2003-06-16-Growing Child Like Trust

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Topic: Growing Child Like Trust

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Peace be upon you, my children. This is Michael, and I welcome you here this evening with a Father's heart who delights in being with his children after a long separation. Receive my fatherly affection as I beam my love into you. Some of you may feel my presence pulsate within you and some of you may not. Nevertheless, my presence within you is substantially able to make its impression within your soul. Linger here in your mind, carefully considering the idea of being beloved by me.


Several weeks ago we began to discourse on being a child again - a child of faith. It is my desire that you come into the fullness of your child-likeness as a faith son or daughter. For you will not find me without this faith; you will seek me but unless you find that place within you that trusts in me, my presence within you will be difficult to detect. So find now within you that place of trust, the place within you that has an interest or desire to trust, no matter how small that place is or how sorely buffeted it has been by all of your travails. Find that place of trust, and your Mother and I will add something greater and expansive into it. (Pause)

Go into those places in your thinking mind where you have doubts about my reality, about your ability to trust. Wherever you hold any resistance to living in faith - these doubt shadows that cast a darkness over your soul and prevent you from seeing me - find that doubt, and ask for my living light of truth to shine upon it. (Pause)

My children, all of your doubts are known to me. All the secrets you carefully guard are known to me. Present them to me with honesty and sincerity, and ask for my truth to illuminate all of them with the reality of what this has meant in your life, and how it has affected you, and how it no longer can contain the living presence of the Father that is growing in you. Allow my truth to shine upon it and free you from this bondage. In coming to me as this child presenting this quality within you that is diminishing you, you are indeed activating your faith. This is your faith-gift that you give to me that I may release you from what troubles and weighs you down and prevents you from being a vibrant child of our Father in Paradise. Why do you hold back? It is not necessary. I am the great comforter and tender healer, the liberator of souls. There is nothing more important to me than to release my children from the chains of their own limitations that bind them and weigh them down. With each decision of faith that you bring to me, you are presenting one your shackles around you and asking for my sword of truth to cut through that with laser-like power to release you. (Pause)

You have all been somewhat numbed by distortions of error and sin within your body. I understand that you may not always find it comfortable or easy to be in this faith place. Tonight, it is my desire to help you feel more of your own capacity to trust, and to grow that within you to catalyze your faith decisions to come to me and your Mother for healing. (Pause)

Trust, trust, and more trust is the food for your soul that I can nourish you in. Ask me now to build more trust within you and around you. Ask your Mother to weave this trust around you like a cocoon, and relax into this peace that begins to envelop you as you feel the security of trust grow stronger within you. (Pause)

My little ones, it is this fatherly heart that longs for you to know me fully - to be comforted by me, to be guided by me, to be upheld and sustained by me. This is your destiny. It is your privilege as my child. I know your struggle with fears about your well-being. And truly your fears have a basis from what you have experienced of the ways of the world. It would be natural for you to be distrustful of such a broad sweeping statement from me to you that says, 'you can trust me; I will uphold you.' Your small faith steps bring you closer each day to this growing realization that I an indeed reliable and trust-worthy. My children, if it is your heart's desire to be comforted by me, sustained by me, and guided by me, then allow me to breathe and weave my trust in you now. And you will, with more confidence and assurance, be able to walk in faith. (Pause)

Now I ask you to find that place within you that has felt alone - out in the world cold, naked, isolated, even feeling abandoned. It is not a comfortable place, is it, my children? Ask for my presence now to encircuit that feeling of being alone in the world, and your Mother and I will add something into you. (Pause) With each decision you make to trust me, my children, you grow closer to me, gaining greater access to my presence - to feel my love, to receive my comfort, to be encircuited in my peace. Your Mother and I are creating greater pathways in you for trust to function, for faith to grow. Should you enjoy receiving this, then hesitate not in coming to me and Mother Spirit each day presenting each shackle of doubt and fear that constrain you and ask for my truth to liberate you. This is all that is asked of you, my children. This is what living in faith entails. While it is not the entire picture of faith-living, this is the beginning step that you must achieve in order to gain greater status through your faith experiences as children in an evolving universe of perfection.

Tonight is not an evening to entertain your questions. It is my desire that this experience imprint more deeply within you, resonating more clearly upon your soul. As I take my leave of you, your Mother is at hand with Her mantle of consciousness that She weaves through you ever more assuredly and securely binding you in to us, growing your soul in that magical place that is Her womb. I withdraw, my children, and leave you in the loving hands of your gracious Mother. Good evening.

Children, this is your Mother. My love is upon you now. Bring your desire to be woven into us into your mind. I am now preparing you for my action within your consciousness that stimulates new neural pathways within you for your body to receive a greater expression of our love. (Pause)

The texture of your soul is receiving a greater resiliency to withstand the pressures of living on this beleaguered material world. It is the peace of Michael that is being woven into you. One day, my children, you will feel your heart beat as one with your Father and with me. On that day you will be fully, completely, and repletely unified with us, and you will feel a deep reverberation throughout your entire being that confirms this idea. You only have to desire this, my children, and one day it will come to full fruition. (Pause)


You are beating in the womb of my being. As you grow in my consciousness, know that one day you will feel the union with us as a sacred reality and a confirmation of your status as our child. My love lives within you. My presence weaves you into the peace of Michael. You are our beloved children. Know the validity of this within you, my children. Good evening.