2002-12-29-Remember Who You Are

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Topic: Remember Who You Are

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a joy it is each week for me to spend time with this part of my family. As time passes I feel even closer to you each. I most definitely appreciate your unique personalities, your seeking minds and open hearts. I feel at home and I can truly be just who I am.

Of course, there were times when I indwelt the mortal body that I had a certain persona to uphold. In order to receive what I desired I had to act in a certain manner. I felt the need to control any and all situations. From where I am now I can say I am truly grateful for my experience. I bare not the burden that mortal life can bring. I can be at peace and happy with who I am, knowing full well that without a doubt I am loved.


My friends, you have each grown into your status as a child of God. Many of you see not the world as you have in the past. You believers look to your fellows as equals in all ways. Not money, nor power, nor status has colored your perceptions of your fellows for quite some time now. You are new creatures. For the most part you have given your life to Father. You have made Him your sovereign and that surely changes your perception of anyone or anything that you thought to have value.

In your cosmic mindal expansion you would view shaking the hand of the President of the United States as you would your neighbor. Spiritual thinking has changed your perception and indeed this is occurring all over the world. Man is not your sovereign. Government rulers only have power through the voice of the people. You are not merely somebody’s wife, husband, parent, child, employee, no. You have come into your own power as a child of God. With God we can do all things. You may not preach from the rooftops, but I can tell you your small ministries are aiding in the new perception of the world’s people.

My lesson this evening is more directed at clearing the mind and redirecting focus, remembering who you are, who your sovereign is, who you serve and also serves you. As you proceed into your new calendar year ponder your many roles as an inhabitant of Urantia. What is your most important role? As you come into understanding your own divine status you are with new power, new authority to be about the Father’s business. Look not at the world as if it controls you. Think not you are indebted to any mortal. You are with freedom to be that child of God. There really is no pressure put upon that free child of God. I care not what obligations you have. Ponder your freedom. Clear your minds of your many roles in life. Remember that God-self and look out of those eyes.

Truly the world is changing and you each are helping with just with your own personal transformation. Let us remember the words of the Master, “If you are committed to a life in the spirit—then be committed.” Allow the transformation. Remember that first and foremost you are Father’s child. He shall oversee your personal growth--not mortals or employers, cultures or society. You are with all the value that you will ever have. That is everything. Not any one person can take that from you. You are loved and valued just as you are. A few questions.


WARREN JR.: Is there anything you can tell me about myself or any assessment I should know? What is my spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: Certainly, my son. Ryan, I perceive you to be a bright and enthusiastic young man. You have doubts about that at times, as all mortal do. Have not worry, nor fear about life changes to come. You are indeed carefully watched over by more individuals than you know. You appear to me to be fairly balanced in mind and personality. Trust in that. Trust in your instincts. Trust in your intuitiveness. You indeed do well, Ryan, my son. Another question?

JORDAN: I was wondering what my spiritual name is.

ABRAHAM: One moment. My son, you are known On High as Nathaniel. Another question?

LUKE: The relationship between body, mind and spirit—how does my mortal life help my spiritual life? Is there a balance there or is your spiritual higher self in a better position to help your mortal self? I hope my mortal-self don’t have to help my spirit.

ABRAHAM: Indeed there is a need for balance and a certain recipe for living. The spirit life would not advance without the willingness of the mind, and without the spirit-life, the body would certainly experience negative effects. To become imbalanced in mind is perhaps a door closing to the spiritual life, and yet the spiritual life should be the foundation in which you have built all things on. To become imbalanced with work would perhaps tip the scales more toward a material perception than a spiritual. To be fanatical with spirituality would affect your material life in an adverse manner. Balance, my son, really begins within the mind. Willingness to be reconciled with the will of God is the first step to living an all around balanced good life. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, it has been a long time since I have had any kind of direct comments from you. I want to say I am very grateful for the love and kindness you show everyone in our group. It is certainly an inspiration for me. I don’t know what I am looking for—just any guidance or comments you would like to make.

ABRAHAM: My son, Harrison, you know full well you have all the guidance you will ever need. You indeed do well. You are however at some times feeling discouraged at the not so positive reactions to your good intentions. Have not worry, for you do the things you do to serve your Father. That is known and well understood. Be not discouraged. Carry on with what you know. Another question?

WILLEENA: Abraham, can you offer me some support in my efforts with stillness with Michael?

ABRAHAM: I perceive you are doing well, my daughter Willeena. You are a bit sidetracked by everyday living, but I can perhaps recommend that you also incorporate Mother’s presence into your stillness time. I believe this would be a good balance for your mind to focus on, family focus, so to speak. You are as you should be. You do well. Another question?

CALVIN: Do you have any direction for my children here, help in their life for when they go back home?

ABRAHAM: My children, you are most definitely a light in the world. You each indeed have power to create change—good and bad. I realize that you seem to be subject to unfair treatment, but I can say those adults in your lives have reasons for the way they act. The adults that you know have at some point have experienced pain and this does indeed affect the way they are treating you. The adults believe they are doing what is best, but you each can feel within your hearts and minds that this is not quite correct. Jesus as a boy was indeed brilliant and enthusiastic, wanting to take on the world and yet His parents, His teachers seemed to hold Him back. Jesus learned that at times peace and tranquility must come first. In emotional upheaval nobody is really listening. This is not productive or solving any problems. There are times when each family member must compromise to keep peace. All family members should be heard and served. Each one is important and love must come first. If you can imagine your lives without one another, certainly that would be a pain not to be forgotten. The difficulties you experience now will definitely be transformed into the family closeness of tomorrow. Each one has to be willing to give a little, compromise a little, always listen and be heard. You, my children, are each bright lights that can change things for the better. Have not fear. Know that you are valued children, not just to your earthly parents, but to your divine as well. One more question.

MARSHALL: Abraham, I sure do thank you for the time you spent yesterday here with my boy, and of course with me everyday. Is there anything you can give me as the new year comes on?

ABRAHAM: Marshall, I see you as being exactly where you are supposed to be. You indeed do well. Be watchful of your enthusiasm toward the spiritual life so as to not go overboard. You do have a ministry before you. You are a powerful speaker and certainly you would want to temper that with integrity and love. Your ministry is unfolding. Be not anxious, but watchful, for the Father Himself is your mentor.


That is all . My gratitude to you each for your open hearts and loving friendship. Until next week, shalom.