2003-06-22-Allowance, Sweeping Changes

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Topic: Allowance, Sweeping Changes

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Balford

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings. As you welcome us to this mountain retreat we also welcome you into the spirit congregation. It is our joy to be recognized, to be acknowledged, and to be applied as you live your lives, that you do take to heart our contact and our lessons. These are not given to gratify the ministers of Michael; these are given to uplift you in your journey into the presence of God.



I have said many times that many attend these connections, and, while we may not always speak to you each one in attendance, there is keen interest in your welfare and in your comprehension. While it may be only myself who presents to you a topic for consideration, my associates are busy noting your reactions and assisting you throughout your week in deriving greater benefit and understanding your personal requirements, your attainments, and your lacks that we may in counsel better relate to you in future meetings.

I recall in our early years how often I was asked what the next stage or phase of our teaching would be, and I do remember the disheartenment over not receiving a clear answer. Now you perceive in hindsight the value of our approach, for at every incremental change in your development we have likewise adjusted to accommodate your current situation at each point in our journey. Spirituality, its attainment by personality, is not formulaic. While teaching conceptually, transferring knowledge, cultivating understanding have distinct steps of presentation, spirit awareness is highly flexible and adaptable in time to relevancy.

Your comprehension of truth, when you are eventually a resident of Havona, will be quite unlike your grasp today on Urantia. It will not be the correct truth that shines light upon what may be perceived as a silly, infantile earthling's perspective of truth. It will be the understanding that truth is always relevant to the growth of the seeker. There is no less value in your grasp today through the context of life on your planet, through the conditions defined by your earthly vehicle, through the encircuitment of mind given by Mother Spirit.

You have a practice in your family institution of "giving allowance". Many a child has learned discipline through this practice. There are two elements that you are aware of: the performance of chores that warrant the reward of allowance and the necessary bequeathing of financial aid in spite of work rendered, simply because the parent knows the child must have the provision to function. The Divine Spirit, the Holy Father, undertakes the same principle in your spiritual growth. Grace comes to you without earning it because you must possess it in order to function. So you have the spirit presences bestowed upon you. You have spirit encircuitments to aid you. You have the presence of your guardians. Also does the Father require of you the performance of tasks in the divine family that likewise will yield you reward, allowance.

These chores in reality are the execution of your talents and skills, the application of your abilities as a human being that reveal the ministry of spirit in your life and the function of truth as you have come to grasp it at your current state. A child may react to allowance in two ways: count the many ways in which the money to be received may be spent, or determine how long it may be squirreled away and accumulated for future benefit. Each child determines the percentage of retention or release. And so do you as you receive the grace allowance determine the portion that is retained for your future and that which will be spent in outreach and ministry and service.


As you have come into and grown with the teachings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, you have discovered that which may be freely given away for another to understand and that which you realize is best not expressed. This is a simple comparison to the complexity that is your entire life. You will and do receive revelation which is an investment in your future and will lay apparently dormant within your mind at superconscious levels. There they incubate in order that at the attainment of relevant status that truth will explode into your full awareness and become revealable to others.

While you seek to better comprehend the truth revelations of the divine, you will also develop better skills at discerning those revelations that will rest and ripen within you and those which you may immediately reveal to your fellows. This will not happen simply in the reception of truth; it will happen through the development of wisdom as you experience the application of truth along with your successful efforts and your errors. This flexibility of learning in the spiritual dimension of yourself is what makes being a child of God a wonderful adventure, an exciting experience, and gives to the Father a gift not capable of being given by any other but yourself.

The divine Parent cherishes each child as any parent loves each individual child. The wise parent knows that no two children are alike. While they may be taught similarly, they will develop individually. Therefore, as you continue your exploration of universe reality, seek to comprehend and coordinate in your consciousness a description of reality. Be not concerned that you must in some manner find a uniform, conform to a code, fulfill a list of requirements to be qualified. Your individual experience is the only requirement the Father asks of you. Your creative expression is the longing of your divine Parent.


I speak of this today because it all applies to the enlargement of your soul. While from the seat of the human mind the heart of personality longs for connection with the divine, and while the divine bestowed upon you likewise longs for and seeks the connection with the human being, the actual goal is the birth and growth of your soul.

You have spoken today of a three-fold perspective of being, doing, and having. You may be a human being; you may have the divine spirit, but what you do is your soul growth. From the highest level of your makeup as a living creature you may be the presence of the divine Father, and you have a human personality, but in the end it is the dynamics of soul growth that is the activity of your life.

Those of you who dabble in the realms of bringing plant life forms from dormancy through to fruiting know that each little life form develops distinctly in spite of similar conditions, that no matter how much you control your environment each seedling takes on its own appearance and manifestation. No two are alike; no two souls are alike, and this is the Father's will.

I trust you have discerned that I am Elyon. I express my name for the record, and will joyfully engage with you in conversation.



Jada: Joy seems an important aspect of soul growth, a catalyst, food for soul growth.

Elyon: Joy to the soul is like an electrolyte to the nervous system. It brings vitality; it communicates; it creates conditions where contact between the Father Fragment and the human personality may be heightened and felt more directly with less effort given to external conditions and human environment. The more joy you experience, the less you need anything around you to stimulate joy.

Kirk: Welcome, Elyon. I'm glad you found this spot today. (We were meeting at Kirk's for the first time.) I'm becoming aware that joy is sharing; soul growth is sharing. You can't grow unless you're sharing. Whether it's service or insights, it's not joy by itself; it's the sharing with others that grows the soul.

Elyon: Yes, this is true, and the sharing between the Father's bestowed presence within you and your human self is likewise joyful. It is a lubricant. Even the bumpy roads of life are easier to bear when the lubricant of joy intervenes between the abrasion.

Kirk: Like the sine wave lesson you gave, the joy of the divine within and the joy of sharing the divine which goes out.


Balford: This is Balford. I am another midwayer, and I take this time to make my acquaintance to you. (Welcome) Our Master when he was on our cherished planet said that there was more joy in heaven when one lost sinner came into the fold than for all the ninety nine who already resided therein. This joy is over the transformation of a life. Yes, the other ninety nine are happy, for they comprehend their relationship to God, and the joy is abundant. But the joy of transformation is highly regarded, so much so that the entire universe, we are told, is engaged in seeking out all who do not know their divine source and origin. So, in each of your lives you can likewise experience joy, wonderful joy, by aiding in transforming yourself into what you truly want to become. It will be a struggle, but there is no joy without struggle, just as the lost one was in pain and hurt.

Evelyn: It's interesting that you said transform yourself. I thought you were going to say to help bring around apparent evil doers. I think we have enough to do just working on ourselves.

Balford: My life has been that very undertaking you speak of. If you could have been in attendance subsequent to the scattering of the midwayers, you would have found us all seriously undertaking the task of convincing each other of the folly of their ways. Soon we discovered that we each individually had to choose soul-ly our personal direction regardless of whether anyone of our kin would agree or follow or even harm us. Upon this realization we became united, harmonized. Our love deepened. Casualty of having fallen as an order of beings was transformed into the joy at the discovery of acceptance and growth. I will give back to Elyon.

Teaching Mission, Changes

Tom: We have spoken in this group several times and recently Abraham spoke of sweeping changes soon to be experienced in the Teaching Mission. Are you at liberty to speak to that?

Elyon: These changes have been hinted at sporadically in order to prepare you, that you not be disturbed by way of surprise. "Sweeping," the word used, conjures images of an across-the-board change. It also implies the sweeping away of the existing, the clearing of the floor. This will not be the sweep for you to look for, for you will remain within the ranks of this mission. These changes will roll over you; that is the manner of the sweep. As I have indicated in my lesson of the flexibility and variability of our teaching to you, this sweep will not be discernible as a, in a sense, linear unfoldment. You will have cross-breezes of change taking origin in one group, extending to others, and different changes being born in a different group and reaching others. The goal of these changes is the greater activation of the human resources within this Teaching Mission, the application of your learning in uplifting this planet. There will not be changes such as the removal of Machiventa from oversight or the removal of the teachers from the program, but it is known that the human creature is prone to routine and to settle into complacency, and we have been at this program for quite some time. While I cannot specifically cite a soon-to-be encountered change, we are directed to let you know that these changes are coming. Be alert, look for the signs. But most importantly strengthen yourself spiritually through -- you guessed it! -- stillness.


Evelyn: You introduced two midwayers recently. Has there been a return of reformed midwayers?

Elyon: It is magnificent the mercy of the Father. No creature is lost who seeks His forgiveness. Rehabilitated midwayers are granted the second mile. They are allowed to demonstrate reformation. Midwayers have returned who have undergone their judgment and retraining. The newly introduced midwayers that you have received today and recently are not of that class.

Evelyn: Thank you. Welcome back to them.

Elyon: Your greeting is received and distributed.

The Teachers

Jael: Thank you, Elyon, for sticking with us all this time and encouraging us in our stillness practice, and being here for us. You are a patient soul.

Elyon: I do receive your gratitude. When I was through with my preparatory training to enter into this mission outreach program, I was given the opportunity to request assignment to certain potential groups, to certain locations. I admit that you were my first choice, and I am delighted to find I chose wisely, for you have rewarded me greatly through our relationship and through the success of the application of our teaching. My friends, if you are content I will let you go. However I will not cut you off if you are willing to continue.


Harold: Could you give your opinion of the Master's saying it is a requirement for entering the kingdom that we be born of water and of the spirit?

Elyon: The Master spoke to a generation of people who belonged to a religion that incorporated baptism as an indication of cleansing and transformation and belonging. He emphasized that undertaking a ceremony as this was not enough to become truly, independently, part of the kingdom. The spirit infusion is the true transformation, the true crossover into universe brotherhood. I know you have said in your discussion that being baptized by water may indicate the taking on of human form, your biological structure being largely composed of water. There is truth to this, for had you not been born a human being you would not have had the opportunity to be reborn in spirit. But water also indicates the nourishment of teaching. In a time which is not far removed from your current time, the religious institution was that fountain, that spring, for spiritual education, and he was indicating that that was not enough. There must be the inner personal transformation that only spirit may baptize you with. The Master taught on many levels. He also spoke that he was the Water of Life. He taught that he would send his Spirit of Truth, and you now have the clarification that likewise the Mother Spirit has bestowed her spirit upon you. In that manner being baptized by water is coming into fellowship with Michael. Great as that is, the further requirement is not to stand simply in association to Jesus, acknowledging him and recognizing your discrete difference, but also to be infused, enshrouded, and indwelt by his spirit presence to the degree that you become like him. That is the spirit baptism. And that yields full membership in the family of God, at least as it holds true in our universe of Nebadon.

Harold: So Jesus' baptism was for the population to know that he was about to begin his mission? Or was it something he felt he needed for a starting point?

Elyon: The Master avoided all forms of honorary recognition, of professional distinction. He also knew that many would doubt his validity without some form, some symbol, that they may grasp that would fulfill that requirement of the human mind of authority. John was creating a stir at the time; he was agitating the complacency of a structured religion. By submitting himself to John's baptism, Jesus broadcast to those who witnessed it that he too would be upsetting, would stir the status quo. So he fulfilled two purposes: the one a recognition of validity through an honored ceremony, and, two, the message that he would not be like the rest.

Harold: Thank you for that clarification.


Elyon: You are welcome. I will close by saying that you have brought up this baptism by water and spirit, and say, how can spirit baptize spirit? Jesus did not need the spirit baptism, therefore, approached baptism for the sake of the human creature on the tangible level of water.

I take my leave. Farewell.