2003-06-16-Balancing The Spiritual Life

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Topic: Balancing the Spiritual Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Each week I feel so fortunate to be a part of your thoughts. I enjoy watching the building blocks of your discussions forming into wisdom and creativity. You each have the gift of compassion. No matter the harsh realities of your personal lives, you still find compassion for others. In your willingness to be present for someone else, you can be comforted in the fact that you are also well served.

Last week we discussed building toward something greater than ourselves. As life moves onward it is constantly changing. Mortals are continually moving. Many things you have under your control and some things you do not. The most that we could hope to have control over is ourselves, our attitudes, our outlook. Your intentions are the gatekeeper of what is to be accepted and what is not.

One who is driven by the ego seeks fulfillment for the ego. Your desires or intentions lead you to take a path that would fulfill the egos needs. Total escape from the ego is not likely to occur in the mortal life. You will always need to keep a watchful eye on this. This is completely expected in the mortal life. An individual could want for the highest and best good for all, and yet is somewhat unconscious of those intentions that lead to another direction, perhaps a more selfish direction.

When one is devoted to leading a spirit led life then one has tools to use to allow the highest intentions to overcome underlying self serving intentions. It is confusing for mortals to be committed to being spirit led one moment and self serving the next. The Master had not need to be focused on being self serving, for all His needs were met. The Master knew not from day to day where He would lay His head. He many times forgot bodily nourishment, for He was quite satisfied on a spiritual level. He enjoyed the company of His fellows but was equally joyful to be on His own. His deep and abiding trust in Father had freed His mind to focus on the real priority in daily living.

The Master’s one desire was to do the Father’s will. He did not do the Father’s will because He feared what would happen if He didn’t. He desired to do the will because He craved that Source that fulfilled His every need. His intention was to do the will of Father and most of the time He did indeed do that. There were a couple of moments when the mortal had allowed Him to wander from that, but always the focus of His life was to serve. The Master was indeed an intellectual man, but also was He a divine Son. Always did the Master go forth with the will of God, never questioning why. He simply trusted.

A relationship with those On High fulfills all human emptiness. It is true that mortals can be pulled deeply into the material world and the spiritual world becomes secondary. Like the Master, we can make effort to exercise the spiritual mind every day to be free from fear and other spirit poisons that stand in the way of balance.

One who makes time for a few moments for stillness each day finds it is like a nutritious meal that gives strength and the ability to endure any and all things.
Prayer becomes a natural open dialogue with the Father when it is practiced daily.
Study becomes a place of refocusing, a reminder of the overall purpose.
Journaling helps us to empty out the negative and work towards the positive.
A fit mind and body is essential to doing all the above.
And last but not least—fellowship. All things are more easily bared when shared with a friend. More things are more easily learned when you listen with compassion. Where two or more are gathered there also is our Master.


This week we will focus on balancing the spiritual life, incorporating the daily exercises to maintain spiritual health. Those that perceive Father as far away will likely find that their reality.

No questions. I would say that I am personally looking forward to the upcoming changes with this group. My associates and I are working toward teaching the lessons a bit differently than we have. Our Mission seems to be at a crossroads at this time. We will soon begin to see the sweeping changes in the Correcting Time. This is good. Know that I consider you each a part of my spiritual good health. I am with ever growing love. Until next week, shalom.