2003-06-09-Being In My Peace

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Topic: Being In My Peace

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening. This is Michael, your Creator Father and your human brother whom you have known as Jesus. Tonight a great peace descends upon you. Like a veil gently sitting upon your head and shoulders, let my peace descend upon you. Relax into this peace. Feel its safety and warmth. This is my embrace for you, my child. Feel me, and be at peace. (Pause)


Will you wear this peace around you when the winds of change swirl about you? Tonight I would offer this peace for you to gain more familiarity with the deep and lasting impression upon you of being in my presence during the times of your daily life. And because it is difficult to feel this peace when your mind is actively engaged in other pursuits, this is your time to experience my presence within you as a reminder that I am with you all the days of your life, and you have access to me and to this feeling of peace - my embrace - as your protection and your upliftment in your life at all times. (Pause)

Would you say in your body that you welcome this peace, or do you perceive there are areas within you that shunt this peace and block it from going deeper into your cellular being to the very core depths of your body? I would that you live in this peace all of the days of your life. But my children, you must desire this and offer yourselves to me to be opened and to be yielding that this peace come into those places in your mind where you have doubt or insecurity, and ask for my peace to warm that place within you and open your mind to receiving comfort, consolation, loving understanding, and acceptance. (Pause)

You see, my children, your bodies have been so conditioned to fear, so used to living in doubt that my peace is not always experienced to your soul's satisfaction. But that is not my desire for your life. It is only the entanglement of the world and its not knowing of me and my ways that intersects within your mind and creates confusion and darkness. But my peace is everlasting - ever abundant within you. And you only need to ask for it to come into your life and I will bestow that, and you will grow into a more conscious and palpable experience of my peace and give you great comfort. (Pause)

Once you have tasted this peace, you know the reality of me; you feel my presence. This is an invitation to come into a more satisfying relationship with me where I may lovingly instruct you, encourage you, support you, guide you as you live your life. Would you find it comforting to have this presence with you during your day? And if you have answered silently 'yes' then I would ask you to make a decision that speaks to the desire of wanting more of this. "Yes, I choose to have more peace in my life - I invite more peace into my life. And I ask for help in maintaining and absorbing more peace in my life." This is essentially a faith request you make. And so this peace you experience is an invitation to come into the faith within you to more fully and resoundingly explore the faith journey you make in inviting me into your life. (Pause)

For this faith journey is a partnership. I will be there beside you as it is my peace that you know as my presence. So if it is this peace that is your desire to experience, then seal your decision with me to invite me into your life as much as you can, and I will bind my commitment into that decision to help you overcome the handicaps in your thinking and in the barriers to your feeling me guiding you. Your choice is a gift and I return that gift to you through my help and my presence. My peace is yours, my children. How you wish to experience this is up to you.

I will pause now and entertain your questions while I am still encircuited among you this evening.


Student: Christ Michael, I invite you into my life - your healing, your love, your partnership, your understanding, and your peace.

Michael: My son, long have I known you, even the days when you were struggling in darkness. Always have I been there to extend my love to you. And you have made a soul commitment long ago to experience the Father in Paradise, and I stand beside you to guide you on that journey. You have by your side two devoted parents who love with a great and boundless affection.

Your desire to grow now becomes more mature, as you emerge from the place of doubt that keeps your growth from fully developing. As your faith matures, so does your awareness of your Mother Spirit and me grow within you to trust that we are nurturing your mind and helping you overcome the impediments in your thinking that prevent the union with your Thought Adjuster. Your Mother in Spirit's presence weaves you into a greater consciousness of the presence of the all-pervasive Creator.

The peace within you is the relaxation of your mind allowing the action of Spirit to upstep you in those spiritual energies of Father-likeness - of God-consciousness. By your choices have you access to all that we can bestow to our children. Truly, my son, there is no limit to what you can receive. Receive now with our abundant blessings upon you and be in my peace.

Student: Does the peace you bring transcend faith and trust?

Michael: Yes, R my son, it does. But it does more than that, as it instills within you an ever-expanding emergence of your identity as a son of God. What greater concept is there in human thought than the idea of you being a beloved of the living Creator in Paradise who shares His entire universe with His children? Could you conceive of a greater idea than this for yourself? (No)

So what you have asked of me is true, but the transcendence of faith, trust, hope is the unassailable confidence that you are beloved child of God, and that you are entitled to all of the goodness, beauty and truth that is our Father. And you grow into this through your trust, through your faith, as the peace instills within you all of these qualities and elevates your perception of yourself to that highest human concept of being a dearly cherished child. Be in your faith more, R. Find that desire within you that longs for your faith to grow. Can you do this now? (Yes) And now invite me to deepen your faith.

Student: (Cannot hear question)

Michael: It is always present, but you know you will need to make decisions that activate your faith - to choose for this faith activation to continue to grow your perception of yourself as a child of the Father. Be in that desire for your faith to grow now, my son, and I will add something into you. Relax now into my peace, and let me be in you more. (Pause) Your faith is growing stronger, my son. Allow it to develop for you, for you will be making use of every ounce of it as you continue to grow. My love overshadows you and my peace is ever-abiding within you. You are my son, and I love you. (Thank you)

Student: Jesus, I desire rest - rest in living in the truth communing with the Father. I desire rest from the unrealities of the world that I have to deal with on a daily basis. My soul desires rest from my own false perceptions, illusions. I desire rest from just surviving and I want to embrace the fullness of who I am. I'm just tired of being limited. I want to see the glass full and spilling over into my family and loved ones lives. I desire rest from working so hard to fulfill everyone else's obligations and forgetting my own soul. I desire to rest in the bosom of my Father and Mother.

Michael: D my son. Will you trust me now where I am escorting you on the journey to finding the Father within you?

Student: I want to trust you, but there seems to be this deep primal resistance to hang on to my way. I sense that my identity is wrapped up in this and I'm afraid to let go.

Michael: And yet you seek to extend yourself beyond this, do you not? (Yes, I do) So, your dilemma is how to preserve yourself but to fully let go. Do you see the conflict? (Yes, very clearly) What is your choice? And I say this for you to carefully consider what it is that you are taking upon yourself now. For you have in all of your discussions with me asked to be this living vessel of the Father. Whose identity is more important now to be - the Father's identity through you or that which you have come to identify as yourself all of the years of your life? And this is your choice. And you do not yet know whose the Father's identity through you is. You have a rudimentary idea, but is it not a fully experiential understanding. The question you must ask yourself, whose identity is more important to me?

Student: I want that identity of being one with the Father - His identity for me. But how? How can I get there?

Michael: Have you posed this question to yourself: "I no longer have any interest in preserving my self-identity." Have you asked yourself this question? Feel what this is doing in you now when you ask this. Do you have any desire to preserve this identity? If you have desire then you must choose, and you must ask your Inner Spirit to help you see why this idea may no longer be serving you. Do you understand?

Student: Very clearly....because it doesn't serve me well. It keeps me bound to old patterns and old ways of thinking and feeling. And I don't want to feel that way anymore.

Michael: Spend time exploring this idea. Feel the weight and desire you hold within. If it is truly your desire to acquire more of the Father's identity through you, then ask for this resistance in holding your own identity and desire thereof to begin to shift in your mind so that you find more of that desire, to feel more of the desire, to choose the desire to be the Father's identity living through you. Be gentle with yourself, be non-judgmental. This is a very fundamental question that each person must choose at some point in their lives. I honor that which is in you now that is opening the path for this choice to be made in your life. Render this the proper time and sincerity that is necessary for this new path in your life to unfold for you. I will be there with you, helping you step out of the old identity and into the new. Have you any other questions now, my son?

Student: As you were speaking to me just now I could sense that old identity's grip on me - its fear in saying 'what about me?' I also feel it very strongly but I also feel it loosening and lessening its influence. I welcome this challenge.

Michael: And like so many other challenges you have walked through, do you now know that you will be victorious in this one as well?

Student: Yes, I do know that it will take time.

Michael: And my only closing words to you would be to say to embrace this challenge. For it is a thrilling and wondrous yielding of your humanness to your divinity, and it will be a challenge that you will treasure as you see the faith that you must use to overcome this challenge. I faced this same similar undertaking that you now face. It is a challenge that each one of you will face at some point in your life. For truly it is written that he who wishes to save his life must lose it. And so, my friend, I will be there to accompany you as one who walked this path. And I will be there, my son, to shine within you the truth - the reality - of who you are as a son of the Creator in Paradise. This is your destiny now and it is your time to fully embrace it. (Thank you)

Student: Michael, I don't have a question, but I'd like to thank you for something that happened this weekend. I was raised in a family and culture where conversation was a contact sport. It was very exciting but all too often it ended up with everyone talking and nobody listening, and so nothing was really exchanged. You don't hear your friend and what he is saying as something unique, but just as a point of departure for you to get into some terrible game of one-upsmanship where no matter what he says, you come up with something bigger or better. It's terrible, because you come all this way to visit with a friend and all you hear is your own thoughts.

But this weekend a number of times I heard this wonderful welcomed caution that I was getting into that realm, and it seemed to have a very unmistakable distinct quality of coming not from myself. I thank you for that. I came away from a visit with dear old friends just absolutely rich because I came away full of them. Thank you very much.

Michael: My son, how blessed indeed you have been to have the Father Fragment within you that is now able to relay those words of truth to echo deep within you to do things the way the Father would have you do them. To find that place of true friendship, true spiritual kinship, that gives you the capacity to appreciate another person without competition, without ego need; to be in that rare place of allowing the Father's love to flow through you and to be perceived by another human being so they can echo that back to you.

Truly, you are the ones to be thanked. For have you not been instructed and encouraged all these long years, and is this now a time of great spiritual fruit being produced in your life of which you can see the quality and beauty thereof? And so, my son, this is what delights this father's heart. For you to manifest these fruits now - to be aware - be proud of your efforts and know that your fruitful crop is just beginning to grow abundant, and you have many beautiful fruits to still produce. What a gift you give to this father. Thank you. (You're most welcome, Michael)

Student: Dear Jesus, thank you for this mantle of peace. Please teach me the next step in your graciousness.

Michael: I would, my son V, that you would wear this peace around you each and feel it settle more deeply into your being. Would it not be a most wondrous feeling to be so permeated with my peace around you as that you felt it reverberate within the deepest parts of your being at all times and each moment as you live and breathe? (Yes, it would) Do you perceive this would be the next logical progression in my peace enfolding you? (Yes, I do perceive that, thank you) So, would your question then be to me: how may I perceive this more fully each moment? (Yes, I think it would)

I would say to you, become more consciously attuned to me in your thinking by your invocation for me to share the small moments of your life with you. In your daily tasks - fulfilling your daily task requirements - before you embark upon a certain undertaking, spend a moment quieting your mind. Ask me to accompany you and to fill you with my embrace, to feed you with peace that I so long to share with you. As you practice growing this habit, in time you will feel that peace knit within the very cells of your being, to the eventual conclusion that you will resonate in me and I in you at all times during the day. And you and I will be as one in this peace that is now in your body.

Is this something you would find enjoyable to do as you go about your daily tasks? (Yes, I can see this as an imperative really) Only if you want this peace to be constant and consistent possession. Be in my peace as it gains that familiar quality within you, and you will then remember to beckon my presence within you. Feel this now, and then remember, my son, and I will be with you. Does this help you now? (Yes it does, dear Jesus, thank you.)

Student: Dear Jesus, I'm about to embark on a new journey in my life. I need your peace and your help. I've been so busy for many years and now I need the peace. I am taking a great weight off; will you help me with this? Michael: My dear daughter, you only have to ask, and already is my presence surrounding you in light. The journey out of the darkness into the light of truth is the only salvation that can truly free you in your soul. And you walk this as a human, not alone, but with me. For I am always at your side. And you have within you a very living presence of the Father - the very center of glory - whose actual presence in your mind will help you to find the better way to perceive your reality and challenges. You have only to ask to for the light of truth to illuminate your way through the darkness. Each step you take must be held with the candle of faith and I will be there to accompany you. It is the presence of your Mother as the Holy Spirit that lights the candle of your faith by Her action, but it is your decision to walk in faith each step that will truly liberate you.

Be patient with your faith steps. Stay in that one step and let my peace and the candle of your faith illuminate your way with confidence and courage and hope, and allow yourself to feel these qualities weave within and become truly real and a part of you before you take your next step of faith. The walk of faith is steady and sure, but it must be done at the proper pacing for you to feel the support necessary so you can take that next step. And ever will I be there to be by your side to uplift you, console you, comfort you, guide you, and love you as you make your journey. And I honor your path of faith, and ask you to rejoice in the ability that you have to walk on this path. It is a great gift to be able to walk in faith. It is a great privilege to make that faith journey.

I am adding more awareness of myself into you now for you to feel my companionship by your side. Each day invite me to accompany you, and you will feel that companionship bond between us grow more strong and real. For you are my daughter and I desire that you feel my love for you and my devotion to you. (Thank you)


My beloved children, you are all emerging from the shadows of despair and darkness. My peace is the great comforter and consolation of your pain. Know the validity and reality of me and my love for you. You have heard it say that truly no man comes to the Father but by me, and I am your gateway to eternity and to all of the love, the joy, the wonder, the beauty that you can possibly imagine or dare to dream. My peace is all around you. Breathe into this, my children. Know me. Come into the love that will free you into your destinies as children of Paradise. You are in my heart always. My love is upon you now. Be at peace. Good evening.