2003-09-01-First Anniversary Message

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Topic: First Anniversary Message

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, my light is upon you now. This is Michael, your Creator-Father. Thank you for your participation this evening. I am filled with joy as I minister through each of you, filling you with my light of truth, filling you with my presence and my substance. Feed on me, my little ones. Let my being blend with yours. (Pause)

Feel how much I cherish you, how integrally important each one of you is to me. I claim you as my own. Feel this, my beloveds. (Pause)


What you are now participating in is the reclamation of this planet from sin and spiritual blindness. You have all been prepared throughout the course of your lives to be Father conscious, to be prepared for a life of service and shining His light on your brethren. And now, I say to you: The time has come. Are you willing to shine my love-light on your brothers and sisters? How far will you go to do this in service to me? I ask you now to ponder this in your heart. I understand your reservations. I acknowledge your fears, and I w! ill help you to grow beyond them, to be become the most brilliant and beautiful light of love you can become while you still sojourn on Urantia.

Make no mistake about this, my children, the work of the harvest of these lost souls—my beloved children—will be filled with challenges. But you who have been prepared and continue to prepare yourselves will be given everything you need to fulfill the tasks at hand. And so I ask you: How far are you willing to go in service to me? Ponder this now, as your Mother and I minister to you in your minds. (Pause)

Bring your fears to me now, my children, about your capacities and your readiness to participate in this monumental event of saving souls on this world. Heavy hearts will be healed through your love, and I ask you to come to me so I may fill you with such joy and wonderment and awe and confidence that what pours forth from you will be this salvation balm to your brothers and sisters. So bring to me all of your reservations now, my little ones that I may instill within you my strength, my power, and my love and mercy to pour forth from you. (Pause)

My little ones, you have been faithful and true. And we, as your parents, pledge to uphold you and to nourish you as you grow in us. As I have said to you many times: how beautiful do you wish to become? How much truth can you ingest? Faithfully have you been guided your indwelling Monitors to come to this service arena to participate in my plans of correction. So I admonish you not to doubt in your own capacities though sometimes you may fall short in your own expectations of what you can accomplish. Look only to me now, my chil! dren. See me standing before you when you engage with your brothers and sisters. Ask for my light to shine forth within that individual in those areas where they are lacking, and ask to be guided through your words to penetrate the armor of their protection that my love has an opportunity to be seeded in them so it can take good root and grow strong. And you have all been trained now through your first year of receiving me and allowing my presence to fill within you. So I ask you to consider now as you ponder this question of how serviceable you wish to become: Are you willing to let me guide you and train you now to be more serviceable to me? (Pause)

There is much work to be done, my children. But it is joyful work, inspired work—uplifting and full of light. And you will be so enraptured with joy administering my presence to your brethren that you will fill you with strength and confidence. It will not seem hard or heavy laden at all.

So let us now enter into the fields as we begin to harvest. Ask your angels to guide you in those directions each day for those opportunities to apply my love and mercy to your fellows. Seek the challenges. Seek the lost, the hungry, the downtrodden, and love them. Minister my love. Minister me to them, even though they know not the source of this love. It matters not. But that you can touch another human’s life and make their life better, even if it is only an instant, you have served me well.&nbs! p; You do not know what seed you have planted that may eventually swell to such joyful proportions in that individual’s life that repercuss to others. This is quite a wonderful task for you to accomplish each day.

As I look into your hearts this evening, I see such wondrous gifts of the Father—such brilliant gems of spirit treasures rich within you. Share your treasures freely, my children. Give of yourselves without hesitation so that my power and presence can grow within you. As you give out so shall you receive in abundance.

I withdraw momentarily so that your Mother may also speak.

My blessings upon you, my dear children. This is your Mother Nebadonia. I invite you now into that sacred place that is my womb so that I may more fully weave you into the presence of your Father, who is the representation of our Paradise Father’s love and of our Son’s mercy. You are to embody that love and mercy, my children. So enter into me now as a small seedling and I will grow you into that substance. (Pause)

As I knit you into the very purity of Truth, open your hearts’ desire to embody that quality—that pristine essence of Truth. Let my love bathe you—each cell of your body in my love—as your bodies and minds become the temple of the essence of the Father. (Pause)

Feel your sacredness. (Pause) Allow your bodies and minds to fully receive the intention of your being; the quality of being a child of the most holy Creator on high. Open yourselves to receiving this fuller expression of yourself. (Pause) Feel your beauty, my little ones, feel your preciousness. (Pause) Know that this was meant to be shared so sublimely with one another. (Pause)

Now, I ask you, find that desire and that intention to serve your Father in healing our children. Spend a few moments letting that desire swell within you. (Pause) When you feel ready, ask to be drawn into service. (Pause) Ask to be encircuited in the dynamics of service. (Pause) And ask that your capacities be expanded to fill the service needs that you will meet. Your Father and I will add ourselves into you now. (Pause)

Now in your mind’s eye see this sacred and beautiful sphere as an orb suspended in the diamond-studded constellation. Open your hearts and send forth your desire to be of service to this planet to cover and weave through this world. There is no need to question how you will manifest this; simply allow your desire to serve to fill this world. (Pause)

What you are building, my children, is for the desire for the Light of Truth to grow stronger on Urantia; that this world prepare itself to receive Michael in His full sovereignty. And what a day of rejoicing that will be! When the remnants of sin have finally expunged from this planet and all of the world sings with the joy and the love and the celebration of its Creator! This is what you are seeding now, my children—the desire of all hearts to turn to Him. Is this not most wondrous service indeed? What more could you enjoy to do than this, my children? What is of greater ! satisfaction than this? That you give your Father and I such enjoyment when you offer yourselves to be of service to us in this manner and fashion. You make us very proud indeed as your parents. Receive now our blessings upon you. (Pause)

As I withdraw, I weave my love through you. My precious beloved, children, you are safe in me. I am in you every moment: guiding you, watching you, keeping you safe. (Pause) My love is upon you now. Good night, my children.

Greetings to you, my fellow workers in the field. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I wish to acknowledge what you have been participating here over the last several years as this mission to reclaim Urantia in Michael’s name proceeds apace according to His plans. As you know, you are all patiently instructed, valiantly guided in your growth attempts. And we who have been on the watching and waiting end do commend you for those pain-staking strides you have made and gained. For we know how you have stumbled and fallen many, many times, and doubted your own capacities and worth. But we say to you: you have done well. And for you to know that we are indeed aware of what you continually seek to accomplish is of great value—of inestimable worth—that you still have scarce knowledge of. You will one day realize all the good you have done.

So as you celebrate this one year anniversary of the Center for Christ Consciousness, know that there are many centers of Christ consciousness called by other names on this world. That the hunger for Michael’s truth and light is ever gaining luminosity as we begin now to weave more of the light of truth on Urantia.

As you have been encouraged over these past few months to gain greater faith in the relationship you have with your Divine Mother and Father, seek now to extend this relationship into the greater partnership with your unseen brothers and sisters who always endeavor to guide you into service opportunities. You are ready, my children. Share this love freely; hesitate no longer. It is time.

We who have trained you now encourage you to seek this greater partnership and union as the network grows—as the web of love encircles this world. You all have means of communication through your application of technology, and yet I would ask you to consider using your spiritual circuitry more to the advantage of your own mindal endowments and that of the spiritual circuitry now ready to outpour more truth into the hearts and minds of the children of this world. So, I would encourage you in the coming days to ponder this question carefully: Am I willing now to use more of those spiritual circuits in partnership with my unseen brothers and sisters to serve Michael to my utmost and fullest capacity? Take this question with you as you move through your day and week and weeks and months to come. Ask for this idea to be woven into your thoughts and desires if it is something that rings true in your core.

We need each and every one of you. You are vital, for you are the hands and ears and the eyes and the mouthpieces of Michael on this world. So claim all of the assistance—the abundance of spiritual information, help, assistance, guidance that is available. It is all open to you. How do you wish to use this?

As you prepare yourselves to receive the promised Son, Monjoronson, I ask you now to expand your desires to grow your spiritual circuitry so that your ears can hear a greater range of the spiritual symphony of love and your hearts can resonate with those harmonies and melodies of peace, brotherhood, mercy, understanding. Prepare yourselves, my brethren, for He is coming and He needs you.

Thank you for your efforts and your faith. We will be addressing you in the weeks to come with new ideas to consider as you grow in your service desires. Good evening.

I greet you this evening, my brothers and sisters, as one who now will walk among you as one of you. This is Monjoronson. Many years will pass as I sojourn on this world. You will see many challenges and disturbances of your routines of daily living as our planet shifts into greater truth recognition of Michael and the Father’s love.

Tonight I would draw you into a greater endowment of my being as you prepare yourselves for greater service and serviceability. Though you may not know me now, find your desire to sense my presence prior to my actual arrival as one of you. My presence will be imprinted upon you should you now desire this. (Pause)

I eagerly await the time when I can be with you as you are now. It will be a time of great joy and celebration as we work together hand-in-hand in harvesting these lost souls for Michael. When you feel so inclined, I ask you to pledge to me your support as we serve the Creator of all with glad hearts, with open arms. I leave you in Michael’s truth, and will be among you again. Good evening.


Michael: Well, my little ones, it has been a full evening. I treasure each and every moment that you come to me and share your life with me. All I ask is that you come to me as much as you can each day, and let me fill you with my presence. We have shared much with you this evening, though you may not yet consciously recognize the abundance of our being that you have received; know that in time you shall know.

When you slumber tonight, think of me. Think of my life as one of you. Ask for one of those qualities that I mastered that you feel particularly drawn to to be impressed upon your mind while you slumber. And rest easy in the womb of your Mother knowing that you shall receive that for which you ask for in sincerity.

My peace dwells within you. And now, my beloveds, let my presence overshadow you as I enfold you in my embrace, for my children, you are precious and I wish to hold you in my arms. (Pause) Each day ask to embody more of the Father as your Mother grows you in love, in truth. You are mine. Be in my peace. Good evening


Remarks from Donna D’Ingillo about the first anniversary rememberance of the Center for Christ Consciousness.]

Dear Friends:

This past Monday [September 01, 2003- see message above] we celebrated the first anniversary of the CCC. And what a glorious evening it was! . . . I wanted to post this recollection to all of you who could not attend.

The message from Michael was mightily amplified by His presence working through all of us; as we received an outpouring of His love and mercy as well as that from Mother Nebadonia; Machiventa; and Monjoronson. (All of the M-power!) The energy was palpable and powerful; although I believe we have yet to understand the full impact of their ministry in our minds! The air was rich with celebration as the celestials seemed joyful too. At one point something fell off of the table which made everyone laugh!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Urantia Book terms; Mother Nebadonia is the Divine Feminine presence whose love is the action of our Paradise Father in our minds. Machiventa is! the head of the teaching corps; whose curriculum is to help us at the human end come into greater spiritual communion with our indwelling spirits. He also has other duties and roles to play in our planet's healing.

Monjoronson is a spiritual being of a particular high universe order who will at some time in the future incarnate here as a human to help us in our planetary healing. We who have been receiving information from Him are not apprised to the specifics of His mission; but we eagerly await his arrival; and this evening's session was an opportunity for our minds to be impressed with His particular presence and energy.

As I look back over this first year of service; I am deeply grateful to those of you who have come here to the Center as well as those of you who have supported this ministry through your many prayers and donations. Thank you for your faith in what is being seeded through me in this ministry....I could not do this without your support. We have grown in spiritual strength as far as vision and mission (and in numbers; too!); and I am committed to following Michael wherever He plans to take this outreach effort.

Now as the second year begins; I ask for your continued prayers that I be open to more of Him in my life; that the Center be visible to those who are ready to find it; and that His truth continue to be outpoured on this world so that others may find the joy in being their own center of Christ consciousness.

Thank you; and may our Father and Mother shine their blessings upon you.