2003-04-26-Inner Contentment of the Soul

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Topic: Inner Contentment of the Soul

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Hello Sandy, and 'distant group students'. This is your friend and teacher, Machiventa Melchizedek."

Sandy: "Hello Machiventa. There have been days when I felt kind of deserted by my (celestial) friends. I guess you've all been very busy."


Machiventa: "Indeed, these are 'happening' times, and I would like to speak about retaining one's balance in these times. Like so many others, you, too, so often look to find that inner contentment of the soul as having to arrive as if by magic from the outside world, yet it will rarely do so automatically, and without being searched for by you.

"As we look around our world today, we are seemingly forced to focus on much in the way of all-around fear, confusion and despair, and we can make the choice of taking it all upon our shoulders, or even isolating, and insulating ourselves from that frightening world. Likewise, however, we are totally within our rights, and better advised, to explore the preferable options, regardless of the circumstances.

"We can choose to enjoy our Creator's wonderful handiwork that is all around us. We can opt to reach out to the people we meet in our every day, show some admiration for our friends, and entertain our friends and family, and be welcomed by them for our positive demeanor.

"The vast majority among us is very fortunate in our being able to, and on a daily basis, reach out and touch the lives of our siblings of all ages that are around us. You also have the choice of being alone, even when in a crowd, or with others.

"Your Creator has given you the innate gift of soul contentment for you to further develop and grow throughout your lives, to further cultivate for the purpose of achieving a balanced living, yet each of us would be unable to appreciate this inner soul quiet without us also facing the difficulties that are regularly placed in our path.

"Only in cheerfully dealing with the obstacles that chance to confront us do we learn to appreciate all the good that also comes our way, and this represents the very opportunity we are given to co-create with our God. I place before you this simple summary of a well-lived life that can be portrayed as very complex and yet so simple upon it being given thoughtful consideration. Truly, it is the discovery of balance under all circumstances that is the secret of happiness.

"I long ago realized that I must at all times make the choice whether I let the wrongs of the world get me down, or whether to delight in the happiness of the 'miracles' that I see at work for the evolutionary betterment of this wonderful oasis in space.

"Your relatively short life's journeys on planet Earth are compliments (parts) of an outworking toward the end goal of your having closer contact with your God, the Creator of all life. It is my sincere recommendation that you make the 'choice of happiness' today by walking with Michael and enjoying the wonders of your everyday lives to the contentment of your souls.


"Today will indeed be a good day in your lives. Make it so. Go forth in the knowledge that as a child of God, His blessings are ever upon you all.

"This is Machiventa, charmed to be your friend and teacher."

Sandy: "Thank you, Machiventa. Thank you (midwayer) Mathew for helping with this lesson, and coming through so clearly."


It is a difficult time for me with a grandson in Baghdad, but Machiventa's lesson is obviously for all who appreciate his words, not just for me -- Sandy.