2003-02-16-Countless Willing Troops

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Topic: Countless Willing Troops

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Sandy: "Well, I’m here. I feel a powerful presence. May I ask who this is?"

Machiventa: "This is I, Machiventa! The strong energy you feel around you emanates from the many celestials, angels and teachers who are looking on during today’s conversation with you. I suggest you quieten your mind, and write our words.


"Today you have come to an historic time on your planet Earth. Your Brother/Father, Christ Michael, has recruited scores and scores of His troops to assist, together with all of us regulars, and to bring some light to a very dark state of affairs that is developing in your mortal homelands all around the world.

"You mortals need to experience an upliftment within your souls, and to feel a lightness within your hearts. The darkness has spread unchecked, causing your footsteps to drag, and giving a sense of hopelessness to many of God’s children. People are unhappy, and they dread to contemplate what tomorrow may bring.

"We have ‘flown in’ thousands upon thousands of willing heavenly entities to help bring the spring back into your step, and the steps of your fellow brothers and sisters. These celestial troops are here to help carry your burdens, so that people can try to get on with the business of happiness and joy.

"Tell this to all who listen: God cares for you! And He brings His love to even the heaviest of hearts. Fill your hearts with joy, enjoy happy times when you can, and resist taking in any message that will stop you from filling your days with sunshine and the appreciation of the beauty of your fellows’, and God’s creations.

"This world is always still under the protection of Christ Michael, and He and His countless Soldiers of Peace are ‘on the march’. You need to persevere in carrying on as usual, even in the face of your most horrid imaginings of what might happen next.

"I say to you, to look up and see the face of Christ Michael standing tall beside you. Know that His angels and workers are at the task of trying to bring about a solution -- doing all that is within their power.

"Your children are your future, and they need to at this time, recognize the courage, and the trust in God, in the faces of their parents, and the adults around them. You are the ones who teach them how to respond in the face of fear and doubt.


"Trust in God, your Paradise Father, and hold onto your faith, always.

"I am Machiventa."