2003-06-01-Balancing Stillness & Service

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Topic: Balancing Stillness & Service

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jessona

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends, this is Elyon. I have a few words to share. Returning again to our topic of stillness and service, today I am going to address the two as a working relationship. I witness within you each the desire to offer words of encouragement to others who search for answers, and to offer enlightenment and understanding when you note confusion or uncertainty or lack of understanding in others. I know well how you struggle with your discipline of stillness.


Balance, Stillness, Service

I am aware of your loyalty to God and know that in spiritual standing you each are dedicated, devoted, to the relationship, and that your difficulty with a practice such as meditation is not the fault of your spirit being, your soul, but rather indicative of your biological and mental endowments, both of which are on temporary loan to you at this level of your living in this universe. So, I endeavor to offer techniques which may help inspire you or encourage you over a hurdle or difficulty. Some of my students are passionate about greater outreach, broader impact. Some are hungry for deeper personal sense of contact that comes through the inner relationship. Some have expressed the observation that few opportunities occur in your daily episodes where you have the chance to let a little light out to touch another. If I may I will use the concepts of amplitude and frequency that define wave theories in your scientific realm and preface it all by saying that balance is the key to success.

Given a wave, the higher the crest in one direction of oscillation, the higher -- or perhaps better said -- the deeper the trough in the other direction of oscillation for there to be balance. To desire greater outreach, ministry to your fellows, requires deeper in-reach and contact with your God to maintain balance. If you were to remain exclusively in one crest or one trough you would experience exhaustion, for no wave can exist unless it moves, and it does so through oscillation. Therefore to remain in stillness day in and day out you would eliminate the opportunity to minister to your fellows, and to remain overly engaged in ministry will hinder if not stall your personal relationship in prayer and worship. Those who are not as inclined to impact large amounts of people, not inclined to take the show on the road, ought not to feel that, should they desire deeper relationship with God, they must balance that depth with longer outreach, greater impact in outreach, for as we have been talking about amplitude, let us now enter in the understanding of frequency.

You may over the course of your entire life undertake multiple episodes of ministry of smaller amplitude and experience equally numerous episodes of prayerful contact. They do not have to reach as high in crest or as low in trough, but they can occur over and over again and enrich your life and enrich other lives all just as pleasing to God as a world tour or a profound, saintly meditation. This frequency is the principle that supports our Mother Spirit's comment that your stillness can be as long as the blink of an eye, for your ministry may be equally as short in duration, as simple as the kindness of opening a door for another, the expression of thanks, a smile. So, I wrap up my comments by saying that to maintain balance you may adjust your amplitude, how far your in-reach or your outreach goes, or your frequency, how numerous these experiences are, whether they are high and low or modest in their swing. Engaging yourself in one stimulates the occurrence of the other.


Kirk: Thanks, Elyon. I like that the simplicity of the things you do for other people is important also. Sometimes I just open a door for somebody and just want to worship God that I had that in me.

Elyon: This is wonderful, and you have experienced one complete oscillation in such a brief period of time.

Ginny: Yesterday I received two such actions. I was feeling bad about a confrontation with my niece, hurt, and having a hard time getting over it. In the grocery store two people helped me; one got me a basket another talked to me about peppers, very kindly. I felt, gee, thanks.


Elyon: You expressed the beauty of spiritual fellowship and how valuable each one is to another, friend or stranger. If I may continue with my wave form, visualize, if you will, each one of you having an amplitude and a frequency that define your wave presence and another individual has their signature wave presence. You have experienced in your lives times when you so well mesh with another and times when aggravation and discord occur. Picture a horizontal line and your wave cycling above and below. Picture above the line, below the curve an area and next to it, below the line and above the curve, an equal area. Now imagine another individual superimposing upon your wave presence. When the two match you find fellowship. Shift one wave form to the right so that the crest is over the trough of the other. This phase shift can be helpful, for in your need for communion with God, another is in the mode of ministry, and this contact with the Father is received by you through the outreach of a fellow. When frequencies and amplitudes are discordant, relationships enter into tension. While it may be the desire to adjust the wave presence of another, it is often the time to modify your parameters in order to create friendly resonance. Today you undertook your weekly prayer circle of healing for those loved ones in your lives. Jonathan offered a visualization of Michael and Mother Spirit encapsulating. I ask you now to imagine that group surround shrinking and multiplying and taking residence within each of you, the Michael/Mother sphere, the energy ball. Consider that your tone generator, your wave form adjusting source. When you come into contact with another human being, let that energy presence of Michael and Mother Spirit expand up and out and surround the two, the three, however many you are in company with. This will aid you to be more conscious of both your inner state and your outer work. This will have a subtle influence upon those in your presence who are spiritually receptive and react to such impressions upon them.

Midwayers, Gender

Evelyn: I have a curiosity question that is off-topic. Are midwayers male, or male and female, or what? We know they don't reproduce. We are in the habit of referring to them as "he". What do you have to say about that?

Elyon: The midway creatures are close in kinship with the races of human beings, for each has elements of life form construction designed by and established on this planet through the work of the Life Carriers. Your order of being requires gender in order that you may continue the species. The midwayers do not require the maintenance of species through propagation, for they each dwell on this world all the way into Light and Life. So, the physical form, if I may speak of their morontia habiliment in this way, is not keyed with the polarities present in the human being.

They do share with you the bipolarity of perspective, of feeling, of orientation that you experience between male and female. Such a configuration causes affinities between midwayers much as you feel between a best friend of the same gender as you and one of another gender that causes attractions that you experience as a romantic love. This is not due to the appearance of a midwayer, their form. It is due to the personality elements that manifest as they go about their work for Father on this world. I hope this provides useful information.

Evelyn: Is it like the angels then? More retiring, more outgoing, as I recall.

Elyon: This similarity exists. An angel has an added feature of reflexive adaptation, for the angels can switch roles where a midwayer is more like yourselves; your ability to switch a role is greatly complicated, though I do note that some on your world have attempted such.

Evelyn: That's very helpful, thank you. I'd like to get to know these midwayers.


Tom: I have a question for Jessona if she is present. It has to do with the phrase in our text that it is the will of the Father that we strive to be perfect. She once gave a helpful example of breaking down the concept of love into more digestible increments. This striving to be perfect seems simple in its word, yet eternal in variation. Could she give some first categories for breaking that down?

Jessona: I am here. Good morning. Perfection, while appearing to be final in its state of being, is to an evolutionary creature a constantly shifting, though precisely oriented in direction, condition. As you unfold in your spiritual efforts you create conditions that are balanced by you, adjusted, rebalanced. This continues whatever the lesson is that you are undertaking, whatever the experiences you are living. At stages in your growth and unfoldment you may feel that you can put your finger on a condition and proclaim it perfect, then discover as time transpires that improvement is now recognizable, and adjustment is made again. A regret may occur that what you thought was perfect was not after all. One may react with regret at such an evaluation that was erroneous. Another may welcome the recognition of the potential to improve and move on. The Father wills that each one of you become perfect. To the Father, your perfection, perfection as it applies to a fallible, temporal creature as yourselves, is your ability to adapt, to adjust based on your experiences, to do so with greater ease as time unfolds, and to develop greater keenness at observing the opportunity for adjustment and improvement and increasing your ability to more swiftly make those adjustments willingly, happily. The Father on Paradise is defined as perfect. But even the word "perfection" does not fully describe the quality it attempts to indicate, for the perfection of such a being as God is indescribable. This is no match for a creature striving to become perfect as the Father is perfect. If you observe God, God functions flawlessly, eternally as a creator, a deity, a divine being, without fail. Each of you, as am I, are creatures of evolutionary status. Our perfection qualities are revealed in our ability to grow, to learn, to improve, and this is the perfection you may attain, the perfection of adjustment, the perfection of an upwardly mobile adjustment that takes you to the Isle of Paradise. This creates the variability that you inquire about, for each one of you upon arriving on Paradise will be perfect, and each one of you will be wholly individual and distinct. You are not all converging upon some ideal conception of a perfect human being that you will all in a monotone sense be. Diversity will be revealed in your perfection, and it will reveal the perfectness of an evolutionary creature. Does this assist you?

Tom: Yes, it does. "Adjustment" seems the key word. We have Thought Adjusters. That's a good place to start....

Jessona: You have made a very important observation by pointing out that these . .. Father Fragments given in your Urantia text, for these divine presences are not thought fixers. As you well know you have many thoughts that are not fixed, some that you may dread to be unfixable. But ever and always will this divine presence seek to make adjustment, not necessarily to correct your human way of thinking, but to develop within you a spiritual, more closely divine way of thinking, of living, of acting.

Tom: Thank you for your counsel; it's good to hear from you again.

Ginny: Speaking of adjustment, when my niece lost her temper it was hurtful. When I apologized, it just came out of my mouth. If I had stayed on my human level it would have taken weeks or months to do that. It surprised me that I would do that. I must have made some kind of adjustment on the spiritual level where that could come out easily.

Jessona: You have made a profound observation about your growth. You know that the incident is not perfect and that even now is not of ideal standing. Your response that you describe now, while in itself is not absolutely perfect, your perception of your action, your understanding of the divine impulse that guided you, are part of the perfecting that you as a personality are undertaking. This perfection is developing on the spiritual level of your being even though as it develops many imperfect mental and physical transactions take place. They may show no form of improvement, but at the level of your soul and in relationship with God within you, progress is being made. Your efforts over these years to deepen that relationship created the channel, the circuit, whereby your responses could flow so readily.

Ginny: Thank you. It was like transmitting. You aren't humanly conscious of the effort you are making; if just flows from another source. It surprised me, but sometimes when I transmit I am surprised at what comes out of my mouth, because I am not humanly, consciously, controlling it.

Jessona: I hope this statement you have made is helpful to many who have the chance to receive your comment. I would add that we too are often amazed at what comes out of your mouths when you transmit!

Ginny: If we could be in that mode more often we would have less trouble in this world, wouldn't we?


Jessona: I will take may leave and ask you to always draw near to God, for that is the secret of perfection; that is the secret of ministry; that is the secret of stillness. Actually that pretty much covers it all.