2002-12-29-Blanket of Love

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Topic: Blanket of Love

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean



Music: Pianist, Dorenda. "Angels We Have Heard on High"

ANATOLIA: I am Anatolia. Good afternoon, my friends and family. I am here in lieu of Matthew who is kind enough to focus us on our format such that we are ready to begin. Let me take his place today and lead you in prayer, that we may focus on our purpose here, and gather in our interests to determine what we shall feed the soul of you today.

Comrade and companion, Michael, please come in and bless this group of Soldiers of the Circle. In your presence we rejoice in the knowledge that you are one with us and that you are the Way Shower. We willingly follow your lead. We know of your mercy and we long for greater love which you are able to reveal to us by your relationship with our Father in heaven.

Touch these beautiful mortal children of God today in grace. Guide us in the perceptions which would most benefit our heart which beats in you. We cordially invite you and your creations into our arena this afternoon to conjoin with us in fellowship, praise, study and worship of that which is in you and of you. Amen.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good afternoon. I have on my lips, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" I feel very much like Santa Claus this afternoon surrounded by your happy childlike faces. The radiance of your good cheer is a light indeed. Your calm composure is a comfort in the maelstrom of humanity. The strength garnered from your combined energies and personalities presents a reality from which you may diverge into your separate ways in service to Him who has sent us.

'Angels we have heard on high,' yearn, still, to be heard even more. The propensity is to appeal to God and His Agents when you are troubled or stressed. But the true child of God also turns his face to Divinity with rejoicing. How wonderful it is to have such a community here today. Dear Rachel and Nathaniel, precious students, what a joy it is to be able to greet you and to make again the acquaintance of your precious child, daughter of God in potential.


Rachel: Thank you, Tomas. It's nice to feel your presence again. Been a long time.

Esmeralda: Tomas, we also have, Myra…isn't it Myra? ….Myra, back with us. We're awfully glad to have her back with us.

TOMAS: Myra, dear, I was, of course, intending to acknowledge you and to admit my delight at your return to the fold. But as a worker in the field, it is completely understood that when the needs are great, we serve by following the Need. Only when our Need is great do we turn with conviction to that which we need to uphold ourselves.

Esmarelda: And then, Tomas, we can add two more additions to our group today: Deborah and Don from Salt Lake.

TOMAS: We do, indeed.

Thoroah: I'll bet Tomas didn't know that.

TOMAS: We do, indeed, have with us the Hostess with the Mostest. My dear, how good it is to be of good cheer with you again, as well.


Yes, travelers from Abraham's neighborhood, welcome, indeed, to this base of operations. The thread, if I may, of weaving a tapestry of brotherhood of men and women throughout the nation and the globe, is evidenced in your gathering today. The 'Angels on High' are those who wield the knitting needles and crochet hooks that merge you into this weaving of company, which creates the connections of fraternity that enhances the global recognition of God and fosters the reality of Light and Life.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you cultivate these associations with each other. They become reality because you have forged the association for eternity by recognizing the eternal nature of your friendships as children of God destined to work in His vineyards for eternity. And knowing each other for eternity, it is a momentous and noteworthy moment when you make your first acquaintance and commit yourself to that friendship, that bond of association, by and through the Father, that will make your connections sufficiently strong and sustainable that eventually the network of associations has blanketed the planet in God's Love and Your Love for each other, thus, experientially, resulting in the Supreme, the God of Experience that you co-create.

What a travesty that your world cannot appreciate the recognition of the Father in such a way as to open the channels of Divine Grace that showers Itself upon you all. How many individuals intellectualize the theory of God or the association of human kinship, but without actualizing it in literal, experiential reality. How courageous of you to opt to follow, in faith, those prompts which open your consciousness to the interpretations of Divinity that gives Life to the concept of the I Am. It is very soon to be the celebration of an acknowledgment of a new year in your calendar time, and a New Season of Life for planet Earth. The global collective consciousness will be focused on the future. And as you fall in line, this upcoming week, with those with whom you work and play, in the arena which you serve, remember the sanctity of the reality of the association of sons and daughters of the Living God which enhances every other reality.

In this, rejoice, and be of good cheer, that your foundations and your subsequent society of believers, is confirmation of your recognition of the Light of Truth and your compunction to Live it, revealing the Father in heaven to his children on earth. This is the Gospel. This is our assignment, our privilege, our task and our joy.

Have a Happy New Year in service to the greatness and goodness of God and let me hear from you. (Pause.) Recognize the collective energies of the angels and ministering spirits who abide with us in this welcome configuration today. How many adventures have been performed since last we met? What insights have you garnered? What quandaries have you known? What questions does life pose to you that we might ponder them together for greater understanding of His will? (Long pause)

Did I neglect to welcome those of you who have been here all along? (big laugh from the group)


Esmarelda: Well, Tomas, the thing I have been wondering about this week is this cloning thing. The cloning that is supposedly going on right now …maybe it has been confirmed now…it sounded like it on the last news I heard…a little girl. What do you all think about that?

TOMAS: I think the concept feeds upon your tendency toward being scandal-mongers. You love this kind of thing. You get a controversy and beat it to death. Like an old bone, you chew it until it is in absentia.

Esmarelda: But, Tomas, what I'm wondering … is this in accordance with the Father's plan? If it is then it's fine but I was just wondering about that.

TOMAS: This is in 'accord' to this degree: it is upon you to extend your capacities into the realms of science and learning, creation, art, mathematics, medicine, physics and chemistry - whatever your creative consciousness can come up with in order for you to find your limitations and push your boundaries out to encompass greater truth, for there are limitations to what you can do, what you are allowed to do.

You cannot create life. God is the only one who can create life. And so while you may take the elements of your world -- be they animal, vegetable or mineral - and make compositions and concoctions to produce New material and New textures -- even to reproducing meat and growing organs! -- you cannot clone a Human Being, for the spirit is impossible of being mimeographed. Real Life is original and it comes from the Creator and through His plan. You need not worry that cloning will go so far as to compete with the miracles of God's Creation. There are limitations to your creative capacity, after all.

Have I addressed your concerns?

Esmarelda: Yes. You have. Thank you. 'Cause I really didn't know how I felt about this but I was mainly concerned about this being with the Father's approval.

TOMAS: If it were not it would not have happened.

Janet: I wouldn't think He'd be very happy about it. I'm certainly not happy myself. I don't think that science needs to go "that far."

TOMAS: It has not gone as far as it is touting.

Esmarelda: Thank you, Tomas.

Deborah: Tomas, beginning with you thought of fellowship and brotherhood and threads and weaving, I've been reading the Jesus Papers again...and I'm blown away that back then - 2,000 years ago - when he came and how hard it was for them to grasp the concepts then - it's even difficult now at times. I am just learning to love the Master more and more through day to day living and as a people we may get focused around Christmas or Easter or at Church and like after 9/11 I felt that we were really getting focused but I really appreciate the message to just go about our daily lives and do what we can.

TOMAS: You can best do that by keeping a solid frame of reference for your true reality, that which you are becoming, in association with your fellow soldiers, although it always heart-warming and sustaining to see how many ways God has, in fact, reflected himself in the lives of those of those who will respond to their indwelling adjusters, consciously or unconsciously, and delight in praising and worshiping that which extends beyond this reality. They, too, are a part of the tapestry. There are times when humanity is there for the religionist as there is the religionist being there for humanity. The more you become aware of this factor the more you share humble grace with your coordinates in the flesh.

But there is the dimension of revelation that culls like-minded individuals into collectives of common interests that bond its devotees unlike any other. There are cultural bonds, racial bonds, geographic bonds, recovery bonds, religious bonds and reality bonds. That which you bond with in the spirit is what comforts and upholds you in those times of experiential living between those occasions when you contact God direct for one-on-one consultation and gathering in energy and inspiration to carry on. Thus you are assured that one way or another you are companioned and you are not alone. This is elemental to every living thing, that you enjoy association as well as individuality.

Consciousness of consciousness is one of the elements that bonds this group. You know that you know and you can almost communicate certain concepts without words, even while putting it into words is not a conflict, not uncomfortable, because your essential bond is in the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of Divinity, not in what has evolved through the ages.

Paula: Can you imagine a cute little baby like this one (referring to little Rachel - just over one year old - whose presence has been obvious throughout the session) getting itself cloned out of a couple of things that they used in an experimental lab. To me its ridiculous and disgusting and dirty.

TOMAS: It would be demeaning, yes. For this child is unique unto herself and that is her birthright. As a child of God, He will not forsake her. Thus, fear not.


Elena: You mentioned going through a natural course of events and in that vein I have been dealing with mice in the house. I put out some D-con after thinking about it a lot and it seemed to me that there was no way around this. I thought about praying the mice away and all that - and this may be looked at as a trivial matter - but it was a big deal to me. It made me think about some other things too, like how praying is focusing on a situation but there seems to be no substitute for actually going through the physical steps in cases like this. So, I guess I'm asking how prayer and physical life can be coordinated because so many things in physical life seem unavoidable.

TOMAS: Many of these growth-inducing experiences will be necessary, for this, indeed, is how you develop wisdom and perfect your world. Perfection is hard to perceive, but it has to be sought … and you seek perfection in having a mouse-free environment. Thus you need to apply yourself intelligently to the task at hand, having determined "mice are unwelcome". There are many who have no problem with mice but the Huntavirus and other threats of disease are in order for you to consider the refinement of your environments, including mouse entrapment.

Cats would be the natural evolutionary solution and you are lamenting that you cannot pawn this job off on your cat. You have perhaps indulged your cat dietarily such that it has no use for 'common' food? I jest, in part. If there is a merciful execution, it would be merciful, but I don't recommend chemicals as a means of terrestrial escape under any circumstances.

You are feeling a compassion with this creature which shares with you an urge to live. You are feeling unfair - that you have an unfair advantage in size and intelligence. But you may find, before it's all over, that the mouse is as smart as you; it may just go next door. Do you see that I am saying that you are identifying through the First Adjutant Mind Spirit with the creatures of the realm? Your life is enhanced by that recognition.

In time you will deal with these situations in ways which will be good solution and not cause you any disturbance for you will have gone on to new challenges and new quandaries to consider. Indeed, all of eternity is an extended laboratory, in terms of cosmic problem solving. The curriculum of the [[Melchizedek University]] is not only poetry and philosophy and fine art - it also involves zoology, chemistry and the like. Comprende?

Elena: Si. Muchas gracias.

TOMAS: De nada.

Anatolia and I are missing Matthew. We look forward to his return. We look forward to all of your return, and yet we would not hold you back. We would, rather, send you forth for this extension of the Kingdom, the extension of the Father's Love, Divine Reality, into the finite realm in which you live, is the greatest experience and the most wondrous adventure and the most poignant art.

Often we are eager to tell you how to do things. We observe your daily lives and see the situations that arise. We are eager to impart to you how we would do it, just like you do with those who are your peers, particularly those who are younger or those who you think would benefit by your wisdom and counsel. We, too, would put words in your mouth or concepts in your mind and yet those would be our solutions. The solution for you is that which you must come up with by your own composition of human and divine qualities. You are your own best judge of how effective you are as a ministering spirit in your own right, as you pass by.

I have talked enough. Are there questions or stories to tell? (group asks itself if they have a story to tell)

(Tomas) I will tell one. (group is all ears) I will tell you a story about making contact with the 'angels on high' and making contact with your Indwelling God Fragment.


The main goal of your existence is to make closer and more effective contact with the God Within you - that Fragment of the Father which seeks betrothal, eternal communion with you, fusion into oneness that immortalizes you and renders the Spirit a permanent personality. That is the main Source. The contact with teachers, other ministering spirits and many times Jesus himself, is making contact with levels of your existing reality so as to clarify for you, or reflect to you, how your life is evolving. But the Revelation of Life is ONLY through the Father. Thus, if you seek to rise above the vicissitudes of life, you find that respite in the Father. But He will not let you stay. He will send you forth to learn and to teach and to experience. For that is what you do. You do this through Him. You do this with your fellows in the spirit and the flesh. This is the 'family,' the far-flung family of God's creation.

All That Is that exists beyond the Isle of Paradise is that which is a part of the experiential realms of time and space. That's a big space, and there are many ways to get diverted. But there is no chance you will be lost if you remember to return your focus to the Source - that which keeps you in touch with yourself in your Divinity Factor, ever leading you forward, up and out of the vicissitudes and quagmires, onward and into the adventure of eternity, there to perceive again and anon, the unfolding of perfection.


And that is a feeling for you that will suffice as 'Happy New Year.' Run along and visit with one another and share in the truth of your being, the nature of your existence, the growth you are testimony to, and the faith that you hold fast onto in His name. Amen and farewell.