2002-12-01-The Brotherhood

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Topic: The Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your combined good thoughts and energy certainly aids in our good connection. It is quite apparent that you each are desiring the good of the whole. Many of you here this evening, and throughout the Teaching Mission, have somewhat grown up together in your spiritual careers. You can look back at many instances that brought some bitterness, harsh words, petty differences, but always have you each brought one another growth and expanded understanding.


This evening we will discuss the Brotherhood in relation to self-mastery. You must admit that your relationships are probably your greatest challenge while trying to attain self-mastery. Certainly by now you are understanding how those On High may bring people together to learn specific lessons and facilitate spiritual growth.

During your traditional holiday season many attempt to focus on kindness and goodwill, some donate material goods, some volunteer hours of time to certain charities, many over spend on gifts to show love. While this is striving for a higher good, can you see how this season does tend to bring out an animalistic side in individuals? What is normally supposed to be a season of goodwill is very much a challenge to those who are making effort to attain self-mastery.

During this time it is common to have higher stress levels to meet demands that are set by tradition, and all the while attempt to fit the good feelings of knowing the Savior was born at this time on your world. What a season to challenge those who are attempting to master the animalistic tendencies and embrace a higher mindedness. There are always good intentions of course, but those intentions are not backed by reality. The feeling of goodwill toward men becomes buried by material obligation, stress from pressure, by tradition.

This time of year will be a good time to practice personal self-mastery with your fellows. My first recommendation is taking a look at the person you truly are. Are you that person with everyone you meet? Note how those issues you have with others may be a particular lesson Father is trying to arrange. Next I would recommend that you see all others as a parent would see them. See yourself as the Father would see you.

Know that all struggle, all have need to meet demands, all have need for love and a freedom from fear. Also when you come into a discomforting situation with another, be observant like a third party. Rush not into these situations with unbridled emotion. Think about that deeper meaning that would chance to come to you if you are indeed open.

When dealing with your fellows who seem to be in emotional upheaval, plant a thought in them: 'What is the lesson here? What are we supposed to be learning from this situation? What is the real reason behind emotional outbursts?' Many individuals meet with circumstances that have attachment to past painful events, and maybe not consciously act out their frustration, but certainly there is pain that magnifies the present situation.

Anyone anywhere at anytime could be a potential lesson for you and you for them. You are one another’s teachers, one another’s reflection of good or evil. With combined love and unity there is an unstoppable energy that promotes healing and well-being for the individual, as well as for the whole. Many people do not understand the power they possess to either help or hurt another. You children are definitely directors of destiny and can change any situation to good or bad.


This week let us concentrate on self-mastery techniques concerning our fellows. Can you bring out a higher good in those you know? Can you be your true self without fear? Can you be honest and yet tactful? During trying situations can you remain observant and open to spirit connection? Father gave you one another not to be a burden, but a source of abundance. This week make effort to have discussion on this topic. No questions this week, perhaps next. Know that I am with ever growing love for you each. Until next time, shalom.