2003-03-06-Trust In God

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Topic: Trust In God

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Greetings, Sandy, on this cold winter's night in North Idaho. Your Midwayer friends, Bzutu and Andrea, are here with me and they are 'naturally' discussing the idea that they might have dressed a little warmer under the present weather conditions. They are having fun, of course, and relaxing for a time, away from the difficult tasks they have been working on of late."

Sandy: "Hello, to all three of you! You certainly let me know you were here. Your energy is vibrating all around this house. I'm glad you came by. I'm counting on you to give me the OK on what I intend to do next."


Machiventa: "Just let yourself be led. Keep doing what you call your 'God Work', and the choice of your involvement is always yours to make. However, I would like to talk this evening about putting your trust in God.

"As each of you mortals represent just one single voice in a world plagued by much strife and instability, you are limited in how much you can achieve. The important thing to remember is that God always gives you the opportunity to do His will, as He sets in front of you that which needs to be done at any given time.

"Peace is achieved one person at a time, even in the Creator's eyes, by that one person giving to another the most precious gift that is love. Reaching out your hand in friendship to your brothers and sisters gives God the opportunity to have them feel the love that originates from Him.

"Your trust in God allows Him to give to you the power to bring about the positive changes He so wants to see made by you. When you go about doing His will, the desire for doing the best you can comes alive within you. It is easier for you to do His will and to be happy and content, than it is for you to fight against doing good works and having feelings of incompleteness.

"To trust in God means that you are happy to let Him be your Leader in showing you the way. Let it be your purpose to come closer to God in your lifetime on planet earth, and you will find great happiness.


"I send my love to each of you who are willing to hear this message.

"This is Machiventa."