2003-03-09-Accepting The Father's Treasure

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Topic: Accepting The Fathers Treasure

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome each of you here this evening. Let us discuss the meaning of wealth.


The Father has poured out his wealth upon his children and this treasure cannot be stolen, cannot be diminished by the hands of men. Our Father has created all things, the sunshine and the rain, the growth from the soil, the beauty of his sunsets, the joy of appreciation. All these things are his gifts to you.

Have no fear in accepting his gifts of plenty, his gifts of joy, and comfort. Most often, the fears human harbor in life products of imagination -- fear of loss, fear of want -- and these fears are a great engine driving civilization forward, but those who are secure in the Father's overcare understand how to focus on the plenty that is in the now time rather than the fear of some future situation. The now is complete, the now is fulfilling all your needs at this moment. Humans are so conditioned toward planning the future that the actual state of existing in plenty in the now is forgotten.

The Father's plea is ever "come to me now, seek me now, be with me now". But the human says, "I am not secure enough right now, let me seek my security elsewhere, and then when all of that is cared for, then I will be free to come to you". The Father pleas again, "you are free, accept your freedom now", but again the son replies "I will be free in the future, right now I am burdened". Again the Father says "Give me your burden and come to me now" and the son says "Let me make the burden lighter on my own first".

You have all played these kinds of psychological dodging of the now time. You have all thought that the now is fraught with danger and must be made secure by your own hand. But my children, think about it. The Father who has created a vast universe, who holds all things in his hands, do you not trust his strength? The Father who is love, who spreads love like a blanket over all of his creation comforting all, should he not be trusted to comfort you? And the Father who dwells in the eternal now, is the now time then not enough for you?

More and more you are each turning away from your own fearful control of your lives and placing your lives instead in the Father's hands in the now. As you do this, your fears of imaginary shortages are beginning to fade and your confidence in the Father's overcare grows the more you trust him. How childish it is not to trust the Father. And the Father indulges his children in their lack of faith. He understands that you must all have experience, that you must test the waters of life on your own for a while, but sooner or later your own strength will fail you, your own judgement will be faulty, and your own strength will grow weak. There is only one way forward and that is the way of trust, even dependence upon the Father.

Each of you has had problems with trusting your earthly parents. Your earthly parents were not a source of comfort and stability and you were disappointed in your first efforts at trust. If this is hanging your up now, acknowledge it, and then give that burden to the Father. The greatest human statement during the Master's life was, "Lord I believe, help me with my unbelief". The Father knows all things, is aware of all human frailty. Let yourselves realize that sometimes human strength is kind of a spiritual frailty and when you pray, ask always for help getting to that next level of faith.

Jesus was so well balanced because his focus was now. He was not overly preoccupied with what the future may or may not bring. He dealt with life as it came to him. He was not a person who made judgements about different times of his life the way human beings are want to do. He never lamented his childhood poverty, or his struggle to provide for his earthly family without the care of his earthly father. He took all of it as it came and never dwelt in fear about what might be. He made reasonable plans for the future, but he was not crushed when those plans were thwarted. Through all the difficulties of his life, he made the best of what was right now and found all that he needed in the now. His apostles were mightily drawn to his coolness under pressure. They had many worries and fears concerning their futures. But the Master seemed to be continually content, even cheerful and happy, throughout the many ups and downs of their earthly experience together. He could do so because he completely trusted the Father now.


The questions this evening must be postponed, but as always my love and my prayers are with you, my understanding extends to all. Have no concerns about your progress, for you all do well. Farewell.