2003-06-08-Soul Birth, Finding Purpose

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Topic: Soul Birth, Finding Purpose

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Master Teacher, We come to you with senses of humor, attempted or real, as well as our own personalities that are God-given and real, and we do appreciate that for you could have made us anything – a rock, a grasshopper – or anything . .. and that would have been alright because we’d be part of creation. But as it is, we are part of those things as well and have consciousness and know who we are and where we come from and where we are going. And that is all important.

We‘re grateful for the teachings that we’ve inherited in our respective traditions of Christianity – and had we been anything else the Truth would still make us free. In whatever shape or form our belief is – believing in our Heavenly Father is first, foremost and primary and you have enhanced it – brought it to life - and brought us new life as a result.

I wish not to continue here just talking but to sing your praises and that of our Heavenly Father who has made all One now and forever. And for the teachings that we receive today we are grateful, as they continue to stimulate and reinforce us in our growth toward you and toward eternity in loving existence with the Trinity. Can you imagine that? We imagine and dream what that perfection is like in knowing that we are in the process.

So for that and more that you know is in each of our hearts – we are forever grateful.

TOMAS: Good afternoon, favorite friends. (Group: ‘good afternoon’…'Hi Tomas’) I am Tomas, your teacher, in company with Anatolia, and we have also with us a plethora of visitors – some who are always here – such as your spirit guardians, personal teachers and midwayers. But we also have morontia companions, a celestial artisan and Machiventa watches from his monitoring station.

And there are plenty more who turn the channel and tune in to your gathering as inspiration and assistance in broadcasting techniques, because you are the raw material with which the Universe works to mold the new dispensation. You are the tools that we use to bring about – in your time and your day in age – the same principles and truths which Jesus brought to His day in age. And which are those cameo performances in which our Universal Father is brought into most focus for that moment. Those moments are the Fruit of the Vine - those moments are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Those moments are perpetual in those who have a Love saturated soul.

Last week we discussed ‘Purpose.’ As a teacher in the Teacher Corps, it is my purpose to be with you – to bring you forth, to draw you out - that you may yield to your world that which resides in you – that piece of perfection that represents the Divine. This is such a wonderful work. The rewards are so satisfying for they give testimony to His greatness.

There was a time when I was not in this Teaching Corps. There will be times in the future when I will have performed my work with you and will have gone on to other pastures. But for now – this is my purpose – to be your teacher and to help you learn to be a teacher of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in your realm and to show forth that perfection which you know and identify with in others as a way of pulling together the pieces of God that fit together in such a way as to reveal perfection.


The pre-session conversations have all been revealing of your method of relating to humanity that you might better portray perfection in one form or another in a way that can be understood by your world - in ways that will allow you to be a part of your fellows - a part of humanity as well as a part of Divinity.

The beauty of the Mediterranean that is presented by the Staffords in their recent sojourn reveals the beauty of your world in your sister nations and the history of your world as you remember it through your recorded history. This is a platform for preaching and teaching the Gospel. It allows you to interject a piece of the Father into the appreciation of how other people live and how this culture has been forged from the efforts of those who have lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. For this is all a part of the inheritance of civilization you have acquired by your own intelligence. Which is a gift from God.

You present also a picture of mother and daughter diligently applying yourselves to the sewing machine – working in harmony, in tandem – as if the two of you are one in your desire to create, enhance, embellish and clothe that which is naked and that which seeks to present itself as something worthy of beholding. Presenting your Self as the best It can be, is a theme of study in the mentoring sections of the Teacher Mission - personal growth that impacts on humanity - again - for you to reveal the Father through your enthusiasm, your creativity, your practical application of the Divine into the humble field of apparel. But it is a field which all civilization enjoys. Fashion is a field of discussion for those who seek to spread the Good News, for these conversations present opportunities to remember that we are all clothed with mortal raiment - that our Soul-self within is clothed in a human body – which seeks to display itself as perfectly as possible.

And then we have the new car. We have the potential of a new home and yet another. And all of these human activities have been and continue to be, opportunities for you to revealthe Father in your earthly life, even if all you have an opening for is to say, "Thank you God for such a deal." Thus displaying your dependence upon the Divine that is the Ultimate Provider of all your needs and the Source of all your true joys and satisfaction.

Thus it could be said, that each of you, in your own fashion and at different points in your lives, apply yourself to your purpose and like plateaus of growth or experiential learning, they are not crystallized but are alive – advancing and enriching. You are commanded to be perfect as He is perfect and that means you derive soul-satisfaction from your directed energies – from your purpose to which you are applying yourself. You are able to give your full-self to the task at hand for it represents a reality that you know and respect.

The purpose of life here on this planet is for Soul Birth. The life experience is like the seed that is planted in the garden, fed and watered all during the spring time and the summer, harvested in the fall and put to rest before winter.

What of the seed that does not sprout?

You have certainly all sprouted and also give forth fruit but you have responded to the conditions offered for your development. You have chosen to grow – you have chosen to reach – you have chosen to honor the laws of nature – you have chosen to become the fullness of the potential of that particular seed. We have accomplished that purpose for those of you here. And the purpose for some of you is to create. Some of you serve. Some of you teach and some you nurture. All these are necessary pieces of the puzzle that go into creating that moment wherein perfection is revealed.

I’ll give you an exercise for the week, one which I know you’ve all done before, but have not perhaps recognized the experience in these terms – and that is to find time this week to have a moment alone in the garden – in the out-of-doors – in a place of beauty, privacy – such that you will be able to enjoy a moment of stillness. And do this with your eyes open. Allow yourself to experience fully - and to see with your physical eyes and well as your spiritual eyes – how perfect life is. The sun, the grass, the birds , the air, the atmosphere of peace and safety, the sense of fullness and abundance that is your legacy and your right as a moral child of God.

Then frame that picture in your mind so that you know to return to it and to carry it with you even into the arena as much as possible for this is God, Itself. The perfection of Life as it is presented in means and ways understandable to childlike minds everywhere. Look at Light and Life and then realize your work within that framework. What greater purpose could there be for you than to be a Bringer of the Good News in whatever way appeals to your personality? This is a happy life. This is Glory Hallelujah.

This completes my time with you, in terms of monologue. Let me relinquish my hold on you. And while you know you are in the eternal embrace I give you over to my fellow.

ANATOLIA: Welcome back friends. This is Anatolia. I am happy to be here with you again with a full compliment of all of the many personalities and wonderful persons of your stature and caliber. Welcome back to our weekly meetings where it is all important that we gather together for, as you know in the statement from the good book, that where two or more are gathered – there Christ is. It is in this tradition and in this group, in particular, that we find our afternoon times, on the day that you call Sunday – as your Sabbath here in this world – to be of significance for ourselves in relation to being believers of one God and a Creator of the Universe that is grander than our imaginations could ever conjure.

This is the fabulous part of being part of such a creation - that in the many works that exist within our world – creative, factual and scientific – nothing could have ever been developed, invented or created that comes close to the reality that is what we call Creation and Life within the Oneness of All That Is.

It far beyond my capability to describe the to you the vastness, the grandeur and the total inclusiveness that is our Creator of our Universe within time and space and beyond. The best I can liken it to, for a momentary consideration, is what you can imagine is the life of a dolphin in the greenest-bluest water that you can picture and what that dolphin and the school of dolphins would be like in their inimitable nature – their total freedom and their total oneness as a group – yet each an individual.

Imagine, if you will, their all-but-flying-through the water in this imaginary, yet real, blue water. (In)This scene – or symbol – include all of the underwater life, if you would like. Color it, fill it, complete it with coral and all kinds of shapes and colors of other life. This free-flying motion – the near weightlessness and shear speed - through which the dolphins can maneuver themselves in water – is only a thumbnail sketch of what Life in the Spirit - in Creation – in the Oneness of All That Is – is like.

You need not feel as though you are ‘distant cousins’ and unrelated to this Life that I described for surely you are like dolphins and their relationship to you is very close in intelligence and understanding and personality and Love of Life. But they show you what it is like to be Care Free and without concern for weight and matter and life as you know it – but demonstrate what Total Freedom can present and what Life in the Spirit is truly like. For they are physical beings as you are but have no cares, no worries and are totally Servants to their form of creation. This too, is what you are called upon to do as Servants to your Creation – to your Life Form – and to who your Master and Creator made you To Be. Like dolphins – true to their Form and Nature. Free as can be. Loving as is possible and One with All That Is.

I encourage you to continue in your pursuits at whatever level you pursue them - whether it would be mastering the sewing machine or mastering your work situation or life on the computer or on a piano or at a word processing machine - that enables you to be your creative best even while you have duties to accomplish. I encourage you to say daily prayer – as in the Stillness that was described. I encourage you to be consciously aware of giving grateful thanks and praise to your Master Son Creator and to Life within a Universe that is far beyond your current capability of imagining how wonderful and great it is. So be grateful for that which you know already to be great and vast and beyond your comprehension. This is only an inkling of All That Is.

I encourage you. I send you my loving blessings and relatedness to you to that All is, in fact, One. Be of Good Cheer and know that your hopes and your dreams are being accomplished as you dream them. All you need to do is to follow your Heart and all else will be possible. In foremost consideration is the Love that is yours because a caring, wonderful and gracious Creator allowed All That Is to become aware of That Creation.

Be at one with yourself and be wise in Love and Graciousness. Peace be with and until the next time be One with All That Is. Amen.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: We have taken advantage of your summer – early summer - season to bring these images to your mind that will cement within you the appreciation of the Father’s hand in all you do, all you have and all you are.

And now we open the floor to you to engage in healthy cross-pollination of Ideas that can help us work in ways that will infiltrate the Material Realm with Truth, Beauty and Goodness – so that we may expand our school of learning.


Esmarelda: Your monologue today, Tomas, was wonderful, I thought. It kind of – I’ve been enjoying the summer very much with yard work and the beauty of things growing – so you talked about what had been my most time-consuming thing this summer.

TOMAS: While it is an Art Form, it is beautification, it is a part of self-maintenance, a form of therapy as well. An effort, certainly, but one you can do in your own time at your own pace. And you’re in a position, geographically, to best show off your efforts to those who ‘pass-by’ – literally. Thus you do improve the world by doing what you Love to do. This is "Glory Hallelujah."

Esmarelda: I agree.

Paula: Well when you come to our house next week we’ll see if we’re going to be doing "Glory Hallelujah" with our plants. We’re trying to let the yard look pretty…the tomato’s growing and all that sort of thing. What we found when we were on the trip…especially in Italy…..was that no matter which of these big apartment buildings they all seemed to live in – whether they were magnificent with wealthy people living there or if they were the poorest of the poor – they ALL had flowers on every single porch…these oodles of flowers and they were beautiful. I just loved them.

TOMAS: Indeed, I find their practice of infinite value for it brings Beauty into the most squalid conditions and yet it provides a natural and humble contact with the simple things in life for those who are wealthy and complicated.

This is why the Master often used the parable of the seed or that which grows – so everyone has a keen sense of how much Life can enhance Life, in particular with plants, which, more often than not, respond to Care. It is a very Universal form of manifesting Beauty. It is also a way of keeping your Soul at rest. It is, in this way, therapeutic for even when you need to work or engage in negotiations or sport, work or play with the "outside world," you’re able to come back to the simple act of nurturing that brings you back in contact with your relationship with Divinity that Force which nurtures you.

But as Anatolia readily shared, this application of the Self to that which is meaningful and satisfying can also be done in ways that enable the hearts, minds, and/or spirits to grow to yield to the conditions of growth and reveal the Beauty that was dormant within until it was brought forth by the Master Gardener in and through the efforts of the Service of ‘those who will’ to humanity. Whether that is through playing golf, like Tiger Woods, or tennis like the Williams' sisters. Whether that is creating films like many great creative personalities involved in theater and cinema. Whether you are in science and math or with diplomacy and ministry – this is the Hand of God working in your Life - sometimes consciously – sometimes unconsciously. Sometimes quickly – sometimes slowly. But with the right conditions – with the right circumstances – the right atmosphere – and the right ambiance – the right tools can be put to work to focus devotedly to on that which the heart and hands find to do. Glory Hallelujah.

Elena: You know Tomas you were talking about ‘consciously or unconsciously’ - sometimes, like this week has been a new spurt of growth for me. You don’t really know how you’re doing exactly because you’re just trying to push your head up through the ground I guess and there’s a lot of effort in that but you really don’t know what’s particularly being done on a conscious level – you’re just acting in that process. And I guess you just have to have the faith that you’ll grow to a different stage and be a bit more – uh – that’s just ‘part of that stage’ –I suppose is what I’m trying to say.

TOMAS: You will work and attain perspective. This is the Value of ANY kind of experience. Having made your choice - you act accordingly and eventually you will be able to put yourself aside and see what has taken place. And so you gain a New Perspective. This is Ascending. This is Advancing. This is Progressing in experience. And any experience is good if it leads you to a Greater Appreciation of that which is Holy. This is how it is that you learn from your mistakes. On occasion you learn what NOT to do. And while this can be regarded by some as failure – this is a mere Educational Course of Living the Life that will reveal the Way, the Truth and the Light.

Yes. Growth is almost always Unconscious. Until after the experience has come to sufficient fruition that you are able to put it into Perspective. That Perspective will have to do with your Purpose and your Intent. Where have you come from? Where are you going? How was that experience contributory and how was it a diversion? And now what? Does the path modify? Do we reverse course? Do we veer to the left? Do we have the willingness to remember to go to the Cosmic Compass to find our bearings to determine where ‘North’ is so that we can find our way home?

No matter what phase of learning, experiencing, perfecting, revealing, healing, we may be (in).

Carry on.

Elena: Thank you Tomas…consciously or unconsciously. (some laughter)

TOMAS: You are conscious, child, don’t forget that. (More laughter)

Elena: Thank you.

TOMAS: It is meant more as an admonition than a compliment.

Elena: Okay. (some more laughter)

TOMAS: I depend on you to remain conscious of who you are inasmuch it is through you that the reality of the Divine will be revealed. Even to those who are, in fact, unconscious of how He lives and works in their Lives and that without Him they do NOT live and breathe and have their being for they are lacking the perspective that comes from having been born of the Spirit; their seed has not sprouted. They are missing the opportunity for Soul Birth - the Conscious Awareness of Sonship. This is your garden. These are the seeds you have been given to bring forth fruit. You must not allow the comfort of the warm, damp, fertile soil to retard your efforts in Kingdom Building.

If you remember to experience with your eyes open it will be a Point of Light for you, furthering you on your course and on the course that is your allotment – your talent – over which you have stewardship. You are no longer here for your own amusement. You have a responsibility to Life to Fulfill Yourself. In order that your very existence gives off that which nurtures and creates an environment for others to grow. Not only in the soil but in the atmosphere where the sun (sic) is shining. Glory Hallelujah.

What a challenge you have, children, to bring the reality of God into your work place – into your environment – without being trite or sounding like an old saw. But rather to invite the dynamic reality of the Living Presence of God into each fiber of the Material Realm. This is our task – to infuse the Material Realm with Consciousness of the Spirit – the Divine. This is the purpose of the Teacher Corps of which I am a part, as are you. This is the Correcting Time. And this is our Destiny because of our choosing. Every decision you make is important. Every time you see someone flip a coin you have an opportunity to bring reality to that moment. Give the God within you every opportunity to express It Self. You work for It now. It provides all your needs. You have a blueprint to follow for effective living. Glory Hallelujah.

Have you questions about this process – about this project – or your place within it? For surely you are one of the dolphins that swim in harmony in this school – in the Melchizedek University.

(Long pause)


No questions? Well….let us be about the Father’s business. Be on your way. Go in peace and be of good cheer. See you next week.

Group: Thank you.