2002-11-22-Two Gifts At Work In Unison

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Topic: Two Gifts At Work in Unison

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: George Barnard



George: "You have your very own chair now, and there's a soft cushion to boot, Mathew. There should be no further complaints coming from the Midwayer ranks. Try feeling at home in our home, my dear friend."

Mathew: "Our greetings to you, sister and brother. We are many here assembled, and I am not the speaker on this eve."

Michael: "This is Michael. On this evening, I rejoice in your taking the time to be with me, although in effect, and largely unnoticed, you are always with me and of me. The clear division between one human personality and another you understand there to be in the physical realm is significantly less so in the morontial (soul) state.


"In the spiritual realm personalities are even more in an "at one-ness", in the sense that contact and energy, love and acceptance of self and others reaches out over all distances for all spiritual children of the Father, the Eternal Son, and Mother Spirit. And so it can be said that although you are my children and those of Mother Spirit, that we always remain a part of you, as the creation that you are remains a part of us.

"From my eternal viewpoint we can never be apart. From your time/space perspective you draw ever closer to me with each step you take, and each decision you make, to become a more spiritual being in reaching for the Father. My energy reaches out to you, my Spirit of Truth works many wonders at appropriate and needful times. And as one might say, stay relaxed and intuitive and in that you have largely explained the utilization of my Spirit of Truth.

"So much more can be achieved by all working together for the advancement of your planet towards Light and Life, and by your emulating in the physical realm the way Spirit reaches out and across all time and times. Be in tune and reach out to your well-meaning brothers and sisters with an ability so greatly enhanced through the discernments of the Spirit of Truth, coupled with the, for you, so very essential life-saving animal instinct we know as intuition -- the lower of gifts bequeathed to the animal kingdom -- combined with this, one of the Highest Gifts, and with these two gifts at work in unison

"Reach out with this perceptive awareness to the many who are hungry for our words, our love, our dedication.

"I applaud you both for your persistent efforts towards achieving your chosen goals. I express my absolute gratitude to those who assist you in these tasks. And I celebrate the positive forward steps made by your many new friends who have recently come to show themselves to be of greater maturity and deeper insight because of my Teachers' words, and their having more patience and forbearance now with those who are of judicious natures and quick to respond to their narrowly defined credos.

"You will find that as the end of the year draws near, and a new year begins, that a greater number in your growing group will attain improved contact with their Celestial Teachers, and that their faith, moreover, shall be greatly strengthened.

"And I promise you this also; that many selected specialists will venture to connect with you, and each time I shall be there with them, and with you always, upon your calling.

"Partake of my love and light, courage and perseverance, and impart it to the many who hunger for my words. Trust in my unending devotion for every one of my children with not a single one excluded, as I treasure you all - those who work for the good, and those who work against me - those who know my name, and those who will know it not.


"I thank you for coming to me with great affection, as I come to you now. This is your older Brother, your Friend, and your Creator. This is Michael."

George: "Thank you, Michael. Thank you Mathew, and all."