2003-09-01-The Possibilities of the Brotherhood

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Topic: The Possibilities of the Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the peaceful atmosphere we have here this evening. I am continually amazed by your weekly growth and new understanding. I love each one of you on an individual level, and yet you as a collective group emanate a beautiful energy. Getting to the lesson at hand, again we will be probing the possibilities of the Brotherhood.

I can remember the chaos of mortal living, the fear of the unknown plaguing my mind. My incessant need to control kept me from receiving the benefits of the Brotherhood. My ego kept me from my fellows. I did not feel as one of them. Of course, I felt somewhat superior and certainly they were in need of my leadership. If I appeared to be disorganized or weak, then certainly was I in no position to control or be a leader of any kind. In my moments of isolation I felt as a drowning man thrashing about in something that was sure to overcome me. It was not until I became still and observant that I could see my mentor and friend with his life preserver that was to become my foundation of faith and freedom from fear.

In this mortal life we thrash about in our aloneness, fear of the unknown, lack of control and at times faithlessness. Father gave us one another so we may be abundant in all our undertakings. He gave us one another to be a life preserver for our foundation of faith and freedom from fear. It is difficult at times to slow down the mind and consult with the internal Father and our brethren to find renewed faith, energy, and abundance. I bring you Emulan for further understanding on this topic.


Greetings, friends. I am EMULAN. I am again honored to be a branch upon that vine in whom we love and cherish. You each know of my struggle with maintaining my mental capabilities after having experienced my mortal life tragedy. Father indeed deserves my undying gratitude for my salvation, and yet I know for certain now that He had appeared to me from time to time through my fellows, my associates. At my darkest moments in the flesh, when all appeared to be lost and I wanted to simply disappear, there were my fellows who reached out in loving service.

One of my physicians, who was a great light in my darkness, had been a stalwart supporter of my recovery. I know that I was not in any way an easy patient to deal with. I was stubborn and thrashing about in my misery and all the while he maintained his support, his outreach. You could easily see that this physician worked because he loved to help, not simply to gain financial wealth, but his greatest joy was to bring healing. This doctor was this way throughout his entire practice, not just with me, but with all his patients. He loved what he did and he was gifted at it. He knew the importance of staying current on medical techniques, and yet his advisor of all advisors was none other than the Master Himself. This doctor put all things spiritual before the material. His most useful tool in healing was the love he bestowed upon each of his patients. Many times our fellows simply need to be seen as valuable and loved. Many individuals simply need to be heard and not judged.

The human mind has its techniques in which it learns to reconcile itself with the various things in mortal living. Plants respond to water and light, but these are only nutrients to produce what is really life-giving-that is energy, that is the source in which all things are brought to life. Love is a nutrient that stimulates energy within the mind that produces various chemicals which maintains balance. Love is life-giving. To love without expectation is to maintain a flow of divine energy that is unstoppable, always circulating, always producing. To block that flow of energy is to be judgmental, be critical, be self-aggrandizing and jealous, as if one should have something while you lack.

My doctor friend had his superiors he answered to of course; but above all he continually conferred with those On High. Father reached me through this man. This man helped me in ceasing my thrashing about long enough to see that life preserver of faith. The peace I had then was indescribable. I indeed felt Father's love through this man and from there I was able to receive it for myself directly from Father. I always enjoy visiting with you, my brothers and sisters. Carry on.


I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to you, Emulan, for another beautiful lesson. Your experience has served us well. This week in your times of trial forget not to hold still to see that life preserver of faith. It may come to you from any source. Remember you also may be another's source as well. I love what I do. I am with deep and abiding joy for you allowing me to do what I love. I love this world. I am honored to be included in the up step. I have not time for questions for the week ahead is going to be quite full. You are all in understanding that you have within you the answers to your most heartfelt questions. Have not worry. We will talk again soon. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.