will have a different response. It will understand the environment. It will understand that it (the environment) is friendly or unfriendly and it will act accordingly.

And this is the elemental level of understanding I am discussing. I am not concerned so much about the science itself as what the truth of the science is, you see. As you understand, in your mind, these concepts -- your understanding of them grows and will continue to grow, even into Paradise, long after you have lost all animal vestiges.

But this because the Adjutant Mind Spirits are circuits - actual energy reality that is a part of your composition, you who are of animal origin.

So yes, you are correct.

In this same context you can appreciate that those who have not studied life fully and extensively, who have not perceived their place in life, who have not understood themselves as an animal being indwelt by Divinity, have not got the constitution to understand with the same capacities that you have.

You will understand more than a child about some things, if only because of your experience. Even though, its also true that sometimes children have a more acute understanding of the spirit of things than those of you who have grown up and become more conditioned by factual actualities and therefor have lost some of the childlike quality that is inherent in the young. You are able to understand the innocence of the child and their perspective. That is an advantage of experiential living.

Elena: I think that pretty much deals with what I was thinking but you made a comment about knowing what your life's purpose was and that kinda raised a red sign…like, "why am I?"…so that answers what I was curious about. Thank you.

BOB: You have caused me to question. I am not aware of my reference to your words indicating I said the Spirit of Understanding would lead you into knowing how to live your life.

However, Thoroah would know something of this because of our consciousness discussions. Something about fulfillment of the Self.

Thoroah: Seth called that Value Fulfillment.

BOB: Value-fulfillment, yes. The recognition that as you become that which you are inherently intended to be, even with and including your animal origin nature and cultural conditioning, it is becoming yourself in its fullest. It is understanding how to follow the Spirit of Truth. It is seeing which way to go, it is seeing that you are a piano player and not an organ player (a reference to a conversation prior to the transmitting session), and understanding what is good for you and right for you and what is not. That's a part of the encircuitment of the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Understanding.

It is enhanced and made more because of your experience. You didn't know you weren't an organ player until you experienced it. Even though your Spirit of Intuition may have predisposed you to that conclusion. See?

Elena: I see. Thank you.

BOB: These are very intimate, these Adjutant Mind Spirits. They're very personal. But they are so often glossed-over in your culture conditioning and your social mores. They are ignored or discarded. And in truth, they are the building block of the self-mastered entity who is perfectly willing, then, to follow the Spirit of Truth. Not his own Spirit of Intuition or his own Spirit of Understanding. But until you know what 'your own' are, and have mastered them, you will not have mastered yourself sufficiently to be able to follow the Spirit of Truth where ever it leads.

And this is the purpose of my course of study with you. Those are my remarks for the day, I return you to your host.

Carl: I was interested in the comment about the color red.


Carl: To us (referencing his North American Indian heritage) it's the Cardinal Point of the East, the color red denotes understanding, wisdom, victory.

TOMAS: This is also where the sun comes up (Carl: Yes.) The brilliant red ball of life breaking through the darkness.

Yes. Very good point, well taken. The symbolisms of the evolving race of man is a fiesta of perceptions, a full-blown Panavision, Technicolor presentation of the dimensions of living. All glorious and wondrous. All sacred in its own right. Each another costume in the spectacle of beholding reality. All related. All reaching for the same Ultimate Reality and each representing its own precious perspective on Pattern. (pause)

Have there been instances during the week that have caused you concern or consternation that you would bring to your elders?

It seems your Spirits of Intuition and Understanding are serving you well. At least to this extent. It seems there are no further discourses in line for the afternoon. I will pause, lest something bubble up.

Janet: Well, don't you think that a lot of people, as they grow older, get old and stodgy and not interested in much of anything? Or the other kind who are constantly exploring and looking for things and finding interest in a lot of different things and then they stay young, in spite of the years.

TOMAS: There is much to be said for both mind-sets. However, the one who is open to learning is indeed made more agreeable by its willingness to pursue new fields of exploration, not settling on any one particular field of interest or pattern of behavior.

There are those who call me 'stodgy' because I have certain mind-sets about which I cannot be coerced from. They have come about as a result of my experience, of which I am entitled. But I am also open to further explorations and new experiences. Some never develop a consecration to a reality such that it can be built upon, or tested, and they remain forever young but forever immature.

And so there is merit to maintaining a mental approach toward being nurtured on the vine as the grapes are nurtured on the vine. Eventually well formed. Distinctive. Uniquely developed and perfected as what it is, even while providing extensive variety of what can be done with the fruits of its labors. Exploring the many varieties of wine and jelly and pastries and pollen that can be gotten from its unique nature.


So once again we see the merits of the hot and the cold, pro and the con, the high and the low, the white and the black, the passive, the aggressive and so forth, finding value in all that is and finding balance in all that prevails.

Wishing you a balanced week, we embrace you in the fullness of our affection and send you into the sandbox of your dispensation.

From those of us in the sphere hovering over and around you, amen and Farewell.

Group: (Thank you's all around.)