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Topic: Stillness Exercise

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael, Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza, Andrea, Samuel, Char, Monjoronson, The Scribe, What About Bob

TR: Sandy Montee, George Barnard, Lytske, Gerdean


Lesson 1

Michael: “Yes, be like beacons of light, and let your lights shine. You have all heard these words before, but you do need the occasional reminder about who you now are. You are My ambassadors of Love. Who else knows Me so well, and if you were not to shine in My Love, then who shall I send?

“This is a world of darkness, it would seem, but you do know the truth. You have messages to deliver to those who know not the Father’s great Love for each and every child in His world. You have the kindness of the Kingdom to deliver to all those who surround you.

“There are many today who await even the smallest of gentle touches, and you can give a smile to everyone you meet along your path today. Little do you realize the light – the very great light that is extended in just one of your smiles.

“Be eager to show forth His Love, and give as you have so graciously received. Know that I go with you every step of your journeys, and you will do well. Be happy that you have decided to become the chosen ones, and that you are many. The Kingdom advances beautifully, because you have elected to serve in His very great Ministry of Love.

“I am Michael.”

Lesson 2

Dr. Mendoza – Physiologist, Psychologist, Now Linguist. What Enormous Credit! 8/26/03

In taking care of his daily workload, the Secondary Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza, travels his superhighways – often referred to as rabbit burrows – for more than 20 hours out of 24. Apart from the help he gets from his Morontia Cherubim/Diagnosticians, and the Life Carrier/Analysts, the doc is a lone worker at healing all manner of ills. With his many degrees in Physiology and Psychology, he recently proved to be a Linguist, as well.

What enormous credit must he have accrued in healing all manner of human ills during his some 35 millennia of service!

Three Warnings.

Around the middle of last May, I found myself in a minor accident, which brought me some major, painful repercussions as a crushed disc exerted more and more pressure on the spinal cord. In rapid succession, three receivers were alerted to my slowly worsening plight.

The first receiver channeled Mother Spirit about what I should eat and drink, as well as what I should abstain from.

The second channeled Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22), about the hot compresses I should apply three times daily. As well, the Midwayer advised for me to enlist Dr. Mendoza’s assistance.

Last of all, Teacher Abraham came through to a TeaM receiver to warn me that having the disc manipulated away from the spinal cord, as I had planned to have done, was greatly dangerous, and for me to not attempt that operation.

Momentary Confusion.

Knowing that Dr. Mendoza has a tough job, and guessing he might need lightening up, I decided not to ask for his help. Instead, I wrote him an email, thanking him for the work he had not yet performed.

I guess the message got to its destination. The other night he turned up to work on me for a time. Then he spoke, “Eventjes rechtop zitten.”

Momentarily, I was confused, but swiftly I recognized a language I had not spoken in 45 years. He was telling me in Dutch that I had to ‘go sit up straight’.

I did and I laughed about his fooling and surprising me so.

“What’s there to laugh about?” he grumbled at me, yet within the space of two minutes, he had me back in shape.

Many More Midwayers/Healers.

With the arrival of many more Secondary Midwayers from all over the galaxies, there is a much greater number of Midwayers/Healers available to us. As well, the 873 rehabilitated former Rebels are much closer to us, and they are eager to assist and accumulate some urgent ‘universe credits’ of their own.

However, we need to loudly ask if we want help, because they cannot read our minds. As well, we need to keep in mind what Machiventa Melchizedek pointed out so clearly in 2000 in Rockford Bay, Idaho: They can do no more for us than we do for them.

On top of that, our ledgers need to be in the black. We need to do for others – anyone at all – what we would like done for us.

Lesson 3

Idaho, US of A, August 31, 2003. Primary Midwayer, Andrea. Subject: “Universal Changes.”

Andrea: “Good evening, Sandy. I would like to speak to you this evening about the constant changes and ongoing creation as it is experienced in universal growth and progress.

“The Father Creator is the only One Who can fully comprehend the workings of His far-flung universes. Our universes are in a constant state of flux, and they are growing at a faster and faster rate.

“As each new person, yes, each new planet is born, that newly arrived part of God’s creation is left in the care of His many Troops and Helpers, to experience progress and growth. He assigns responsibility for this advancement to His Life Carriers, Celestial Architects and Celestial Engineers – His many, many Specialists.

“We, too – you and I and all of us – have a task to perform, and depending on how well we do in our calling, we bring about our Creator’s pre-determined requirements for growth as an end result to our eternal careers of service.

“Thus we often talk about our co-creating with our God. And the giving birth to offspring by mortals, and Celestial Parents alike, heralds yet another cycle of countless new personalities that will advance and progress and pitch in, in the workings of the Father’s overall plan.

“To your mortal minds, your ‘creature’ observation, and in your short-lived human lives, these universe changes come about but painstakingly slowly. At times, they are seen by you as despairingly sluggish. Yet, in the timelessness of the universal sense they move at a fast clip, a continuous and rapid pace, and quite comparable to the speed of light.

“As it is written, life on Earth holds many experiences, valuable lessons, and magnificent opportunities, for ordinary mortals with a deep desire to come closer to their Creator.

“Human creation, too, is as complicated in itself as are our universes when we consider the extraordinary gift God bestows upon His children – the grant of free will prerogatives. His many new-born personalities arrive with little or nothing in the way of prior knowledge of any kind of life plan, or of destiny.

“And this is the real marvel; that spiritual insight – this spiritual knowingness of destiny – can be derived from experience and faith alone. Yes, with creature free will prerogatives are made the choices about which paths are chosen as life’s sometimes rocky, and sometimes easy circumstances are encountered in the climb that is Paradise ascension.

“Your lifetimes on Earth, with their seemingly countless seasons, soon come to a halt, and there, for but a moment in time, the path ends, and what you have then accomplished in your mortal lives completely depended on you.

“The Creator has merely made available His many, many lessons in the hope that great wisdom will be acquired. And the surviving, learned personality of strong character combines with the soul and Thought Adjuster, and makes ready for the next step in progress on a Morontia World.

“The former human continues to co-create, and moves toward the Father and creature perfection. The Universe continues to expand.

“And all is well. Thank you for listening to me. I must go”.

Sandy: “Thank you Andrea. And goodbye until next time, my dear friend.” -END-

Lesson 4

Illawarra District, Australia, September 6, 2003 Primary Midwayer, Andrea Subject: “Which Path At The Crossroads?” Received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “In communing with you at this late hour, my dear brother in Christ, I am also communicating with the many on my side of our ‘time-divides’ – those right here who have pricked up their ears and want to be informed about the special lesson of upliftment I have prepared for you and yours.

“And this quite by my ‘lonesome self’, I do add. [Time out] “There, that’s so much better. You have stopped laughing and again reached a placid state of mind.

“Yes, this is your friend, companion, and teacher of old. This is Andrea, and it is with pleasure that I envisage, that through you, my words will also reach our many mortal siblings, who so oftentimes in their short earthly existence, whether by choice or by their being forced, arrive at a crossroads in their lives.

“And so we share and discuss the dilemma of human limitations, time restraints, and the need for choice of involvement in this so restricting first step in eternal life, of human birth, associations, careers and parenting, of an unavoidable final demise, and of a glorious awakening on the far-away training worlds to creature perfection.

“You and your wide-eyed siblings, through circumstances not of your making, travel a ‘Path of Faith and Belief’ only, where not every turn will provide a clear vista of what may lie ahead, and it may well be unexpectedly rocky, or surprisingly smooth, and yet the crossroads of life will unavoidably present themselves.

“All of a sudden, out of the blue, and perhaps inconveniently so, there may be two alternative courses for you to navigate, or three, or four, or more, and these difficult choices, as if dropped into your lap from the sky by unloving hands, are yours to make, but which path will you take?

“Shall you nurse your offspring in joy, and earn your eternal happiness in passing on the Father’s Love to those who so utterly depend on you, as you walk in His Light towards a career of never-ending delightful service to countless of His children. You will have chosen your path with foresight, and chosen well.

“Should you choose a career or profession in dealing fairly with those around you, to provide for self and others in need, and for their welfare as you stride along that well-worn path and in the footsteps of the Master Himself, then you will be rewarded with love and great abundance. And you will have chosen well.

“Were you to decide to simply concern yourself with the education of your siblings, in discernment of their spiritual future as well as your own, you will find great excitement of spirit and enlivened soul growth, as you surrender your free will wants for Mother Spirit's loving embrace. And your choice will fare you well.

“Might you even withdraw from the world for a time, and look inward to the Father’s Spirit Within. This supreme of choices, too, will serve you well.

“In your short and busy lives, remain unhurried in your travels, for a legion of loving companions share, and chat with you on, your path.

“This is Andrea, and I give you my love and all my heart, for my knowing you has served me well.

Notes: Primary Midwayer, Andrea, looks no older now than she did when she came into being some half million years ago. Her ability to communicate with us directly is extraordinary for her time-distant kind. To me, the suggestion that the Primary Midwayers have three creator/parents, rather than two remains inexplicable.

Andrea worked with the Oracles of Delphi, and prior to that with the Andites that journeyed from Japan to what is now Columbia.

Lesson 5

Illawarra District, Australia, September 9, 2003. Teacher Samuel. Subject: “Is Channeling Unique To This World?” Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “There is in all of the system, the constellation, and even the universe of Nebadon not another world like the World of the Cross. You are unique in countless ways. Even in the eyes of myriad personalities that reside beyond the Nebadon borders are you a rarity, and not in the least because of, in our terms, our Michael Son’s recent bestowal on your troubled planet.

“And so I have to specially tailor for you the answer to your written questions that may assume a great deal of sameness between this world and your sister planets, when this is hardly so. This is your brother, Samuel, and it gladdens my heart to have this student’s undivided attention after a long period of lay-offs, and healings.

[The question posed: Is channeling (receiving/transmitting) of Celestial Teachers reserved for this planet all other planets that are likewise retarded in their progress because of the Lucifer Rebellion, also those rebellious worlds beyond Satania, and those in other superuniverses? What are the differences between this world, and normal worlds, but only in regards to Celestial contact?]

“A propos, the length of time it took for you to drift to be completely comfortable, and quieten your mind, is of no consequence. I’m only too pleased, and humbled to be allowed to give my input here, and for an ongoing project that dispatches its delicious essence far and wide, and that is so greatly needed in these early days of the Correcting Time.

“You need to visualize a normal planet where the individuals, even from birth, have far greater potentials than is here the case. And then, additionally, their education in matters religious and spiritual must be accounted for in the reckoning, even though some always lag behind. The practice of Stillness, much more so than Meditation, is universal, whereas it is still uncommon on your planet.

“Universally, human beings are encouraged to seek for themselves, and each of them privately, the much superior input from their Spirit Selves, their Thought Adjusters (TA’s), or Pilot Lights, as many refer to the Endowments the Father of us all appoints for to serve with His human children. As ever, since the beginning of time, Celestial Teachers can only be a substitute for the TA’s. No more.

“And then there are countless situations, to many to enumerate, where there is Celestial Teacher input in those cases that warrant special attention. And I shall not mention them all, but I will give you the instances of the more obvious of these, for your personal interest and that of others.

“As I stated: There are those who lag behind, and in the intervening period between their spiritual education, and their eventual clear recognition of the treasured Voice Within, have need of a Teacher, and so, one of great progress and knowledge will be appointed, to hopefully guide their mortal student into a loving association and further learning, yet with Thought Adjuster oneness in career seeking as a result.

“There are those you call the typical left brainers, who are bent on following a predominantly scientific career, and because of their specific interests, their development may not follow that of the main group. Under constant watchcare of their Seraphic helpers, their needs are sharply identified, and Celestial Teachers of great knowledge in their field would then be appointed to be the temporary Guides.

“On certain worlds there are those who through their racial genetic make-up require almost constant or long-term tutoring, even lecturing at times, and it is there that a great deal is invested to, shall we say, also keep my kind in a job. But as always in these cases, our dear and trustworthy Midwayer friends play an important role in translating and relaying the teachings to the human students.

“There are many, many more examples, as you might well consider, of temporary Teachers being placed in a position of Tutor, or unknown Advisor, during short periods of injury, distress, or extreme emotional trauma, and yet, in these universes of creature personality development and soul progress, they are the Thought Adjusters that inevitably take over the task as the most eminent Teachers of all.

“Personal Thought Adjuster contact, infinitely more applicable to the individual, is what we must all strive for, although this world is special, and Celestial Teachers of lengthy training do arrive each day, and will be arriving for centuries to come, and in great numbers, as they are drawn by the magnet that is your deeply troubled World of the Cross.

“I send my love to all.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia, greatly enjoying his stay and work here.”

Lesson 6

Idaho, US of A, September 11, 2003. Primary Midwayer, Char. Subjects: “The Loss Of Emotions.” “Reach Out In His Name.” Received by Sandy Montee.

Char: “Hello Sandy. I have been giving you prompts for the last twenty-four hours, but I'm still pleased you finally decided to lend me your ear.”

Sandy: “I know, Char, but look at what we accomplished today. I couldn't have done it without you, but I'm sorry. I just get involved in projects. I think I am a workaholic. It’s a learned behavior dating back to my childhood, I think.”

Char: “Lets talk about ‘Emotions’ today. Varied emotions are so much ‘a human thing,’ and they can often run riot. You experience emotions as positive or negative, good or bad. You can experience happiness or anger, in laughter or with tears, and you can impact on your world with acts of kindness, but even cruelty, as a result.

“The list can go on, and different personalities necessarily show different emotional characteristics, and therefore greatly dissimilar needs. Where the real difficulties in healing come into play, is when a person’s emotions go out of control, or where there are so many problems that he or she just goes numb, and becomes unemotional about even the most horrid of happenings.

“I have heard it being said that the individual has become emotionally unavailable, or emotionally dead, to not even allow himself or herself to love anyone else. And this state of mind can be the result of long-term hardships, sudden trauma, or by not having learned to love through having uncaring parents, and yet the community at large can remedy so much of this. They are valued human children in His eyes.

“Relatively ancient as I am in your terms, and having seen much of it in my life, I am saddened by the sheer epidemic proportions of it on your planet. I am here talking about so many teenagers, especially, who believe that no one understands, or loves them. They may turn to drugs, or alcohol, to numb their feelings and get themselves into an addiction they think will make the often unrealized problem of not knowing love go away, if even for a little while.

“They seek relief from that mystery pain in life that is brought on by rejection, and soon their lives become unmanageable and it may take more and more drugs to satisfy their cravings. They now wish for the feeling of not caring. A vicious cycle brings them to the point where they can no longer feel any emotions. This is the hopelessness that can and does convince your young people they no longer want to live. And yet, help is there for them to handle their emotions.

“It takes tact and understanding, courage and perseverance, but even the most distant, shy, or stubborn youth can be reached when you allow your deeper mind to perceive the answer to what caused those blunted, or runaway emotions, and a life hanging in the balance can be healed, when that tiny spark of light and hope is made to reappear. And so often have I witnessed that those who most need our help, those who cry out to be understood, become the contributors of your tomorrows.

“One and all, you are the Master’s representatives on this world. You are His troopers, His helpers, His apostles, when you reach out in His name. Your earthly journey on this blighted world is ever so short, your rewards ever so great, when you follow in His footsteps, and set out to love and heal your entire world, one lonely, loveless, lost, and unloved person at the time.

“I thank you for listening to me, and for being my dear friend.

“This is Midwayer Char.”

Note: I worked in my garden almost all day, and Char was there, too. Long ago, but clear memories of a young boy at a Youth Ranch (Academy) where I worked kept playing on my mind. Then came this transmission — Sandy.

Lesson 7

US of A, September 22, 2003. Mother Spirit (Nebadonia). Subject: “Happiness is Complying with the Father’s Will.”

Nebadonia: “We are here, My dear child, and we wish to answer your questioning heart, yet already you know the answer; that the Father and us all are One – One in will and heart's desire.

Our Father wills that all His children obtain happiness, and for you not to believe that happiness ever comes with the acquisition of material things. Certainly, material blessings greatly add to creature comfort, but you know that happiness is not based on creature comforts alone. Many times have you been happy with far less than you have accumulated now.

“Happiness is not based on a good relationships either, because many of you have been happy when not in a relationship. So what is happiness and what is its basis? There, that is more like the real question you have for Me today.

“Happiness is release from all disapproving contemplation. The total absence of conflict, either resolved, or ignored and forgiven, is what brings real happiness. Nor can you base your concept of happiness on laughter, for laughter is spontaneous to the moment alone.

“In the absence of negative thoughts, you are all happy far more often than you give yourselves credit for. And yet, not often do you either take the time to realize how happy you actually are, nor do you frequently realize the simplicity of the maintenance of your happiness, nor do you frequently take full responsibility for its daily maintenance.

“My children, you would do well to consider your responsibility in this matter, for your thoughts are clearly under your control. The sooner My children learn to monitor their thinking, the quicker they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven that exists within.

“Your thoughts are simply a matter of personal daily choice. It was said through a prophet of old, “Choose you this day, Whom you will serve.” And it is always the wisest of choices to comply with Your Father's will, since His will is always for His children's happiness.

“Do contemplate from time to time that it is not His will for you entertain negative thoughts. Consider these words, and do look upon them as more than pretty statements from your Mother. For this is the truth; that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is maintained by a positive frame of mind, and quite dependent on the daily choices you make about where you center your thinking.

“I hold you all close to My heart. You are all so very precious in our sight. We know and understand that you walk in a world of much negativity, but you are the gatekeepers to your mindal escapades. You are the children of free-will choice, and His choice for you is only Love.

“Make the daily choice for having a positive mind, and consider moment by moment Whom you will serve, as We walk with you each minute of the day, whatever your choices may be.

“Ponder my message. I send My Love to you all.”

Lesson 8

Illawarra District, Australia, September 23, 2003. Monjoronson – A Magisterial Son. Subject: “Not A Random Moment In Time.” Received by George Barnard.

Monjoronson: “Greetings, George. The arrival of a Paradise Citizen such as myself, the arrival of an Avonal Helper, and the entourage of perfect, created personalities into this time/space realm heralds but the first introduction of a new spiritual age, with another age only gradually coming to a close.

“And they are your countless unknown, and your few known comrades, together with yourselves who are involved in this work, who must consider yourselves greatly favored, charmed and fortunate, to be living in your generation, in this period of opportunity, and to share a mere ‘splinter of news’ in Michael’s Good Tidings public relations campaign.

“Privileged you are to be here at a time when the Paradise instigated measures are fore-knowingly put into place for a new standard, of love and concern for others as for self, to eventuate. These new ideas, and systems to go into operation cannot truly be transmitted all at once by someone just like yourself.

“To be confronted with an idea that is totally revolutionary from beginning to end can be far too traumatic for a single receiver to have this offloaded onto her or himself.

“The terminology we employ is of the simplest kind we can put together, for you to comprehend a little at the time, and therefore one needs to compare how other minds will come to express our messages, (and) to arrive at the total meanings of what is about to come to pass. And even then, there will be many surprises.

Your text, expansive as it seems, is but a poor and abbreviated sketch of what your generation will learn about in these enlightened times at hand. However, a Magisterial Son does not simply arrive as if born from fresh air and at a random moment in your time to begin a benign governorship over the minds and wills of men without prior announcements. And so, in the weeks and months to come, there will be many others to whom both my representatives and I will be speaking.

“And between you all, and many other groups unknown to you in addition, there will be a slow but sure focusing on the reality that is to become apparent.

“Many of you rightfully calculated and intuited that we would not thoughtlessly drop a large and heavy volume of text (The Urantia Book) onto your heads from a great height, to then let you use up another unproductive two thousand years in deliberation about what might next be inaugurated. Oh, no! Not at all.

“Think back to the time when the Master walked on your earth. It was but a short life compared to Machiventa’s stay in your realm, but much activity preceded the Master’s arrival and indeed followed his departure, as many men and women went out and guided their fellows to a new way of thought, a new religion, a new spirituality. And all this came about in an era when much thought was given to ‘the hereafter,’ and by many far-flung groups.

“Likewise, your text arrived at a time when it would find most fertile ground and also be most needed, and it would not be appropriate to consider there would be no follow-up in a great, gigantic effort of human and spiritual activity worldwide, to make adequate and timely use of the most progressive of human thought about where in these days you were leading yourselves.

“Indeed, a new era is heralded by the arrival of a Paradise Son, so let us roll up our sleeves to go about our Father’s work and do what He wants done.

“This is Monjoronson, the Paradise Entity, whose entire existence, whose every effort, whose judgments, and all joys in success, are dependent on his doing the Paradise Father’s will, according to our Michael’s plans.”

“In His service, always. My love goes to you all.” -END-

Lesson 9

Illawarra District, Australia, September 28, 2003. Machiventa Melchizedek. “Hard-Rock Mining.” “Easily Gathered Seekers.” Received by George Barnard.

George: “It’s good to hear your name, Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “My dear brother. My dear co-worker in this task we have undertaken in the Master’s name. It’s good to see you are regularly doing your meditation exercises, and it is good for me to once again have a chance to converse with you.

“Your ‘Spirit Guardian friends’ have regularly visited you in the months gone by, and especially Andrea has often been at your side, and has taken her watchcare of you much to heart.”

George: “A true friend she is.”

Machiventa: “I’m going to once again impress upon you that your reaching out to those who refuse to believe in my investiture as your Planetary Prince on this world, and in this period of the release of the (Urantia) Text, will not be productive of altering anyone’s opinion.

“And even less so will they for now be accepting of the arrival of our Magisterial Son (Monjoronson), and his placing his services at Michael’s disposal together with the many Teachers and Learned Ones that have arrived and are arriving still. Rather will those whose attention you seek, and who are not in the least open to Midwayer promptings or teachings, harden their resolve to denounce any good news other than the printed pages they can touch.

“Your time will be better occupied in conversing with those who are open. The hours that are taken out of your schedule in dealing with your ‘favorite hecklers’, who have barely done little more than to overcome their fears in picking up the Text, is truly an abject waste of time. They are mistaking their religionist outlook on life for it being of true spirituality.

“And, indeed, those among them that are your age, or perhaps older than you are, cannot or will not flex their faith muscles to begin to accept the words we put across. These doubtful prospects make you a hard-rock miner, relentlessly beating on an ore body from which little can be extracted, when so much placer gold can be found, and the golden nuggets are there for you to effortlessly gather by the dozens.

“Right under your eyes and within your reach are the thousands upon thousands that have long had some kind of casual, perhaps even a formal and open contact with your Midway Warrior Friends, and that, necessarily, is where in potential your most rewarding interests must lie.

“Each and every one of these easily-gathered seekers your group can bring under Michael’s wing, is a soul enriched by its steady pattern of future growth, while bearing in mind the sensitivity of the avant garde receiver-transmitter – it can do her or him no good to be slighted by those who will only return their comments with the standard answers of veiled and overt scorn that nothing foreseeable will change.

“It is with your fullest focus on being spirit led that you will find yourself working as efficiently as you humanly can, without growing tired, without becoming stressed, without feeling disappointment, but instead charting an ever-rising graph of the numbers who will be attracted by the group’s endeavors, and who will in turn find better goals in their lives.

“This is Machiventa. I send my love to all, and wish you G’day.” -END-

Lesson 10

A Thought Adjuster Speaks. 1

. . . feel My Total Acceptance Of You.

Yes, stand in awe before me — I, who give everlasting life to each of my children.

Allow self to be totally saturated in my love.

It is I, who abides in you and with you. All the days of this life count as nothing,

compared to the Life I have prepared for you.

You are my child. Even before I created you, I had a special plan and purpose

for your life. Your life is meant to sing praises unto me, and in your doing so,

you sing praises to yourself.

For know this my child: I AM you and you are becoming me. Together we are as one.

You live your life, to become one with me. Feel my total acceptance of you.

Let me flow through you. Let me guide you into life everlasting.

Oh Joy! Oh Love! Oh Life!

Lesson 11

A Thought Adjuster Speaks 6

. . . a Promise Made To All.

The easiest-to-teach heart is a grateful heart. This means that the soil

is being prepared for the seeding of greater insights, superior teachings.

This is a most joyful and welcome sign for me, for I am only your Still,

Small Voice Within, Who guides you toward brighter Light.

Slowly but surely the shadows are fleeing, and your heart is becoming freer

to take in My Unconditional Love for you.

Yes, it is a grand partnership on the road to Paradise, this blending into each other, this melding together. How precious life becomes when the creature is becoming aware of its Creator, step by tiny step.

Oh vessel of My indwelling, you simply can have no concept of the wonders that await you. The day-by-day guidance into becoming the being you and I together shall be. Forever One. This is our destiny. Together One.

This is My promise, not only to you, but also to each of you who will recognize

these words and make them your own.

Lesson 12

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 7.

. . . I Have Always Known You.

Dear one. It is the diligence in your daily seeking Me that brings the reward of your soul being stirred alive, so to speak.

It is a singing feeling in this stirring of the soul, this feeling of thankfulness that brings tears to your eyes. When received by Me, I send these emotions right back as a loving balm for your soul.

And so the grief and sorrows of life’s past diminish, and your heart becomes more liberated to express itself in song.

We both are nurturing our togetherness, and you get to know Me better. But I don't need to, because I know you already, and I have always known you. I also know what you are becoming day by day.

Your disappointments in yourself are more keenly felt as you align your will with Mine, and still, as yet, in your daily life you forget to tune into Me.

But I tell you this, child, that each day will bring with it another chance to listen to Me, and try anew.

It is the grand exercise of life that teaches you to ‘hang in there’ and persevere, while I cheer you on every inch of the way in the struggle for your soul to become entirely free.

Lesson 13

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 11. . . . as The Veil Is Slowly Lifted.

I AM the satisfaction of your soul. I AM the staff you lean upon.

Remember these words, child, for these are the tools that lead you deeper into your being-ness. Pay attention, carefully, as the veil is slowly lifted, and a greater understanding comes to light.

A feeling of tranquility beyond your comprehension is pervading you now. This is the inexplicable peace, which is too deep for words to describe, and which needs to be encountered to bring to light an indefinably blissful state – the precious togetherness of a soul and its Co-Creator.

Just remain seated and derive the benefits. Allow this purifying and healing energy to saturate your being. Experience this great, seeming ‘Void’, outwardly empty, yet pregnant with potentials and possibilities.

A deep harmonizing and balancing is infused into the human soul in these moments of silence, and all restrictions disappear, as you become ‘at One’ with your Partner and Co-Creator – the indwelling Spirit – the Adjuster of your thoughts – the Controller of your destiny.

Let us enjoy this brief moment in eternity.

Lesson 14

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 13. These Three Gifts.

An opening of the inner mind – the sensing of things unseen – is a sign of progress within the soul of the believing mortal. This is the ultimate proof of your growth of faith in Me.

These are the Gifts of the Great Creator of all things, Who has presented each normal-minded, mortal creature with a Fragment of Himself, to guide them all onto their way back home. The Creator also gave the Gift of life experience.

His third Gift is that of free will choice and decision making.

These three Gifts are to be enjoyed in the greatest adventure in time and space – a journey so extensive, that it is beyond mortal comprehension.

Oh, the splendor of things as yet unseen!

The going within to seek the silence results in a steadfast hope of better things to come. And, moreover, it results in the dawning realization in the human mind made of matter – and made spiritual by effort and struggle to experience – the Infinite Unconditional Love of the Creator for His creatures who attain the greatest possible prize in their growing trust and faith.

This then is their ultimate reciprocal gift to their Creator.

To stand one day in the Presence of this Most Wonderful One, and for you to receive a welcome beyond words, is the reward for your persistently seeking the Presence of all that is, and Who dwells right inside of you.

This becomes the crowning glory of your lives well lived.

Lesson 15

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 14. . . . take This Choicest Gift of All.

Sip of My Essence in this sacred Silence, and ponder the wonder of it all; to yet be in this mortal life, and to become aware of My Spirit in you.

This is the reward for your growing faith and trust in Me. Yes, I know that you still entertain some niggling doubts about My existence, but this is the animal legacy of the hundreds of thousands of years of your living through the Lucifer Rebellion.

Whenever you arrive at making a decision, and you ‘hear’ the answer, you still say in your mind, “Only if it is God’s Will.” You still entertain the doubt, that the ‘wily one’ may unwittingly lead you into a trap. However, this is no longer possible, unless you willingly go against the will of God. The will of God is the way which contains the most love.

Your Master, Jesus, the Michael Son of this Universe, came to give each mortal abundant life, a joyous life, a powerful life – spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Hasten to take this choicest Gift of all. Take it. Live it, and pass it on.

Give. Give. Give your love away.

Lesson 15

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 15. . . . a tiny Splinter of the Great Creator.

The way of learning is by your entering into the Silence within. It is learning to listen to the Still Small Voice – the Voice of your Mystery Monitor.

Oh so patiently have I waited for you to open your inner ears and ‘focus’ them in My direction. Slowly, ever so slowly are you learning to still your mind and close out the noises of the world around you, so you are no longer distracted by them, and only a holy peace remains.

Serenity is beginning to take hold of you and in time, step by tiny step, will you learn to take this serenity with you into the hustle and bustle of daily living.

It represents a gradual remaking of you, as you learn to let go of your tendency for animalistic nervousness and anxiety, and of being ever watchful of events that may transpire.

In time, no more worries about the morrow will trouble you, as you better learn to listen to me, for I AM your sure Guide into eternity. I AM a tiny Splinter of the Great Creator, who has gifted all ‘normal minded’ mortals with the Gifts of Himself, to help guide them on the way Home.

Through self mastery meanwhile, you can become a radiant example of creature oneness with that mighty Gift of the Eternal Creator.

Relax, vessel of My indwelling, for there is no hurry. Until you become so close that My Voice becomes your voice, I will continue to remind you , that I am here. Always here, for you are never without Me.

Remember this more and more clearly.

Not only knowingly, but also experientially.

Lesson 16

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 16. Only The Great One . . .

It is your total surrender to Me in the Silence, that enables Me to reveal Myself to you. It is very important that you get to know Me better, because you have now more knowingly embarked on this journey of eternal life, and you are beginning to realize that you have a mighty powerful traveling Companion.

The spiritualization of your mind is My work and passion, and also My greatest gift to you. And you are giving Me your personality to reshape according God's plan.

The more you show yourself to be willing, through coming to Me out of your own free will, the more I can impart onto you. This is My greatest desire, and you are developing that feeling of deep satisfaction in your soul. It is allowable and indeed desirable that you do this, to be able to commune with Me.

The Great Source and Center of everything has bestowed on each 'normal' mind on this planet, a Gift like Myself to indwell them.

Receiver: Who is to judge who is normal? (An unspoken question.)

Only the Great One can decide this. And of these, each one can have access to their Thought Adjuster, if they so desire. I inform you of this; that even the faintest flicker of hunger for your Creator Father is considered to be of value.

The Infinite Father of all shall not, and will not, rest until all of His evolving children make their long journey home into His open, welcoming arms.

Lesson 17

A Thought Adjuster Speaks- 17. . . . steadily Godward.

There is no reason to further doubt My existence. Put all your fears to rest – those thoughts of these conversations being a figment of your imagination, for indeed, they are not.

It is the Great Source and Center, the Creator of all things past, present and all future, Who wishes to experience Himself through His creation by giving mortals a part of His Spirit to indwell them all.

Only by listening very closely can one learn to discern what the Voice of Spirit says, for I AM that still, small Voice you hear. I AM distinct from your beloved Jesus, you know as Michael, the Creator/Ruler of this Universe.

Yet we all work together to uplift the mortal mind, and to help advance the soul so our charges may begin to realize that they are more than just a body of flesh, with much more to be expected after material dissolution.

This is our purpose.

It is I, who will lead you steadily Godward, yet only if you so desire. It is My dearest wish that you desire to hear Me, and follow my leadings. I will never coerce you, but I am waiting for you to follow My prompts.

Dear one, I ask that you stay in touch with Me, for My essence will strengthen your faith and banish all remaining doubts. END

Lesson 18

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 22.

. . . alike To Sweet Incense.

Allow your soul to burst forth in song, and offer those songs up to the Great Creator

of All. Alike to sweet incense are the prayers of sincerity and joy,

and a soul-felt gladness results. You are gradually being trained according

to your own willingness and readiness for things to come.

A greater awareness is dawning upon you that there is a much higher purpose to

living then just the every-day worries about food and drink for the body.

You come to Me daily out of a hunger, to be fed to your soul, and this is beginning

to mark a greater significance in your mind. The spiritualizing of your mind

in connection with your soul is now seriously underway, as you take My words

to heart and ponder them.

True harmony and balance shall some day be yours, as you take Me with you

more and more in your daily living. Forget not that I am with you in

each moment of the day, and in each breath you take.

Therefore, My beloved, begin to live each day more mindfully,

so your thoughtfulness increases, and more and more of your mortal siblings

will recognize that you spend time with Me.

And will long, also, to attain that peace of mind. __________________________

Transmitted by Lytske

Translated by George Barnard

Lesson 19

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 32.

I Will Never Leave You . . .

This is the day your Creator has made, so let us rejoice, and be glad in it. This is the day for a new realization to dawn, a new insight to be gained, for you are beginning to discover how immensely wealthy you truly are.

That you have a Fragment of your God living within you. That I will never abandon you, nor forsake you. That I love you, understand you, and will guide you forevermore.

Focus your mind more on things of lasting value – ‘things spiritual’ – and less on your earthly, material things. The realization of an indescribable, although for now unfelt, appreciation for things spiritual shall surely, surely dawn on you, as day follows night, yet according to the attention you give to it.

Blessings will abound within and without, when you become more conscious of My leading you.

You shall overcome your mountains of indecision, of ‘unlovingness’ of self and others, for slowly, ever so slowly, shall I lift you out of the morass of remorse, resentment, self-recrimination, and self-chastisement for perceived unworthiness.

Of things left undone. Of words left unsaid.

Slowly you are beginning to accept yourself as the beloved child of the One God. Vestiges of old, worn-out religious belief systems are cleared away as the Sun Light of the One God begins to shine more brightly in your heart.

As you feel a new freedom surging through you. As the feeling of being totally loved, and accepted, and appreciated just the way you are, embraces you.

This Eternal Truth I wish to convey to you.

You may ponder these words, and receive this Truth into your very being.

Lesson 20

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 37. . . . in All Ways, And Always.

My dear innocent one, a growing throng of the Father's servants are at the beck and call of all mortal creatures. For you, right now, it is all so incredibly amazing that you can all move toward a greater opening of possibilities, and understandings, whenever you decide to listen to your Voice Within.

Be prepared to expect nothing, and yet, expect everything. Progress is accelerating most wondrously, although you mortals can hardly grasp that at this time.

I am well aware of why some of you – some who have truly great capabilities – are still hesitant to speak out, because you do not yet accept as true that you are worthy.

That the Great Creator on Paradise could be so near to you.

That you can actually hear the Voices Within.

Take heart, My children, all. I dwell within each of you, and await every opportunity of Stillness, to make Myself heard as the Still Small Voice, when the din of the world dies down, and when only our togetherness remains.

And when nothing else matters in that eternal moment.

Remember this throughout your days and nights.

I am in all ways, and always with you.

Lesson 21

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 38. . . . rather Than Travel Alone.

Dear one, it is in your learning to trust Me more that you will experience true freedom, as your burdens will be lifted, you will let go of all your yesterdays, and you will let Me be the Guide in your life.

Of course, you will always make your own decisions, but now you have the choice of doing this ‘more knowingly,’ by asking Me first which might be the best choice to make. And, of course, the best decision will be for the greatest good of all.

For a better understanding: I shall always remain in the background, until you mature to the point where you will begin to realize that you would prefer to walk with Me, rather than travel alone.

But I need to warn you that we do not walk a path of ease seeking. It will be a path filled with opportunities to learn a great deal, where you will gather much wisdom, and, My beloved, where you will always have access to My Unconditional Love, when you feel that you have none left to give away.

I truly desire to saturate you with My Love, so it can become a habit for you to give, give, give love unreservedly. And in time, your judgments of others will cease to form in your mind, as you accept each brother and sister you meet as part of yourself in the Great Creator God.

In time to come, you shall acknowledge My Presence more and more, and your soul will feel nourished, your heart will be filled full with love, and your mind will be satisfied with its increased understanding.

Lesson 22

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 41.


Once you realize that this life is only one minuscule step into a glorious

eternal journey Heavenward, it makes your life far more interesting.

This is an everlasting Truth, and worthy of thoughtful consideration.

How is it that your myriad friends, the countless that have even now passed

over into a new life, can assist you in the mortal estate?

By realizing this is so, you learn to place a greater value on the life you are

living now, and your departed siblings become more precious to you.

Rather than mourning their passing, you can now celebrate their life,

and anticipate a glad reunion in the next life –

your next phase in an eternal existence.

For truly you are all children of an immensely wealthy Father/Mother/Creator.

By now, you realize that each person, celestial and human, are all offspring

of the One Creator, your immediate relatives, and yet, when you live in denial

of My existence within you, and fail to recognize the Master's Hand behind

Creation, you live indeed in spiritual poverty, and the darkness of loneliness.

Whereas, when you daily built your trust and faith in Me – a Fragment of the

Universal God – your life will enter a time of greater spiritual abundance.

Think of how life goes on each year, in trees and flowers. It is the Breath

of the Eternal that gives them life, each according to their own pattern and design.

Should He not have your life in His Hands, also? Even when it is time

to exchange your mortal temple for a more ‘etheric’ one?

The material body surely dies.

The spirit lives on.


Lesson 23

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 43 A Glorious And Joyful Recognition . . .

Dear one, diligence and perseverance in the attainment of a worthy goal always pay big dividends, no matter what opposition you encounter. Just like your coming to Me each day in the Stillness, and at the appointed time, will bear its own untold fruits.

This is the most wondrous, beneficial education you can give yourself. And yet, it is all so simple, for all you have to do is make up your mind, and follow through with that decision.

By now you notice an increased focus on your part, because gradually you are capable of listening much better than you could ever have imagined.

However, you still worry, and doubt that My Words might be your imaginings. But I tell you this, child; your perseverance in coming to Me shall clear your mind, and to such a degree that in time you shall doubt Me no more.

A glorious and joyful recognition will spring up in your heart and mind, because each day brings us that much closer together.

Persevere, My beloved, and do not waver, but walk in My Love, walk in My Joy, and you shall have a Peace and Happiness beyond understanding, that by neither person nor circumstances can take away, for you will learn to navigate around obstacles, whereas before you would fuss and worry.

A calmness shall pervade you as a healing balm for mind and body. And you shall have a similar effect on each one that comes into your auric field.

The more you practice My Presence, the further this field will extend. -END-

Lesson 24

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 45. A Greater Consciousness Needs To Awaken.

I am your Master Hand to guide you with the cultivation of your mind, to weed out any and all negative thoughts, and judgments about self and others.

A greater consciousness needs to awaken in you, for you to become aware of your own reactions to words and actions of self and others.

For you to become more thoughtful in your speech, since the tongue is often the most unruly member to be kept under control.

I really would that you pay attention to this, as the cultivation of self is the most important aspect to be undertaken in life; the digging up, the uprooting of negativity, and the planting of good thoughts, is your responsibility.

And I shall guide you with My Master Hand. And so together we shall plant us a fragrant, pleasant, and fruitful garden.

Just tend to your own garden. Only when you have your own weeds under control will you be given additional work.

You are only a tender little one, and I will never overload you, but I will give you strong winds and storms, so your root system in Me will grow stronger and deeper, as you seek My nourishment so deep down within yourself.

We are growing us a unique garden, filled with fragrant blooms and fruits to the Glory of the One,

I tell you all this, so you may gain a greater understanding about the work you and I have undertaken.

  • Transmitted by Lytske.

Translated by 11:11.

Lesson 25

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 52. Learn From The Master . . .

Dear one, the road you travel in your mortal lifetime is only the first step

in your eternal life.

Therefore, the more often you come to Me in the Silence,

the more lovingly and securely I can Guide you.

To begin with, you would discern better what is meant to be God's will

for you in this existence.

God's will is actually so very simple.

It is the way with the most love in it.

So you can search your mind and determine where you fall short,

and which situations in life present a hurdle for you to overcome,

and for you to attain that precious peace of mind, which you so sincerely desire.

When this is not present, think of where you went wrong.

Perhaps it was a harsh word to someone, negative thoughts or judgments.

Yes, My dear one, these all point to situations to be mastered,

especially your speaking and acting in haste.

Learn from the Master, Jesus, and His teachings while He lived His life

in the flesh on this planet, the difficulties He had to overcome even at a young age,

and how He in all matters turned within to His Father in Heaven.

What a triumphant Life He led, despite all sorts of difficulties and temptations.

You, too, can live far closer to Me, and I shall lead you according

My Divine blueprint in doing the will of God in all things.

Open your heart and soul and mind when you willingly come to Me in the Silence.

Where we shall become more and more as one.

Transmitted by Lytske Translated by 11:11 -END-

Lesson 26

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 55. . . . share In All My Divine Attributes.

Dear one, again let us communicate with each other. For you it is yet another chance to approach and come closer to Me. For Me it presents the opportunity to let you know how much you are loved and accepted just the way you are.

The deeper you grow into Me, the more Joy you will experience and gather along the way. This Joy I would have you live, so your siblings on this beloved planet will conclude that there is something their hearts hunger for, but have yet to find.

Come closer, always closer, and drink of My Joy so you may be filled full, and so this Joy will start spilling over into your everyday life. An ordinary life for you, although it is not so ordinary for the Heavenly Beings, who ‘in the unseen’ watch with amazement your unfoldment, and that of others who also permit their lights to shine.

This is a dark planet with a long history of war, cruelty and greed. And when in faith and trust in the loving overcare of the One Creator God a light starts to shine, this is a welcome sign indeed.

Although Heavenly Beings do not ascribe to human emotions, in a sense they truly rejoice when another light, however faint at first, begins to shine in the darkness of this treasured orb in space.

The more one gathers faith and trust, the brighter the light. Dare to daily feed yourself in My Presence, as I am Pure Light, and Joy, and so much more.

In time and in eternity to come, you shall share in all My Divine Attributes.

Lesson 27

US of A, August 15th, 2003. Christ Michael. Subject: “Move Into The Inner Circle.” Contributing Receiver.

Michael: “Yes, move in and learn more from Me. Move into the Inner Circle, for this is reserved for those who would wholly sacrifice their time to doing the will of God. This is the Inner Circle, and it is much richer than all of your imaginings can picture.

“Do not look with envy at others who may seem closer to the Father’s Will. Remember well, there are no degrees, and none is greater or lesser – no miracle grander than any other. You must leave the idea of degrees behind you. If you desire all that you can receive in this earthly experience, simply desire all of the Fathers’ Will, because then you will have truly chosen a path of great wisdom.

“This path of “inner kingdom dwelling” will bring you the greatest satisfaction known to mankind. What could be more satisfying than to daily know you do all that is humanly possible to learn His Will, and follow wholeheartedly in His Ways for Kingdom living? When you direct all your will to His Ways, you will experience fully a peace that exceeds comprehension.

“Enjoy the gift of this day with all your heart. You have come far, My brothers and sisters, and yet there is, indeed, still far to go. Rest assured that the Path will become ever more delightful, as you walk in His Perfect Will. No turning back. The Kingdom belongs to the stout of heart, who will follow Him wholeheartedly. Onward, ever, to bless others, and receive great blessings.”

Lesson 28

US of A, October 14, 2003. Christ Michael. Subject: “Learning Self-Taught Patience On Your Path.” Contributing Receiver.

Michael: “Today, My children, I ask you to be patient with one another. Patience is not an easy labor. There is much in all your lives to test your patience. You have trials, and often, for the Path we tread together is an uphill climb with only short periods of rest along the way.

“You must learn patience, for it is not a gift to be granted, and it is a futile cry to ask the Father for patience, since it is only gained through trials. And who among you would petition for more trials to come your way?

“Trials are the guaranteed part of the terrain of your garden. They are, indeed, the rocks on the Path and for many they are great stumbling blocks.

“So today I ask you to practice patience with one another. There are many who have trials far greater than yours. These brothers and sisters need all the kindness you can muster up to give them.

“As you walk your Path today, there may be strangers for you to encounter. You will not know about the weighty burdens they might carry. And I assure you that a tender smile, a patient, gentle kindness may do far more than you could ever know to lift their heavy loads.

“You may think that I have asked too little of you today, my children. But no! I ask you to cultivate patience.

“The daily lessons will require ever more of you, for the curriculum builds one step upon the other. You will never be asked to give more than you are capable of. Onward! Each day brings much that needs be done, for this is all the Father's Business.

“Allow your day to unfold using both patience and kindness. These are my words for today. And for every day.”

Lesson 29

Idaho, US of A, August 15, 2003. Machiventa Talks. Subject: “Creatures of Service, Taking Action.” Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “Good evening. This is Machiventa Melchizedek here to visit you.

“I have watched some of your surrounding forests go up in flames. It is an understandably frightening event for both mortals and animals. Everyone must be thoughtful at this time of not starting a fire because of carelessness.

“I would like to put in a few words this evening about "taking action". Much has been learned from your Teachers and Guides, but as it happens with many college students, after spending years of learning a skill or profession, their education is not always put to good use.

“So many have acquired the appropriate knowledge, and yet they have not held down a job or even applied for one. A large number of you who have long studied in our ‘spiritual classrooms’ are meant to share your knowledge with whomever will listen to you, and by showing yourself to be a good example by living your lives as happy, compassionate, and trustworthy children of your Eternal Father.

“I, too, would not get very far by sitting back and taking in the experiences, while never in turn giving back to others what I have learned. And here I have a whole troupe of Midwayers and Angels standing by, wanting to go into action and do something worthwhile in conjunction with our mortal students.

“The Midwayers and Angels are at the very heart of making an effort with whatever challenges I place before them. They are creatures of service to you, and with you – their human cousins. Yet I don't encourage them to attempt extremely difficult or hopeless tasks.

“Whatever you have gleaned in the way of knowledge or learned about service, share this and yourself freely with your fellows. Mostly this adds up to your being able to talk with others about your area of expertise.

“Get excited about making your contribution of sharing the wisdom you have acquired with those who don't know how or where to begin. Others will view the presentation of your gifts of knowledge and experience as “a safe encounter” during which they can freely talk about the troubled nature of their lives.

“May you also suggest to others to be aware of the chances to be of assistance to their fellows. May you make that vital difference in someone else's life. May you bring joy into your relationships. And may you thereby become that creature of service. Taking action.

“This is Machiventa. I send you my love.”

Lesson 30

Idaho, US of A, September 26, 2003. Machiventa Talks. Subject: “Your Unseen Friends – A Frank Discussion.” Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: “Good Morning Sandy. I am happy to visit you today. Might I quickly rephrase that? It is my great pleasure to visit you today.”

Sandy: “Hello Machiventa. It is a pleasure to have you as a friend, and you are always welcome in my home. I appreciate your approval for Char to be with me. She is a happy Midwayer, and I call on her to help me no matter what I am doing, or what decisions I have to make. I am surprised that whenever I ask her about all sorts of everyday things, she is usually ‘on my side’ and that helps my self-esteem. With her approval I am much surer of myself.

Machiventa: “I am trying to get this very message across. There are many Teachers, Angels, and Midwayers who would like for people to be more aware that they are around them, and always ready to help.

“Without this awareness on your part, we usually have to work in the background. It is vital for you to ‘come out of the old way of thinking’ that we are mere ghosts or some such thing. Haven’t you often wondered just what all the spirits are doing, besides floating around in Heaven, and enjoying perfect bliss?”

Sandy: “I often fall into that category by thinking I am just not good enough to have any special attention. I guess it is like employing a housekeeper, and insisting she stands around to watch me clean house.”

Machiventa: “Exactly! I would suggest that you realize what a pleasure it is for us to be included in your lives. And that your trust in us is all the thanks we need.”

Sandy: “I really am afraid people would think I was nuts going around talking to my unseen friends, so I have to be discreet. I have the saying that I really don’t want the men in the white coats chasing me around.”

Machiventa: “Think of us simply as Jesus’ helpers. God can put before you many more of His worthwhile projects, if He knows you will ask for help along the way. I know you, personally, can get yourself into lots of trouble when your self-will runs riot.

“It truly is a tricky road you place yourself upon when you deny or disregard all the help that is available to you, and you let your freewill, without the superior input from your experienced best friends, decide which way you will go.

“Why should you go through all this ‘lonely decision-making’ when you want to use His words, or do His will at any time you are in a position to advise or help others? You can and do so often influence others in a most positive way when they look to you for a little wisdom from your years of experience with us (Teachers).

“Life on Earth is difficult, but there are no reasons for anyone you meet to travel their journey alone. Be there for them, while we are there for you, for not in the least does my advice apply to you. I will leave this message short today and take my leave. I send my love to all.

“This is Machiventa.”

Note: Midwayer Char is actually androgynous, but we seem to have no single word for he/she – Sandy.

Lesson 31

"Celestial Spies – 2." (From the Desk of George Barnard.) Serving Mankind.

At our human level, the 1,111 midwayers, their 873 rehabilitated siblings, and the many midwayers from other star systems that are streaming in to assist us, are the most practical of all our celestial cousins.

Almost always mistakenly referred to as angels, they quietly go about their tasks without blowing their trumpets, and without jolting our tender belief systems by informing us they are our spirit guardians – midwayers – not angels.

For 37,000 years they have served mankind, only infrequently divulging their true identities, because their primitive and fearful human cousins generally considered them to be demons or malevolent ghosts.

Not a great recommendation, one might suggest.

Mathew And Clair.

According to Machiventa Melchizedek, Midwayer Mathew (33:333 – time prompt 3:33) was one the first of the “imported” midwayers to arrive on this planet. Mathew had studied us from afar, knew of our involvement with a number of local midwayers since 1962 or thereabouts.

He requested to be with us, while Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22) was preparing for the arrival of a full platoon of Mathew’s kin to get involved with the wars in Afghanistan, and later Iraq.

At the time, both Sandy Montee and I were in Australia, on the New South Wales north coast. It was an absolute pleasure to have the lively “foreign” midwayer with us, day after day.

Not long after, his consort of many millennia, Clair (no known number), joined us, and the pair was together again. Clair (as in “clear voice” and “bright spark”), however did not last long. Compared to the humans she was used to on their home planet, and to her dismay, we Urantians were both tediously slow, as well as relatively unintelligent.

The Fox And The Henhouse.

Midwayer Mathew stuck it out with us. Sitting on the floor in his skin tight bodysuit, the barely three foot tall Mathew was restless about our relative inaction, and Prince Machiventa soon announced that for the midwayer to last at all, he needed to “go for walks” from time to time.

On one occasion, when I contemplated selling both my vehicle and a computer to a friend who would only much later pay me the thousands of dollars due, the midwayer wanted to know if I was sure about leaving the cat in control of the fishbowl.

It seemed an original remark, likely his planet’s version of our ‘fox being in charge of the henhouse.’ Mathew was getting acclimatized, moreover, he was getting used to our language – the marsupial and bald eagle versions, both.

Mathew was managing really well, and in late 2001 he moved to North Idaho with us.

Father Dennis.

Occasionally I would submit a transcript of a transmission to a Urantia Book readers’ list I was subscribed to – a list much different from our own 11:11 Progress Lists, which are basically designed to make the 1,111 Midwayers a little better known.

Almost all of the subscribers to that readers’ list seemed to ignore my work, but a few began heckling me.

Some were outright rude, claiming they could tell from a distance that I had never known a midwayer, wouldn’t know what one sounded like, and forget all about seeing one. It just could not be done, one fellow claimed. And he found all kinds of details in his Urantia Book text he said were indicative of my not possibly knowing what it was I was talking about.

Another guy claimed that if I did have contact, I would “logically” not talk about it. The logic of his claim was never explained.

The most vocal of them all I have named “Father Dennis.” Father Dennis would wait for me to post something to that list, and then, each time, his denouncement would be followed by a sermon. The most fundamentalist of Christian preachers would proudly ‘own’ some of those sermons.

Hellfire And Brimstone.

Sandy Montee and I were discussing the spirituality of the North American Indians, and trying in vain to compare some of their beliefs with Christianity. She mentioned the Southern Baptist faith, with which I was totally unfamiliar.

Midwayer Mathew was listening as well, perhaps he was learning something.

Hellfire and brimstone!” Sandy told me. “There are so many ways in which you can land yourself in hell, hardly anyone makes it. We’re all sinners! Even new-born babies are sinners!”

“Father Dennis!” said Midwayer Mathew. And he then told me a whole lot more. Mathew had done his research.

Nothing Original.

The following morning, as I pulled in my e-mail, one of the first posts was from Father Dennis forwarded to that list. Once again he was telling all, and that “nut of a Barnard fellow,” that there were no rehabilitated midwayers on Urantia, let alone additional Midway Helpers from other star systems.

It was followed by the usual colorful sermon.

I responded by telling him that “imported” Midwayer Mathew had informed me that he, Father Dennis, was an old guy, a former Southern Baptist, and a musician of many years in a small band. In all that time they had played music composed by others. Not a single effort had been made by any of them to compose an original song.

Something should have clicked in the old guy’s brain and mind. A few stray cerebral neurons should have rubbed together and made just a tiny little spark, letting him know that this Barnard fellow did indeed have contact with the 1,111.

But Father Dennis was never heard from again. Midwayer Mathew and I got ‘too close’ to his liking, and he would probably soon banish Barnard and the midwayers from his unimaginative mind.

Not so with others on that list.

For those who do Michael’s work, the results of their labors are almost always unknown, perhaps clear to the midwayers.

In this instance, and judging by the ensuing enquiries, even the human knew that some progress had been made.

Lesson 32

Illawarra District, Australia, September 28, 2003. Machiventa Melchizedek. Subjects: “Hard-Rock Mining.” “Easily Gathered Seekers.” Received by George Barnard.

George: “It’s good to hear your name, Machiventa.”

Machiventa: “My dear brother. My dear co-worker in this task we have undertaken in the Master’s name. It’s good to see you are regularly doing your meditation exercises, and it is good for me to once again have a chance to converse with you.

“Your ‘Spirit Guardian friends’ have regularly visited you in the months gone by, and especially Andrea has often been at your side, and has taken her watchcare of you much to heart.”

George: “A true friend she is.”

Machiventa: “I’m going to once again impress upon you that your reaching out to those who refuse to believe in my investiture as your Planetary Prince on this world, and in this period of the release of the (Urantia) Text, will not be productive of altering anyone’s opinion.

“And even less so will they for now be accepting of the arrival of our Magisterial Son (Monjoronson), and his placing his services at Michael’s disposal together with the many Teachers and Learned Ones that have arrived and are arriving still. Rather will those whose attention you seek, and who are not in the least open to Midwayer promptings or teachings, harden their resolve to denounce any good news other than the printed pages they can touch.

“Your time will be better occupied in conversing with those who are open. The hours that are taken out of your schedule in dealing with your ‘favorite hecklers’, who have barely done little more than to overcome their fears in picking up the Text, is truly an abject waste of time. They are mistaking their religionist outlook on life for it being of true spirituality.

“And, indeed, those among them that are your age, or perhaps older than you are, cannot or will not flex their faith muscles to begin to accept the words we put across. These doubtful prospects make you a hard-rock miner, relentlessly beating on an ore body from which little can be extracted, when so much placer gold can be found, and the golden nuggets are there for you to effortlessly gather by the dozens.

“Right under your eyes and within your reach are the thousands upon thousands that have long had some kind of casual, perhaps even a formal and open contact with your Midway Warrior Friends, and that, necessarily, is where in potential your most rewarding interests must lie.

“Each and every one of these easily-gathered seekers your group can bring under Michael’s wing, is a soul enriched by its steady pattern of future growth, while bearing in mind the sensitivity of the avant garde receiver-transmitter – it can do her or him no good to be slighted by those who will only return their comments with the standard answers of veiled and overt scorn that nothing foreseeable will change.

“It is with your fullest focus on being spirit led that you will find yourself working as efficiently as you humanly can, without growing tired, without becoming stressed, without feeling disappointment, but instead charting an ever-rising graph of the numbers who will be attracted by the group’s endeavors, and who will in turn find better goals in their lives.

“This is Machiventa. I send my love to all, and wish you G’day.”

Lesson 33

Illawarra District, Australia, September 21, 2003. Michael of Nebadon. Subject: “Closer To That Critical Mass.” Received by George Barnard.

Michael: “You called out to me and I heard your voice as I pledged I always would. There is between us, my son, a bond that will never break, for it was you as a mere child that struck upon the idea of placing yourself in my service [see note 1], although you could have never guessed what road this hazy initiative would place you upon.

“We are aware of all human intent, decisions and trials, successes and failures, and we are most appreciative of the ways an increasing number of you are learning well to juggle your time and resources to be in our Father’s service in the Correcting Time, (and) help bring your world onto a higher level of spiritual wakefulness.

“The affairs on my bestowal world, at this time look somber indeed, and yet it is in the hearts of men and women, of the millions and millions we reach out to and touch, that wonderful and positive changes are occurring. And indeed, as your most trusted friends have indicated, these wholesale changes are soon to come.

“These powerful feelings, these wishes and prayers for an urgent need for changes for a better time to come; these heart-felt concerns for the welfare of brothers and sisters in faraway lands, are helping to edge us closer to the critical mass [2] our Prince Machiventa predicted would inevitably come.

[A frequent mention by the Midwayers of “Critical Mass” being reached, but in a spiritual sense.]

“Indeed, there needs to be a period of hard work and ‘pressure’ to create that point in time when the circuits’ great switches – the levers – will have traveled far enough to overcome the point of inertia and jump into place for all your lights to turn on and sparkle in a brighter world.

“Fear not the present unrest in the world. Fear not the chaos on our troubled planet, for it is in the hearts and minds of the great majority of your races that these needed changes first must come to deliver the Father’s ideals and wishes, and through human programs and prayers for these things to follow suit and become a reality in your material domain.

“Take heart my son. From our infinitely better vantage point where we can tally up the thoughts, the wishes, the drives, the works of the many who wish to ‘do good,’ the, at times chaos to your eyes, looks far rosier. A tally has been taken, a move is being made, and all of my heavenly helpers will ensure there is not ‘a turning back’.

“In all the turmoil that you see, great hopes are being raised, and more positive plans are being contemplated and inaugurated for a better world of your tomorrows.

“Together with you, I bemoan your loss of a great many inexperienced young souls, as well, I regret the lesson that now goes unrecorded [3], but your new friend will shortly return.

“This is the Creator Son of Nebadon. This is your doting Father/Brother Michael, who sends his love to all. May your words always be mine.”

George: “Thank you kindly, Michael.”

Notes: [1] There really was a long-forgotten childhood vow.

[2] The Midwayers mentioned the words “Critical Mass” a number of times during the week, as did Machiventa in 2000 in Rockford Bay, Idaho, use that strange term.

[3] I also spoke with a Paradise Entity earlier, but the tape is all static noises, and I have no adequate memory of the transmission, because I still drift far too deep – George.

Lesson 34

Idaho, US of A, September 21, 2003. A Teacher Called, “The Scribe.” Subject: “Do Follow In The Master’s Footsteps.” Received by Sandy Montee.

The Scribe: “Hello, dear student. There is an ever-increasing number of Celestial Teachers now assisting His beloved children, for them to edge a little closer to the ‘perfection ideals’ of their Creator Father. With all else that exists in the universes, their souls are parts of the one Creator God, and with their soul growth it therefore follows that He also expands, as is His will.

“Unnoticed by you, a great number of people all around the planet are heeding the Teachers’ calls, and are entering this time of improvement we have named the Correcting Time. It is to become a time of discernment for what is genuine, an appreciation of what is beautiful, and a generous sharing of bounty and love.

“Unrealized by you, and over the eons of time, your species’ progress advanced but at a snails pace, and it repeatedly turned right back on itself, as love often still came at a price, as greed ruled your dealings with others, as beauty was snubbed, destroyed, or sacrificed, and as truth and reason were nowhere to be found. And your unseen friends were held back until a first inkling of the real meaning of, and wish for, salvation entered upon your minds.

“Unnoticed by you, still, there is now a more pleasing groundswell of worldwide concern for the welfare of others. There are some words of love creeping into your widely shared communications, as more of you have begun to see the other as your equal with needs and wants no different from your own, and as among millions of your siblings the plans are beginning to take shape for the creation of a better world for all, and as we would like to see it.

“This is a time when you can move towards spiritual accomplishments at a better pace, and with more help. Now is the time to ‘jumpstart your quests’ for gaining deeper spiritual insights into your lives. And now you will more quickly grasp that your lives have a much greater purpose because your ‘spirit friends’ have been instructed on High to work much closer with you all, for a deeper understanding.

“Your Animal Fears and Creature Angers will be dispelled from your hearts and minds and leave no voids, for in their stead there will be Love and Devotion for your brothers and sisters. There will then be fewer obstacles for you to rise above, and great hopes of your accomplishing contact with your Higher Selves, that will guide you into a way of life so much more productive.

“Do follow in the Master’s footsteps, for you will experience His peace and serenity, since you will then know yourselves to be a part of the greater universe. And gone will be the times when you were pushed hither and yon by your Celestial Teachers to learn your lessons as you proceeded barefoot on a rock-strewn track.

“Michael cleared the trail for you by His living a life of absolute perfection, and He is forever calling you to stay on His path as it leads to a (true) spiritual way of life. This is the time for you to draw closer to your Heavenly Father, and to develop a strengthening of your soul and personality in your quests for a greater understanding of your true purposes in life on this planet Earth.

“My name is unpronounceable, my number of great length. You may call me “The Scribe,” and directly write my words.”

Note: The Entity, “The Scribe,” may well be an Unattached Thought Adjuster, or a Recorder Angel, but we just don’t know yet.

My love to you all – Sandy.

Lesson 35

Illawarra District, Australia, November 10, 2003. A Teacher Called, “The Scribe.” Subject: “Patience And Trust.” Received by George Barnard.

George: “I’m not just here for me, you know. There are many who would wish to share a nice lesson, and they already know I’m not perfect.”

The Scribe: “My dear demanding and defensive student, like you, I also speak on behalf of many others, rather than on behalf of just myself.

“I speak on behalf of the many who from time to time keep an eye on, guide, teach, protect you, and send so much love to you, to those who wish to work with you, and to those who feel close to you all and look forward to receiving the lessons that come from our hearts. I speak to them all.

“So often is it with you that you plan and push and trouble (worry) to forcefully make something come about, and in your tireless efforts you prefer to see it all completed by yesterday morning or even on the day before.”

Right here, I suddenly realize this is the Teacher called, “The Scribe.” I sense it, or I can somehow “feel it by that directness and authority”, but also the sudden, abundant, overwhelming love that comes across. (Long pause.) I don’t quite seem to know what to do with my emotions here. [See note below.]

The Scribe: “And yet your life in this realm is designed for you to step-by-step and slowly learn that the ultimate you can develop in patience will much more readily bring you the opportunity to be of service, as your Celestial Parents reach out and make come about the circumstances through which, and most readily, your growth will advance.

“A great deal of trust can be generated when you decide to be patient, and especially with those projects where you would like to count on rapid progress and ‘admirable’ results.

“And you, the fortunate ones, who have entered through the time/space doorway of the Correcting Time’s early years, can generate a great deal of progress by your developing patience, by your feeling guided by your Celestial Parents, your Guides, your Guardians, your Teachers, your Helpers who are involved with you in your tasks…

“… by their own wishes, at their own bidding, or as they are instructed to be involved with you, and assist you where they can, as they request you try to live your lives as stress-free and intuitively as you might manage in the environment you may perceive yourselves to live in, or create for yourselves to occupy, for in this fashion, the suggestions of your beloved Midwayer Cousins will ring true in your minds.

“I am the one whose name is unpronounceable, whose number is of great length. I am a Teacher of many ages, whose entire coming into being, and advancement was governed by one single attribute; love.

“You may call me The Scribe, and at your convenience print my words, for they are not just for you.”

George: “Thank you, my friend.”

Note: This Teacher is most appreciative of the love returned to him, as well as appreciative of being sensed (recognized) as a distinct personality – George.

Lesson 36

New Mexico, US of A, October 21, 2003. Cherubim “What About Bob.” Subject: “Survival.” – Part Transmission Only. Received by Gerdean.

What About Bob: “Good evening, kids. I’m glad to see you are surviving and doing so well. As a species, you have been surviving for so long, you don’t know how to not survive. You don’t know how to stop surviving. Do you see what I am saying?

“You do not need to try hard to survive; you are surviving. But the tendency is there, like a belief system that needs to be re-thought. It is not necessary for war to happen if you can see that you don’t have to do this to survive.

“What is the threat? What would be at risk, if it were understood that a nation is merely a current configuration of men who have something in common, like a guild or a troupe, to help thwart off the risk of being alone and having to survive on their own? People have forgotten their primitive nature. They would survive. They have become soft. They have become deluded. They have become puffed up with pride. This is a stage of evolution about peace.

“But peace, you see, will bring a whole different way of perceiving, and to live in peace, everyone would have to put down what they know best – survival! Modern man would not know how to live if they did not have their survival to worry about.

So, they are going to have an opportunity to think about what survival means. It does not mean they have to go back to war or do more battle. That would be ‘doing the same thing, expecting different results’.

“Peace comes not from doing battle but from finding the freedom from the need to survive.

“Those of you who are born again know you will survive. You know that your existence is not dependent on this material body. You know that this world will continue even after everyone on it has passed away, even after these civilizations that you are a part of have come and gone. There is more to life than this one.

“It is the urge to survive that keeps you so mean-spirited, which keeps you from being more sociable in a relationship sense. You think, ‘I cannot run a risk of having a friend if they are going to die, or if they are going to betray me!’ This kind of thinking is old programming. It is not necessary for those of you who have been re-conditioned.

“Think about it. Discover for yourselves how much you have to offer by having what you have come to perceive of as ‘experiential revelation.’ Consciousness is a vital part of your hope. Spirit is the most direct route to becoming conscious and aware of other dimensions.

But revelation can also come through the mind by way of ideas or inspirations, so you don’t need to discuss religion in order to be able to touch the soul, the psyche, the mind of man. And when you’ve gotten better at this, you will be able to engage better in not being afraid of what you might find if you set aside your survival instincts and became eternal pals with the next person you meet.

“Of course, relationships take two. But you’ve got the upper hand in this exercise, and you can instigate a new social consciousness, a non-threatening consciousness. That is one of the lures of the brotherhood -- that you shall ‘inherit the earth’.

“It’s remarkable that you do as well as you do. But you clutch that armor tight even when you don’t need to carry it. Let’s see if you can let it down more often and pick it up less and less. Remember the Master will go with you as he reveals your path, and the Spirit of Truth will say, ‘This is the way.’

“But now I think I’ve talked more than my share. I look forward to our gathering next week. See if you can learn some new reaction patterns between now and then. Just to amuse yourself. Have a good evening.”

Lesson 37

Illawarra District, Australia, September 3, 2003. Primary Midwayer, Andrea. Machiventa Melchizedek. Subject: “Temper That Spiritual Fire.” Received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “We are many that surround you here to lend our help and love and energy to the success of this transmission. This is Primary Midwayer, Andrea, my dear brother. It’s good to see you are recovering well, and climbing back on deck to be with us.

“For you it has been rather a period of being becalmed, although hardly of stagnation. Let us do our best to get right back on top and ‘make this ship sail.’

“It will now be vital for you to involve yourself with more than the regular amount of meditation after this period of being out of action. Some time off during the day, and some new routines to be introduced into your working life will help you in this interrupted journey.

“Well now, no one here has made any kind of an announcement that they have deserted you, and you will soon be able to call on all or any of the Teachers in your group. That’s it for me for now, as I will soon take over the task of relaying some words another wants me to convey to you.”

Machiventa: “It will become important in the months to come to sidestep those issues which rattle you so. What will be will be. The far more important projects than any other – those on which you did set your sights – compared to the little or no impact you can have on the greater world events, are the key tasks at hand.

“It is wise for you to find great variety of involvement. Yes, and to also find joy in such variety, and in dealing with the workload you long ago took upon yourself. It will be important to take time out, also, and, I suggest, withdraw from those extraneous activities relating to this world in turmoil.

“Dropping those interests, and allowing for some breaks, will have as a result that your mind will become clearer, and you will perceive a greater number of worthwhile opportunities you would have otherwise missed. So, take my advice, that a lengthy involvement without a pause can also be detrimental to the success of the overall accomplishments.

“Whereas you might make yourself absent from the task to return to it later, you will find that you can more clearly overlook that which needs to be acted upon, and do it right. We, from our (celestial) viewpoint, do not underestimate the significance of the work you mortals have undertaken in this, the Correcting Time. Indeed, we do not.

“There are occasions when we – as yet imperfect beings – can almost feel the pangs of envy when we view the comparatively magnificent tasks some of you undertake, and bring to a glorious conclusions, as Kingdom workers, as ambassadors, as recruits and volunteers, for the welfare of your people and your abode in this time of planetary rehabilitation as per Michael’s mandates.

“You, as individual little pawns on the mighty chessboard of universe events are deserving of our well-wishes, our admiration, applause, and of due rewards for work well done. At all times, however, you must endeavor to temper that spiritual fire within, and ensure that, to the best of your ability, you live a life of balance and joy; never perfect, but always striving for that perfection.

“This is Machiventa. Thanking you for your attention, and grateful to our dear friend, Andrea, for making herself available to channel my words to this receiver. It’s good to be here.

“To all who will receive my words, I send my love.”

Andrea: “This is Andrea, George. You will need to pick with care where my words to you ‘trailed off’, and where the Prince took over. My love to you, and till we meet again.”

George: “Thank you Andrea. Thank you Machiventa.”

Note: A minor accident, causing a damaged disc to press onto my spinal cord, left me with only sporadic contact for some 10 weeks and more. Hopefully things will improve, as even this contact was still not strong.


Collection from the 1111 Group Archives late August 2003 thru early November 2003