2003-08-11-The Costs of Living

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Topic: The Costs of Living

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Jesus, Christianity

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am overjoyed to be among you this evening. I am especially grateful to Father for this particular assignment. I am driven to be a better friend and teacher each time we meet. You, with your positive attitudes, inspire me to continue to make effort in this Correcting Time task.

Where would your lives be without our wonderful Father and His many loving associates? When I think back upon my mortal years I remember the distinct change from having a stalwart and yet fearful spiritual life, to becoming an open minded receiving child of God. I think how much better was my life since Machiventa had assisted me in expanding my awareness.

That expanded awareness was my salvation, it was my internal peace, it was projected in a new faith-filled confidence in my everyday living. When I felt mostly spirit-filled I could relax and allow Father to do His work through me. I cannot imagine where my life would have gone had not my eyes been opened. We can be grateful for where we have come from, are now and are going, for Father is a growing, working, loving part of our lives.

Last week we spoke of Michael as the door to Father. He is now for the mortals of the realm still the entry way to knowing a loving, all knowledgeable, all powerful Father. Could the Master have made such progress had He not heeded the call of our Father? Had He worked for selfish glory would He still be the basis of several religious organizations of today? Our Master was fueled by the First Source and Center and His life in the flesh made it also possible for you to receive as He did.

Religious organizations often challenge their believers into thinking the Master had paid a ransom for their salvation. The churches teach that Christ paid for our eternal life with His mortal life. The world would experience such a freeing of the mind and soul if they could know the meaning of a true Savior, not one who shames them into doing good because He has died for their sins. The Master did pay a price when He wore the mortal flesh. He paid every day. He released His desires in favor of the Father’s will. He looked to Father for answers instead of relying upon His part mortal/part divine mind.

The mortal mind does have its way with selfish desires from time to time, but those who are truly happy in their spiritual relationship are eager to put Father first. It is written that every day a true believer lives he finds it easier to do the right thing. In our freedom and spiritual safety we can relax all into the Father’s hands, knowing the ultimate good will always result. The Master did not pay a price to get His fellows to believe in His teachings, no. He could only plant seeds and allow Father to tend to the results. The Master kept focused on the goal at all times. The more He practiced, the easier it became.


Abundance, Balance

This evening I would like to discuss the costs of living. It would seem that many mortals every day pay great amounts of attention to things that are important to them. Many times the price is too high or not worth it. Any time one would sacrifice truth, beauty, or goodness, the price you would be willing to pay is indeed not to be profitable. Father wants His children to have abundance, not simply materially speaking, but spiritually also. He does agree that life should have more joy than pain, worry or anxiety.

Review your present lives and calculate the measure of joy therein. Is there truth, beauty and goodness to be found? Is there balance in living, with work, play, family and friends? What prices are you paying to receive whatever you are receiving right now? For example: In a friendship you pay the price of thoughtfulness, courtesy, respect and energy and in return you receive the opposite which causes you anxiety, unrest and worry. This does hold lessons to be learned on the spiritual path of course, but not to the point that your continued efforts fall along the wayside. This is a price not worth paying, for it is a source of negative energy and it is spiritually stifling.

Say you have employment where you are respected, paid fairly, listened to and considered to be an important part of the whole, and you begin to be tardy every day and disrespectful to your fellow employees, thoughtless of the needs of the whole. How long would you expect to be employed there? In all your endeavors there is energy exchange. You want to promote truth, beauty, and goodness, but to do this you need to have focus on the goal, just as the Master did.

You are given the gift of abundance, and joy and peace are a part of that gift. When negativity seems to be overwhelming, then that is the time to take action, exhaust your human resources, commune with the Father and the Master, ponder various solutions, remove yourself for a time. This takes courage and strength, and those who walk a spirit-led life have that confidence to go forth to promote truth, beauty and goodness.

If you look at your focus as if you could invest it in the things that promote the positive things in life, then how does your everyday living measure up? Where are you over invested and receiving nothing or negativity? Where is the lesson in continually bogging down the soul with unprofitable returns? You each are indeed a child of God and worth a great deal to Him, to the universe. What are you giving yourself to? What price are you paying and what are you receiving therefrom?

Those who have a wonderful family life with happy and healthy members may have their employment suffer a bit, but knowing the Master as you do--is this what He would have you do? Where are you most useful? What do you put yourself into that promotes truth, beauty, and goodness? Ponder the life of Jesus and how He spent Himself? Imagine the negative personalities He was up against and how He overcame, promoting the highest and best good.


No questions this evening, perhaps next. Know that as each week goes by I am filled with more affection for all of you. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.