2003-04-24-Mathew's Home Planet

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Topic: Mathew's Home Planet

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: "I trust you are satisfied with what we portrayed of my world, and that these views brought you a better understanding of such an environment.

George: "A big island. A super-continent. You did your best, I'm sure. I' m the one who's lacking, or slacking, in energy here."

Mathew: "Quite right, my brother. You glanced [at] my beloved home planet. Because of its much larger size compared to this world, it has, correspondingly, a much larger population, and this entire population is of a single language group. The interaction between groups was much more, shall we use the word 'rewarding', and progress towards Light and Life was more rapid even than is experienced on the average world.

"Still, in the beginning stages, there was a need for us to be of different colors, even though, in the end, a rather homogeneous human population eventuated. Since its history was well recorded throughout, it did not seem strange to anyone for us primary-colored 'secondaries' (secondary midwayers) to openly appear before the now more uniform-in-tinge human population.

"Yes, we midwayers were never as restricted in our appearing before mortals as are your local helpers. Later, we were still easily recognizable by the more adept of the human population, and besides, we were also already well documented as mirroring in looks the mortal races of early times - before the Adamic input brought varying, but lighter complexions to most citizens.

"Everything here is different. For us volunteers, and even at our intellectual capacity, it is simply mind-boggling what we have learned already, and even more astonishing to our minds are some of the realities that confront us day after day. That is not to say that there is a great deal of 'sameness' on individual (regular) worlds, but at least they generally progress according to a broad master plan. "You will find the love for your planet of birth will be enduring, and even grow throughout your (future celestial) career, as it does for me. I greatly miss my planet of origin, for it is no less a living reality than are we.


"You are distracted. We will continue another time. Au revoir."


Mathew's world (its continents less broken-up than are Earth's) is perhaps only a little more than 30% larger than this planet, yet the Midwayer is barely half of our height. His code is "of many threes" - 33-3-33. The first "33" deals with his parentage, they being the thirty-third couple of what presumably are/were fifty couples, each responsible for a thousand offspring over time.

The remaining numbers deal in part with his rank in the hierarchy of siblings, his innate abilities (communication being his specialty), and perhaps the primary color blue. That is still unclear.

Mathew frequently uses the time prompts 3:33 AM, more often, and more conveniently of course, 3:33 PM.

Compared to the local Midwayers, the creation of Mathew's kind apparently only required for them to have two supernormal parents, whereas the local Midwayers, inexplicably, had three at the physiological level - A, B and C, - D, E and F, etc.

This might also be the case with the local Primary Midwayers, numbered 1-2-3, - 4-5-6, - 7-8-9, etc.

I consider this to be a rather poor, 'unclearish' transmission, but perhaps that's just my perception. George.