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Topic: Desires

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Sorry for the delay. My heart is full to see you each here this evening. While it is somewhat difficult to minister to each of you with these lessons, it is a wonderful feeling of gratitude--that task is not up to me but to our Father. I do however enjoy gathering with you as a group and building our lesson together.

Michael had offered us baptism with Spirit. Over our short period apart I do indeed hope you had felt His presence, and allowed Him to create in you a new creature. As new creatures our vessels are emptied and we are yet ready to receive the new. I realize the mortal life is a struggle between the animal and the divine. Mortals are by nature somewhat prone to their weaknesses. The Master does understand our weaknesses and our desires to rise above them.


When we remember the story of the wedding at Cana, we remember how the Master had allowed His mortal desire to override the divine plan by feeling great compassion toward His mother’s desires. Each mortal has heartfelt desires they would give anything to fulfill. Many times this is quite costly. Some desires can cause one to forsake the divine inner knowing in favor of personal fulfillment.

Are our desires our weaknesses? They do not have to be. When we ponder the definition of desire we must go within and find the origin of our true yearning. Many sojourning in the flesh have no idea of what their true desires are. They go from task to task, person to person, year after year searching for that one desire that will bring them the fulfillment they have so longed for. What is it you really are needing and wanting?

A man who was so focused on attaining money that he went about any method to get it. Many of his methods were illegal and without integrity. This indeed put the laws of the universe into full affect. He sowed seeds of negativity and he reaped the harvest therefrom. All the while he never did receive what he truly desired. His focus on money was simply the surface of what he believed would get him what he really wanted.

Growing up poverty stricken, this man believed that wealth would buy him the love and affection he had never received as a child. He believed his poverty had made others to look down upon him, to withhold friendship and affection. The man’s focus on money was not his true desire— love was. He spent a lifetime spinning his wheels, so to speak, never really understanding what this emptiness was within him.

The Master that day at the wedding was with light heartedness and joy at merely existing upon the Father’s world with His fellows. He was not want for anything. He did take great joy in seeing the joy upon His fellow’s faces. He was somewhat bothered by those individuals who were with anticipation at any forthcoming miracles, but overall the Master was simply enjoying the day. He did so love His friends and family, and always was their joy His joy.

The Master was not weak in any way, no. He was however compassionate and had desire to see His mother happy and carefree. While He was indeed the Creator Son of our universe, He was also most definitely mortal. While His divine self could see with expanded vision at Father’s overall plan, His mortal self seen with the eyes of the heart, His compassion, His emotion. What the son desires and the Father wills—is. Certainly on this day was His desire fulfilled, of course to His dismay. Even in this did our Master learn something new, something to be aware of. His concern at all times was indeed the Father’s will.

Our Father knows your most heartfelt desires. He knows what you need and want. He does coordinate the universe to acknowledge each child’s fondest hopes. He does see how many of His children go to great lengths to find that fulfillment. He understands that the animal side does have weakness. He does have mercy and compassion. He does want all of His children to also have that for one another. Father does want us to have patience with our weaknesses and go within them to have understanding, to understand what it is you really want and how to achieve your goals with integrity.

As we look at Urantian society of today it is ridden with seeming weaknesses, temptations to self-indulge, to hurt another for personal gain, to chase erroneous ideas to find that long sought after fulfillment. What is the universal plan for living the mortal life? What did you expect? Is this reality? Are you living to desire or are you finding everlasting satisfaction.


This week go within to understand your levels of fulfillment. Are you well balanced in pursuing your desires? What is it you truly need and want? What activities would you do that may create negativity to supposedly bring you closer to fulfillment? Think about your weaknesses and dissect them, live them, journal about them. Are they controlling you or are you controlling them?

No questions this evening. Know that I am with great affection for you each and I am with joyous fulfillment each time we meet. Until next time, shalom.