2003-08-19-Personal Teacher Night

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Topic: Personal Teacher Night

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Michael, Cora, Klarixiska, Lorenzo, Loretta, Heclechora, Aaron

TR: Bob S., Bill K., Virginia



Michael(Bob S.): My children, hear these words from your Father/Brother. Open your hearts, your minds, your very selves to Him Who created us all, for in understanding Him we understand ourselves.

My Father, I pray for these, My children. They need Your words. They need Your presence. They need Your understanding. They need your love. As one Who has walked where they walk, I feel sympathetic and full of understanding of their plight. Go with them as they walk their walk to You. I thank You for allowing Me to be a part of their lives and walk their walk with them. In gratitude beyond measure, we open our hearts tonight to Your words. Be with those whose efforts will present the materials forthcoming. Amen.

Daniel(Bill): This is Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your friend, and your stalwart companion. I have had my chance at presenting material that I felt was useful in last week's session.


Unlike our format at the beginning, where I was almost always your teacher, consider, as you think back, how that has evolved to the present. Tomas joined me for a wonderful stint together, which served the purpose of allowing him an apprenticeship under my tutelage. Then, we received our Instructor in Residence, Minearisa, who did an initial series of great importance following my foundation series of several years. Since that time you have been recipients of various personalities, including angels, morontial beings, Melchizedeks, Lanonandeks, Vorondadeks and even ascendent mortals from your own planet who came from the previous dispensation and the Fourth Epochal Revelation.

Now, as a teaching staff, we have recognized your graduation to a new level which, I will remind you, brought about considerable skepticism among some of you as to its appropriateness. But now that you have mellowed out and accepted (laughter) our estimates of your progress, we are in, what Elyon described as seminar format, rather than primarily a lecture format. But, you see, I hadn't finished my lecture series (more laughter) so I thought I needed to give last week's lesson in the older format.

Bob D.: We forgive you.

Daniel: Actually, I thought it went over fairly well! Tonight is personal teacher night; which, as you know, occurs occasionally, usually to your great delight. So, as I often say, I am not the main speaker. Others are lined up at the podium.

Now, for a procedural issue, there are several of you who are proficient TR’s. Perhaps you could share the workload with Isaac and allow your minds to be open to whatever teacher chooses to tap on your spiritual cranium. (Giggling and chuckling from group) This is not a requirement, however, for Isaac is feeling pretty good this evening. But I, Daniel, would enjoy the multimedia effect of more than one TR mind in our teacher night dialogue. Do we have questions before my brothers and sisters are on line? (Silence) Very well, Cora will be our first speaker.


Cora(Bill): Hello, everyone, this is Cora, Martie's teacher, as you all know. I wish to say a few words about the virtue of persistence.

In some ways persistence is as important as ability, perhaps, more so. It is the "get up and go" which results in more achievement than the burst of energy from one whose resources are easily depleted. Persistence is a folk tale among your cultures where the tortoise, the turtle, wins the race over the hare, or rabbit.

In your folk tale the rabbit loses the race, not because he lacks the ability or skill to outrun the turtle, but because he becomes complacent, resting on his ego centered laurels and assuming that he will be the winner. But the turtle continues to move steadily, persistently plodding along, until eventually her efforts crown her with victory.

You have much in your lives which challenges you. You have many opportunities to weaken and sit, idle, having grown weary in well doing. You justify setting aside your goals for a while and letting others do the Father's work. Now, I must say, I am not advocating that you need no rest. That is a different issue. I am rather talking about spiritual motivation. I am speaking of your response, or lack of it, when the Spirit says, "Now is the hour. Now is the time to be about the Father's business". Persistence is the ability to not give up, but proceed to conclude whatever project, whatever relationship, whatever effort you are doing, according to the will of God.

You ask me, "How does one gain increased persistence as a character trait?" "Is an individual destined to be genetically programed so that persistence is either a gift or a deficiency?" "Are some people really more lazy than others and incapable of developing spiritual persistence?" The answer, my friends, is "no"! No normal minded person is incapable of developing persistence. So it is not outside of the range of your will choice. Persistence is, at its heart, a matter of your choice. Then, it is like all other developmental behaviors, a matter of forming the habit of persevering to completion.

It becomes necessary to understand that persistence is a moral choice. When you understand that to disregard a responsibility is an immoral decision; when you understand that what you commit to do in word and by deed involves your integrity as a son/daughter of God, then you understand that persistence is essential to develop in order for you to remain satisfied with your moral and spiritual status.

There are many who show great strength in persistence in the pursuit of inferior goals. Our Master told a parable to His apostles and disciples about this very thing. He said that the heathen were more successful in their persistence than many of His followers. He pointed out that the heathen had clear cut goals of materialism and other forms of idol worship and that they were effective in reaching their intended objectives, whereas His followers were often lukewarm and halfhearted. History bears out the fact that His disciples came through; His apostles turned the world upside down. They persisted in their faith in Him when their minds could not understand His words, "I must die, and be raised from the dead".

So, persistence is also the result of great love for that which you purpose to do and be. You are all doing very well, just don't grow weary in well doing. Keep your hand on the plow and you will complete your Father's work. Thank you for your listening ears. I am Cora. Good evening.


Klarixiska(Virginia): This is Klarixiska. I would like to pick up on the animals that Cora made reference to, in that not only was the hare complacent, he also was rather judgmental, in the sense that he was sure that the turtle with its heavy shell on his back, would never make it. So often we as creatures of the realm can look at another and judge what will happen. You all have certainly heard many lessons about the planting of the seed and the encouraging words that you do not need to know what your words are doing in the minds and hearts of another. What you must do is to put one step forward on the path, responding to that Inner Guide that tells you what to say when you least expect it. You say to yourself, "Wow, where did that come from?" That came from a heart that was not complacent, but was listening to the Indwelling Spirit.

When we look at another and judge their load to be too heavy to bear, we are not giving the Spirit within them the opportunity to help them listen to the words. Surely, there were thoughts that the rabbit had, even as he passed the turtle, that were maybe foolish, maybe arrogant, maybe judgmental, maybe thoughtless. Think of the words that might be the synonyms of those I have just listed.

On the other hand, the turtle might be very aware of the burden he carries, but he is willing to follow the path, and to step forward, step by step. (Just now this TR has seen the turtle's tail wiggling) Indeed, the turtle had a great deal of pleasure thinking that he could still go forward, even with the burden others might think he carried.

When you see another brother or sister that may appear to have more than is his share, remember that without the trials and tribulations of this life we cannot learn to use the fruits of the Spirit that are ours to claim. Don't let your judgment cause you to clam up the truth that dwells within you; but rather be open, spend your time with the Father, and be ready always to tell the reason that you have hope for this planet, hope for that burdened sister or brother, and hope for yourself, as you move forward with incredible unseen help on your path to the very Source of all things. Some may say it is an impossible dream. Perfection is not a dream; perfection is the goal. All it takes is the willing creature to say "yes" to the Inner Spirit's leading. That's all. This is Klarixiska.

Group: Thank you, Klarixiska.

Lorenzo(Bob S.): This is Lorenzo. I am extremely glad to be with the members of this group this evening. It is a great pleasure for me to speak before the friends of my charge and I do it every chance that is provided me.

The words that I have for you members of this group are to enjoy the life which you have been given, regardless of one's talents or handicaps, one's capabilities or one's bad habits. You all have been blessed in ways, which at your level of maturity, are difficult to comprehend. You are left essentially with this task as a faith building process, and you must rely on those of us who are older or in different positions of responsibility to accept this as a truism or however you wish to conceive of it. I hope my words tonight will assist you in the process of making this decision part of your personality. The extent to which you can accomplish this will be seen directly in your state of spiritual being. It will also be reflected in your attitudes, particularly those related to pleasantries such as outgoing joy, happiness, and contentment. This you have heard before, but I wished to add my words to those of the others who have presented this lesson before. Thank you for your attentiveness. We now move on to the next speaker.

Ken: Thank you, Lorenzo.

Growth, Balance

Loretta(Virginia): This is Loretta. This TR does not believe that the tingling in her cheek is another one knocking on her spiritual cranium, (laughter), but, indeed, it is. I will speak briefly so that this person may remain comfortable and calm; but I will certainly greet Pat and say, "thank you" for the many times that she has felt my presence, and , indeed, even heard my words; and for the experiences she is allowing her human self to know.

Each walk is relative and each one is given that which will help them to grow spiritually. It is not a question of just spiritual existence or life, but always we must remember the balance that all the teachers have encouraged each of you to do. We certainly know that every area of your personality expression takes time, but time, well spent, in each area, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual helps you grow toward Him Who is each one's goal.

The psychic circles are certainly reachable without complete balance, but balance is necessary to achieve the morontial goal. Indeed, the hope is that each one of you will have this thought and not end up on the remedial mansion world number one. It takes time, time in all areas. What are you exposing yourself to, to gain emotional stability, physical strength, mental challenge, and certainly, spiritual awareness? That is my challenge tonight, for each one of you: to make sure that you don't let one leg grow longer than another, because it will cause unbalance in the way you look at life and the way that you look at your brothers and sisters. Find answers to your questions. Find ways to keep the balance that will bring you wholeness, yes, even fusion, sooner than expected. Carry on.

Cora(Bill): This is Cora again. I have neglected to personalize my comments to my dear friend, Martie, for I was so excited to have a group opportunity that I got ahead of myself. I just wish to tell you, my dear, that our friendship continues, both on your part and mine, and that those whisperings and thoughts that you have had, that you have wondered if it was I, I wish to confirm that it was! Be aware of my lesson, of course, but know that it was not designed to apply to any one individual in this group; it was intended as a general lesson for everyone. Continue to know that I love you. I am your teacher for as long as it is mutually beneficial. My love to you and to everyone. That is all.

Martie: Thank you, Cora. My love to you as well.


Alkon(Bill): Greetings. This is Alkon, Isaac's personal teacher. I am pleased to be able to share my thoughts with you this evening. I have been thinking about the trait that in your English language you term, "faithfulness", and how it relates to my colleague's previous comments.

As the word suggests, the attribute which you call faithfulness is the result of being full of faith. A person who displays faithfulness, who is a faithful person, is filled with a profound trust. On the human level, a servant who loves his master, and who is filled with faith in his master's goodness, will do his bidding without question and without flagging. He will be filled with persistence in his efforts to do what he has promised. He is full of faith in the goodness and veracity of his master's projects, because he has faith in the master.

The fuel which drives the energy of persistence comes from faith in the value, truthfulness, and longevity of that which is trusted, whether it be a person or an activity, whether it be a project or a cause. Spiritual persistence comes from the heart that is filled with faith in his or her Maker and lover of his/her soul. In other words, spiritual persistence is the result of a great faith in the goodness, truthfulness, and value of a relationship with God.

To empower the sails of your ship of personality survival you need to position your sails so that the winds of faith fill them fully. And how do you gain faith in your Maker, in your Source? By getting to know Him better and desiring to become more like Him. This will result in a greater and greater experience of constant and settled trust/faith so that you will become a faithful personality.

You see, it all comes back to that same nourishment source, your relationship to God. To do His will is to open your inner life to Him, to share yourself. In so doing you will have ears to hear His comforting, inspiring, directing voice.

We teachers have come here to assist each of you individually in knowing who you are as children of God, of nurturing your relationship with our Father, and encouraging you to express the resultant love in your hearts in service to your brothers and sisters, to each other. Well, my time is up. There is one more who wishes to speak through another TR, if possible. One moment, please.

Heclechora(Bob S.): This is Heclechora, Bob's personal teacher. I shall take a brief moment to greet you all. I have had the pleasure of working closely with your personal teachers and have enjoyed that relationship thoroughly. I regret I have not been able to speak more or be with others frequently, but tonight's time together will have to suffice. I will not take time for a lesson tonight, due to the lateness of the hour. But, I wish to thank you all for your willingness to put up with those who have come this long distance to offer our assistance in your spiritual life's work. With those words I would ask you to stand, as is your custom, and take each other's hand. Aaron wishes to close tonight's session with prayer.


Aaron(Bill): Let us pray. Father Michael, thank You for this wonderful planet of Your nativity, and for these Your children, my brothers and sisters. What an opportunity You have given us, to be part of the unfoldment of Supremacy, to be co-creative with You in our small, but important part in the completion of the Supreme Being. May all the virtues that were addressed in tonight's presentations stay in the minds and hearts of these, my brothers and sisters, so that their faith may result in renewed effort to continue to know You and become like You. Send them home with joy and renewed faith, for You are its Source. So, let us look to You Who have walked these paths on this planet, always, as the Way shower, the Life giver, and the Truth enhancer. Amen