2003-07-14-There Must Be Balance

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Topic: There Must Be Balance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am enjoying the calm and thoughtful energy this evening. Your discussions always lead us into higher levels of thinking. Your willingness to be taught makes you each wonderful teachers. My lessons may come weekly, but you learn much more from your fellowship. I am grateful to be a part of that.


This week your lesson was to aid you in becoming more aware of Father in everyday living. When many first come to the awareness that God is truly a living reality, they sometimes believe that all their thoughts, actions and time should be spent in nothing but the spirit. While this is a wonderful intention, there must be balance.

Said Jesus, “ You are in the world yet not of it. ” You are here on this evolutionary planet to live a typical mortal life. With the business of living the material life you are to also learn to integrate the spiritual. Many mortals who become imbalanced in spirituality tend to allow the responsibilities of life to go by the wayside, and then they wonder why Father would allow them to stumble.

When the Master wore the flesh He experienced all you are to experience. He raised a family. He worked. He earned income. He paid His debts. He toiled in menial labor. He helped numerous neighbors, friends, family and strangers. Many times He had to make do with what He had, and yet there was still the same amount of joy as there was in abundance.

The Master helped His siblings with their studies. He helped to teach, discipline and He showed them unconditional love as any parent would. He was challenged by the free-thinking teen years. He was devastated at the loss of a sibling. The Master had to contend with His mother ’ s fondest hopes and attempts at manipulation. Much of her earthly demands He met without complaint, and indeed learned to relate with her within her own understanding.

The Master looked at His family as if they were part of His spiritual development as He was a part of theirs. While learning the harsh realities of the family, He also learned about love, safety and responsibility. Anyone belonging to a group or family knows all too well the disorganization, chaos and constant demands. The family life is not reverent, pious and peaceful, no, but this is the reality of the mortal life.

The Master and His associates did a great deal of work to finance their mission. The apostles did not find much glory in fishing, and yet the Master taught them the value and artistry of working with integrity. The Master found boat building to be an art, while the work was somewhat difficult; He grew to love the smell and feel of the wood, the feel of His tools against the wood, the creation that came out of each individual task.

In the process of producing there was a mental calmness, which allowed Him time away from temporal problems. He learned to sincerely enjoy His work. This work spoke not to the masses at the time. It did not serve His mission in any way except for providing for His earthly family and preparing Him for the mission ahead. Jesus enjoyed working in the garden, even though the work was difficult and the sun was hot, He loved being at- one with the earth — in this He found closeness to Father.

The mortal life is very important to the eternal life. The more aspects you can learn of mortal living the more morontially fit you will be. To constantly fight the demands of mortal life is to bring about struggle and disconnection from the spirit. There really is joy in all things when you have allowed Father to be present in your life.


This week take time to ponder your mortal responsibilities and see if you can find Father in them or if you only find struggle. Find the art in your work. Find the joy in your group or family, even though there is some hardship. Still journal on your experiences in finding Father revealed in your everyday living. No questions this evening, perhaps next week. Again, make time to meet with me during the week. Know that I take great joy in your company and find comfort in our unification. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.