2003-01-13-Release Your Areas Of Trouble To Me

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Topic: Release Your Areas of Trouble to Me

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



This is Michael, your Creator-Father. Welcome to another night of sharing our relationship of coming into my bosom, and being with me as I accompany you through your journey through life. I ask you now, what is it that you need from me? Last week I asked you to go into that place where you were retaining feelings of doubt or any feeling that invalidates your sense of self.


What have you experienced during the week that you have noticed as a consequence of releasing this doubt to me? What is it that I can clarify in your mind and in your heart now about going into those innermost secret places of yourself, and letting them go? There is a great tension in the mind between that which is and that which is becoming more Father-like. The evolutionary self does not yield itself easily to the alignment of the Inner Spirit - the fragment of the Father within.

Find that place of inner turmoil that is still giving you trouble; share with me the struggle you have had with it so I may accompany you through this and insert my presence within it to help you gain your freedom from it. Spend a few moments in accessing that now, and bring that to me in your request for me to help you with this.

This will be a night of both discussion and experience for as I advise you, there is also the concomitant release in spirit. So be still. Find that which is troubling you, and then bring that to me. And each person will have an opportunity to share if you are so willing. (Pause.)


Student: Hello, Michael, this is R. and I find myself willing to share tonight. Last week at this time I was not. And I perceived a difficulty in understanding the exercise of using the word doubt, and may have had some success in the process, although I didn't participate, for a change, in the discussion. There have been some interesting things going on in the past seven days, and they may have a direct connection to last week, so that's what I want to speak on now.

The concern I have relates to my New Years resolution, which was to achieve adjuster fusion mindedness. And I recall you indicated that would involve being presented with a lot of opportunities to grow; perhaps you used the word challenges? And there are several things going on now. One is the physical health factor. There's also the fiscal health factor. And there's a communication connection between me and you, me and the Father, and me and the Mother. So those are the three that I would like to get some help on tonight.

Regarding physical health, I've noticed over the last few days feeling pretty achy. I'm in a new regimen of physical healing with a specialist doctor, and I suspect that this is part of the process of further cleansing and purifying as you had said was going to happen. So I'm proceeding with that.

The fiscal one was, over the weekend I found myself awake for quite a few hours, and in the stillness I came to the realization that I can no longer go on in the way that I was financially. I have not been generating income on any kind of a regular basis - even a minimal income. It's very, very spotty. So I made a decision that that it would not continue that way. As a result I did get an idea, checked it out today and I was offered a job starting tomorrow. It's a position that I've done before, so I know exactly what's involved, and I know that I can do it. I know that even though it's relatively minimal income, I can handle it and it doesn't interfere with any of my existing activities.

So that's moving along, and that gives rise to the third point, which is a question I really want to get a good result on. And that is: I'm asking you, and I'm asking the Father, and I'm asking the Mother various things, and I cannot often perceive a response; or I get a response and I don't know if it's truly coming from you, or the Father or the Mother. So I don't have the certainty, which I know that I need in progressing to the next level of ministering. So I'm asking tonight for you to assist me in gaining that connection where I have the certainty that doubt or the other variations on that are truly just not there any more. And that the kind of certainty that I can have is lot like Rob Crickett talks about - studying the material on "Walking in Financial Blessing". And I want to follow through on that. So, those are my three parts, and particularly the question really is: How do I get that connection with you, and how do I hear it back from what is the will of the Father? Thanks!

Michael: My son, you are asking for specific, concrete awarenesses of My presence within you, and of your Mother, and of the indwelling Adjuster as your Paradise guide. And I say to you that you must be patient, and allow the natural machinations of your mind to release the old habit of thought extrapolations, and bringing in the new ideas of how We would like your mind to operate. This is something that you cannot will or achieve just by asking. Your mind has a way of responding that has its own time line. It is a matter of spending as much time and heartfelt devotion in stillness that you will achieve a deeper experiential anointing of our presences within you. Your sincerity to feel our love is what will open these doors in your mind even further.

In order for you to gain the trust required to overcome doubt, it is imperative that you feel our love for you, thereby allowing yourself to trust where you are being guided without words by taking those first unsteady steps of faith in where you are being led. Then as you gain more confidence in this, your ability to trust further calms your mind. It steadies your emotions. And that is what will indeed make your mind more receptive to direct communication. Do you understand my meaning now, R.?

Student: Yes I do, very specific, very precise, very compassionately expressed. I feel gratitude within me, and I'm allowing that gratitude to grow in alignment with your encouragement.

Michael: My son, more that anything, I would like you to experience my love for you. Allow this to occur. Open yourself. You are deserving of this. You are my child. I wish to embrace you, and hold you close in that bond that we share together. Will you allow me into your heart? Will you allow me to give you my fatherly affection? (Absolutely - yes!) More than anything else, this is what will stimulate your growth. Everything else pales in comparison to you now being in that state where you ask to receive the love of the Parents who are devoted to you. Have you any other questions, my son?

Student: I want to thank you for the clarity that I'm experiencing now of not being in spiritual orphan hood anymore, because I realize more clearly and deeply than I was able to before that that's what I was living in. And the other question, if it's really a question, I think it's just gonna come in time, and that's just the idea of how will I know for sure that I'm hearing you. And you basically answered it when you indicated that the most important aspect is just to allow myself to fully feel the love that you and the Father and the Mother have. And so that really, actually answers my question from what you already said.

Michael: Let yourself feel loved every day. There is no limit. I never withhold my affection for you, and you only have to ask. In time you will feel more, and you will grow safe and secure in this love. And what we speak to one another will resonate, not only in your mind, but in your heart and in your entire being. Be in my embrace. And be in my peace. (Thank you, Father.) (Pause) We are ready to continue.

Student: I guess, Michael, I have been perplexed about my friends who have come up with me and being Buddhists and more pagan faiths, if you can call them faiths. I am disappointed in my own inability to articulate the wonders of your love and reality. And I also feel I'm not able to delicately and deftly tiptoe around people's belief systems while leading them to a higher reality to truth. Do you have any comments that might help me?

Michael: My daughter, your enthusiasm to share my life, my peace, my truth with your brothers and sisters is so commendable that I find no fault with your intention. So I ask you not to find fault with your inability to be, as you say, effective in sharing these truths with them. Can you let that go? (Sure.) Can you really let that go?

Student: Well, I can't let go of the enthusiasm. I can live with the ignorant and inarticulate, and being ineffective, I guess.

Michael: It is not that you are ineffective; it is that you perhaps are still looking for the right avenue into their souls. There are within each individual places of receptivity and places of obstacle, are there not? (Yes.) And so, in order for you to find that place of receptivity, what do you think it would entail upon you to find that within them? (Identifying with their fear?) If you identify with their fear, you might focalize it and make that more pronounced within their mind that they may not be able to overcome that. (OK) What other way do you think could be an effective avenue?

Student: I think it would be more effective if I were more knowledgeable about say the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, so that I could intellectually address their concerns or their issues.

Michael: And, my daughter, I am saying to you that an intellectual approach is not what will appeal to their spirit; it will appeal to their mind. But where does the Spirit of Truth resonate? Within their soul. So you must find that avenue into their soul. What is the avenue into a person's soul? (Love?) Yes, and? (Truth?) Compassion, understanding.

Student: But I don't understand how anyone can love Buddha?

Michael: And perhaps that is a question to ask them. Let them share with you the reality of their religious experience. Let them reveal the extent of their longings - of their desires of what they feel within their heart. Do you not recall how I ministered to people in my life in the flesh, and let them speak what was on their mind? I asked them questions to draw them out of themselves, and I made a point to get to know them, and to provide that safety in that environment where they could feel they were unburdening themselves without judgment, without correction. And then what did they end up doing? (Questioning you.) And so it is.

And so, my dear daughter, why would this be any different for you? (Laughs. As I'm not as smooth as you, but I'll work on it.) But you have access to my mind. (But I move too fast.) And this is where you get to overcome this disappointment because you will learn to move at a different pace by asking me to accompany you into the conversation with these individuals. And to allow me to use the enthusiasm that you have to slow you down into the realm of patience and understanding so that you can let them share with you. And then when that point comes where the tables are turned, then you will be able to release all your enthusiasm in a way that will open and go right into that avenue, because they will have been properly prepared. Do you understand this now? (I do! I'll take this into consideration. Thank you.) And you must practice this many times.

Do not expect to be so eloquent as to become mastering or perfect at this. But, dear daughter, do ask me to be with you and to allow, as much as you can, your receptivity to be open to my words so that you can be, as you say, as smooth as I was. (Hearty laughter. OK, I'll remember that. Thank you.) And above all else, be gentle with yourself, for you have this tendency to be critical and harsh. And never - never - would I discourage you from sharing your words of truth because you are, what you perceive to be, less than perfect at it.

Have you any other concerns weighing on you? (No.) Open your heart now. Open your mind and let yourself feel my mind in yours so that you know when I am present within you, so we are participating together as you minister to my children. (Pause.) When you begin to converse with them, take a moment to ask for that Spirit of Truth to be opened within them, by asking for my presence within them to yield within their mind and within their soul to the Spirit of Truth. Do you think you can do this? (I can!) Thank you. Let us continue.

Student: Dear Jesus, on Thursday we were asked through Welmek to be almost like emboldened to be a hundredfold more productive or effective in our outreach now. I've been lucky to work in the background, and I was comfortable with that. I'm a little stuck as to how to use your controlled enthusiasm, and steady skills and to unfold the wings of the eagle, like to be emboldened to be a hundredfold more productive. And I would appreciate any help with that.

Michael: My son, I note with your request the sincerity of your devotion and your desire to serve. The use of the word productivity lends a slight impersonal approach in dealing with your brothers and sisters. By that I am speaking to the enthusiasm within you that would tend to overwhelm or over-enlighten the other person, and perhaps confuse or startle someone. Do you understand my meaning by this?

Student: Yes, I've noticed that off and on. And I know that you never used psychological tricks, and I would appreciate the taming of that.

Michael: Can you in your own heart just find the place within you that would simply like to be a friend, and not give so much, and enjoy that individual? For that individual may in turn be able to teach you something as well.

Student: I do understand that concept. Thanks

Michael: But do you feel that concept? Do you understand what it means to be a friend - not to necessarily expect to give anything or to receive - just to enjoy who that other individual is, what that individual is about, what that other person feels inside of them of gladness or of woe, and not trying to fix or correct, but just to accept, and to let them share with you who they are? Can you feel what this may entail within you as I speak now?

Student: I think I do. It's like the chumminess that you had with the apostle John that I've been good at with complete strangers. I think that's what you mean?

Michael: Find that place now within you that can just enjoy a person without trying to be a great disciple. Come into that place where you have only the desire to love that individual - just to love that individual - to accept, to cherish, to feel who that individual is. Nothing more.

In so doing this, each time you meet someone new the way which you minister my presence to them will give you that sense of satisfaction that you so sincerely seek in being effective as a worker in the kingdom. My son, there are so many ideas to share with people and to talk, but truly what your world needs now is to experience love - to create those bonds of understanding and compassion between people. And sometimes words are not important. You do not need them to share love.

When you begin to minister to another person, ask me to help you find that place of understanding within you that will open the bond between individuals that connect them at the spiritual level. When you do this you will increase your effectiveness one-hundredfold. Can you sense this now within you - what this feels and means in my words to you?

Student: Yes I can. It's similar to what we were learning about praying for people - even praying for strangers, and I'm starting to see that and be quite comfortable with that. Thank you.

Michael: Let this awareness go deep within. Let it become a part of you. More than anything for you, I desire your effectiveness to increase. For you and I have many souls to bring into the Father's family. You will be amply assisted (tape ends)..to be in that place of simple understanding and love. I enfold you in my understanding and love. (Pause.) Let us continue.

Student: Michael, my Father, when I speak to you during the day, in my moments of stillness, and just during my daily activity, I sense or hear an answer, and I'm trusting that to be you. And I'm acting on what I hear. I'm acting on it financially, and in financial decisions, as you know. I'm acting on it with my children, with my wife. I would like some reassurance. I guess; it's like a young child always tugging on its parents to know that what I sense to be your answer, that it is truly you that I am hearing in my mind, and not just my mind playing tricks on me? I do sense your presence now, as I sense it in stillness. I sense the Mother's presence now. I hear her speak to me, sometimes. I guess I need to be able to trust what I hear more, and know that it is you speaking. So that's my concern, my question. And I do have one other that I'd like to ask before we're finished.

Michael: My son, your mind has not yet reached that level of mastery where you are able to detect my voice correctly at all times. And so I ask you, are you fearful of making mistakes and having errors in judgement? (Yes, I am.) You are not expected to perfect. You are not required to attain full mastery. You are only required to try. The fear you have inside of you of making mistakes will cause you to freeze inside, and it will stunt your growth. For it will create much consternation and foment great doubt and cause you to doubt yourself.

It is important now that you recognize that the mistakes that you are going to be making in your judgement are correctable. And they are a necessary part of your experience now for you to be able to gain a better sense of what is happening within your own inner longings, as opposed to what it is that my will has in store for you. What is so difficult about making mistakes that cause you this fear? I want you to find that now.

Student: I've made some financial decisions on what I thought was your answer to my question, and which can cause some financial losses. And I was hoping to be able to tithe what the profits from these decisions. And I was hoping to have your help with this. And I guess the fear is if what I perceived to be your answer was not you, then I'm putting myself at great financial risk.

Michael: The risk that you are placing yourself in is not necessarily financial as it is in self-deception. For you must be aware of what is truly important to me is your faith in where you are being led, and not necessarily in the area of helping you to achieve greater financial prosperity just because the proceeds would be going to a good cause.

You must, in time, learn how to separate your desires from your faith and what my will is for you. Financial losses, I understand, will cause you some concern, but I am more concerned about the spiritual gains that you will make when you learn from these valuable lessons. And it is important that you begin to ask that my will be dominant in your life, and be less concerned with what it is that you want to do at this point. Your are still a very, very, very young child in spirit. And if you truly wish to have that trust and the level of communication with me, then it is very vital that you trust what my will is for your life, and for your family, and for your ways to be of service to your brethren. This requires you to be in that place of learning and of asking in every moment that you can: it is not my will but Your will be done. Can you do this, and do you understand how deeply impacting this is now in your inner life?

Student: I felt that I was doing that Michael. I was daily asking that not my will but the Father's will be done. But I understand what you're saying, and it is becoming clear to me that perhaps my own will is still dominant in my actions.

Michael: There will be a time when your desire and your actions are not one hundred percent harmonized, and there is no shame or judgement on this. It is only to point out to you the distinction that you are leaning in your own mind of letting go of what you perceive needs to occur, and letting the Father's will prevail in all instances. The co-creative nature of what you are trying to do is important, and your thoughts and your interests are important, but let me and let your Father in Paradise guide you and show you how to bring those qualities and interests that you have more in line with truth, and the reality that you need to actualize within you. Does this shed more light on your mind, and in your soul as I share these words with you?

Student: Yes it does. It makes me, in a sense, feel I'm just a very, very immature child with a lot of growth needed.

Michael: But inherently lovable. (Laughter. Well I'm glad there are some good characteristics or qualities.) But let yourself accept your immaturity, for this is truly the only way to master where you are. You will outgrow this just as you outgrew your childhood and your adolescence and your early manhood. But you could not change where you were in childhood or adolescence by mere acts of will. Those potentials in your physical body needed to develop and gradually lead you into the next phase of your development. And so for your spiritual development as well.

Letting go more now of what you perceive needs to be done and allowing my will in your life to prevail more will take you into that realm of walking in faith; not knowing or seeing where you are going, but letting the experience grow strong and lead you into greater soul maturity. Accept where you are. Accept your mistakes and you mis-perceptions, and use this to gain greater experience.

Student: I will most certainly do that Michael. You know my love for you.

Michael: Be in that place now of accepting. Feel where you have or still harboring these feelings of immaturity, and I will shed my love on them. For I love every part of you that which you have yet to develop; that which you see as immature. (Pause.) Let us continue.

Student: Yes Michael. Since last week, last Thursday, when Welmek was speaking to me about allowing the Father's love to come through me and to see the Father's love in others, I have been really allowing that experience to be manifest and actualized and really experienced in my day-to-day life. And I noticed how when I allow myself to be in this place, how my agenda falls away, how I see people in a different light, how I see myself, how I feel about myself and others. It seems like any anxiety or tension - any resentment or animosity - any unsavoriness falls away, drops, and ceases to exist. And I noticed over the past few days a level of agitation beneath the surface of my psyche, and it seems like a strong part of who I am wanted to be totally in this place of the Father's love of who I am, and who each and everyone of us are. And this is how I wish to live in each moment. Any anxiety or turmoil I feel seems to dissipate. And I feel my being transforming, in a sense, transmuting; changing. Old desires are falling away, new insights are opening up. I still feel certain anxieties for my children, for their own well being and safety. But even then, I know they are being led towards their own self-actualization and wonders with the Father.

Michael: My son, what is it that you want most from me?

Student: I was thinking about this today. And what is it that you want from me? What is my next step or opening up in my unfoldment? I guess to live as you lived on this planet? I guess to experience that certainty of the Father with me and everyone else?

Michael: Where do perceive you are being held back within yourself? Let my light of truth go deep within you now, and find those places where you feel that unsavoriness and let it shine on that. You may not yet be able to see what that is, and it is not as important as just being truthful in wanting the light to shine within. Admitting to the unsavoriness within you brings no mark of shame. You need not fear any reprisals in letting this be uncovered within you. Your desire to live in the state of the Father's grace and love and ever ministering that love to others is the desired state of your existence. And it will be the natural state of your existence at all times in the future. But in accessing the Spirit of Truth within - in your thinking - in your consciousness you are able to purge all of that which you still find within you that you care not for. Feel this truth. Feel my love go deep within you. Anchor this truth in your desire to be rid of this unsavoriness.

The Father's Light shines deeply within you now. In the coming days, let yourself be in this deep internal excavation of all the dark places. Shine His light. Feel His love. Feel my Spirit of Truth opening you. You will be freed, but you must be patient and allow that which is occurring in you to reveal itself in the normal and natural fashion. Be in my peace, my son. Let us continue. (Long pause.)


My children, I invite you to share more of your day with me. I am ever present in your minute to minute activities should you be so willing to focus your gaze upon me, and to ask for my influence to overshadow your life. No detail of your life is too small or insignificant for me to share. I ask you to be more considerate of this. Your growth is so important and significant. I know how difficult it can be to turn your gaze inward throughout your busy day. But use these words as a reminder that I am ever present with you. Each breath you take, each sigh, each thought is already known. All of you need to do is ask me to be with you, and I will escort you through the difficult tasks of daily life, and help you attain that joy and happiness and satisfaction you crave deeply within you. Feel my love my children as I take my leave. My words will end but my presence lingers. We are never separate. Good evening.