2003-05-26-Personal Weaknesses

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Topic: Personal Weakness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your lighthearted attitudes are quite refreshing to me. Every day I see painful circumstances in the world, and even though my faith remains steadfast, I am somewhat saddened by the pain of the world. Your open minds and welcoming hearts bring me much upliftment and for that I thank you.


Your strength and endurance keeps our ship of faith afloat. Your willingness to be real with yourselves and each other is such a powerful tool in maintaining balance in this seemingly chaotic time. While you have courage to admit your weaknesses, you can still find the humor and wisdom therein.

What keeps weaknesses in a repetitive state? Many times mortals truly believe they are simply stuck or trapped. My understanding of this or my experience of this has taught me that most weaknesses are a matter of mindal state. To change the mind is to change the action or the outcome. A long occurring weakness would appear to draw out feelings of failure. To continue to view yourself as having weaknesses lowers self-worth. To have lowered self-worth is to lose confidence and hope in continuing to make effort to overcome.

Feelings of failure are indeed a spirit poison that separates you from the One who so loves you as you are. This feeling of separation causes further weakness. It causes one to feel alone and without divine assistance. One may ask why would Father love such a difficult child. Father sees you not as difficult or failing in anyway, no. He sees you as His child, a part of Him, a continually growing personality, who is a part of all there ever was, is and will be.

When dealing with personal weaknesses ask yourselves: In every situation am I living up to my highest light? Am I exhausting all my human resources? Am I living out my definition of integrity? Am I satisfied with my efforts? This, my children, is the beginning to overcoming what you feel controlled by. This is making a commitment to what and in whom you serve. Where your treasures lie--there will be your heart also. What is truly important and top priority in your lives? Who has more power—Father or your weakness? In whom do you serve?

Our Father is our source of all that is true, beautiful, and good. He is our supplier of all that we will ever need. To truly have Him as your foundation for living is to have not weakness for anything else. Make effort to see yourself as Father sees you. Does He see a child who defies the divine rules and caters to gluttony or does He see a child who struggles to live up to their highest light?

When you have done your very best, when you have taken action according to your understanding of your highest light, when you put integrity at the forefront of your minds, then there is no room for feelings of failure. There is self-mastery in overcoming weaknesses; there is divine connections and strength to be balanced to see weakness as something small, something you control, not something that controls you.

This week think about what you find acceptable in your own behavior. Think about your understanding of integrity and how the lack thereof may affect you according to the universal laws. Find time to journal on your feelings of failure and how they bring self-unworthiness and the steps you can take to see yourself and others through the eyes of our Father. Many times mortals see weakness in one another and harshly judge one another. To see weakness in one is truly seeing weakness in all. To judge one harshly is to also believe others view you in the same way. A few questions.


SIMON: Abraham, I struggle with some of this because some things I see that work for me as good that might not necessarily be the best thing for me. I am still growing and still learning. Some things seem arbitrary, but some things also bother me. I hate to be vague. I love the lesson. I know it is going blossom and bloom in my thought process. I wonder if you could help me out here?

ABRAHAM: Have you an example of what you speak about? Were you speaking of justice? (Yes, I suppose so.) Those things that you do to bring about the desired results--would they be favorable in the eyes of our Lord? (That’s a great question. I guess I need to be patient, but sometimes I think I am too passive.) In my best understanding I can say that Father orchestrates the universe to give you your best lessons, while accommodating your dreams and desires. With each undertaking you must make effort and allow those seeds planted to grow however they may. If you should not see growth in a significant amount of time, then perhaps this is not something to stand by and wait for. Do you understand? (Yes. Thank you Abraham.) You’re welcome Simon. I know that you have good intentions and with a little practice in patience will see how well you are looked after. Another question?

DIANNA: Yes Abraham, I have been thinking about this. It is like I always step forward with that intention to do Father’s will and to bring myself closer to a place where I can reach my full potential. I use the example of the hurt and disappointment I feel sometimes in my relationships. It is like there is an attachment there that pulls me back. So although I feel forward movement, it like a little bit of a yo-yo action. As I sat here thinking about it I can see the long ark of growth that through many small decisions there has been a change, but it seems like in the present moment the struggle is so great that the attachment seems stronger to the weakness. Can you speak to that?

ABRAHAM: Good question, my daughter. I am understanding that past fears somehow keep control over your actions of today. It is as if you have touched a hot stove and fear going near the stove anymore. Your steps forward are the values you have learned from each of your struggles, and yet there is those past fears that keep pulling you back. In this state there is not the courage to go out into the unknown, there is not the daring to go boldly into new adventures. Your past fears are keeping you limited to certain experiences. No one, my daughter, is stuck in repeating some useless cycle. You are a child of God and deserve good things. You must make effort to turn your attention toward believing you deserve good and good will follow. You can trust your inner guidance and know that you know. You are free to be who you really are. Have not fear that that person would not be accepted. You are by no means any kind of victim in this life, no. You are an empowered daughter of God. Trust in that, realign you mind to really believe in that and it will become your reality. Is there more I can answer? (So it all in the control of the mind. The whole lesson seems to be about controlling your mind and your thoughts and that leads to understanding.) Correct, correct. You, Dianna, are with intelligence and have a great deal to give. Know that you are very much worthy to receive. Accept those good things that come your way. One more question.

TETRA: A follow up on that Abraham. It does seem to be the whole issue of this lesson and that these weaknesses we have are in a repetitive state. To change the mind is to change the action or the outcome. It sounds easy to do. It could be a easy thing to do—just to change my mind about something, but that repetitive state is so strong it keeps us in this one place. My question is, is it just a matter of being very diligent in daily life and be so present in the moment that we can see when these things need to changed right then? What are some other tools we can use to be able to change our mind?

ABRAHAM: I realize these things are easier said than done. One things that keeps individuals stuck in a mind set is feelings of being alone or unworthy. When one does good they believe they deserve good. When one appears to fail they are at times in a mind state of believing they deserve punishment. To resolve within your own mind that you are simply a learning child on a path to your Father, you begin to have faith in yourself, your abilities, your levels of power, yes. There are many events throughout history that have exceeded mass expectation because the individual had belief or an unlimited mind-set. The individual fears what he may be controlled by. The mind is a filter for experience. To have the filter be clogged with various fears and distractions is to have confusion and not the capacity to make clear decisions.


Have not worry. All is well. I am as always with ever growing love for you each. Until next time, shalom