2003-04-25-That Antediluvian World

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Topic: That Antediluvian World

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard


Received by George Barnard. April 25, 2003.


George (seeing islands in the Pacific Ocean, and huge areas of tropical vegetation): "...we are both learning here, Andrea. I'm ever so pleased you have come by. I've had a niggling feeling that there was to be some Paradise Citizen's directed curtailment of forthcoming information, at least. That seems to have been the case in the last few weeks."


Andrea: "I greet you, brother. To my knowledge, there has been no such curtailment, other than that caused by your lengthy preoccupations of this time. The 'pictures' that you are shown were of the Pacific Ocean's islands, yes, as they existed some thirteen thousand years ago -- that antediluvian world. They were big and numerous, extensively vegetated and populated, and very unlike what is left of them at the present time.

"It was indeed a pleasure for us to "fare" amongst them (the islands) and to settle down and live on them for prolonged periods of time. With the frequent and at times continuous communication we had with the human seafarers, there was never any great mystery in their minds as to what would be found when the journey, at last, would end.

"There were reefs to be encountered and circumnavigated, shoals to present danger and to be avoided, adverse weather conditions in the making they had to be forewarned about, although, all the same, this journey turned out to be an epic adventure, indeed. Carefully selected by others, and by myself, it was in the very north of South America where we made our landing.

"It would be an option, left to our human companions, as to whether they would travel north or south, but rest assured that much of the civilization we brought to these lands would travel; both ways. It would never be completely lost, no.

George: "Thirteen thousand years ago (11,000 BCE) dates these Clovis points? That's a question, Andrea. Did you guys bring the technology? The art?" Andrea: "We brought weaving and better agricultural practices, metallurgy and pottery, even an "old world cotton" and the more useful Clovis points, and much, much more.

George: "Piri Reis?" (An ancient map of Antarctica).

Andrea: "There were many copies of copies in Alexandria, and of course, they were created with our assistance. Every islet was known and named by your Adamic ancestors and before their time. Let me go on for now."

"We brought many improvements that filtered through smoothly to distant, outlying areas that would still be there, even blossoming to a great degree by the time of the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

"It was a large number of ships that arrived, and there were relatively few difficulties on the way, but there were many more emigrants than those reported. As was customary in those days, there were many slaves of all kinds, gender, and races, to tend to the master of the fleet and his entourage. As well, there were many free, and brave individuals who simply believed in the venture without knowing, and who chose to throw in their lot with 'the others'.

"The chief personality (leader, or fleet master) was of the name, Ionah, but over the many decades and centuries, he came to be regarded as a god, and known in the language of our Red brothers and sisters as Viracocha. Yes, he would be remembered not as a man, but as an important creator being. His real name would all to soon be forgotten, and magical qualities were then soon attributed to him.

"Lengthy was my service with him, and to the descendants of this group, but in the end there was little contact, and I found an even much longer term of involvement with the [Oracle of Delphi Delphi-an Oracles] (Greece). In the end, there, too, it became ever more difficult for a Primary Midwayer such as myself to communicate directly - to clearly come through.

As time went on, and the human senses grew 'dimmer', more and more energy had to be expanded on my part for nothing better than garbled messages to come through, but once again, I delight in these days, and with my new task.

"Life is such - love and respect, and the possibility of contact between parties is of such importance. As time goes on, and the "blood thins" to contain a lesser 'sensitivity', communications between our different species becomes more and more difficult. A deep understanding, respect, yes, admiration, and love for who we all are, are ever the both-ways prerequisites for a chat.

"The first few words you picked up from me directly! Yes! Things are different now! It is so much easier. There was another time, but in these days we still have lots of fun about a mortal putting a Midwayer on the spot.

"Rest assured this transmission has gone smoothly, and easily. Rest assured the words as well as the pictures were just swell. I thank you for your time and your 'pointing' your ears to my chatter. I must hop to it now."

George: "I want to know about Mu."

Andrea: "You may place the 'antediluvian Mu' wherever you prefer. Everyone else does. My love to all. This is your servant, Andrea."


George: "Love you, Andrea."


I'll try to find time to describe these universe reflection pictures, clarify some details, and also explain some past experiences Andrea referred to here.