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Topic: Christedness

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Prayer: (Mathew) Let's place ourselves in the presence of the Most Highs, with Jesus as our focal point.

Master Teacher, We come to you as children of your flock, heirs of your Way, and inheritors of a future that is beautiful and one of non-resistance. We ask that we are able to incorporate those qualities into our lives now so that we can live 'heaven on earth.' And that the transition that needs to take place within us, and around us, at the same time, to allow the Oneness That Is that surpasses all understanding, can be within our reality now. But we must first 'be it' within ourselves.

We ask that our self consciousness, our ego awareness, be lifted so that our true recognition of who we are may be present and primary as our identity; and for the teachers that are here today [we ask] that we are able to incorporate their teaching and appreciate that for the time they take and the contribution they make to our lives and the life of you and all of this universe and throughout the grand universe, for those needs and concerns within our hearts that you are aware of, please enable for those to be addressed as well, and for all else that is Eternal Oneness, we are forever grateful. Amen

TOMAS: I am Tomas, your teacher. Good afternoon, my lovely friends. How it warms my heart to be in your presence once more. The affection we develop for you, in our time well spent together, is something I reflect on in the quiet hours. I recall our time together and draw from it those gems of impression that give me food for thought and spiritual stimulation, for surely relationship is at the forefront of learning these skills of fraternity which will bring about the Brotherhood worldwide.


As we keep our eye on the goal, on the planetary prize of Light and Life, it behooves us also to be burden-bearers of the present. For work is paramount in the Correcting Time. Even so, let us pause to rejoice in the inspiration of Springtime which is appearing here today, not only in nature but in your souls which have lifted up, in Life and Light, in harmony with the glories of this day.

I am altering our course for the day and abstaining from a lecture. Instead I see your overwhelming social nature and invite you to share your wisdom with those of us who seek to share with you, the challenge of ministering to the world we serve. What have you been up to? Are there issues?

Matthew: I have one that I've mentioned before, perhaps, that seems like one of the greatest mysteries of all, that hasn't adequately been explained, even in the Urantia Book, is what the meaning of "the Christ" is. I accept what we've been taught that Jesus is 'the Christ,' but it seems to me - to my understanding - that Christ is the all-encompassing Spirit from which we derive. It's like the 'communion of saints' or 'God the Supreme' but rather than the God the Supreme that's in formation, 'The Christ' is the perfect creation from which our spirit generates. And, therefor, we are all 'the Christ,' but Jesus was the manifestation of 'the Christ.' But yet we are all included within that, and so it's not just hypothetical. So I'm asking for a simple direct presentation because I think that it is key. It's time to take the 'covers off the hidden goods' and say, 'Friends, this is what we're all about.' And it hasn't been taught...to me it's brand new information but it's 'age old' obviously. So your thoughts, please.

TOMAS: I am responding to your soul my son, not especially to the words in this case, for the words that you bring to me are words that are symbolic of worldly understandings of the Divine. The word "Christ" is a human term. It is not one we've created to comply with mortal understanding. But as to your sense of import, it is, indeed, of a high nature. In this I will reflect to you the understanding that, in time, the entire seven superuniverses will be settled in Light and Life, and that will be the flowering of the Almighty Supreme - the coming together of the God of Experience and the God of Creation. Thus everything in creation will have attained perfection. And this is completely beyond the comprehension of all of us. But we strive for it, nonetheless, for there is within us something that is drawn to complete itself, to fulfill itself. This is a part of the 'drawing power' that God has and that we yield to.

The Creator Sons are also evolved in the process. They are perfected in the experience and, therefor, contribute to the development of the Supreme. And they are a part of the 'pattern.' The Perfected Master Son, in His Universe, is an attainment of Supreme Competence. This Father-felt Experience of the Master Sons is given to you to know as Creator Sons in your own realm of being, even that which eventually perfects itself: in time, and beyond time; in space and beyond space. "Christedness" is the state of attainment of that which the Father has willed you to be and to do. The ultimate 'Christ consciousness' is God consciousness, in truth. However, the aspiration to attain such a level of perfection is, by many, regarded as blasphemy to even try. We might aspire to be like Jesus but to aspire to be like God is a future revelation. And yet you who are already attempting to be God-like, who are learning these lessons, who are experiencing your own degrees of Christ-consciousness, in that you see the Spirit and you respond to the work of your realm, in that light, your 'Christedness' enables the upliftment of those you serve.

It is a dimension beyond the mortal. It is more than morontial, for morontial may be construed only as high intellectual thought, or the fabric of your being, and those of you who come from this mortal soil perceive that more literally than figuratively and so you lose some of the greatness of morontial reality. The Christ consciousness is the High level of morontia reality, the level that is sharing equal time with Spirit Reality.

This is what we look up to Jesus for. He resurrected and reflected 'Christ-consciousness.' He was not known as "Christ" until later, when he was studied and compared by his followers and that which was Divine about him was exalted. That was the mortal origin of the word "Christ," for he had become more than Man, and the life he lived was exemplary of how he lived as a Son of God, as more than a mere mortal. Those of you who do the same when you have occasion to manifest your own Christ-consciousness, are operating from the exalted realms rather than the lowly realms of the material being. It is certainly another dimension but one which can be seen and appreciated by those of you who are born of the Spirit and who foster the Spirit which is the Christ. It is the Creator in each of you, eternally. At least, this is how this philosopher sees it.

Matthew: Thank you. That helps a lot.

TOMAS: Can you identify with Christ? Can you experience your own consciousness of your relationship with Divinity? Can you see your soul unfold before your eyes as you choose to do the Father's will, time and time again? Do you see yourself as 'Christed' when you respond to the moment's needs - the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing - rather acting from that 'Christedness," that 'Spirit Space,' which gives definition and degree to your being?

Elena: Well, I don't think I can see that. But I can see some things. Last week you suggested that we bring Jesus into our (work/everyday) activities and I did remember to do that a number of times. And I do wish that I could keep conscious but it's almost like I go into the unconscious after that. I ask that and I'm not aware of his presence. Sometimes I can look back, at the end of the day, and I have the faith that it has been a better experience whenever I have invited Christ into a particular experience. So that's a positive thing. But sometimes I just wish I could see it a little more clearly.

TOMAS: It may be that the swamp in which you work is without sufficient foundation to give you the footing that would allow you to look around and see how his will is reflected in your environment. In which case, you have even more of a challenge and opportunity before you.

Elena: Well, I like having a challenge and the opportunity but most of the time I think it's just primarily my lack of vision. I feel I just can't see these things. I don't think that's different from most people, actually. I do notice it sometimes and I do feel better having formally asked Jesus into some specific scenarios, and I did remember to do that and I want to try to do that even more.

TOMAS: I want you to, also. You enter their arena and leave your Light under a bushel. The Light needs to shine in every corner of the world. This is an on-going effort, child. Do not be discouraged if you neglect to remember your mentors when you are in the thick of the predominant reality. Have faith that your Heart will attend to its 'business of loving.' And in the Business of Loving you will be reminded of The Source. And that, in itself, is sufficient to call upon The Source to shine into the life you enjoy with your peer. This simple acknowledgment of joy, even efficiency or cooperation, is enough to give you the impetus to give thanks. And this is prayer and this is, again, Spirit Reality.

It is not always necessary to be an 'overt' teacher or preacher of the Gospel. To 'live it' - that is the real challenge. To bring the Light of Truth into your life everywhere you go, in all you do. By being all that you can be, you cannot help but reflect all these values.

Elena: Thank you Tomas. I like that 'business of loving.' That was a catchy phrase.

TOMAS: I'm glad you were encouraged.

I will go 'off-line' so that Gerdean can tell of her experience on the third of March, with the 'prayer' issue. I'll be back.

Gerdean: You know last week we were told to bring God into our working environment, and on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 2003 at 3 o'clock - there was this thing where we were to join with millions of people around the world for peace. I was aware of that, and as it got closer to the time, around 2:20 or 2:30 and by 2:40 I was just agitated, I felt a little abnormal, and so I blamed 'them' (the teachers) for it and thought 'maybe they want me to tell somebody.' So I'm thinking 'who' should I tell? And why should I limit it? So I sent an email to 'everybody' in the Firm explaining what was supposed to happen at 3 o'clock...the world-wide prayer for peace, and so on.

I also added an announcement about "Lysistrata" (the antiquitous(?) Greek anti-war play being staged and/or acted in over 1,000 venues in 590 countries as the first world-wide theatrical event for peace) that night in Albuquerque. And then I sent it out.

It was an interesting experience because from 3:00 to about 3:12 PM the place was completely quiet. You couldn't hear a machine; you didn't hear a phone ring; you didn't hear conversation. I heard one conversation that was very pleasant and very brief and then the stillness came again. I could feel it all through the Law Firm.

And yet the next day...uh... the Personnel person needed to see me. (group laughter) That's twice now I've been invited to go see the Personnel person. (more laughter)

Linda: Did the tone pick up after 3:30? Did people start talking and machines start running?

Gerdean: Oh, yes. Actually it was at about 12 minutes after 3:00 that I noticed stirrings and then by 3:30 it was back to normal.

Elena: Well, how does the Personnel person fit in . ..?

Gerdean: Well, the thing that she called me on was that they really needed to send a memo out to people saying not to send out a memo to 'everybody.' It was pretty much reserved for 'important' things that related to what the layers needed. There were some who regarded this as really trivial stuff. I said well, okay, I won't send any more emails to 'everybody.' The two that I have, however, were real good points well made so I'm glad I got my licks in.

But the underlying dialog was interesting because essentially what they'd like for me to do is to go into my corner and face my computer and not do any of this; just work, and not share on the email and not visit and just work. And I said 'Well I'm sorry. That's against my religion. I'm supposed to express myself and if I'm going to express myself to a machine, I'm not doing God's will.' (The personnel person said) 'Well, we'll talk about this some more...but....' (group laughter) We both enjoyed the exchange and we were both smiling and winking and, you know. She said 'Well, you can do 'cute,' you know, you can send cute things, many of the secretaries send cute things to each other.' And I said 'I don't do cute. I do rare meaningful pronouncements.' (much group laughter with someone jibing "I'm an Oracle, don't you realize that?" and more laughter) I said 'You don't want to see me in cute. When I do cute I get sarcastic.'

(The group thanked Gerdean for sharing her story.)

Linda: On the 3rd of March - I had been talking to a lot of people before that, the people at work and so on - about what was going to happen at 3:00 o'clock, and so I had been kind of watching the clock waiting for the time, but just prior to 3 o'clock I had been drawn into a patient's room by one of the therapists and so we were actually in the process of healing and treating a patient for about 12 - 15 minutes and when I came out and noticed the clock I felt bad that I had missed the 3 o'clock thing. As I thought about it, though, I began to see that I was probably doing what needed to be done at 3 o'clock - I was helping a fellow human being. And that would 'fit in' with the efforts of praying for peace. I thought it was interesting that that happened when it did.

Elena: The only thing that I got to do on 03/03/03 was the only positive exchange I've had with a 'hawk.' J.T. had sent me an email that was a prayer for the troops. And I said, you know an email has been going around concerning the activities for 03/03/03 and if you wanted to link more power to that prayer, it might be a good thing to apply that prayer at that time. Because we're all interested in the safety of the troops, that's for sure. But that was the only thing that didn't make me absolutely crazy when I've been talking to anyone who favors the war.

TOMAS: Let me tie these stories in with the lesson, if I may, and then I will relinquish the floor to my co-teacher. But regarding the 'Christedness' and the prevailing theme of War and Peace, there is much obviously much that goes into creating perfection. And while we all are drawn to, and work incessantly for, the growth of Almighty God, it is also true that there is much to do "in the trenches" of life. This world is handicapped by its past. Many problems are a result of celestial error and it is acknowledged that harmony is the song we like to hear sung, and yet the discordant notes of evolutionary conflict are unavoidable. It may be relative as to how long and how far the conflict takes you, but the work is at hand, and there are many efforts that need to be introduced in order to bring about the wellness, the wholeness, the correction, that will lead us into the new age where Spirit really does reveal the path and humanity follows.

Your efforts are a part of the necessary efforts to salvage this system from the debilitating blows of rebellion. We urge your consistent application to the Correcting Time in all its phases.

I am finished.

Matthew: Thank you for addressing that.

Anatolia is here.

ANATOLIA: Your thoughts and well wishes are well appreciated, but not nearly as much as I, and we, are appreciative of a gentle, caring and receptive group of listeners [such as] as yourselves, for it is not every occasion and in every pocket of the world that we are able to entertain the likes of your good hearts and minds.

We wish not to build you up too wonderfully but, (group laughter) to put it into perspective that, to take the opportunity, even if it were on a less frequent basis, or should it even be a more frequent basis, to have the opportunity to have willing, loving servants of our Father present, together, to truly worship - it is a wonderful moment each week that is beyond the requirements of church fulfillment or anything of its nature. This is true worship, in addition to any that you would perform outside of this occasion. So it is fitting and proper that we acknowledge that which is a truly receptive and gracious audience - to worship together - for those who you can see, among yourselves, as well as those you cannot see, that we can encompass, and to inform you that you are in very good and fitting company, somewhat like if you could imagine bleachers around the room, or if you were held in suspension in an amphitheater in one of the Mansion Worlds, if you were to transport yourselves for our weekly meetings. For such an occasion, picture it, if you will, as a Grecian type of theater, etched out of a hillside, with greenery and statuary gracing the environs. And then Spirits, as you would imagine them to be, some of which are of your appearance and others that would liken themselves to scenes out of Star Wars - of beings with alligator heads and claw-like arms, or even in what would be considered, perhaps, grotesque, or undesirable description. The true essence of what we are speaking is what already takes place, and that is that you are willing and open and loving servants of a God who you all know love and serve. This is all that is ever expected and all that will ever be required for those who consider themselves sons and daughters of the Most High Father.

So you are the apples of our eyes, and the ears of our reception as we engrace your presence each day that we have the opportunity to speak, to share and to grow. It is also an encouragement for us to tell you that your cares and concerns, your diplomatic and deliberate conversations about the state of the world and its on-going occasions for uncertainty, and the threat of war, are not unheeded. Your thoughts, your cares, your concerns, such as those exhibited on the 3rd of March, go into a vast appeal receptacle, so to speak. As water evaporates it goes up, sight unseen, yet it gathers in the clouds that enable it to re-precipitate. In like manner, your thoughts, your cares, your prayers for unity, understanding and for the ultimate protection of life here on your planet, goes up into the receptacle units where such thoughts, wishes, and desires are transmitted through the cycles that allow for those conveyances to enter again, treated for their proper use and effectiveness. So it is never wasted or expressed energy expended into the ethers with no place to call home. It is truly a reception, is with merit, and with direction, so that your cares and concerns are encouraged to continue. These already will make a difference in whichever way the path takes. For we are all in this, whether we are inhabitants of your world or not. We can watch, we can witness, we can even experience that which your world experiences at the same time. We share more than empathy. We share your life to a large extent. And I can assure you even though some things may not be as you would have them be, eventually they will be as you would have them be.

Even in the face of horror and great disappointment, your prayers, your own growth -- your own love, primarily -- is what is encouraged and desperately needed. For if all were to run and hide, to seek cover and bury one's head in the sand, who will speak? Who will be present to love? Who will be spokes people for the Father's business? If all hide in retreat there will be no one to carry the Light.

I do not predict hellacious outcomes. I merely wish to advise you that your thoughts, cares, and concerns are seen, felt and directed. Nothing is wasted, as you well know. But above all, your commitment to being here, as you would be if you were not physically in this world, your thoughts cares and concerns, like ours, would be with you as well. So that, in a sense, there is no escape. It's as your childhood home you would consider, in retrospect, merely a shrine in your memory, as your active involvement in this world, on this earth, will always be in your active memory, a shrine, a sacred place for where you once held the Light of the Christed Ones. This enables you to have your eternal connection here, as you are here, and here as you may later not be here. But I assure you that your care and concern is felt, heard and effective.

I don't know what else to convey in this respect, other than to tell you that prayers and your active involvement and your commitment to what is True Light, is what you are asked to do. Again, if you are not here, who will represent the Father's will and Loving Presence? I leave you this, in good stead, to know and to trust, that your presence is more than just an occasion for loving and living, but rather, it is an occasion for eternal remembrance. Be at one with yourselves and know that the Loving Presence is certainly with you now and in all ways. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: We remain with you for a moment to acknowledge the year we have spent together. The associations we have made, the truths we have discussed and the value we have become. The beginning of a new year, which we celebrate next week, comes at a joyful time in the material world, the time wherein the sap of life has thawed and now flows freely through your veins. Take this time once again to renew yourselves, to feel the flow of the Spirit within you and within the material creation. Observe the process of life unfolding once more, the dormancy of winter exploding into the spectacle of springtime. Appreciate these precious moments in time wherein your core self is renewed and made more because of that which you have been in hope of becoming -- more than you were -- remembering the cycle of growth, of life and death, in anticipation of evermore resurrecting from the crucifixions of mortal experience, growing ever more fruitful and abundant, trimming your old branches and becoming wiser in how you strive for the sun.


Miracles are with us everyday in the simple gestures of loved ones, in the rising and the setting of the sun, in the song of the birds and the sigh of those who feel. Rejoice in the kingdom at hand as you toil in truth for the unfolding of the Christedness of Urantia and beyond.

Amen and farewell.