2003-09-07-Morontial Brotherhood

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Topic: Morontial Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with continuing gratitude to be with you, my brothers and sisters. Your serene thoughts make my visitation simple and easy to come through. How wonderful it is as a faithful mortal to walk through the fire and come out unharmed. At times life does appear to be a battle and you, the soldier, with only your faith as a shield. Our gratitude goes to Father and His many orders of divine beings for the carefully orchestrated universal plan. This evening we will discuss more on a part of that plan.


Man is by nature a social creature. Mortals need one another. Of course, you all could survive in isolation, but many of your mortal and morontial lessons will not be learned. The burdens of mortal life are so much easier to bear when there is a friend nearby. Being a world of 'having faith without visual proof' is indeed a morontial exercise. When the burdens of the world come upon you, how much more easy is it to hold to faith when an encouraging friend is at hand. Father should by all means be the first and foremost personality in your life and of course, all others would come after. Many times it is the others that aid you in having faith in what we are supposed to put first.

It does appear that this world's people live on surface levels. They appear to cling to standard beauty, material possessions and the latest fad. This world does appear to harshly judge, criticize and punish what it does not understand. My fellows, I can say that with the dawning of Light and Life on Urantia there will be naturally set into place a Morontial Brotherhood. Those who dwell on the Mansion worlds are in a state of correction from having lived the mortal life. There is much to learn and the inhabitants learn that their education is of the utmost importance. There, everyone is on common ground - what is good for one is good for all.

Having experienced the morontia life for myself, I realized that I looked to my brothers and sisters with new eyes. I was in understanding that we all craved one thing. We were all willing to pay a particular price. Upon entering the Mansion worlds you make effort to leave your faulty-thinking behind. The mortal veil is lifted and you have new understanding. You are seeing now that in mortal life those things that were so important are not any longer. You see the souls of your fellows and each one has unique beauty and your focus is to be corrected and carry on forward.

On a mortal world it is common practice to belittle another to make one feel superior. This is impossible to do after morontial awakening. You see others as Father's child, not any more--not any less. Each morontia citizen is attending to their own growth, their own path. They help one another where they can, but they have not time to impose their opinions or worry about another's path. The focus is set on the goal ahead. Imagine your immediate family members in a small boat that was about to sink because of the weight aboard. Would you remove one of your loved ones so that the rest would survive? Of course not, you yourself would jump so the others could live. This is the attitude of the morontia citizens.

As we are working toward Light and Life we are ushering in the Morontial Brotherhood. Each one of you is Father's child, loved and valued as if you were the only child. Your focus is set upon your own path and when you can help another then that is wonderful, so be it, but to cause another to stumble upon their path only increases your chances for universal correction. Unfruitful criticizing is causing one to stumble. Judgment also causes stumbling. Outright cruelty or unfairness is not only causing others to stumble, but also the person who holds these spirit poisons. Those in the Morontial Brotherhood tend to their own path. They help to keep others moving forward with the lamp of faith.

I realize there is petty bickering within the Mission from time to time and much of this is to learn from. To allow the bickering to embitter you is to refuse the Morontial Brotherhood from entering into your life. This week explore the possibilities of a Morontial Brotherhood. How do you view your fellow brothers and sisters? How worried are you about how they view you? How can you be a lamp of faith instead of a stumbling block? Be honest with yourself when answering this question: Does another's success take away from you? Are your fellow's victories your victories?


This is all we have time for. Know that I am ever grateful for your participation and allowing me to be here and be witness to this awesome dawning of awareness. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.