2003-01-20-Your Minds Attune To Great Spiritual Power

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Topic: Your Minds Attune To Great Spiritual Power

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Meeting started with prayers for friends and family.


Greetings, my children, your prayers have been received and heard. And already are there many angels attending to these requests of healing and comfort and spiritual upliftment in the minds of your family and friends and in yourselves. Hold now these individuals in your spirit focus in the coming days. Doubt not the effectiveness of your ability to evoke change within their own internal environment by your adding more spiritual power and sustenance into the needs of their soul. This is a time of great transition on your world. And many are succumbing to the challenges of living in a physical body while the spiritual pressure is unleashing new potentials within them. There are many people taking on greater challenges within their own mind. And they may not yet have developed the spiritual affinity in their thinking that this is a product of growth. But you who know of a greater reality understand what is occurring. And so it will be a great comfort if you can continue to send forth this spiritual sustenance into their minds and add greater love, greater hope, greater understanding, and compassion to them.


Your minds are attuning to a great spiritual power that you have yet to fully utilize. Let your mind be so open now that this spiritual attunement can actually shift certain formulations of thought and emotion so as to render you more spiritually fragrant and lovely to your brethren. Go now into that place of sincere longing for the Father's will to be alive in your soul, and your Mother and I will minister to you now. We will spend several minutes. Focus only on your desire that the Father's will become more alive within you: body and mind, heart and soul. Let us come into you, by inviting us in now, in the quiet of your mind. (Long pause)

I am in your immediate presence, my children. I am standing in front of each of you now. Reflect to me the desire in your heart: to know me and to follow me and to learn of my ways and to learn of my will for your life. Reflect your desire to me, and I will reflect my love and my peace and my desires for you. Let this be a time of great sharing of our love of one another. Come into a fuller appreciation that I desire your wellness; your growth. And I accept you just as you are: all of your frailties and human thoughts and feelings. Open yourself to me so that I may give more back to you. (Long pause) Soften your minds in my peace. Let the current of peace slow your thinking, and bring you to stillness. (Pause)

Slowly, gently, invite your indwelling Spirit, your Father Fragment, to reveal the Father's love more deeply into your heart (Pause). A great heaviness comes down upon you to anchor you more deeply into the spiritual circuits of our Father's love. Feel how it goes deep within. Surrender to this. It is the Father's will for you to receive and to be blessed. (Long pause)

My children, gently return your inward gaze to me. Bring to me those qualities within you that you would like to have amplified - those lovely traits that you have an abundance of that you would like me to invigorate even more completely within you. Speak to me of your desire now in your mind, and I will add my encouragement of that quality to make it more vibrantly attractive for you and to your brothers and sisters. Spend a few moments in finding that which you love in yourself, so that I may make you more loving and lovable. (Pause)

Ask for new opportunities to come into your life to share this quality with your friends and acquaintances, and perhaps even strangers. Let this quality be a new expression of your capacity to serve and to inspire and to uplift. (Pause)

I withdraw my presence from you as I now wish to engage in hearing your comments or questions about this evening's experience. But as your mind adjusts to being more present in the room, be gentle and let the thoughts be so softened as you speak from your Spirit as you share with me your comments. You may begin when you feel ready to respond.


Student: Michael, I love you. I was wondering about that quality of love that you have been such a beautiful example of. And maybe you can give some suggestions as to help me and amplify your love.

Michael: All love has one source, and that is the Father - our Father in Paradise. As you deepen your desire to follow the Father's will wherever that takes your life, your heart leads the way because it is your love for the Father that renders you amenable to doing His will. Let your heart be so full of joy in doing the Father's will that you are able to sense the goodness and graciousness and magnificence of the Father's love for you, so as to infuse you so deeply that this love has no other place to go but into others, for it cannot be contained in the overpouring of your heart. This, my son, is how you stay in love and become that very essence of the Father's love. Each time you imprint yourself within Him, and ask that His will be done. Sense also this love as it flows through you, and your capacity will deepen time-and-time again until you are that very essence.

Is this something that you think you would enjoy experiencing? (Oh, yes!) And so each moment there is this possibility. Think not of how you need to minister to your fellow brothers and sisters, as to just follow the Father's will and you will be led, my son, into sharing this all the days of your life. Be in my peace!

Student: My Father, I feel like I've totally fallen in love with you this evening. And that feeling of being in love with you makes me feel that I have no fear, and no anxiety that you won't be there, and that I won't be there for you. And I feel so complete and harmonious being in your presence. And I thank you; and I just ask you to keep reminding me and never forget that you're there for me, because I want to be there for you and with you, and be married to you forever. Thank you. And I wish for you to reveal yourself to me and being here for me.

Michael: My dearest daughter, how it delights me to hear your words, and I pledge my troth to you that I will never leave your side, and you and I will share this bond as long as you want. For I cannot leave you; I can never be separated from you. You are my daughter, and you have my commitment to always uphold you. I do not expect your focus on me to be constant and consistent. You are gaining a greater strength within your heart and soul and body of my presence. And your mind - your consciousness - of me will grow each day. And so, in time there will be this continual stream of love flowing between us. The love that you experienced this evening will never be broken, but it will take different shape and form within your consciousness.

Spend time in stillness each day, and bring yourself back into that place of desire to be in this marriage partnership with me, and I will present myself to you and take your hand and kiss it gently, and pledge to you my love. You have my word on this. (Thank you!) Be in my peace.

Student: Michael, once again I don't know if I can even talk. Once again you take this little key and you open this little door. Inside is my soul. And it's just full of all the people I've known. It's enormous. All those other eyes I've looked into, and what we've shared. It's enormous. [And exciting?] to their souls, whether they know it or not. That's enormous.

Michael: Rest now in these feelings. Your words are inadequate to convey the depth that I know. I respond. And so rest. And let that feeling find this home within you that's so familiar and comfortable; and that this fullness becomes such a part of your life as you stay in this place for continuing periods of the day - finding new depth of meaning, of being in the Father's will, and feeling loved; each breath you take. For you are loved in this manner, each moment. You are my son. Let my light caress your head to fill you with the radiance that warms you to the very core of your being.

Student: Thank you, Michael. Truly, truly, nothing is lost. Nothing is ever lost.

Student: Michael, just as my children tug at me for reassurance, I need to tug at you now for reassurance. Reflect to me what are my true strengths. Help me understand them, so I can shine. That's my request.

Michael: Soften your internal assessment of yourself. Doubts of who you are will give way as these new strengths come more recognizable in your mind. I am calling forth now more of these potentials within you. But it is up to you, my son, as a conscious choice on your part, to put aside the childish notions of your being unworthy and doubtful of deserving these good qualities to come forth. Can you do this for me, my son? [tape side one ends]

Student: The only reply I can come up with right now is I will give it my best shot.

Michael: Ask for these potentials that you may not yet be fully aware to become so fully alive in your soul that they will push out any misgivings about who you are, as they no longer will have a home within you; when you take on more of the real beauty that lives deep inside of you. Let your Mother activate these within you now, by softening those areas of resistance where you harbor your own feelings of self-doubt. You may not see the beauty in you, but I do. And it is quite wonderful to behold, my son.

I take such delight in each of my children, for the Father's personality that runs through each and every one of you is so refreshingly unique and marvelous to behold. And when you begin to appreciate who you are and that which you have inside of you of the Father, you will appreciate the beauty that is this essential basic part of your makeup. Do not, necessarily, at this point, try to imagine what this beauty is. In your mind, make a conscious choice that you will identify with being beautiful. And in this identification of being beautiful will those potentials have more place within you to come out from the shadows and into the light of truth. Choose now this beauty. Choose now to become this. Is this something you can do in your own mental, internal thought processes now?

Student: This is your will, Michael, and it will be done. And it is my will that your will be done.

Michael: Do you understand what I am encouraging you to do now, as you think, is to actively engage your thoughts in claiming to be and to become this beautiful resonance of the Father's personality?

Student: I understand. I will do this.

Michael: And let me now reflect my will for you to do this, so that you can feel a greater mental inspiration, so as to render the doubt ineffective within you. (Thank you, Father.) Live in my beauty, my son. Spend each day absorbing this, and letting it come into every cell of your beautiful being. (Pause)

Have I rendered you all speechless this evening? (general mirth and comments about experiencing too much joy.) Michael: Well, you may become more accustomed to it in time.

Student: Michael, I would like to express myself now. Gratitude for the amount of feeling I have of the love of the Father, of the love of yourself, of the Mother. And there are times when I don't feel it. So that sometimes I wonder what the will is for me, for me to recognize around me. So my request is: in some way would you clarify for me and assist me so that I could more fully all the time to feel the love of the Father and the will of the Father? Could you speak on that, please?

Michael: My love is ever present enfolding you. Your ability to discern it has not yet reached the capacity where it is detectable within your internal environment at all times. But it is growing, and your mind is yielding more and more to the love that emanates from your Father in Paradise and through me and through our Mother Spirit - whose mind now is activating certain potentials within you to inspired levels of following the Father's will.

Your mind is growing in spirit perception. Your mind must grow in ever so small increments so as to stabilize you in the foundation of a new way of living - a new way of being - and thinking and feeling and living. This does not happen quickly or suddenly, or as spontaneously as you may desire it. Truly, this is the Father's way for mortal will creatures to grow through living experience and building upon the faith steps that you take each day. The more you ask for the Father's will to be done in your life will your mind yield ever more each day, each moment.

But you will not always recognize what is happening in your mind, and how detectable the presence of your loving Spiritual Creators and Parents are working within you. Can you be patient, my son? Can you appreciate that which you have been given, and that which you are learning, and that which you are incorporating into your life? Can you be patient with the Father's will and the Father's plans for your growth?

Student: Absolutely. I'm wondering if the pains I have in my head all the time, not all the time but a lot of the time, are related to the growth of my mind? It's kind of a serious question, actually.

Michael: No, it is not. It is not related. There are other physical discrepancies. But ever was your growth moving you forward, even at those moments when you understood not what was happening, or how you were being directed in certain areas of your life. Let this period in your life be a place and a time for you to trust where you are being guided. And do not be so concerned about how much you are feeling or experiencing. Enjoy what you have been given. And as much as you can in each moment let the breath that you breathe include a prayer of doing the Father's will. And thereby adding more room in your mind and body to take on the Father-like qualities that you find so endearing and attractive. And thereby becoming more Father-like yourself. Do you understand my meaning, my son?

Student: It's rather inspiring, and I'm getting it and will review this information more and know that I'll proceed even more enjoyably and fulfillingly. I get the message, and the love and the recognition of whatever has been accomplished. And that is nice to hear. So yeah, I'm ready to keep on going.

Michael: I am so well satisfied with your growth. And if I am satisfied, cannot you be as well?

Student: All I can say is, thanks, and somewhere along the line I'd really like to have less pain. That's about the only postscript that I can mention.

Michael: I understand the challenges of being in the physical body. As the Father's will becomes more resonant in your mind, you will feel even further inspiration to find those healing modalities that will help you step out of the physical challenges and into a new realm of vitality and healthfulness. And let me now share with you how well satisfied I am with your growth, so that you can find a certain level of your own satisfaction with your progress. (Pause) I will take some comments before we close, if there are additional ones to add tonight.

Student: Dear Jesus and Michael, I was able to feel the co-creative nature of this whole process tonight of everybody's prayers and possibly the celestial observers and the balance of it all, and the Thought Adjusters to help us. It makes me see a little glimpse of the thrilling scene on Paradise that must certainly be the grandest thing in the universe. Thank you.

Michael: The joys yet to come will more fully satisfy the deepest longings within your soul. And you can achieve deeper recognition of this now, as you open yourself up as wide as you can to the ministry of your wonderful Father Fragment, who only wishes for your continued unfoldment in beauty and in goodness. What a celebration there is when your spirit can communicate with you, and you can recognize all of the love our Father has for you!

And so, these times of celebration can be yours while you live the life in the flesh. Each day is a new opportunity for growth that will culminate in this blessed and most wonderful of all unions: the Paradise Father and the human child linked together as one - the most glorious love the universe has ever known. Each day let this be your desire, for the glimpse you experience could take you one step further into this adventure that you find so thrilling. You will be on the ride of your life. And so it is. Enjoy the journey, my son, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Student: Thank you. I believe.

Student: I'd like to ask you to remember our dear sister D., who can't participate in these events like we are so fortunate to be able to do, because she is transmitting, or she's working, and she can't really be here like we can. I just want you to remember to send her all of the love and support and guidance in her day to day life that we have been asking for tonight. Thank you. And ask that she be supported in her life to be the spiritual leader that she is for us; and that she be supported on the physical and financial, emotional and spiritual level. Thank you.

Michael: Your prayers are touchingly felt, as this communication is instilling within her a very profound appreciation. And rest assured, she is well-cared for, and watched over, as she grows in her path - just as you are, just as each of you are, uniquely and devotedly, cherished and nourished, by we your parents who love you dearly.


My children, the time is at hand when we will say good evening. But let not the hour separate your awareness of me from your mind or body. For I am always with you until the end of time. Any moment, take a breath and recognize me and our Mother and our Father; and we will touch deep into that place where you know the reality of our love for you. Good evening.